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The Pochettino tactic Juventus didn't handle

11:31 am

UEFA Champions League tie Tottenham Hotspur vs Juventus

The Juventus defensive system relies on synchronicity of movement, which Mauricio Pochettino found an effective way to beak down.

Our full-backs were the key this.

Both Ivorian Serge Aurier and Welshman Ben Davies were instructed to hug the touchline as wing-backs when we had the ball. The plan, which worked beautifully, after the panic laden start, was to stretch the Juventus midfield and give us gaps to work with.

The perennial Italian champions had hoped to outnumber us in midfield, but with Federico Bernardeschi and Mario Mandzukic having to stay wide, their all important midfield block was broken.

When we had the ball we waited until we had created space between the defence and the midfield, then Erik Lamela would cut in from wide. Neither Bernardeschi and Mandzukic couldn't follow him, or any of the attacking trio, with our advanced full-back to look out for.

This created a problem.

It caused a central defender to come out  to him and created a hole in the defence we could exploit. Juventus never worked out how to cope with the tactic.

They play a zonal marking system which involves switching markers. Pochettino played on that and it created confusion. When does a man pass over responsibility to another marker?

Unless the two are on the same wavelength, the player could be left, two could end up marking one or holes in either position created. Players have to constantly be making decisions and the more decisions you make an opposition to make the more mistakes are going to occur.

After an initial burst from them, which we should have handled better, Spurs basically controlled the game and were the dominant force in the second half.

Juventus struggled to counter our aggressive pressing in their own half and we continually won the ball back, leaving Juventus out of shape and vulnerable to a quick attack.

Our first goal came as a direct result of this.

Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri, who was linked with us before Pochettino arrived, said at the post-match press conference:

“Football is strange, you can go from a possible 3-0 to 2-1, a possible 3-1 to 2-2. I think we all knew how complicated this would be. Now it’ll be like a Final in London. 
“Apart from Gigi Buffon’s save on Harry Kane, Tottenham didn’t have any real chances. In the second half we changed a few things and overall played a good game. 
“We conceded the first goal playing out of defence, the second on a free kick. Football gives and it takes away, but I don’t think there’s any need to get depressed. 
“If someone thought Juve could win this 4-0, then they were way off track. Perhaps reaching two Finals in three years was damaging to some people. 
“Who didn’t play is irrelevant. The team put in a good performance, we took the lead and in the second half were more dangerous than them. Tottenham played very well and when we go to London, they’ll be under more pressure than us. 
“They were surprised by our start and had to do something to react. We were pinned back because our wingers were too deep. It’s a pity, we’ll just have to fight for our qualification in London. 
“I didn’t ask the team to go deep, more than anything else we were pushed back by Tottenham. After that 25-minute spell when they pinned us back, we couldn’t get back out.”

That reminds us that Italians take great pride in defending. Stopping the opposition from having chances is a positive, it's like scoring a goal. It is part of the Italian psyche.

Allegri is right, Wembley is now a final and Juventus are far more used to playing in them than we are, they are far more used to top level European football than we are.

There is no doubt the Italians under estimated us and that won't be the case in the second leg. Getting a result away from home means nothing if we don't finish the job off in London. It could almost be classed as the easy part of the tie!

Opposition Facts

  • This is the first official match at Wembley for Juventus.
  • The Bianconeri have won 12 of their 23 official matches played in England, drawing three and losing eight.


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Gonzalo Higuain hits back at the TV pundits

9:47 pm

Huguain unhappy with TV pundit criticism

Juventus centre-forward, Gonzalo Higuain, has hit back at the TV critics who are "sitting on a sofa" following our 2-2 draw in the UEFA Champions League last Tuesday.

We have a great chance to qualify for the next round and defy our doubters, but the perennial Italian champions and last season's Champions League runners up won't be taking us lightly. 

Higuain, who scored both Juventus goals and missed a penalty that would have given them a 3-1 lead posted the following on Instagram.
The translation from Italian newspaper Calciomercato reads thus:
"Good morning everybody. It's easy to talk after the game, sitting on a sofa or on a chair. Everything was perfect when we were 2-0 up but judgement changed too quickly after the 2-2. We don't care about the noise, we'll go to London to qualify for the next stage. I send a big hug to everybody who really loves Juventus."
There are plenty in Italy criticising the forward and plenty of journalists doing so also.

Leading scorers for teams in the Last 16 of the Champions League

Harry Kane comfortably tops the scoring charts for teams left in the UCL when we take into account their domestic leagues, domestic cups and the Champions League. 

He currently leads the European Golden Show race when the coefficients are taken into account.
Leading Scorers
Tottenham Hotspur - Harry Kane (33 goals)
Manchester City - Sergio Agüero (29 goals)
Liverpool - Mohamed Salah (29 goals)
Paris SG - Edinson Cavani (28 goals)
FC Barcelona - Lionel Messi (27 goals)
FC Porto - Vincent Aboubakar (26 goals)
Bayern Munich - Robert Lewandowski (26 goals)
Real Madrid - Cristiano Ronaldo (23 goals)
Juventus F.C - Gonzalo Higuain (20 goals)
FC Shakhtar Donetsk - Facundo Ferreyra (20 goals)
Manchester United - Romelu Lukaku (19 goals)
Sevilla FC - Wissam Ben Yedder (16 goals)
Chelsea F.C - Eden Hazard (15 goals)
Besiktas - Talisca (14 goals)
Roma - Edin Džeko (14 goals)
FC Basel - Ricky van Wolfswinkel (8 goals)


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Can Carroll do anything worthwhile this time

9:00 am
Tom Carroll once again put on a one-man show to get himself sold. The lad is a 24-year-old, he is no longer a prospect, he should be performing, he should be taking control, but he plays like one of the kids learning his trade. I thought he should have left 2 years ago and I have seen nothing to change my mind.

Nabil Bentaleb has clearly fallen out with Pochettino because he is twice the player Carroll is and they play in the same area of the pitch. Carroll was tried for 45 minutes as a central attacking midfielder, that didn't work, he was making the wrong choices on the ball and not executing the options he chose well enough His cross he should have bent beyond the defender, the ball he played from a promising position didn't have a hope of reaching its target and that is what makes the difference in the final third, you have to have that bit of quality, he hasn't.

Harry Winks took his chance, he looked a far better player and is one to give more game time to in the next game. Josh Onomah looked a far better player, Yedlin looked comfortable

Harry Winks is a far better prospect than Tom Carroll.....using the word 'prospect' for Carroll is also embarrassing, he's 24....time to go.

We are delighted to announce we have reached an agreement with for the transfer of Tom Carroll

The next game is tomorrow morning (UK time) against Atletico de Madrid where the youngsters will get another chance to shine. If Carroll is at the base of midfield I want to see him move us forward, not sideways in pretty fashion. Substance, what substance will he produce? There are a hundred players who can play the simple sideways pass, there is no need to hang on to a player if that is all his game is.

I suspect he is happy to be in the squad as a third choice, getting a bit here and there. He doesn't seem to have the drive to improve himself or stamp his mark on a game. His main assets seem to be he keeps the wages down helps with the home grown quota and is happy to be third choice. On the field he offers nothing someone else couldn't do.

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VIDEO: Will Miller vs Juventus

11:00 pm
VIDEO: Will Miller vs Juventus

We have seen videos of Victor Wanyama, Marcus Edwards and Harry Winks, now it is the turn of 20-year-old (21 next June) attacking midfielder Will Miller, who played out of position at left-back. The video lasts just under 5 minutes and shows a confident player.

There is one point three-quarters of the way through the video where he is in open space, running forward and pointing where he wants the ball, but, and this highlights a problem I have mentioned several times, he then has to stop and wait for Wanyama's pass to arrive, it simply isn't played hard enough and stops a potential swift attack. It is so obvious, so simple to solve and so frustrating that we don't seem to learn from it. That kind of delay allows the defense time they shouldn't have to get prepared.

Prior to this game he had only played for our Under-21 side and hadn't sat on the subs bench for the senior team like Harry Winks did last season. It may only be a pre-season friendly but it was quite a game to make your debut in, a game against Juventus who won their fifth title on the trot and retaining the Italian Cup.

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VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus

5:00 pm


VIDEO: Edwards performance vs Juventus

Marcus Edwards is known across Europe as a prodigious talent in the making. There have been many a prodigious talent though who has not made it, who has though they are the bees knees before their time.

Mauricio Pochettino is well aware he needs to be handled carefully. He has to be encouraged with game time to show him the level h has got to get to and what he needs to do to get there together with protecting. Too much too soon can mentally break a player.

The players in the first team squad have been very impressed with him in training, he has tremendous technical ability. He'll needs to grow ans experience playing against Under-21 players and then men, which is he one problem with Under-21 football. All you do is play against people of your age when you need to be playing real football that matters. It si why loans have become so important with no second XI football any more.

Mauricio Pochettino was happy with the mentality of the youngsters after going 2-0 down after 15 minutes. Dwelling on mistakes affects your game and you end up making more. For a youngster staying positive against older and more experienced players is not always an easy thing to do.

"I'm happy with all the young players. They behaved fantastically and the performance too. It's fair to pay attention to Marcus Edwards because he's a very talented player. We need to be careful with all the young players. He's only 17 years old -- we need to care for him in a very good way."

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VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus

2:30 pm


VIDEO: Wanyama performance vs Juventus

Most Tottenham fans were happy with the capture on Victor Wanyama earlier this summer, despite his last season at Southampton being marred by red cards. previous to that season he hadn't had any trouble which suggests he wasn't fully committed last season,indeed I believe he refused to play in the Europa League at one point. He had wanted a move to Tottenham and the club refused to sell him so he went through the motions for most of the season.

He is a defending defensive midfielder as opposed to the linking role that Mousa Dembele plays. Against Juventus we got our first chance to have a look at him and he strolled around the game conserving energy, probably in the knowledge that he was going to be playing the whole game.

Some of his passing could be firmer, much the same as Vertonghen or Dembele who often strokes the ball so the receiver has to wait for it to arrive and the opposition have time to adjust. generally he did look to play the ball forward past pressing attackers and he did a marshalling job with strength when required.

A couple of lapses were countered by winning the ball in the opposition half and playing a quick pass to Lamela for our goal. His individual performance can be seen in the four and a half minute video below. In the next article we'll take a look at young Marcus Edwatds performance.

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Winks outshines Carroll

7:00 pm
The game was certainly a training exercise and gave a few of the youngsters a reality check when it comes to playing men's football.

Marcus Edwards had protracted negotiations before he signed a two-year contract and he had to be given guarantees of cup football and a first team squad number. He got a taste of how far away he is, probably a lot further than he thought. He is only young, has growing and development to do. It will be interesting to see how far he comes in the next year.

Josh Onomah on the other hand, looked at home, he looks ready to play more cameo roles this season with full games in the cups. Harry Winks looked a better player than Tom Carroll who simply continues to look ordinary. He is more interested it seems in looking the part when he plays a pass rather than being effective at it.

There was one incident in our own half yet again, where under no pressure he played almost a reverse ball with his left foot to the player on his right. However, the pass was woefully inaccurate, nowhere near the player and the opposition simply collected the ball. That is Tom Carroll all over. Ir seems as if he has been over coached and looking the part is more important than playing the part. He failed once again to show ant reason he should be kept on the books with others coming through.

Harry Winks came on and was twice the player Carroll was, he was busy, he got stuck into the game , he was looking for passes. There were too many out there simply happy to pass sideways. I was thinking that throughout the game and had just watched Cameron carter-Vickers get himself out of a tight situation in the second half when I was saying, don't pass sideways, don't pass sideways.

He took his time and passes sideways. Tony Gale then piped up to tell us he has taken the wrong option, the initial work was good but the sideways pass was poor, he should have played the ball forwards.

If you have beaten a man, effectively taking him out of the game because he is in front of the ball (behind you) than you let him get back behind the ball between your team and the goal and back in the game. It nullifies beating him in the first place, in effect a waste of time.

Until substitutes came on in the second half our passing was often passing for passing sake, an abdication of responsibility. We have to keep the ball moving, but if it is sideways and backwards it isn't much use and certainly isn't going to hurt any decent opposition. When Harrison, Onomah came on we looked to try and create things and did create openings.

There was plenty for Pochettino to analyse and give individual videos to the youngster to learn from. Of course to pass forward you need movement off the ball and we were a little static at times, but then we were playing in unfamiliar conditions and are trying to gain fitness. However, weren't Juventus in the same situation?

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A steep learning curve for the youngsters in the furst-half

11:59 am
It was a tough first half for Spurs against a technical Juventus side.

A mistake from Miller with a poor pass and then a poor Dominic Ball touch led to a Dybala goal. Steep learning curve for the Spurs youngsters. He was well marshalled by Cameron Carter-Vickers just before that.

Juventus were giving our youngsters a lesson in pressing, Wanyama was clearly learning where to be in relation to his teammates and the back four were lost what to do with the ball. Juventus were often pressing with a three and cutting off the passing lanes well while we were often pressing with one.

The running off-the-ball wasn't great so players at the back had few passing options. Tom Carroll didn't show enough as a central midfielder, when he had the chance to shoot, he passed, when he had the chance to cross it wasn't a good enough ball, decent but not good enough.

Janssen had no service so we couldn' see what he could do and there was a lot of passing backwards to give ourselves time.

I have to agree with Tony Gale when he says Development football is almost a complete waste of time ad that we should not have got rid of the old system where clubs had a second XI who played midweek. The youngsters play against men, not boys, the game actually has tackling in it instead of sterile Under-21 football and they get to play in stadiums with crowds.

There doesn't have to be a 20 team league, reduce the size to similar to what it is now and spread it over the season, there are options that would teach players a lot more than they are being taught now about playing senior football. You have to think at a totally different pace and handle greater pressure.

A steep learning curve for the youngsters in the furst-half A steep learning curve for the youngsters in the furst-half Reviewed by THBlogNews on 11:59 am Rating: 5

Is Carroll switch the key to unlock him

10:15 am
The team for the opening game has been announced and we are immediately going to get a look at some of the youngsters, plus what looks like a new role for Tom Carroll as a central attacking midfielder.

A young backline, the two possible understudy's as defensive midfield, an attacking three of Son, Carroll and Chadli with new boy Vincent Janssen as the lone striker.

What stands out from that is something many of us would like to see, Tom Carroll taken away from the defensive midfielder role and played further forward. That seems to be the suggestion given Mason has been training alongside Wanyama.

Could this move be the key to Tom Carroll's Tottenham career, which let's be honest isn't going anywhere at the moment.

Tottenham Subs: McGee (GK), Glover (GK), Walker-Peters, Yedlin, Amos, Edwards, Lamela, Onomah, Walkes, Winks, Harrison
Juventus XI
Neto; Lirola, Benatia, Rugani, Alex Sandro; Lemina, Hernanes, Asamoah; Pjanic, Pereyra; Dybala

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Playing a great European club - Juventus must be buzzing!

9:55 am
Twitter is buzzing with anticipation and excitement as we at last have a game day. Kick-off today is 11am GMT

What an opportunity to go head-to-head with one of the greatest European club teams of all time... Juve must be buzzing.

Who of our squad are we going to see play today. Presumably Janssen will be the lone striker so a game not to miss. Wanyama will start alongside Mason you would expect, it's been that way in training so a chance for the Englishman to get a few fans off his back perhaps.

There are a few of this squad who are available at the right price, however, our right prices are usually steep, meaning they are likely to stay. We'll perhaps get a chance to see Cameron carter-Vickers, who although being mature beyond his years is perhaps not ready for the Premier League just yet, another season perhaps.

Dominic Ball is under the scrutiny of Pochettino after a season on loan ar Rangers where he impressed everyone up there with his attitude and performances. Will Tom Carroll take a step forward this season and cut out passing to the opposition so much? The lad needs a little more confidence in himself, has he found it?

Will we get to see the emerging talent of Marcus Edwards, surely an ideal game to throw him on as a substitute to show him what a big stadium is all about. You have to dangle carrots with youngsters to inspire them to work even harder and stay on track.

There are plenty more there to see, take a look at the squad below, take your pick.

Looks like Poch is using Oz to see which of our younger lads can cut it. Faith in youth.

Playing a great European club - Juventus must be buzzing! Playing a great European club - Juventus must be buzzing! Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:55 am Rating: 5
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