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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

striker Sandro would cost more than £5.17m


Villarreal, Sevilla and Tottenham Hotspur continue to track Sandro Ramirez, the former Barcelona forward who left for Malaga on a free transfer last summer.

Malaga sporting director Francesc Arnau told the press in November that it was difficult to convince him to go to Malaga and would have been impossible without a low release clause. That release clause drops to below £5.17 million (€6m - AUS$8.52m - US$6.44m) in the summer.

Other reports have suggested it is £10.34 million (€12m - AUS$17.05m - US$12.88m). The difference comes about, I believe, because with the lower fee Barcelona's buy-back clause must remain in his contract, something which we at Tottenham will not entertain. 

So while the figures might look good for a story, they are no good for us, we would have to be looking at a higher fee to remove the buyback clause, something Barcelona wouldn't want.

Transfers are complicated affairs with third parties and or buyback clauses

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Double the valuation


Kicker magazine are the German outfit suggesting Bayern Munich are interested in buying 26-year-old (27 in May) Kyle Walker to take over from the retiring 33-year-old (34 in November) German international right-back Philipp Lahm.

Carlo Ancelotti is trying to convince the 113 capped Lahm to extend his career with the perennial Bundesliga champions. Bayern Munich technical director Michael Speschke was at Wembley for both FA Cup semi-finals which only fuels rumours.

The magazine suggest Walker might be acquired for £15.34 million (€18m - AUS$26.11m - US$19.67m) but transfermarkt (who undervalue players usually) have him valued by their algorithm at £17 million (€19.95m - AUS$28.94m - US$21.80m). I think the Germans would have to double the transfermarkt valuation.

Another rumour circulating is that Walker is very happy at Spurs and doesn't want to leave, his wife, however, is tired of London.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Transfer Talk - Isco and Eriksen


It is no surprise that 25-year-old (26 next April) Spanish international midfielder Isco has agreed on a new contract that is worth more than £98,000 a week (£5.1 million annually) with Real Madrid. I expected him to stay, few players leave the biggest club in the world unless they are pushed out and the whole issue has been about game time, nothing else.

Marca report he will now be on the fifth-highest salary tier at Los Blancos, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, Sergio Ramos, Toni Kroos, and Luka Modric. The deal had been on offer since December and with the increased game time Isco was getting father and representative Paco Alarcon agreed to the deal. Having said that, he is left out of the big games, he wasn't in the starting line up against Barcelona, a game Messi turned around and brought Barcelona back into the title race.

Catalan journalist Albert Masnou who works for the third highest specialist sports daily circulation newspaper Sport, based in Barcelona didn't think the rumpurs that Barcelona were interested in Christian Eriksen were true.

“I do not know, I really do not know. I don’t have any information about it from the club, and I don’t know if Eriksen is actually on Barcelona’s wish list. The rumour comes from the English press, and we have only published what they said. At present we do not have any information from the club that Christian Eriksen is a possibility for the club.”

So yet another story made up by the British gutter press, last week it was unreliable, not reliable as Football Insider claim today, Sky journalist Gianluca Di Marzio who suggested Toby Alderweireld had told Tottenham he wants to leave just before an FA Cup semi-final against his friend Antonio Conte's team.

I did hear rumours last summer that Eriksen might leave after one more season, but we have challenged at the top of the table again so I wouldn't expect him to seek a move anywhere this summer.

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Another New Spurs Kit Leak 2017/18

Yet another new kit design 2017/18

There have been many leaks of new kits for next season. As I said before graphic designers like to show what they can do and expose their designs to the world in the hope of picking up some work. Where this horrendous kit emanatess from I have no idea but it is doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment.

A double blue band around the collar isn't so bad, but what looks like England grey sleeves seems a bit lazy to me and the two bands around the chest simply emphasise the red AIA sponsorship on the shirts. We don't want to be emphasising red!

The second kit is all rather bland, but passable while the third shirt does absolutely nothing for me. Some shirts grow on you but these look like cheap designs from someone with no imagination. I wouldn't want to hire whoever designed these shirts.


Arsenal blog tries to demeans the death of Ugo Ehiogu


The insensitive piece of filth who wrote this demonstrates why Arsenal fans are not only universally disliked but are delusional and in denial. How dare he or she try and demean the death of Ugo Ehiogu by suggesting former Spurs player Danny Murphy would have used it as an excuse for our entertaining FA Cup semi-final loss to Chelsea, especially given the biased commentary we have had to endure from Alan Smith for years, which thankfully our football has made him adjust.

I'm all for banter between supporters but bringing the death of someone into the equation is totally out of order.

A look at the Premier League table tells us they are batting to avoid the UEFA Europa League play-off rounds, a true reflection of where they are over a season. Thankfully not all Arsenal fans are gutter dwellers and I'm glad to say none of my Arsenal friends would stoop to such a level.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Midfield to blame for the goals

Midfield must take their share of the responsibility

Replying to 
Yep. We all thought this would be the turning point. We seem to save defensive errors for these big games away too

The above quote is the generally perceived view, but it is wrong.

The first goal was not because we committed a foul outside our own box that we didn't need to make perhaps. That was not the cause.

As a coach, I have talked before about finding the root of a problem and solving that. What happens after the root of the problem is the effect of that so solve that any the problem doesn't arise.

The problem was on the edge of their box where we gave the ball away with a weak pass, something we did several times and something which I am constantly showing we do wrong. Passes should be zipped, not rolled so opponents do not have that chance to steal the ball.

I'd have to check but if I remember right the same thing happened for the second goal, so while the defence made mistakes (no excuse for Son's tackle), the root cause was in midfield outside their box. That is where responsibility initially lies. Had those errors not been made then players would not have been in the situations they were and would not have had to make the decisions they made.

Yes, decision making at that point wasn't of the standard we need, but we put them in that position by giving away the ball easily with an unforced error.


Friday, 21 April 2017

Costa, Bruma, Zaha - Key stats give a clear winner


The Twitter profile of Ben Fairthorne tell sus he worked for CNN, Base Soccer, The Sun, The Mail, IPC Media, Nuts Magazine and Frank PR. Also that he worked at a football agency with predominately Arsenal and Spurs players.

He has tweeted that Daniel Levy met with the agents of Douglas Costa today and mentions his potential fee as £25.12 million (€30m - AUS$42.87m - US$32.18m). In another Tweet he suggests Spurs only want one of Costa or Zaha and it depends upon how difficult Zaha is to sign and presumably what sort of fee they are going to insist upon.

We'll have our valuation and won't just pay what another club demands, common negotiation in all businesses. We are also interested in Bruma of course at Galatasaray.

Costa is a left-footed left winger, Bruma is a right-footed left winger and Zaha is a right-footed right winger.

Eriksen generally operates from the left, Son can operate on either side, Lamela generally operates on the right. Arguably we need a player for either side.

Douglas Costa (Bayern Munich) - Born: 14 September 1990 (age 26 years)
Bruma (Galatasaray) - Born: 24 October 1994 (age 22 years)
Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) - Born: 10 November 1992 (age 24 years)

Over to the Squawka matrix to see how they compare. First goals and assists.

Given that Bruma and Zaha have played more games and more minutes than Costa in their respective leagues, a look at the same statistics per 90 minutes will give a more accurate assessment.

Zaha comes out bottom for goals but top for assists, while Costa is bottom for assists and Bruma top for goals.

Moving onto pass completion and key passes I'll show them per 90 minutes again but the totals are Costa 30 key passes, Bruma 43 and Zaha 23.

Bruma is tops for pass completion, Zaha is bottom and Costa is top for key passes, Zaha is bottom again. Now let's move on to shooting and accuracy, Costa has taken 35 shots, Bruma 36 shots and Zaha 42 shots, again the graphic will show the per 90 minutes figures.

Costa has the most shots per 90 minutes, Zaha is bottom, Bruma is the most accurate, followed by Zaha with Costa bottom.

The last graphic shows the successful take-ons and chances created per 90 minutes. The totals for chances created are Costa 22, Bruma 49 and Zaha 32.

So Bruma is the most successful taking on an opponent, Zaha is the least successful, Costa creates the most chances per 90 minutes and Zaha creates the least.


Goals: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Assists: 1st Zaha, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Costa
Pass Completion: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Key Passes: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha
Shooting: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha
Accuracy: 1st Bruma, 2nd Zaha, 3rd Costa
Successful take-ons: 1st Bruma, 2nd Costa, 3rd Zaha
Chances Created: 1st Costa, 2nd Bruma, 3rd Zaha

Costa (£25m): 1st 3, 2nd 3, 3rd 2
Bruma (£9m): 1st 4, 2nd 4, 3rd 0
Zaha (£30m): 1st 1, 2nd 1, 3rd 6

Looking at those figures Bruma at £9 million looks a clear winner but which one would you want for the money?

RIP Ugo Ehiogu

Two tactics, 2-0 both times


Dele Alli buried Chelsea last time when we targeted the left-hand side channel between Victor Moses at right-back and César Azpilicueta at right centre-back. Moses is not a natural defender and Spaniard Azpilicueta is only 1.78m (5ft 10in).

The opening graphic above shows our ball movement for the first goal where we dragged players away from Christian Eriksen to give him the chance to cross for Alli to nod home. The second goal was incredibly similar, another Eriksen cross from a similar position to Alli for him to head home again.

Key for both graphics
No. 2 Kyle Walker
No. 3 Danny Rose
No. 4 Toby Alderweireld
No. 5 Jan Vertonghen
No. 10 Harry Kane
No. 12 Victor Wanyama
No. 15 Eric Dier
No. 19 Mousa Dembele
No. 20 Dele Alli
No. 23 Christian Eriksen

In scoring the two goals everyone was involved. We then controlled the game to come out easy winners in the end with Dele Alli being named Man of the Match.

Jose Mourinho simply stopped the supply line to Costa, man marking Hazard and Pedro to which Chelsea had no answers. His speedy forwards, one a winger, then caused the high-line Chelsea defence a lot of problems.

Two tactics that worked against the league leaders, no reason why they won't work again.

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Thauvin for N'Koudou?


RMC Sport is a private French-Monégasque radio station broadcasting from France with studios in Paris and Monte Carlo. They have reported that  Tottenham have renewed our interest in Newcastle United flop Florian Thauvin, now at Olympique de Marseille.

The 24-year-old (25 next January) former French Under-21 winger was the subject of interest from us before he joined Newcastle United (then in the Premier League) on 19 August 2015 when he signed a five-year deal, for a reported fee of £15 million (€17.93m - AUS$25.48m - US$19.19m).

On 31 January 2016, Newcastle United announced Thauvin would return to Olympique de Marseille on loan for the rest of the season. In July last year, Thauvin held talks with Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez and the pair agreed on another season-long loan at the French club. There is a clause in that loan deal that gives Olympique de Marseille the option to make the deal permanent this summer for £9.8 million (€11.71m - AUS$16.64m - US$12.54m).

Pochettinio is reported to have asked the opinion of Marcelo Bielsa, whose style of play has influenced Pochettino tremendously. Bielsa once claimed Thauvin was one of the best players he had ever worked with when he was head coach of Olympique de Marseille.

RMC report Spanish side Valencia and Italian side Inter Milan are both interested in him and they we have spoken to his entourage to sound out the idea of a move back to England. Current Olympique de Marseilles coach Franck Passi would like to keep him but perhaps we have a carrot in Georges-Kevin N'Koudou.

Do we keep him, have we decided he doesn't have the desire to turn potential into ability? If we decide to let him leave then returning him to the Mediterranean coast club in exchange for Thauvin could be an option.

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Kane: "Tottenham is home, simple as that."

The Premier League World Special programme on Tottenham Hotspur aired on Sky Sports 1 had a piece from Harry Kane where he was being interviewed and was asked the question:
Interviewer: "Describe Tottenham" Harry Kane: "Tottenham is home. Simple as that."

His response once again reaffirmed to manchester United and all the other clubs casting envious glances his way that he is where he wants to be, he ain't going nowhere.

A selection of Harry Kane's career Premier League goals, by club:
Stoke City 6 (7 appearances) 
West Bromwich Albion 6 (5 appearances) 
BOURNEMOUTH 6 (3 appearances) 
Arsenal 5 (4 appearances) 
West Ham United 5 (8 appearances)

Also in that 25-minute Premier League programme was Daniel Levy suggesting that you get more out of a home grown player who comes through the academy than you do a bought player, you get more loyalty.

He is exactly right and when the academy players see the likes of Harry Kane and Harry Winks playing in the first team it shows them that if they work hard enough and make themselves good enough they will get the chance to play, despite the fact they are young.

He reminded our plastic fans, those who only see a cheque book, that as a club we simply could not sustain spending tens of millions every transfer season and that we had to find another way to compete while still building the club.

Success doesn't come overnight. If there isn't a culture of success at a club then it has to be nurtured. As you should all know by now, mentality is everything in sport, mentality will take you further than you can otherwise achieve. Are these players more skillful than their predecessors, no, but they do have a far better mentality.

Last night on the Premier League programme there were constant references to mentality and belief in relation to the relegation fight. It was about belief and fear, fear paralyses and causes mistakes, it makes you play within yourself, belief makes you take the chance, be more adventurous and makes you play better, makes your team play better.

Harry Kane didn't have the physical attributes when he was young, but he had a burning desire and it is that desire more than anything else which has taken him to where he is today. It is the same burning desire that Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale possess, it takes a player to another level.

Tim Sherwood was once asked who were the best trainers during the period where he pointed out to Daniel Levy that we had a group of players who were only here for the money, he answered Harry Kane and Andros Townsend

Since 2014/2015 Harry Kane has: 3x PFA Young Player of the Year Nominations 3x PFA Player of the Year Nominations
3x PFA Team of the Year 1x Young Player of the Year Trophy
66 Premier League goals in 96 games

If you haven't seen the Premier League World Special you can watch it here:
Tottenham Hotspur World Special

Trending News Stories from THBN
Apparently, Pochettino gave a 'fiery' response
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