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Long awaited Lamela return Dec 28

11:00 pm

Long awaited Lamela return Dec 28

Erik Lamela has been sorely missed. His creativity hasn't been replaced on enough occasions. From a player whose mind was still in Italy, he has sorted his head out and tries to make things happen. He makes key passes in games and we have missed his incisiveness and through balls when he drifts centrally.

At his pre-game press conference for tonight's Premier League game against Hull City at White Hart Lane, Mauricio Pochettino suggested December 28 against Southampton as a target return date for his fellow Argentinians return to action

He has been out with a hip injury since October 25th.

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Plenty of questions to answer at the wekend

12:56 pm
Christian Eriksen missed the two international fixtures for Denmark but is expected to be available for selection at the weekend, as is new signing Clinton Njié, who also had an injury during the international break.

Njié is expected to be fit and fellow new signing Son Heung-min has been granted a work permit and international clearance. One thing he won't be able to do though is buy a lucky colour red car as he told Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo in an exclusive interview.

"Tottenham officials already told me I can’t even buy a red car. I’m very excited to play against Arsenal. Whatever match I play, I want to score goals. Since I’m a forward, my goal-scoring record will speak for me. Tottenham plays aggressive football, which I like very much, and I like to pressure opponents from the front. I think I can be a better player if I train under Pochettino."

He calls himself a forward, Njié is a central player rather than a wide player, he started only one game on either the left or right least season in the French League, 13 centrally. It will be interesting to see how Pochettino deploys them, will Son start and if so will he be on his normal left with Chadli moving to the right?

Will h be a sub, will Njié play behind Kane or be saved to start on Thursday in the UEFA Europa League? Where will Eriksen start or will he, is the bench the best Lamela can hope for?

WE will start to get some ideas and some answers at the weekend and can put all the knee-jerk reactionists behind us.

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Is Gareth Bale role the key to Erik Lamela

8:30 pm

Recently I have been running through just a few of the players we have been scouting and pointed out that we are actually going after the top of the range youngsters, the youngsters that are expected to develop into the next superstars or high quality players.

There are three players I have been calling for us to buy and we have bought two of them. I can't add Obbu Oulare to that list yet as I haven't really written an article pressing his case yet. First up was Eric Dier who I was writing about 2 years before we bought him and the second was DeAndre Yedlin.

You shouldn't buy players on the back of a World Cup showing as a rule, there is a history of them being flops but for Yedlin I felt we had to make an exception. He has a lot of potential and the potential to a valuable commercial asset.

The third player, although I have only written one article this far is 22-year-old Portuguese international Rafael 'Rafa' Alexandre Fernandes Ferreira Silva.

This all got me thinking about some of the players we have bought who haven't produced the goods yet, particularly Érik Lamela and how to get him playing the football he is capable of.

We blew the Gareth Bale windfall thanks to an inept transfer policy and to be honest, in my view, the clubs failure to adopt my suggestion that we professionally assess players mentally before we buy them. Hearing a player tell us he is seeking a new challenge usually means nothing, it is just PR speak, sounding as if you are saying something without actually saying anything. What is the challenge, a bigger pay packet?

That seems to be the answer for some. We have Emmanuel Adebayor of course and André Ayew has gone to Swansea City because they were willing to cave in to his wage demands where nobody else was. The figure mentioned is £100,000-a-week (US$154,376 - AUS$199,491 - €137,198), the same figure Liverpool are said to be paying Danny Ings and that Yevhen Konoplyanka wants.

In Europe they would play half that for his ability, the Napoli squad for instance are mainly £30-40,000-a-week (US$8.51m - AUS$10.99m - €7.5m) with a big salary, over double, for a player like Gonzalo Higuaín, their main goalscorer. I don't see Ayew as being any better than Nacer Chadli for instance and you wouldn't want to pay him that sort of wage. The outcry from some Spurs fans is crazy, he's no superstar, he's just a decent international player.

The only thing that matters is, is the player going to work his socks off to improve himself and be the best he can be in the way Cristiano Ronaldo did at Manchester United and Gareth Bale did at Tottenham. That is the mentality of player I want at the club and I don't believe waiting until one falls into your lap by accident is the right policy in this modern scientific world where in other sports they search rot the tiniest edge.

Franco Baldini may have restructured and got us working as a more professional club, improving diet, facilities, medical care and so on but when it comes to the most important aspect of any sport, the mental side, football is in the dark ages and intends to stay there. If we want to develop the best young talent then give them something other clubs are not, the mental training that makes them seek constant improvement and motivation for all games, not just the ones they perceive to be the big games.

Anyway enough of the tangents, although mentality and Lamela is a subject I have covered before, and how to improve our Argentinian. He still needs work in that area.

Spurs fans have gone overboard about him, in desperation for him to be a success I'd say. He put in improved displays yes, but saying h is starting to show his talent is rubbish. He did no more than any other average winger/wide attacker in the last month or so. Output that's all that matters, not did he look fancy, did he catch the eye, what exactly in black and white did he contribute, that is what you have to assess as a coach.

Tottenham are desperate that he regains his value, we can't afford to take hits on him and Roberto Soldado, it would take a chunk out of our transfer budget. The club need Lamela back to the level he was in Rome, a city I must visit.

Mentally for me he is up and down, totally lacking confidence when he arrived and lonely in a new city, he has improved, he puts in defensive effort when he wants to and neglects it at other times so there is more mental work to do with him but let's concentrate on the playing side.

Tottenham play with an interchanging front four, or that is the idea, that is the way Southampton did it, that is the way we started out on the USA and Canada tour. Lamela had a good tour because he did interchange, he scored a goal from the left hand side and at the start of the season against QPR chipped a lovely ball from the left for Chadli to head home. Chadli was playing on the left side of the attacking three but popped up on the right.

For some reason that stopped. Christian Eriksen wasn't performing early season because he had no runners, he had nobody to pass to, everyone was staying in their set positions. Chadli then has a scoring spell where he is popping up all over the place, compare that to what you see from Lamela now. Lamela stays on the left and when he gets the ball he cuts inside where he is met with three defenders.

There needs to be far more interchanging of the three attacking midfielder players. Chadli and Eriksen interchange but Lamela doesn't seem to interchange with anyone. He gives the right-back room to overlap yes but we need to see more of Lamela popping up inside the box, a rare occurrence this season.

It's not easy to achieve because you can't leave yourself exposed so all three players, four including harry Kane must be aware of where each other are and where they are going. That takes time and I feel if Lamela starts to roam more, in the manner Gareth Bale used to roam, but within the front four structure, then we will start to see the talent and start to get much more of an end product. By that I don't just mean goals and asists but being an integral part of creating frequent chances.

Mentality and off the ball movement from he and his teammates, that's what I'm looking for next season.

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Eric Lamela so far

4:30 pm
The recent Tottenham pre-season tour to North America saw Erik Lamela emerge as if from ugly duckling to swan.

Here are the links to the individual performances of our 22-year-old Argentinian against MLS sides:
Erik Lamela v Seattle Sounders
Erik Lamela v Toronto FC

The third leg was against Chicago Fire and his performance is below. The important aspect of his performance is not just the skill or indeed the renewed confidence although that plays a huge part, but his vision.

There are several passes to pick out teammates that suggest there is more in the locker than simply being a good dribbler who has a shot on him. Players with vision separate themselves from the rest so his confidence to play the balls and start his Spurs career afresh is pleasing to see.

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It is important that the attacking players around him have the same vision, then a side becomes difficult to defend against. Pre-season has started well in tat respect with Lennon showing vision and touches, together with Eriksen and Soldado as a front man to bounce balls off.

We still need to develop and get Soldado in more striking opportunities but progress is being made.

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Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes

10:27 am
Argentinian youngster Erik Lamela produced a performance which drew praise last night and tonight's article focuses on what Andros Townsend can learn from that performance to benefit his own game. It will be released at 8pm and follows on from the Lennon article against Everton where we talked about width and creating holes so look out for it.

Reaction from last nights victory over FC Sherrif.

Erik Lamela spoke after the game. "It was very emotional evening because I scored my first goal. I'm very happy about that and very happy that we won as well. We have a very strong squad and it is very competitive. We always want to do well in all the tournaments we play in. All of our players are strong, whatever their position and in that position [right wing] there are two or three players who know the position well. That means that there is a lot of competition and we have to keep on improving. I heard all about what those two [Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardilles] did and it is really inspirational for me. Everyone knows what they did here."

Christian Eriksen said: "Erik [Lamela] is seeing his confidence come back, he was impressive and he's great to play with. Our performance as a team could have been much better. We played against a very defensive side but we tried [to break them down]. We wanted to go through soon as possible and we've achieved that but of course we still want to win our remaining games. It's a competition we want to win. I'm still trying to get used to everyone and everything [at Tottenham]. I think I started really well at the club but after that it went a little bit down now I'm just trying to find space and develop more."

Gylfi Sigurdsson said: "It was just about getting the job done. They had a lot of people behind the ball and sat just outside their box but as soon as we got the goal we felt comfortable and they lost their way. I think their goal towards the end was very unnecessary on our part. Lamela was fantastic today, he looked really good. I'm for him that he got his goal and obviously he won the penalty as well. It was one of those days where it just worked out for him. Hopefully he can continue doing that."

Younès Kaboul said: "At White Hart Lane we've got an amazing atmosphere at each game, especially in Europe because there is a different motivation. I'm happy for each game to have a crowd like we do in Europe. The crowd are the 12th man. It's important for the players to be pushed by the fans all game.
That win puts us in a very comfortable position. I'm very happy with the performance, it was not easy but we did the job. [Lamela] did very well. He is fighting every day in training to get into the team and tonight he was incredible he showed his class like he does every day in training."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Lamela: "We had been waiting for Lamela to have a game like this. We have been patient with him and he has delivered. We saw some signs for what he can do for us and hopefully he can now progress. He is very creative and has no fear to take on his man and beat him. [Scoring] can only help in his confidence."

Andre Villas-Boas said of Defoe: "We are all particularly happy for him. It is a great honour and will stay in time like Martin's and will be very difficult to break. I hope it means this club will continue on this competition in to the later stages to make it even more prestigious for him. We were expectant and glad that it happened today. We were trying to put him through on goal, Erik did very well to create the chance through the penalty and he slotted it home."

Jermain Defoe said: “I saw Martin at half-time and he said ‘keep going, you can do it, you can break the record’ and that calmed me down a bit. It’s crazy how it all happened. I came down the tunnel and he was there, smiling. He wanted me to do it and it’s fantastic. It really means a lot. He’s a legend at this club and to be at the top now, I’m delighted. It’s an amazing feeling. It’s not really sunk in yet. When we got the penalty, I was confident I was going to score. I waited for the goalkeeper to move and I thought ‘I’ll just whip this’ and yes, like I said before, some things are just meant to be.

“I thought Erik was fantastic. It’s not easy for a youngster to come into this country and settle straight away. It takes time. It was a great performance from the first whistle and when he scored his goal, that was brilliant for him.”

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Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes Lamela, Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Kaboul, AVB, Defoe quotes Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:27 am Rating: 5
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