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Lineker has got it wrong

10:30 am
I'm a Gary Lineker fan but he has got his wires crossed somewhere, the facts don't support his argument.

It is popular to say the UEFA Europa League affects Tottenham's Premier League form because of the closeness of Thursday night football to Sunday afternoon football. That is no different than harder Wednesday night football to Saturday football.

Former Tottenham and England striker Lineker, who clearly holds an affection for the club said in a Breath Sport debate we play our best team.

“The problem is they go into it thinking ‘we can win this’ and then they play their best team – They then suffer in games afterwards."

Mauricio Pochettino was making 10 changes to the team last season, we played virtually the second team in the competition so the only affect on the first team is the travelling for those who went. The games should have minimal affect on the Premier League, it could be that Spurs just aren't good enough as a side yet.

We finish fifth or sixth every year so it can't be having that much affect, under David Moyes Everton were always challenging us, it didn't affect them too much, the Champions League sides still challenge for the Champions League.

If we can't handle weaker Thursday night football with a second team playing then we have no hop of handling stronger Wednesday night football, when we have to play the first team and Saturday football, when we have to play the first team again.

Are we then going to complain Champions League football is affecting our Premier League form?

Congratulation Gary on signing a new 5-year contract to stay as host of Match of the Day, there are too many Gooners on TV.

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