Friday, 17 April 2015

Tottenham wait on Ayew decision

Tottenham had long discussions with is 25-year-old Ghana winger André Ayew in January with a view to a move to the Premier League from his current club, French Lique 1 side Marseilles. Marcelp Bielsa is th coach there and Pochettino is a disciple of his style of play so Ayew should have no trouble fitting into the Tottenham style.

 Andre Ayew transfer

His contract with Marseilles is up at the end of June and Marseilles have made there wage structure clear, they put a cap on it, Ayew would not fit into it with a wage increase, nor would 29-year-old striker Andre Pierre Gignac, who Spurs have also had watched regularly.

It has been suggested in some quarters that Ayew is seeking a move to Liverpool when in fact all he said was he wants to play at Anfield and other grounds having played at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge already. He can of course do that playing for any club and there are plenty interested in him. He has offers on the table and will decide his future at the end of the season, only then will he know which clubs are in which European competitions and what will then be the best deal for his future.

Ayew has 7 goals and 5 assists from 22 Lique 1 games, a goal every 261 minutes, a goal or assist every 152.25 minutes from the left wing. He is left-footed which would suggest for Tottenham Pochettino would look to play him on the right in the same way he does with Erik Lamela and Andros Townsend, neither of which has made the spot their own.

Andre Pierre Gignac, who will be 30 when next season starts, has scored 18 goals and has 2 assists in 32 Lique 1 games and is also available on a free transfer at the end of the season after failing to agree wages with Marseilles. He has played 2,604 minutes so a goal every 145 minutes and a goal or assist every 130.2 minutes.

The French club, currently sitting 4th in the French league behind Lyon, PSG and Monaco, are looking to sign 30 year-old Fernando Llorente as his replacement. Lorente has had a tough time at Juventus scoring only 5 goals and having 1 assist in 1.657 minutes, a similar amount of playing time as Ayew at Marseilles. He is of course another striker we have been linked with whose transfer fee will drop after a poor season and moving into his 30's.

If we are to have any chance of signing either player then European football is a must.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

MLS game means more game time for Yedlin

With DeAndre Yedlin getting his first taste of Premier League football and laying a lovely ball to feet in the box from out wide, I wondered if we would be playing America again this summer, even though we are not touring.

 DeAndre Yedlin Spurs debut

Kyle Walker has continued to misplace passes although not in the dangerous way Vlad Chiriches does so I could see Yedlin quickly jumping ahead of Chiriches in the queue. Attacking wise he is better than the Romanian, even from such a brief appearance that was clear to see, how he is defensively is still an unknown.

There is certainly potential there, potential to put serious pressure on Walker next season. How much game time will he get until the end of the season? Well with my cynical head on it occurred to me that if we were to go to the USA then now is the time to introduce an American player on a regular basis. That would certainly heighten interest in any game we played over there.

Now we have the announcement that Tottenham are to play the MLS All-Stars on July 29th in Colarado. ,ast summer we went to the USA and on the final leg of the tour played at Chicago Fire where we drew a large crowd and had more people watch that game on TV in America than the Arsenal game being played at the same time. Tottenham are popular in the States and Yedlin can only help our profile.

"The fact that this will be our only fixture outside of Europe during pre-season says a lot about how we view this game, We see this fixture against the best players from MLS as good preparation." said Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino when asked about the game.

We now have an end of season high profile game in Australia, a pre-season (for us) high profile game in America which of course we will be receiving fees to plat in so it wouldn't surprise me if we heard of another game later. Sky Sports will be screening the MKA All-Stars game so it will b readily available to fans.

From a marketing point of view it would do no harm to see Yedlin playing, I'd immediately have him as th number two number 2.

Should the Premier League learn from Portugal?

Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Everton, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Napoli, PSG and Wolfsburg were just some of the teams who were at had the Porto verses Bayern Munich Champions League tie last night. As is customary in Portugal Porto released details of the cubs who sent officials to the game to the Portuguese media.

It is a practice I have often thought should be employed in this country indeed European wide. People within the game know who is watching who and who is interested in who as agents talk to each other, players talk and scouts know each other. The only people who are kept in the dark are the general public and it would certainly create stories for the media and this further exposure for the game. Transfer news are the biggest and most read stories in football.

They started when with nothing to talk about during the close season they started writing little transfer news stories. Newspaper sales went up and when the season started and they stopped writing them found that the public still wanted news. Thus we have today year round speculation, it's proven to be what the public want so why not fuel it.

Thr downside I suppose is that with constant speculation a players form could be affected but once something becomes normality then it would cease to have that affect to a great extent. I'd like to see it trialled for a season so it's affect could be judged. It would certainly heighten interest in this rather dull period after clubs have departed Europe and Premier League positions are roughly known.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Profitable football betting and should Rose revert to a winger?

I have to say I'm delighted with the way the football betting is going layely having adopted a new approach, it does require  plenty of research though, Three of the last 4 weekends have been profitable and over January I'm well in front so it's another profitable season for me.

Having coupled that with some horse racing news,used disciplined betting. With the right staking a very tidy second income is at my fingertips. There are not many weeks of the season jeft though and results can be a bit dodgy but I'll continue testing ready for next season.

Rule Number 1 - Do not back Tottenham. I haven't backed any game involving Spurs in 25 years as we always used to lose when i did so I stopped and will not be starting again.

Rule Number 2 - Ignore the League table, only use the home and away tables coupled with recent form when playing home or away.

Rule Number 3 - Look at the goals for and against column when playing home or away, does a team score or concede, are they a one goal a game team thus bringing the likelyhiid if a draw more of a possibility.

Rule Number 3 - Be very selective and don't be greedy. I have found the Betfred Bonus coupon to be very useful for finalising my bets.

The future from a betting point of view looks rosy and Danny Rose is in the news for Tottenham with crazy stories linking him with Manchesterl City.

Why would he contemplate moving to a side where he will almost certainly be sitting on the bench or bot in the squad for a significant amount of time? Man City use home grown players as squad members to fulfill a criteria, just ask Micah Richards and Scott Sinclair. At this stage of his career he doesn't need to. Rose has seen off the challenge of Ben Davies, the summer signing who lacks the pace to be an attacking threat.

The experiment having Rose playing further forward once more was an interesting one. Moving him back to the winger role or wide midfield on the left would save a purchase for a problem position. He looks a more attacking threat than any of our wingers at the moment and has consistently been an attacking threat all season.

The defence needs tightening, although defending is a team game not just the back four. Perhaps favies shouls play left=back with Rose in front so Davies can stay and concentrate on defending, it would mean a slight alteration to the system which sees us using overlapping full-backs to their maximum.

On the other side Yedlin looked a far better bet going forward than Chiriches, who to me looks as though he thinks he has more skill than he has. he does have skill nut lacks the brain to go with it, his decision making needs a lot of work. It will come with experience but that experience needs to come elsewhere.

It's a case of muddle though for the rest of the season and see what teweaks are made during the summer with hopefully some new personnel if we can attract any.

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