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For those in far flung places of the world, far flung from the UK that is, I thank you most heartily for taking the time and trouble to read Tottenham Hotspur Blog News.

However, if you want to see your country higher, to see them rise up the viewing list, then seek out those share buttons and share the love.

I've delved through all 179 countries and will take you through the top 50 so you can see where you are at the moment.

India have crept into the top 10 over the last month just 177 behind Norway which sees Indonesia dropping one place to 11th just 57 behind.

The Top 10 are UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway and newcomers India.

Then we have Sweden in 12th just 59 behind them and no country listed in 13th so Thailand are 14th, Vietnam 15th with Nigeria only 13 adrift of them in 16th.

Canada sit 17th a further 42 down, Denmark just 36 below in 18th, Malta (lovely country for those who have not been yet) 19th are 39 behind Denmark and 21 ahead of Cyprus in 20th.

Plenty of room for change there. Just start sharing the posts and you could see your country start to climb the viewing league table.

If we dip down the stats slightly further 21st are Hong Kong just 1 view above Iceland in 22nd with New Zealand 26 further away in 23rd. Jersey are hot on their heels in 24th just 6 behind, followed by France 25th, Spain 26th only 4 off France and Mauritius 27th.

Then we have United Arab Emirates 3 behind them in 28th, Germany a further 1 view behind in 29th tied with Algeria which must be the Bentaleb factor.

Keen to find the Dutch they come in at 31st, Poland 7 behind in 32nd, Guernsey 2 away in 33rd, Bermuda 1 view further back in 34th, Israel 35th and Bulgaria 36th.

1 behind are Finland in 37th, Jamacia 4 back in 38th ahead of Barbados 39th and Trinidad and Tobago 40th. I really must visit the West Indies when England are playing cricket out there one winter.

To finish the top 50 countries most viewing Tottenham Hotspur Blog News worldwide the countdown from 41 is:

Switzerland, Ghana, Japan, Croatia, Philippines, Isle of Man, Zimbabwe, Gibraltar, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia.

Lots of changes could take place so if you want your country climbing the standings you had better get sharing the posts and see what a difference you can make.

Selected others Belgium 55th, Italy 59th, Brazil 62nd, Portugal 66th, China 76th, a sleeping giant of support if ever there was one, Russia 81st, Argentina 84th and Turkey 123rd.

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