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A win we didn't deserve

7:44 pm
At last a TV expert who can actually see we pass slowly and by that I mean we roll the ball to each other, especially between defenders, so each player has to wait for the ball to arrive. The opposition over one side of the pitch have time to jog over to the other side of the pitch which negates changing the angle of attack.

It's simple things like this that show the mentality of a side, the mentality of players and Graeme Souness, who should be on TV more as he is second to Gary Neville as a TV pundit, pointed our slow passing out. Then when talking about Manchester City, although he could have been talking about us, he said that some of the players don't take the lesser teams seriously enough.

That's Spurs players alright. We won, but we didn't deserve to, there are serious problems with this shower. We have too many players who are trying to develop and not enough that have done most of their developing.

Etienne Capoue was again poor defensively and Mason is good when the ball is at his feet, but also defensively he is a mile away from what we need. When he gets the ball he is the one who passes quickly, a zipped pass out wide instead of a slow roll.

Look at the first half, Aston Villa after 11 minutes. Their keeper gave the ball to a player 20 yards from goal, he ran unopposed to within 20 yards of our box and had all the time in the world to cross for Benteke to have a diving header wide. They had the run of the left flank the whole first-half, you have to feel for Danny Rose, it isn't his fault he is left completely on his own like last season again.

After 13 minutes they attacked our right and all three defenders centrally were ball watching, all three rushing back to inside the 6 yard box while Benteke waited for a pull back unmarked. Fortunately he hit the woodwork, Kaboul completely misses a simple header, Benteke heads just wide. It simply isn't good enough.

For the Villa goal Mason was simply jogging back as is defending wasn't his concern. Capoue went to sleep just watching the ball and leaving Andreas Weimann free to tuck it home, he had actually run from the half-way line straight past Mason.

In the second half both Capoue and Vertonghen lost their heads, Capoue spent the whole time arguing with the referee as if it was his fault, he is not the answer as a defensive midfielder, not by a long way. Why have we bought Stambouli? Isn't that his position, a passing defensive midfielder or is he now the understudy for Ryan Mason?

It's all well and good Niall Quinn saying the players have got to buy into the high pressing game but they haven't in 5 months so why are they suddenly going to start now? We have had 10 league games plus Cup games and have played more football than any other Premier League team, yet the players appear to have learnt nothing. They had better learn pretty damn fast because if we expect to play like that we are going to lose a lot of games this season.

Hard work is not something half of this lot want or are prepared to do in a game. We won but by luck really, good movement from Chadli who took a chance and it paid off then a deflected free-kick that would have been easily saved had a Villa player not headed into his own net.

The three points papers over the cracks just like Gareth Bale used to do.

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No surprise Lamela is dropped

3:28 pm
A surprise for many no doubt but Erik Lamela has done little against Premier League opposition to warrant a place in the side, indeed I advocated in an article after the Newcastle United game that he must be dropped. He performs against weak opposition but in the Premier League where it matters he has been a disappointment.

What was interesting for me was that our most creative player, Roberto Soldado, is given a start alongside Emmanuel Adebayor, or will he be playing as the secondary striker, central attacking midfielder.

Eric Dier is clearly in need of a rest, being unable to overlap last week on the right so Kyle Naughton, fit again, gets an opportunity to stake his claim at right-back.

Aston Villa play a lot of square balls, a bit like we were doing last season, without much incisive passing. This is a game Tottenham should win but can Spurs be trusted at the moment. We'll find out soon.

Tottenham XI vs Aston Villa: Lloris, Naughton, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Rose, Capoue, Chadli, Eriksen, Mason, Adebayor, Soldado

Tottenham subs: Vorm, Fazio, Dembele, Stambouli, Lamela, Townsend, Kane

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What will our Sunday morning footballers produce today

10:00 am
With Spurs continued poor mental approach to the fore right now it makes sense to revisit a series written in April and see if the general points made in the 12 part series have been addressed so we'll begin that after the game.

Clearly overall they haven't when you look at the Newcastle game and the start of the second-half. The vital mental preparation to play, that all top quality sportsmen and women undertake, is still not a part of some Tottenham players routine. Why not, it's a basic requirement at any level.

How many times have you been standing having a cosy chat with a team-mate as the opposition have kicked off? I don't you have ever done it, I expect you have always been ready. At a low level you are mentally prepared yourself, motivated yourself, for a professional sportsman there is a far greater degree of mental preparation they should be doing so why are Sunday morning footballers prepared for the start of a game where Tottenham players aren't?

On a Sunday morning you don't want to let down your team-mates, that doesn't even seem to be an issue for half of our players.

Match Preview: Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur

All eyes will be on Spurs players before the kick-off and before the second-half starts but surely they are not going to look as casual as they looked last week, if they do we have a serious problem.

Are we going to see a Spurs team unable to deal with pressure, a team who want to do just enough to win or a clinical team who want to crush the opposition. Are we going to see a team with heart, desire and determination or a bunch of fancy dans expecting a few twinkle toes touches to be enough to win.

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Match Preview Aston Villa vs Tottenham Hotspur

10:30 am
The Aston Villa game is a very hard game to predict as neither side can be trusted. Tottenham have only 3 wins in 9 games, have lost the last 2 but have lost only once away from home.

Aston Villa have lost their last 5 games without scoring a goal, they have only scored 4 in 9 games.

Aston Villa

Sun. 2 Nov 2014


Last 8 matches
18 OctEverton - A VILLA3-01-2SPURS - Newcastle Utd26 Oct
4 OctA VILLA - Man City0-24-1Man City - TSPURS18 Oct
27 SepChelsea - A VILLA3-01-0SPURS - Southampton5 Oct
20 SepA VILLA - Arsenal0-31-1Arsenal - SPURS27 Sep
13 SepLiverpool - A VILLA0-10-1SPURS - WBA21 Sep
31 AugA VILLA - Hull City2-12-2Sunderland - SPURS13 Sep
23 AugA VILLA - Newcastle Utd0-00-3SPURS - Liverpool31 Aug
16 AugStoke City - A VILLA0-14-0SPURS - QPR24 Aug

Last 4 matches (Home)Last 4 matches (Away)
4 OctA VILLA - Man City 0-2 4-1Man City - SPURS18 Oct
20 SepA VILLA - Arsenal 0-3 1-1Arsenal - SPURS27 Sep
31 AugA VILLA - Hull City 2-1 2-2Sunderland - SPURS13 Sep
23 AugA VILLA - Newcastle Utd 0-0 0-1West Ham - SPURS16 Aug

Home Table Away Table

Seven of the eleven goals we have scored have come in the first half and we have scored in every away game.

Aston Villa have not scored a goal in the second half at home whereas for us it's a 40/60% split. On average it takes us 42.20 minutes to score a goal away from home so this game could well be 0-0 at half-time.

Aston Villa at home have only been behind in 1 of their 4 games and in front in 1 whereas we have only been behind in 1 out of 4 and have yet to be winning at half-time.

The statistics suggest a draw at half-time then it's a question of whether we score in the second half and we have yet to fail to score away from home. A bet on the half-time score or result and perhaps the double result. The game could well be decided by a single goal.

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Scott Parker; The Leader We Require

11:59 am
Harry Redknapp spoke with Colin Mafham of the Express in a frank interview and laid out the facts about our intended title challenge.

"If we could find someone who would make a big difference to us then I know the chairman would go for him.

"But it's hard to find somebody like Terry or Carragher who can change the place and be a bit of a leader.

"It's just someone who can give you a lift. You're always looking for that sort of player."

Harry knows all to well that there is one player he would be able to sign; Scott Parker. Only this time, Harry's kept quiet. We all remember the tirade of verbals that went on during the summer window when the two David's accused Harry of "unresting their players".

If we are to make a real push for the title, we need a solid spine and it's my opinion that Spurs fan Parker can provide the steel we so desperately need. I also think Jamie O'Hara should be given a chance as it looks like he could well develop into a solid central midfielder, able to dictate and break up play. Unfortunately, if we are to believe the rumours, West Ham would require O'Hara in a player exchange deal as part of the Parker transfer. The lad also spoke to Paul Hawksbee on talkSPORT and explained that he wants first-team football and may have to leave The Lane in order to play regularly. If he does leave, I would miss his tenacity and give-all character.

It's in games like the one today against Villa away, where they deploy Ashley Young in the hole, that the presence of Scott Parker would have been admired.

It's obvious that we need a leader in the middle of the park as well as a striker that can score more than one Premier League goal (Crouch). The truth of the matter is that at present, we have the best squad of players that I have seen in the 30 years I have supported the club. A couple of "special" additions could really push us on.

THBN Prediction: Aston Villa 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur

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Manchester City to get into the top 4? Don't make me laugh

4:55 pm
I've just had the pleasure of watching Manchester City draw for a 7th consecutive time at home to Hull.

Is this the Manchester City that is supposed to throw Liverpool or Arsenal out of the top four? You're joking, right? If they continue playing as they have done, there's not a glimmer of hope that this side will finish anywhere near the top four, let alone in it.

Hat's off to Hull though. Phil Brown has got them playing, but it's no coincidence that the Tigers have started to climb the table upon the return of Jimmy Bullard. He was fantastic today and ran the show. Has anyone seen Phil Brown's ear-piece? It's gone missing, along with his sides bad form.

Watch his penalty celebration on Match of the Day tonight. Classic!

Well done to Wigan to. They beat Sunderland 1-0, getting a clean-sheet and showing the footballing world that Martinez isn't such a bad coach after all.

Results have spun Tottenham's way. Let's hope we can win up at Villa Park. Carlos will be at the game, tweeting away. So if you haven't done so yet, get yourself a Twitter account and follow us.


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Wenger Talks Rubbish

I've just come across The Sun's rendition of Mr. Arsène Wenger's attempt at talking up his sides chances on Sunday against Chelsea.

"We are not any more a team that has to be considered to be young. We have the strengths and can show on Sunday that we are strong enough to compete."

Did he actually say that? I know this is a Spurs blog, but I just couldn't resist putting my neck on the line and stating that Arsenal will lose on Sunday. I can see Chelsea winning and winning comfortably.

The only thing Arsène and the rest of his merry men will notice after their demolition, is that they simply do not have a big enough squad.

The Woolwich Wanderers are without Van Persie, both left-backs (Gaël Clichy & Kieran Gibbs) and Gallas may miss out.

Anyone else think that we'll be sitting 3rd come Sunday evening?

Talking of which; we've got Villa coming up on Saturday. This will be a tricky one lads. Let's just hope Harry leaves Keane on the bench. Harry can't possibly think that Keano can do a better job than Kranny on the left of our midfield?

None of that silly diamond formation either. Villa are a strong side and will take us out to tea if we don't have a balanced midfield.

As I said, this is a tricky one. I can see us getting a point.

THBN Prediction: Aston Villa 0 -0 Tottenham Hotspur

PS. I'm counting on the low IQ Arsenal fans to come on here with the usual "how many Premier League titles have you lot won?", "when was the last time Spurs were in the Champion's League?". Please note that I haven't made this about "you and us". I'll do that when you lot come over to the Lane.

And fellow Yids, don't make turn this into a "you and us" debate either.


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