Sunday, 28 August 2016

Video: Alli joins the nutmeg show


Last week we had Erik Lamela embarrassing former Tottenham teammate and now Crystal Palace winger Andros Townsend, with a nutmeg that sent him walking in the wrong direction and Danny Rose hands on head aghast in the background.

Dele Alii is not shy of a nutmeg or two and he joined the nutmeg show this season as produced another one to bypass England international Jordan Henderson.

Video: Danny Rose


Mauricio Pochettino spoke of the excellent goalkeeping of Michel Vorm and the confidence Spurs have in him during his post match press conference with supporters and when Danny Rose was interviewed after the game he too praised the performance of Vorm, especially in the first half when he felt the Dutchman saved Spurs from being further behind.

Video: Post Match Analysis


It was a game that the stats said was very even with both sides having 50% of the possession and managing to score one goal each with it.

Liverpool had to rely on a penalty, which as it was given meant Spurs should have have a penalty when Liverpool centre-back Joel Matip didn't just block Janssen, as he is entitled to do, he put both arms around him to hold him back.

Janssen was prevented from getting to the ball illegally and had it occurred anywhere else on the pitch the referee would no doubt have awarded a free kick.

That, as the biased Alan Smith said in commentary was a foul and thus should have been a penalty, which would have given us the chance to go 1-0 up and not have to chase the game. decisions like this change game. Spurs could have been in front, confidence growing and we would not have had to chase the game and take risks, which would have restricted Liverpool to less chances.

The whole complexion of the game would have been different. That was my initial observation anyway, there is no knowing if the outcome would have been different though.

The Sky team gave their version of the events through the eyes of two former Liverpool stalwarts, Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness.

Video: Pochettino Press conference, one stupid question


We had problems with Liverpool's pressing style last season and had trouble again yesterday as they could and perhaps should have easily won the game yesterday.

Walker was ill and only lasted less than half an hour which resulted in us changing our system and Eric Dier being moved out of midfield. This took Dele Alli into an area of the field where perhaps he has less influence at the cutting edge, although some Spurs fans think it is his best position.

We were industrious but created little and were saved by Michel Vorm our much derided number two. Mauricio Pochettino gave his verdict and answered press questions after the game.

One reporter asked about Wilfroied Zaha and Alan Pardew's comments that Spurs have been tapping up his player. Tottenham do things the way every other club does things, the same way as Alan Pardew does things. He specifically asked if Spurs were doing everything in the transfer market in the correct way and not tapping up players. After consultation with an interpreter, the simply reply was of course.

What on earth did the reporter expect Pochettino to say? Why waste valuable time in a press conference with an inane question, he should arrive a little better prepared than that.

Striker turns down Spurs


Tottenham have been scouting a 19 year old striker from Chateauroux, Jean-Philippe Mateta and have offered him a four-year contract.

Under contract until 2018 he scored a hat-trick in the Coupe de la Ligue Second round tie against Le Havre, which they won 5-2. Chateauroux play in the Championnat National and hope to gain promotion to Ligue 2. He has scored 11 goals in 22 national league games and has received Montpellier and Lyon.

His representative, Franck Belhassen, spoke to Foot Mercato and said they had rejected a move to Tottenham.

 “On the one hand there is what Jerome Leroy (advisor to the president of Châteauroux) is saying and on the other hand what we are actually doing. 
"Concerning Tottenham, it is quite clear that the player does not want to go abroad.  He is 19, he does not want to skip steps. Few players have succeeded abroad at such a young age. He is a very reasonable boy and well looked after by his family. 
"He knows what he wants to do. And Tottenham… as a club they probably have other fish to fry with five days left of the window.”

The fact that we have looked to the French third division shows we are scouting everywhere for talent, be it for now or to develop for the future.