Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ryan Loft, Pritchard, Yedlin impressing


Yedlin impressing

Tottenham Under-21 side took on League Two side Yeovil Town this week with the game ending 1-1 at Hotspur Way. Young English 18-year-old (19 in September) striker Ryan Loft equalised from a Shilow Tracey cross late on.

There are reportedly 10 Championship clubs interested in 23-year-old (24 next May) midfielder Alex Pritchard. The England Under-21 international is also wanted by Premier League sides Middlesbrough and Swansea City.

Josh Onomah is coming through, Harry Winks is a part of the Development Squad looking to move up to senior level, Grant Ward is another and Marcus Edwards is a young talent we need to give cameo roles to. That means we have ti have opportunities for them and having Njie and Pritchard in the way, having not yet proved themselves may be part of the reason Pritchard is being let go.

Fazio, Pritchard, Njie are looking for clubs, Bentaleb may well be staying and Pochettino is assessing the future of a number of youngsters on tour. One who is starting to catch the eye, because of his improvement is DeAndre Yedlin.

As reported last year, he was miles away on technical ability, but the 23-year-old (24 next July) has improved immensely in a year apparently. The loan spell at Sunderland under Sam Allardyce, who was forced to play him after his right back was a complete flop.

He has always been a fit player and has immense speed, it seems he is catching up in other areas of the game and may well be a player we want to keep hold of, even if it means loaning him out again.

If at all possible Spurs will want to keep him to keep a US marketing tool and interest in Spurs in the States, especially with American Football coming to The Lane in the not too distant future.

Bentaleb to Portugal is fantasy, he's NOT certain to leave


Champions League side Benfica wants to take 21-year-old midfielder Nabil Bentaleb on loan this season according to Portuguese sports daily newspaper. Record. It's the usual sort of story from Portugal, the same media that Lamela was going there on loan with a £5m option to buy,

That was complete cobblers and this is simply a hopeful story that the gullible website who simply report what a paper says without thinking about it, are repeating for you. Why would Bentaleb drop down to a second tier league when there are plenty of Premier League clubs that would take him and clubs abroad in top tier leagues who have excellent chances of gaining Champions League football each season.

Apart from playing, and he can do that anywhere, here are no plusses to going to Benfica. The chat that Spurs are considering it are websites putting two and two together to come to five. He has been left out of the Australian tour, therefore he must have been told he has to find a new club. There is no actual evidence of that yet, just speculation, yet it is being repeated as fact.

The move would make little sense for Spurs or Bentaleb, both would want him playing at a higher level. All the Portuguese story says is that they would be prepared to enter into discussions with Tottenham over the possibility, not it is a possibility or that Spurs have agreed to discussions. Yet some reports say Pochettino is open to the idea which is simply made up, there is no evidence to suggest that is the case at all.

As I wrote previously I have heard that he may have suffered a slight injury and that is the reason he isn't in Australia, not that he has been told to leave. Two and two making five again for many. We'll have to wait and see.

Spurs being paid £2.85m + travelling and training fees

There are many reasons for touring Australia, or at last taking part in an International tournament in a different state than last year. Then it was Sydney, now it is Melbourne, which you'll find to the bottom right on the map. They may look close together but are in fact 878.8km (546.06 miles) apart. London to Edinburgh is only 668.19km (415.2 miles) away.

Money of course plays its part, Spurs are being paid to go there.

Spurs, Juventus, and Atletico Madrid will be paid at least £2.85-million (€3.4m - AUS$5m - US$3.73m) million each in appearance fees to take part in the 2016 International Champions Cup and they will have all their travel, accommodation and training expenses covered.

The London-listed organisers, TLA Worldwide, chaired by Melbourne entrepreneur Bart Campbell, will be receiving about AUS$8-10 million from the Victorian state government to assist in bringing the top teams to Melbourne. They do this as the influx of tourists, from abroad and from other Australia boost the local economy by many times the initial investment. Speculate to accumulate.

They have helped sponsor the International Champions Cup for three years now and it has brought in over £150-million into the economy Victorian (Melbourne is part of the state of Victoria) Sports Minister John Eren told the press.

Australia has a large Asian community, it is close to Asia and Asia is an important region to Spurs. The market is huge and we have just seen a sponsorship deal with Kumho Tire because we have a South Korean player. Our shirt sponsors are AIA, an Asian company and Ledley King stopped off in Singapore to launch a new AIA initiative before going to Australia.

Tottenham have a big following in Australia and they saw all the stars last year, this year it is a weakened squad with players needing rest after the European Championships. Which youngster is going to stand-out, who is going to come forward and catch the eye? That's the biggest question for many on this our, it could launch a career or two and see first-team opportunities as a result.

Pre-season helps break down any inferiority complex

Tottenham had a strong mentality lasts season, perhaps stronger than many a season that preceded it, yet that mentality crumbled in the last four games.

Against WBA we stopped the off-the-ball running which meant we couldn't unlock a defence. The player with the ball can only play passes if the player are moving and against WBA our wide attackers were not giving the full-backs the opportunity to overlap and when there was a chance they were reluctant to do so, thus our attacking play nullified itself, rather than the opposition nullifying it.

That showed a defensive don't lose mentality, rather than a let's win mentality. The against Chelsea we were 2-0 up at half-time and we once again reverted to let's not lose mentality, defending deeper and paying the price. We also lost our heads. Against Southampton, we went through the motions and against Newcastle United completely gave up.

Those four performances were unacceptable. Every player was not guilty, individuals were, but the players were responsible collectively. Our mentality is an area we must continue to work on and improve.

Mauricio Pochettino knows that and will be using the pre-season friendlies against Juventus and Atletico Madrid to help develop it, especially among the emerging players. When we last toured North America Pochettino was ending each game with the youth players having to see out a game. That was a mental test for them and is the sort of mental test he will set in Australia.

The tour is about money, PR, building a fan base and having the chance to play against top teams. Last season we played Real Madrid and AC Milan, this season Juventus and Atletico Madrid. There is more than prestige here, we are matching ourselves against top teams, against better players, who, even though they are using these as training games, are still a better standard of opposition than lesser clubs playing training games.

These are the type of teams we want to be playing regularly and we can't be playing them with an inferiority complex, thus every game we can play against them eats away at that and establishes us at their level. The players have to go through that process too so the mentality aspect of playing these two games has value beyond two pre-season friendlies.

The 2016 International Champions Cup in Melbourne is an opportunity to learn and build the club status, just one tiny step in our growth.

Do you listen to coach's or a TV exert?

Do you listen to coach's or a TV exert?

Why people listen to Stan Collymore is a mystery, he talks for controversy i seems rather than with intelligence or a knowledge of the game he once played. He clearly shows why he isn't a manager or coach on Twitter regularly with daft comments.

Take his Janssen comments, where he wonders why Spurs have bought from Holland where he says strikers are hit and miss from the country in the Premier League. Aren't players hit and miss from every country? What do you do, not buy any foreign players? As a qualified former coach of men's, boys and girls sport I know who's advice I would be listening to.

He then compounds that strange logic by suggesting a player we didn't fit a passing and pressing system at Liverpool should be bought to play a similar system at Tottenham. That is daft. Christian Benteke has been proven time and time again to be a one-trick pony, all his coaches have said he needs crosses to thrive and be seen at his best. Are his coaches wrong Stan or are you?

Tottenham are not a crossing side just as Liverpool are not a crossing side.He doesn' fit the system, but such subtlety is lost on simple Stan. Clearly, all he sees is goals and assumes a striker will score in any system, he won', Roberto Soldado didn't and he had a fantastic scoring record before joining us.

He is an example that former professionals can and do talk nonsense. You only have to look at how many fail as managers to see that while they can play a game, they don't have the ability to build a team or teach hem how to play to any standard. Coaching and buying players to fit into your system is a totally different set of skills required than actually playing the game.

As a player the coach is the one who tells you how to play, he teaches you what to do within  his system, it isn't a player going out onto a pitch and making it up as he goes along. To a degree he does, but without a system to play the players are then lost, as England showed under Roy 'Bungle' Hodgson. Unfortunately, we are now saddled with an England coach who at Bolton and West Ham booted the ball upfield to a big man and played on knockdowns. The wrong men appointing another wrong man, Stan would fit well within the FA, they generally don't know what they are doing either.

Bradford City turned him down for the managers job when he retired from football, we now see why, he's clueless about how you knit a squad togehter. Janssen has been bought because he was the best goalscorer in Holland last season, he has potential to work with and he fits the Pochettino system.