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"Sack Redknapp!"

11:07 am
Here we go again.

Before I get into the crunch of this article, I would like to ask a question. Why is it that we Spurs fans, seem to turn on our manager the second something goes wrong?

Anyway, that's something for you to mull over...

In the meantime, somewhere in the City of London, a conversation broke out amongst my fellow Yidites. Being a Spurs fan, you too will know that we've always got something that we need to get off our chest. If it's not discussing how bad of an excuse Jenas is, it's either acknowledging, or putting aside the long-ball tactics we've been using.

Today's topic was slightly different though. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was out in search for Harry's blood.

"He was brought in to stop us getting relegated, so we don't need him any longer". And comments to the tune of "Harry's got no plan B; he's tactically inept!".

This is normally the point in which I lambast everyone in the office. But something held me back. Could this lot be onto something? Fair enough, Harry was brought in to make sure we never got relegated, and he accomplished that brilliantly.

But it's in games like the one I witnessed on Wednesday night that make my blood boil. We're battling for 4th, yet it looks as though Harry and his backroom staff have put the F.A. Cup tie with Bolton, as top priority!

I am a Harry Redknapp fan. I am also a believer that managers need to be given at least 3 to 4 seasons. This allows them to bring in their own players and philosophy. If by the end of that stint, the players and club haven't moved forward, then of course the manager should be given his marching orders.

As it stands though, we need to be a bit more patient. We're not going to win the league, neither are we good enough to challenge the top clubs. We are what we are; a club with aspirations of playing in the Champions League.

Let's give Harry, and the squad, more time.

One thing I will demand though is a win up at Bolton on Sunday. Seeing as the league isn't that important, let's make a go of it in the cup.

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