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On this day in 1976 Keith Burkinshaw was appointed Tottenham Hotspur manager to replace Terry Neill who had recently resigned.

Two years later on 10th July 1978 Burkinshaw shocked the football world, made front page headlines and the lead story on the 6 o'clock news when he signed 2 World Cup winners.

Ardiles Villa Lamela

One little guy had played in the Final as Argentina beat Holland in extra-time on home soil, Osvaldo Ardiles (Huracán) and his squad member friend Ricardo Villa (Racing Club). Burkinshaw signed Ardiles in a 20 minute meeting and Ossie said he had a mate, could he come too.

We all know what happened after that, both became firm crowd favourites, both helped us lift trophies. It's not a day any Spurs fan around at the time will forget.

It wasn't like today, there was no Internet giving minute by minute updates, there was no press speculation, there were no stories of Spurs chasing any signings, it was simply a bolt from the blue and a rather pleasant one. True sensational news not the sensational rubbish that everyone already knows about today.

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Erik Lamela is trying to follow some illustrious footsteps, he has the talent and a fellow Argentinian as manager. He has trained with River Plate as impressed Spurs who sent a medic and kept an eye on him. Now he is into pre-season and will be fit enough to show what he can do.

Everything is in place for him, it's up to him now, all the noises are positive, all we need is the product and a new Argentinian hero will be born.

ardiles pochettino lamela

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