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Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs

11:30 pm
Do American love a challenger? They do according to Tottenham Hotspur Executive Director Donna-Maria Cullen, at least that is the message she has put to Sports Pro in an interview she did prior to our MLS All-Star game in Denver before the season began.

She feels that the floating voters are latching on to Tottenham as the underdog with the chance of an upset, a club on the rise, a club who if you join the support of now may enjoy better in the future. Our American friends would be more in a position to answer that one, but quite frankly the reality is it's immaterial as long as the message is portrayed, that is all that matters from a marketing point of view.
Officially Licensed Tottenham Products at the

Tell people what you want them to think, tell them what you want them to base their decision on and many will follow that believing in time that it was all their own idea, plant a seed and watch it grow. Growth is what America is all about and growth for Tottenham in the market will be one of the key factors in our financial growth and thus success on the pitch, one not existing without the other.

While many UK fans don't see the benefit of US pre-season tours or matches, that is very short sighted thinking. It's an insular approach that would over time see Tottenham reduce in size and therefore achievement, rather than a growth as more active sides overtake us. They are a great opportunity for some of our youth players to make a mark so there are immediate on the field benefits as well as the longer term off-field benefits.
Sports Pro - Are you trying to carve out your own ‘Tottenham territory’ in the likes of North America, as a market which is seeing huge soccer growth, or is it more about using the growing appeal of the Premier League to broaden your international presence?
Donna-Maria CullenIf we make it more specific about ourselves, what we’ve got is a great opportunity with the increased coverage of NBC. I think there’s been three game changers in the US: one is the soccer mum’s who want their kids to play soccer because American football is a more active sport - if they’re looking for one where their kids use different skills, soccer might be the one they choose. The second is NBC’s coverage taking it from behind the paywall into 150 million homes. And the third would be [the US men’s national team’s] success in the Fifa World Cup [in 2014].
So when you add to that the fact that we have players like DeAndre Yedlin who has come through the academy of his club in the States and is still being followed and will probably be one of the most popular figures this week in the match as we go out, along with being this challenger brand, I think we’ve captured the imagination of the floating fans in the States and will have more fans join our fan base going forward.
We’ve also been out there three times so going and doing a tour and making sure you engage and be able to do certain activities absolutely pays dividends and means that you give the American soccer fan a reason as to why they would pick one brand before another.

Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs Fans latching on to Spurs, the underdogs Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:30 pm Rating: 5

Spurs missing an opportunity

7:00 pm
The Audi Cup in August is a chance for Tottenham to rub shoulders with elite clubs and have the Spurs brand exposed to the markets these clubs have.

Brand advertising is an essential part of business and marketing a brand is equally as important as marketing a product. Know a brand and you'll keep going back to that brand, you'll try new products because you trust the brand.

When choosing a new head coach it was important to have one who would play a style of football that fits with the Tottenham brand of 'Flair, Style and Adventure'.

We associate ourselves with entertaining attacking football, something people want to watch in a league people worldwide want to watch, every game we are marketing ourselves and our name. We have a domestic and European history that football fans can bond with, some of us remember the glory years when football wasn't so financially dominated as it is today.

There are more Tottenham supporters outside the UK than there are in it and despite what many a season ticket holder will tell you, they matter just as much. From a marketing perspective they probably matter more and they are a resource that clubs under use. I am all for looking for an edge for Tottenham, something the club can do that other clubs are not, steal a march on the competition and help us punch above our weight.

Using sports psychology to a greater degree and improving players mentally is relatively quick, cheap and easy, a must but utilising the fan base is another. Communication is a two-way process, it is no good Spurs simply talking to an audience, they have to engage with the audience and have the audience actively promote the club. If you email the club on the email addresses they provide for instance you will not always get a reply, that is a totally unacceptable way to deal with your own fans. It is another element of the club that needs addressing.

The internet is a vast resource that connects the globe and there is a world outside of Tottenham and the mainstream media. It is that world Spurs need to target and devise a strategy for engagement and growth. There is only so much a single person can do just as there is only so much a club can do. Spurs are marketing to the Denver community undertaking various events but are we engaging the community to market to the community?

Fans can help the club build local fanbases around the world, America is currently the land of opportunity in this respect so perhaps Spurs should have a marketing expert helping local supporters clubs boost their membership, give them some expert help they may not have.

With some 25 or more Official Supporters Clubs travelling to Denver to watch the MLS All-Star game it would be an ideal time to hold a marketing event specifically for those who want to boost their membership, I'd have an online and offline marketing expert in the party for certain.

Any Official Supporters Group travelling to the game or anyone who has had a difficult journey I'd want to know about as a marketing man, there is a story for a press release to their local papers in everyone so why not have someone at Tottenham write them. You add contact details for the club and you have a simple piece of marketing to help bring fans together, which in turn aids growth as they become more noticeable.

People are the best promoters of a product or cause you can have, a club who grasp that and find a way to use that will see a massive growth in their fan base, which makes them commercially attractive to sponsors and brings in bigger deals. Perhaps it's not just the playing staff that needed a shake-up, perhaps off the field we need also need a fan-based marketing strategy in addition to our other efforts.

A new four-part series begins tonight (9pm GMT), a Mauricio Pochettino interview given to a Spanish radio station.

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Spurs missing an opportunity Spurs missing an opportunity Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5
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