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From Jennings to Lloris, who have you forgotten?

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From Jennings to Lloris, who have you forgotten?

It's a happy 71st birthday today to the best goalkeeper I have seen wearing the Spurs shirt and we have had a few damn good ones down the years.

For the youngsters a quick Wikipedia history lesson.

Jennings spent thirteen years at White Hart Lane, where he played in 472 league games for Spurs, and 591 in all competitions. He won the FA Cup in 1967, the League Cup in 1971 and 1973, and the UEFA Cup in 1972. He also scored once, in the 1967 Charity Shield, from his own area, kicking the ball from his hands and sending a large punt down the field that bounced over Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney and into the net. In 1973 the Football Writers' Association named him as its footballer of the year. Three years later he won Professional Footballers Association version of the award – he was the first goalkeeper to receive this accolade, and to this date remains only one of two, along with Peter Shilton.

1977/78 Barry Daines succeeded him.
1978/79 Barry Daines, Mark Kendall, and Milija Aleksic
1979/80 Barry Daines, Mark Kendall, and Milija Aleksic
1980/81 Barry Daines, Mark Kendall, and Milija Aleksic
1981/82 Ray Clemence, Tony Parks, and Milija Aleksic
1982/83 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1983/84 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1984/85 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1985/86 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1986/87 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1987/88 Ray Clemence and Tony Parks
1988/89 Bobby Mimms and Erik Thorstvedt
1989/90 Erik Thorstvedt and Bobby Mimms
1990/91 Erik Thorstvedt, Ian Walker, and Kevin Dearden
1991/92 Erik Thorstvedt and Ian Walker
1992/93 Erik Thorstvedt, Ian Walker, and Kevin Dearden
1993/94 Erik Thorstvedt and Ian Walker
1994/95 Erik Thorstvedt and Ian Walker
1995/96 Ian Walker and Chris Day
1996/97 Lan Walker and Espen Baardsen
1997/98 Lan Walker and Espen Baardsen
1998/99 Lan Walker, Espen Baardsen, and Hans Segers
1999/00 Ian Walker
2000/01 Neil Sullivan and Ian Walker
2001/02 Neil Sullivan and Kasey Keller
2002/03 Kasey Keller
2003/04 Kasey Keller
2004/05 Paul Robinson, Kasey Keller and Radek Cerny
2005/06 Paul Robinson
2006/07 Paul Robinson and Radek Cerny
2007/08 Paul Robinson and Radek Cerny
2008/09 Heurelho Gomes, Carlo Cudicini, Ben Alnwick, and Cesar Sanchez
2009/10 Heurelho Gomes, Carlo Cudicini, Ben Alnwick, and David Button
2010/11 Heurelho Gomes, Carlo Cudicini, and Stipe Pletikosa
2011/12 Brad Friedel, Carlo Cudicini, and Heurelho Gomes
2012/13 Hugo Lloris, Brad Friedel, and Carlo Cudicini
2013/14 Hugo Lloris and Brad Friedel
2014/15 Hugo Lloris and Michel Vorm
2015/16 Hugo Lloris and Michel Vorm

Well that list of players who have played for us in the league brings back a few memories and a few goalkeepers I had forgotten, but it does round things off nicely.

Pat Jennings was once voted above Gordon Banks as the best keeper in the world, Hugo Lloris is right up there with the best himself and a worthy man to follow in the footsteps of the great Pat Jennings.

The list does not include any Glenn Hoddle appearances in goal or any other outfield player!

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Tough life this old pros lark

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Micky Hazard is a Match Day ambassador at White Hart Lane and is looking forward to today while some of his former pros have been having a jolly, I mean working hard supporting good causes, out in Jersey ahead of today's game.

Off to the Lane with yesterday's results perfect, hoping today's results even more perfect COME ON YOU SPURSSSSSS Enjoy everyone I will COYS

A few of our old boys are supporting a Jersey Combination team, they get about these old boys, Pat Jennings and Ray Clemence were taking part in a coaching session for Just4Keepers in Jersey aimed at anyone 5 and over.

New JTC JW Ambassadors.Proud to have Paul Miller on board

  1. Amazing morning coaching & meeting & Pat Jennings. Heroes and pure gentleman. Thanks to

The day before they were involved in a golf day, tough life this isn't it!

Let's hope we are happy after the game today with three points safely tucked away.

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The Pat Jennings comments

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Brian Moore in commentary, "that deflection looked as though it might have had Pat Jennings in trouble, all I can say is we should have known better."

Intense Debate deletes comments automatically, don't ask me why it's designed to do this, I don't know and as it has deleted comments surrounding the great Pat Jennings it's a good excuse to reproduce them for you here as I do have copies.

It's always good to hear peoples reminisces from a different era, I would argue a better era.

sheikh352 commentedPat wanted the Club to help get him a loan to buy or build a house. The Club declined and so off he went to the Gooners. Unlike Sol Campbell, Pat went with the love and gratitude of every Tottenham supporter. I was thrilled to see him in action, once again, at the Cyril Knowles Memorial Match, which pitted the 1971 League Cup Winning Side against the 1981 FA Cup side. After Jimmy Greaves (or maybe equal to him) Pat is my favourite ever Spurs player. How good a keeper was he? Well, I remember Gordon Banks being interviewed, when he answered that question. He said "I'm so lucky that Pat Jennings is Irish. If he had been English, I'd have been lucky to win a dozen caps for my country." 

Incidentally, I saw the wages book entry when Pat got his first win bonus. It was ONE POUND.

The league was blessed with two outstanding and truly world class, a phrase greatly overused, keepers who we were fortunate to witness. It's very hard to pick a favourite from so many great players, do well generally pick from impressionable teenage years? Jennings, Perryman, Hoddle, that era produced so many favourites.

al granville commentedYou've taken the words out of my mouth David. Ted was Banks,Shilton,Clemence rolled into one, with one hand tied behind his back. Hyperbole? probably, and of course I was a hero worshipping snotty nosed kid but still I persist in thinking Ted was the greatest of them all. Remember his great rivalry with Bert Williams of Wolves?

You'll find David's comments on Ted Ditchburn at the bottom of the article, before my time alas.

Cheshuntboy commentedJennings without a second's doubt - Lloris is certainly a great shot stopper, but his distribution is poor, and some of his reckless rushes out of the area are suicidal (how did he get away with hacking down Ashley Young at Old Trafford last year?). I'd rate Eric Thorsvedt as our second best keeper, and will wait to see if Lloris is still with us in a year or two before deciding whether he deserves third place. 

I'd have to agree with you about Lloris's distribution, although it has been getting better there is still plenty of room for improvement.

adelaide spur commentedpat never wanted to leave though. The Spurs hierarchy thought he was past his best when IMO he was still the best in the world. Replaced him Barry Daines. Genius decision.NOT

Barry Daines was going to have a tough job following Pat, mind you so would anyone else. I doubt he's on the list of many a fans favourite players.

Joe the Yid commentedI saw big Pat make a save at Ipswich Town away that was identical to the Gordon Banks save he made in the WC against Brazil in 1970..... PJ is a THFC ledge...... HL is a top cat and I can only hope that DL's ambition matches all our expectations other than that he will be only remembered as one of the best GK's in the world who once had a spell at THFC...... 

Tough times for us right now with a stadium to build, budget buying may be the order of the day for a while until the stadium starts paying for itself.

graham commentedPat was the best keeper of all time IMO . I have never seen a better keeper including Banks , Schmeichel - he is the best there has ever been . I did not see Ted and I know this splits people but my Dad who did felt Pat was the better of the 2 . 

I'd certainly side with you on that one Graham, never saw Ted so have to nail myself to the Pat mast. I think the look on Alan Balls face on the video is priceless, the disbelief Jennings saved it, today that would be almost a planned holding the head reaction for the TV cameras and the crowd.

tony commentedcant comment on ditchburn.pat was excellent goaly.never dived at players feet headfirst.he was feet first.dont think from what ive seen anybody was quite up to lloris in ability.dont forget pat went to arsenal.quite a unforgivable thing.

I don't know any fan who blamed Pat, all though the club were wrong to let him go, it was different back then wasn't it, loyalty had a place then.

terry commentedwell said i watched spurs in there hayday when pat was way ahead of any keeper in uk at that time tottenham need more legends which is not possible in todays billionare club football the greats we had will always be remembered the j greaves the dave makays the jones and dyson s and the great john white to name a few glad i saw glad to of had the pleasure to see the best that we had and remember how great spurs where maybe it will return again probabley under new ownership until then come on you spurs

Anon commentedPat Jennings for me, never bettered anywhere by anyone. Never big headed or mouthy just brilliance combined with humility. 

chris commentedDon't dare compare lloris to jennings, jennings is one of, if not the best goalkeeper of all time 

No arguments from me Chris.

Tony Corbey commentedPat Jennings without doubt the greatest goalkeeper to wear the Tottenham shirt.In my lifetime I've seen Ted Ditchburn Bill Brown Ray Clements and Eric Thoresvedt and Hugo Lloris.These five would walk into most teams but big Pat was a class above them for his unique ability to pull a save out of no where and this is why his appearance record is unlikely to be equalled.He is therefore the greatest of the great and probably in the top four qof all time goal keepers with Banks Yashin and Zoff. 

adelaide spur commentedHugo Lloris is a great keeper but IMO Pat Jennings is, and always will be the greatest keeper we have ever had. I was devastated when we sold him, especially to The Gooners. Living legend, secondly only to God, AKA Jimmy Greaves 

Jimmy a great yes but a fraction before my teenage viewing time in the 70's. Seen plenty of him of course and how we could do with someone like that now, or today's equivalent.

Strides commentedI have been told by many, inc Terry Venables, that Ditchburn was the best but, for what I've seen Pat had it all, When if Lloris stays for 3 or 4 more years who knows, remember though, IMHO Pat had a better back four than Lloris 

Ah yes the Chiriches factor, defends like Inspector Clouseau without the success rate.

david g commentedAnyone who saw TED DITCHBURN in the fifties would know that he was the best keeper spurs have ever had Pat was and Hugo is a very good stopper but believe me Ted was exceptional and an icon. 

Now personally I never saw Ted Ditchburn play so am in no position to comment just as the young today don't know much about our hero Pat Jennings.

It's been a pleasure to read your comments and reminisce about visits to The Lane to watch him and the boys, be reminded Yashn or Dino Zoff and a £1 win bonus. How times have changed.

If you have any more reminisces do leave them, I'll see them and can always reproduce more so a new audience can read them. I have permission to use further videos so we'll take a look at some more hero's in due course.

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Pat Jennings or Hugo Lloris?

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It is impossible to judge people from different eras but that doesn't stop anyone having a go of course so who is the better keeper Pat Jennings or Hugo Lloris?

Pat Jennings or Hugo Lloris?

For those of you who never saw Jennings he was regarded and rated as the best keeper in the world at one point, even ahead of the great Gordon Banks. Jennings was a phenomenon, he's pluck the ball out of the air with one hand, scored against Manchester United and won trophies with Spurs.

I'm delighted to have reached agreement to show and bring you videos from Spurs TV, their latest offering being on Pat Jennings. It's great to hear the commentary of Brian Moore again as well as seeing Jennings in action.

Both are tremendous keepers but I grew up watching Pat Jennings and for me he is the best I've seen, Tottenham were fortunate to have and still have, such a true legend of the game at the club.

Patrick "Pat" Anthony Jennings OBE born 12 June 1945 in Newry, County Down.

He played 119 games for Northern Ireland.

Cost Spurs £27,000 from Third Division Watford at the end of the 1964 season.

Jennings spent 13 years at White Hart Lane, playing 472 league games and 596 in all competitions.

He won the FA Cup in 1967, the League Cup in 1971 and 1973, and the UEFA Cup in 1972.
In 1973 the Football Writers' Association named him as its footballer of the year, three years later he won PFA's version of the award, how many goalkeepers achieve that feat?

Thinking he was coming to the end of his career we sold him to Arsenal in 1977, a huge mistake, he went on to play 327 times for them and retire in 1985. Obviously it wasn't the brightest decision the club have ever made.

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Happy Birthday Pat Jennings [VIDEO]

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Happy 69th birthday to the best goalkeeper we have ever had in my opinion, Pat Jennings OBE.

Happy Birthday Pat Jennings

He grew up playing Gaelic football in an area, Newry, County Down where there was no organised football. He played in the streets as a tiny lad and on the only patch of grass when they could.

From those humble beginnings he went on to make 119 caps for Northern Ireland, an Irish record and at the time a world record, in a 22 year international career.

Bill Nicholson signed him after one season at Watford for £27,000 in June 1964 and what a shrewd signing it turned out to be. In 13 years at White Hart Lane he made:

472 League appearances
43 FA Cup appearances
39 League Cup appearances
36 European appearances

In addition he scored in the 1967 Charity Shield match at Wembley against Manchester United. He cleared the ball from his own penalty area and it bounced over Alex Stepney at the other end into the goal.

In 1973 he won the Football Writers Player of the Year and in 1976 became the first ever goalkeeper to win the PFA Player of the Year Award.

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He has the unusual distinction of playing in a World Cup (1986) after having retired from club football (1985). He was 41 at the time and his final game was fittingly against Brazil. At the time he was the oldest ever World Cup player.

Ossie Ardiles brought him back into Spurs employment in 1993 as a goalkeeping coach, a role he continued to help out in as well as scouting and he still works at the club today. He hosts corporate hospitality in the Pat Jennings Lounge.

With Tottenham he domestically won the 1967 FA Cup followed by the League Cup in 1971 and 1973. In Europe he won the UEFA Cup with us in 1972 beating Wolves in the two-legged final.

Pat Jennings, Joe Kinnear, Cyril Knowles, Alan Mullery (c), Mike England, Phil Beal, Alan Gilzean, Steve Perryman, Martin Chivers, Martin Peters, Ralph Coates played in both games while John Pratt made a substitute appearance in the first leg.

1974 wasn't to be such a happy affair as we lost the UEFA Cup that year to Feyenoord 4-2.

Our 2 victories and one runner-up spot make us the 6th most successful side in the competition, 4 sides have won it 3 times and Borussia Dortmund have been runners-up twice.

Pat was renown for having big hands and would frequently pluck the ball out of the air one handed. He regularly used his feet to make saves or any other part of his body. For those younger readers, Hugo Lloris isn't a patch on Jennings and Lloris is good.

The Guardian wrote after one game: "If Jennings had been available on that memorable occasion when the Romans met the Etruscans, Horatius surely would have had to be satisfied with a seat on the substitutes bench."

Liverpool legend Steve Heighway said of Pat after one of his amazing saves against the best side around at the time:

"Pat's save left me wondering how he had got to the ball. I burst through with half a dozen Spurs players behind me and I had to shoot quickly. I really caught the shot just right and it was going over Pat's right shoulder as he came out. I could hear the crowd behind the goal, stretching right up into the Kop, shouting 'goal' but there was the ball in Pat's hands. It was amazing. One of the finest saves I've seen in my life."

There is a brilliant example of his famous one handed catching in the video that still makes you gasp.

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