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Two Faced Pochettino

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Two Faced Pochettino

Younis Kaboul accuses Pochettino of being two faced

Former Tottenham captain Younis Kaboul led a revolt at Tottenham against Mauricio Pochettino and lost. For the rest of the season, he was taken away from media duties and left to rot until he could be sold the following summer.

Now at Watford, it comes as no surprise that he doesn't have kind words to say about the Argentinian, who incidentally has been proven right with the transformation in Tottenham's fortunes.

He spoke to French Football and but do the ITK stories that were floating about at the time demonstrate something else?.

“The one where things didn’t go well was Pochettino. On the field, nothing to say, very good manager, with a philosophy and a style of play that works.
“Personally, it’s the opposite. He’s two faced. He would say things to you and did the complete opposite behind your back. I didn’t like that, and I told him. That’s all”.
What was said at the time, back on 9 November 2014 after a 2-1 loss to Stoke City at home?

Well, there was an argument in the dressing room and the youngsters, led by Harry Kane, accused the older players, Younis Kaboul, Emmanuel Adebayor of not putting the effort in.

Three senior players sided with Kaboul, Aaron Lennon, Etienne Capoue and Emmanuel Adebayor.

It is said Younis Kaboul went to Pochettino with the player's concerns and apparently told Pochettino ALL the players didn't like his training methods. The youngsters did, they had bought into the Pochettino way.

However, another version is that the dressing room argument got heated and Pochettino had to step in to break it up, taking the side of the younger players.

Now whichever version you want to believe, from that moment Younis Kaboul was frozen out. He wasn't picked and as club captain, he was relieved of his media duties.

Adebayor was frozen out too, Lennon apologised but hardly played and Capoue later revealed his mentality was the problem and he thought he had a divine right to a starting spot basically, as that is what he was used to in France.

Tottenham had to change the mentality within the club and players who were not 100% behind what Pochettino was trying to do simply had to go. It was the start of our rise.

This mentality issue is something I have spoken at length about and is where a psychologist, performance psychologist or sports psychologist come in.

If the players had to work with one as part of their training these issues would be known about. Aaron Lennon may not have had the mental health issues that he had, Danny Rose may not have had his mental health issues.

Players don't go to psychologists generally, most wouldn't go of their own accord I'm sure, yet from a club point of view, these players are assets and an asset should be protected and provided for.

Erik Lamela had mental health issues when he joined us, again, working with a psychologist may have prevented that.

Three instances in 4 years is too much. I repeat again, we should become world leaders in mentally assessing players BEFORE they join us and continue that work while they are with us.

It is part of developing a footballer, don't just develop his feet or footballing brain, develop the area which drives success and happiness as part and parcel of their training.

The brain controls everything, the feet do what the head tells it to do. If the head is confident the feet will talk. If the head is having issues a players performance suffers.

I wrote Danny Rose was not mentally right last season before he gave an interview to discuss his mental health problems, it was obvious from his body language on the field and how he conducted his game.

If a player isn't showing the right mental qualities on the field, then you have to resolve that and it isn't always resolved by picking them. You have to know what the player is thinking.

Josh Onomah went through the motions the last time he played for us. Did he mentally think he wasn't going to get a regular spot? That would affect his performance, it would hold him back.

Tradition dictates you just let the player handle the challenge and get rid of those who can't. But, if you have bought someone with ability, why not help him with the mental side of being part of a squad? Wouldn't we create more successful players that way?

If we achieved that, then we would be reducing the risk when we sign a player, thus we would have to buy fewer players (fewer flops) and thus be able to spend more on those we do buy.

We would surely attract all the players who want to be the next Bale, the next Ronaldo and were prepared to work for it.

It is the next step in sports science so why not lead the way?


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Blind Kaboul in the wrong again

4:27 pm


I read some unbelievable comments from Younis Kaboul ahead of the game against Watford, criticising Mauricio Pochettino when it was Younis Kaboul himself who caused all the problems together with Emmanuel Adebayor, Etienne Capoue and Aaron Lennon.

After the Stoke City game Mauricio Pochettino had yo go into the changing rooms because the youngsters led by Harry Kane were upset with the senior players who had not bought into what Pochettino wanted to do at Spurs and were rebelling against it with mediocrity.

The senior players wanted Pochettino to change his approach. At least Etienne Capoue has come out and said he was at fault at Tottenham and Aaron Lennon was only standing up for his mate Adebayor in that dressing room bust up.

I remember at the time Younis Kabout saying he will lead a team meeting to discover what was wrong and wrote at the time that he was the problem. As he couldn't see that, there is no way he could possibly find a solution. If you con't recognise a problem, you aren't going to be looking in the right place for a solution.

His comments, which you can read below show he still hasn't grasped his failure to back Mauricio Pochettino when he was the club captain. To suggest he is the victim and the one being disrespected it a bit rich considering as a club captain he should have been setting an example, not trying to have the team run how he wants it. Pochettino was quite right not to want to talk to him.

“The manager disrespected me, 100 per cent. When Mauricio first came we had a very nice, human, man-to-man kind of respect. And then something happened and I don’t know what it was. 
“I got injured and then he didn’t talk to me anymore. Then he was not putting me in the squad for no reason. One game, two games, three games, and that was strange for me because I am supposed to be his captain. 
“I’m not saying because I’m his captain I need to play, no, no, no. If I am not good enough to play I am not playing. But you have to respect players, to talk to them and explain why they’re not playing. 
“After a few games I went to see him, to ask what was happening. I needed to understand because clearly he wasn’t talking to me. But he said: ‘There’s nothing, I’ve got nothing to say to you’.”

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The Levy nonsense

8:30 am
Plenty of rubbish being written in the mainstream media surrounding Daniel Levy telling Mauricio Pochettino he has to sell before he can buy any more players, some even suggesting as much as six players.

All complete tosh of course, Pochettino doesn't sell the players, not does he buy them either, so it would be pretty pointless telling him. You can advise him that is what the club is going to do which is quite different from telling him he has to do it.

Daniel Levy and those responsible for selling the players, Franco Baldini has a part to play here, all know who is for sale and who they are happy to keep unless an offer that suits us comes in. The four main players in that bracket are Roberto Soldado, who Pochettino is quite happy to keep, Benjamin Stambouli, Federico Fazio and Andros Townsend.

The players up for sale all know they have to look for another club, Emmanuel Adebayor, Aaron Lennon and Younes Kaboul are three players the head coach does not want to keep and doesn't want with the senior squad. Lennon is waiting for Everton, who are waiting for us to lower our price, while they try to keep Mirallas's price high, Kaboul is wanted in Turkey and seems keen to move there while Adebayor is being Adebayor.

He held Manchester City to ransom for the only thing that seems to matter to him, money, and he is doing the same thing again. Rather than be loaned out, he wants his years wages and a transfer so he gets even more dosh. No wonder Pochettono doesn't want him anywhere near the other players.

The word from the inside is that we will buy anyway as those for sale will be frozen out if they don't leave so we have made it plain to them, go, now. We have always had a problem selling players we don't want as any move is often a step-down or lower wages so to avoid the problem we have taken a very hard line approach this time, fingers crossed it works.

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Squad Assessment: Centre-backs

9:33 am
Well we have taken a look at the goalkeeper and the full-back so time to complete the defence and take a look at another problem area, the centre of defence.

As we have established the defence was not up to standard and not the right type of player for the system we are now playing, thus it needed to be upgraded and reshaped. Both full-back areas and the goalkeeping situation have been addressed for the long-term, so where do we stand centrally.

In brief, not brilliantly.

Three centre-backs were highlighted as being available for sale, however no sale could take place until we had lined up a replacement. The three identified were Michael Dawson, Younes Kaboul and Vlad Chiriches.

Since the days of Harry Redknapp we have had problems in the centre of defence with injury and his solution was to bring in old players to cover, William Gallas, Ryan Nelsen. Short term fixes don't resolve a long term problem though, just delay it. Steven Caulker came through and wanted to play football rather than be part of a squad so left for Cardiff City and has now moved on to QPR and Harry Redknapp again.

Injuries and an unsuccessful purchase has meant Mauricio Pochettino, himself a former centre-back for Argentina, had had to begin the process of rebuilding the area for the long term.

Michael Dawson was deemed to slow to play a high line, Younes Kaboul while quick enough simply hasn't recovered any sort of form at all after his injury. He also only has a year left on his contract now, the club haven't offered him a new one, while Vlad Chiriches didn't adapt to the Premier League. He got worse as the season went on, as well as getting drunk and having injury problems since.

Mauricio Pochettino likes his central defenders to have different qualities so it would depend who we bought in as to who would leave. The two main targets we had we couldn't secure. Dejan Lovren joined Liverpool for £20 million for Champions League football while Hector Moreno of Mexico and Espanyol broke his leg at the World Cup in Brazil early in the summer.

Our third choice was Mateo Musacchio, good on the ground but weaker in the air, his arrival would have seen the departure of Chiriches as a like for like replacement, however Villarreal wanted 76% of the transfer fee for a player they only owned 35% of. That scuppered that deal.

We then had to move onto our fourth choice target, Federico Fazio, who had won the UEFA Europa League with Sevilla and lost the UEFA Super Cup to UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid. He is tall and thus good in the air but a bit slow on the ground, in other words a taller and we presume upgraded version of Michael Dawson.

Thus it was of the three players available for transfer, all three of whom arranged deals to move in principle, it was a Michael Dawson replacement we eventually signed.

In addition we started planning for the future by bringing a young 20-year-old centre-back for the future, Eric Dier. He has had to be thrown in at the deep end and has coped rather well. Had their not been a World Cup this summer he would not be playing now but circumstances have been kind to him and he is doing better than I expect even Pochettino had hoped.

Our situation now is that the centre-back pairing will be Federicio Fazio and Jan Vertonghen. Depending upon the Premier League opponent and the problems they pose Pochettino can then choose between Kaboul's strength, experience and power, Dier's youth, pace and ability on the ball or Chrirches composure with the ball at his feet.

The FA Cup and League Cup, together with the UEFA Europa League will provide opportunities for those three to play fairly regularly, especially with Dier currently occupying right-back, duties he will have to share with Kyle Naughton. That is going to take him a little out of the equation at centre-half as we can't overburden him, we need to manage his game time with periods of rest.

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Kyle Walker out until December

The fact that Kyle Walker is still injured after 6 months and just undergone surgery, meaning he'll be out for another 3 months, has meant that we could not afford to let a second centre-back leave. If Dier is to be required at right-back until he returns we needed 5 centre-backs instead of four. Thus there has been a short term stay of execution for Kaboul or Chiriches.

We could have bought another central defender of course but I suspect Pochettino still wants Hector Moreno, he was one of our first choices as we know, so it is quite possible we go back in for him in January when he has recovered and the winter transfer window opens. Alternatively we could wait until the end of the season, it will depend how we are coping.

We have a first choice pair but after that we have problems, one is needed at right-back, one hasn't adapted to the Premier League and one hasn't found any sort of form in 2 years. The area remains a weakness for a side aspiring to be in the top four, but everything can't be resolved in one window. For now though we have to hope Fazio and Vertonghen do not get injured, which will mean limiting their involvement in the UEFA Europa League group stages.

Younes Kaboul and Vlad Chiriches may well be assigned the task of seeing us through that safely and then reassess the situation in January.

It's a new season so the slate gets wiped clean, the past is the past, the future is what counts. Just as Danny Rose will be assessed and is being assessed on what he does now, so will and are Younes Kaboul and Vlad Chiriches.

Regular readers will now I belive Chiriches has many aspects to improve, he played against AEL Limassol and didn't have mush to do but what we did he did comfortably, which was a good start having been out for so long. If the pair click into form and improve this season great, but it's down to them and their performances on the pitch to prove they can still have a future.

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Kaboul, Ginola, Payet, Eriksen, Alderweireld, Willian, Defoe, Bale

10:45 am
Younis Kaboul is delighted to have stepped out in a Spurs shirt once again and wants to be fit to play in the season's opener against Crystal Palace.

"It's been a long time for me since I played last. It's been a year now so I am fully happy to be back with the team."

Younis would support his teammates by turning up for home games and sitting behind the substitutes even though he didn't have to do so. It stemmed from missing the football and wanting to be involved.

"That was very hard. I was here to support the team, but it was terrible.

"Sometimes you just want to go on the pitch, take the ball and go and score. To sit there all the time was hard for me.

"When you see your team struggling, or winning, you want to be with them. Win or lose, you want to be with them and that was a big frustration.

"I missed football so, so much. I was very angry when I tore my quad at the end of last season, but this summer I got myself right to be ready for this season and now I hope the injuries are behind me.

"I was in good form so I hope to be back even better than I was when I left. Now I feel fit but I will have a good week again before the Crystal Palace game (on Sunday). I have to be ready for next Sunday.

"We are going to have to be in the top four this season.

"Last season we missed it by nothing so this year we have to be there.

"The new signings are very good. This season is looking very good for us.

"Andre has done a magnificent job for the club. He broke the points record last season and this season will be even better for him and us."

Of of our old boys, Frenchman David Ginola is currently taking his UEFA Pro License qualification which will enable him to coach in the Premier League in 2014. All new coaches must take their badges before they can take up coaching positions.

"I will soon get my Uefa A license, which will allow me to coach in the Championship, and I hope to get my Pro License by 2014 in order to coach in the Premier League," Ginola told L'Equipe.

"I'm ready for it. I miss the smell of the grass and I miss the players. This is closer to home for me and I could not see myself returning to Clairefontaine."

He did suggest to Daniel Levy a move for Dimitri Payet would be a good idea as he would have complimented Roberto Soldado and Gareth Bale, but unknown to David Marseilles were already in for him.

"I have seen Dimitri Payet play, he was excellent last year and is a great recruit for Marseille. "He has everything you need to be an excellent player and can make the difference at any time, a little bit like Eden Hazard.

"I recently mentioned him to Daniel Levy. I said he would have a dream attack if he plays with Defoe, Soldado or Bale - but Marseille had already bought him at the time."

Plenty of made up press stories about Spurs going in for Christian Eriksen and Toby Alderweireld, a player they have already deemed not to be good enough. Quite why you would bid for a player you consider not to be good enough is a mystery but then fortunately we haven't. According to the Dutch media, Russian outfit Spartak Moscow have.

ESPN Brazil say Man City are preparing to lodge a second offer for Willian having already had a bid in the region of £35 million turned down. At that price we won't be interested.

Reports suggest QPR have been quoted £6 million for Jermain Defoe, however reports are that they want him on loan. Just about zero chance of that happening, firstly Spurs would only want to sell ad secondly it's the World Cup at the end of the season so there is no way Defoe will want to be playing Championship football, neither would Scott Parker who they also want.

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