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Daniel Levy vs. Karren Brady

11:53 am
In her diary, which can be found in the Sun, poor Mrs. Brady says that Daniel Levy has been a very mean man indeed.

"Oh well, it's amazing how friends can surprise you. Spurs have slipped into the AEG bid for residency at the Olympic Stadium.

"Their chairman Daniel Levy recently called me 'one of his closest friends'. But he hasn't mentioned the counter-bid. However, he wasn't at our Saturday match and hasn't been answering the phone to me. So perhaps that's why. If Daniel fancies going into the Irons' Den - Newham borough - that's up to him.

"No argument with competition but most importantly, he's forgotten the unwritten Premier League rule preventing clubs moving from one borough to another. But that, I guess, is in the detail."

Is that the same "unwritten rule" which allowed Woolwich Wanderers to move to North London, be it before the inception of the Premier League?

Also in the diary, we find an excerpt which says, "Prior to the game Harry Redknapp, probably after my comments about his public interest in Scott Parker, complains we tried to poach Jamie O'Hara in the summer. I wouldn't know Jamie O'Hara if I stood next to him at the bus stop."

And you're supposed to be a Premier League club Managing Director, yet you don't know who Jamie O'Hara is? First off, that's a tad disrespectful, and secondly, let's face it, you're lying. With Jamie's acquired taste in fashion, you would know it if he say next to you.

Going back to the Olympic Stadium bid; even if this is bid relates to us forcing Boris' and the Secretary of States' hand, so what! As Levy said, we've got to keep our options open.

When are the members of the West Ham board going to learn to keep their mouths shut?

PS. Karren, it's not always wise to discuss your own players personal information. We'll see how well Cole performs in his next game for you.

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