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Happy Birthday to a Spurs Double Winner

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Spurs Nostalgia is well worth following on Twitter as there are always photographs of days gone by in Spurs rich history. Today they remind us that it is Terry Dyson's birthday and like me, I'm sure every Spurs fan would love to wish the Double Winner a very happy Birthday.

A Very Happy 82nd Birthday to Tottenham Hotspur Double Winning Legend Mr Terry Dyson

He was a regular member of The Double winning side of 1960-61, and scored in the 1961 FA Cup Final against Leicester City. Dyson also won a winners' medal in the 1963 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup Final against Atlético Madrid in which he scored twice.

A couple of years ago, when Dyson was 80 the club produced a '50 Greatest Players’ DVD and this is what the pint sized (5' 3") winger had to say.

Terry on - joining Spurs
“I was in the Army and I was stationed at Woolwich. The Tottenham scout saw me when we played against the Guards and I scored five goals. He asked me to come to Spurs for a trial. I had to get from Woolwich to Tottenham and I didn’t have a clue. Anyway, I managed to get here and it was a reserve game against Palace. I remember getting off at Manor House and getting a bus to White Hart Lane. I remember walking in and Jimmy Anderson was manager at the time and he was there, he introduced me to the lads and we drew 1-1. I didn’t play badly and he asked me to play again. We played against Oxford and Cambridge Universities and I scored in both of those matches and started to play reserve games regularly. I came out the Army and signed and that’s when I turned professional.”

Terry on - the development of the double team
“We just happened to click, that team. We blended in together. We had that fantastic start with the 11 straight wins and you always knew that as long as you kept winning, the manager wasn’t going to change the team too much. We got more and more confident. After two or three matches we were all thinking ‘we’re quite good, you know’ and that maybe we could do something. We took one game at a time, played the next, the next, the next and that’s how Bill Nicholson wanted us to be."

Terry on - scoring the big goals
“I was fortunate to score in big games. There was the FA Cup Final in 1961, I missed a sitter earlier in the game but I scored and when I was jogging back to the half-way line I thought to myself ‘I’ve done something all kids dream about’. The best though has to be the Cup Winners Cup Final in Rotterdam, the fifth goal. I did a one-two with Tony Marchi and I just went on and on and they kept backing away. I couldn’t see the keeper - I just hit it and it flew into the top corner. That was the best goal I scored.”

Terry on - his favourite memory
“I’ve a few but the day we clinched the double. The only shame was we didn’t play as well in the final as we did for most of the season. We made history that day. People always remember the first - Roger Bannister’s mile, Hilary climbing Everest – and people remember us and they can’t take it away from us.”
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