Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pochettino is in danger of giving fans high expectations next season

Paul Scholes is developing at a TV pundit from his first performances where he talked to the viewer but was watching the game. Now he has learnt to look at the camera and his thoughts are coming across far better, they are sought in the press as well.

Pochettino is in danger of giving fans high expectations next season

Spurs are a team on the up and thus are in the news, former England international Scholes in his column in the Independent wrote he believes Pochettino is one of the best young coach around and his view agrees with my recent article in which I suggested Ryan Mason should be in the next England senior squad.

"What I like about Pochettino is the way that he looks in control. He is in control of his players, in control of the way that they play. He is confident without being arrogant. 
"Mason has caught my eye a lot this season. He can tackle, he is tactically disciplined and he kicks the ball cleanly with either foot. He gets about the pitch too. I see no reason why Mason should not be in the next senior England squad."

Pochettino has been well reported to be well liked by the players and well liked by young players at his previous clubs. He endears himself with some of his goal celebrations which seem to have developed as he has developed into the role. Alan Hansen famously said you win nothing with kids, yet Pochettino is attempting to turn that on it's head, he has given youth their head and the youth have responded.

They seem to play for him, believing in the hard work ethic and when you have a young group sprinkled with experience who bond the way Hugo Lloris has bonded then they feel anything is possible.

We have to remember for the moment Pochettino has a thin squad of players to choose from, the players he wants that's is. He has plenty he can pick that he doesn't want so maintaining a top four challenge which most supporters felt was beyond him in his first year is quite an achievement, especially given some senior players didn't get behind his methods.

We have a Cup Final nobody expected, improved our form against the major sides and are still in Europe, as expected yes but with greater hope than when we started the campaign, then we didn't have a hope in Europe, now we do. I'm not expecting any great improvement from now until the end of the season, I see improvement happening again when the club have managed to turn around a few players in the summer.

Change is a continual process, as is improvement, we are not going to solve every problem in one window, as many fans seem to expect. Each new player creates different problems, Benjamin Stambouli has taken time to come up to speed with English football for instance, only now is he starting to become someone you can rely on to produce a reasonable standard in the Premier League.

Everyone went over the top with his cameo at Sunderland earlier in the season and he has looked vulnerable on many occasions since then. If however he keeps developing then next season we'll have a better player who improves the squad and who hasn't cost the earth. Fazio took a while to settle, Lamela, it's a common theme it seems, especially with the Pochettino system. Players have to get fitter to play it and then learn positional play at set times as one cog not working messes up the whole team. Everyone must know what their role is at various points throughout the game and act together..

It all takes time to get to that point and then an adjustment period as a player puts it into practice in a game situation but things are looking good for the future. Fans are in grave danger of having high expectations again next season, but Pochettino is showing all the signs of being able to handle the pressure with his seemingly unflappable air.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred

Some fans are pathetic with their petty minded hatred of Tim Sherwood, they show themselves devoid of football knowledge when they take to Twitter.

People should let go of their petty minded Sherwood hatred

It's sad that people have to hang on to hatred and are unable to move on with their lives, almost as if, if they don't have a hatred they don't have a purpose in life.

'Goal scored, camera pans to Tim Sherwood before the scorer, the fans, or the guy who picked the team.'

Well why shouldn't the camera point to Sherwood, he is the news story after all and the media are there to report the news, Is he suggesting that Tim Sherwood ordered the cameras to point to him after a goal? He isn't in control of the cameras.

'BBC showing more shots of Sherwood today than in the entire series of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.'

Again why shouldn't they, it's a news story and he is newsworthy. The BBC want to see his passion and his reactions in a new role. Get over it.

'Sherwood will watch today's game from the stands. I find that a weak start. It's your club now. Get stuck in. Already excuses.'

Have you ever managed a club? Do you know anything about it? Why does Nigel Pearson watch most games from the stands? It is a sensible move as it takes him away from the limelight a little except of course you want to give him attention. I haven't heard him make a single excuse, didn't Aston Villa win? Is he making an excuse for winning?

'Sherwood is basically going to be the new Redknapp - a darling of the media with barely any major achievements to justify the love-in.'

In today's football you generally only win things with money so whether at manager today has won something or not is pretty irrelevant. Redknapp of course has major achievements, he has won two league titles, won a play-off to gain promotion to the Premier League, won the Football League Trophy, the UEFA Intertoto Cup and the FA Cup. He of course alo took Tottenham into the UEFA Champions League, something no other Spurs manager has been able to achieve.

Tim Sherwood developed the youth at Tottenham who are now in the first-team. Nabil Bentaleb was superb against Chelsea and Arsenal and we get performances like that now because of Tim Sherwood, Harry Kane is in the side because of Tim Sherwood introducing him last season. He has also won a league title and a Premier League title, more than most achieve in the game.

Being a darling of the media shows intelligence, they are vital to keep your club name in the media as that brings in sponsors. Does a sponsor want a club nobody talks about or one where the manager is always asked for his opinion by the media, in case you are struggling with the answer, it's the latter.

When you write a newspaper column then that gets quoted all over the media, it doesn't mean the manager is talking to each individual paper. Then there are the reporters ho ask them question because their comments are newsworthy, that's proven by the folk on Twitter whinging, thus the reporter is doing their job. The opinion of people like Sherwood and Redknapp help to sell papers. They know how to use it so good luck to them.

Tim Sherwood was probably the best player development organiser we have had, he has saved this club millions and therefore done a huge amount for the club. As an adult I can wish him well at his new club.

Lloris 99% certain to stay at Tottenham

Regurgitation site clubcall have suggested Spurs face a site to keep hold of Hugo Lloris but in truth they don't have a fight at all.

Lloris 99% certain to stay at Tottenham

They fail to have grasped that Hugo Lloris has no intention of leaving Spurs, fail to grasp that he has found a kindred spirit in the way the game should be played with Mauricio Pochettino, failed to grasp that he can see huge potential at Tottenham.

No they prefer to believe Spurs have put a price on Hugo's head, which is not the case at all, all that has happened is that a reporter dreamt up a figure so the press whenever they have a slow news day can regurgitate the story and quote this fictitious asking price. The gullible and those regurgitation sites fall for this garbage.

Non Spurs fans won't know any better and believe what these fantasists, otherwise known as reporters, write. If it's in a paper it must be true, if that's the case why were they quoting £40 million for Jackson Martinex, which when I revealed he had agreed a new contract for the summer with a release clause of 35 million EUR, their figures suddenly dropped to £27 million? Reporters invent stories, that's their job, just as Sky Sports get a chunk of their news straight off the Internet.

Fortunately there are a few websites around who have a brain and can think for themselves and I applaud each and every one of them, whether I agree with their content or not. I 'd rather read their take on a story than a mainstream reporter.

The assertion that Champions League is the be all and end all for Hugo Lloris and thus he will move to Manchester United is fiction and as for a step down into French football, not even the number one sport in the country, then the wage he would have to be offered would have to be well over £100,000-a-week after tax. Now is not the time to be a footballer in France with their tax laws.

At the moment the chances of Hugo Lloris joining Manchester United in the summer are 1%, the chances of him joining PSG 0% and the chances of him staying at Tottenham are 99%, if what  hear is correct.

Lloris confirms team ethic at Tottenham

Hugo Lloris has spoken to the Tottenham website and confirmed the change in Spurs approach to the game. He cites players like Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen as the example when he answers questions about them.

Lloris confirms team ethic at Tottenham

Northern European football is based on the individual, individual skill, individual brilliance to achieve success thus the game is about gaining the best individuals and trying to fit them together in a system that works, ego's like Emmanuel Adebayor, can however cause problems as everyone wants to be seen as the big fish.

We have recently heard another petulant outburst from ex-Arsenal Sami Nasri about the French national coach, Didier Deschamps and captain Hugo Lloris. he was left out of the World Cup squad amid rumours the players didn't want him which led to a foul mouthed tirade from his girlfriend.

That said as much about him as it did about her. he thinks so little of his country that at 27 he has retired from international football as if being selected is his choice. Anyone who retires from the country demonstrates they are only playing for themselves, a disgusting attitude towards your country, you should be available come what may.

In Southern Europe the emphasis is on the team, not the individual, from an early age players are developed with the team ethic, the team being more important then the individual. By all means be highly talented and develop yourself to the highest standard you can, but do so putting the team first.

Tottenham relied on Gareth Bale heavily to such an extent that we were referred to as a one man team, now there are several, now the team ethic has been introduced and there is a distinct feeling of togetherness, of being all in it together. Manages like Jose Mourinho and before him Sir Alex Ferguson try to create a siege mentality within their club to generate a team cause for individuals to fight for. It's what the Chelsea managers outbursts about a campaign against his side are all for, creating a non existent cause.

Lloris, who is now captaining Spurs and has the same outlook on the game as Mauricio Pochettino is very happy at Spurs and talked about the team ethic when asked about the progress of Harry Kane., a shoe-in for the Premier League Young Player of the Year award

"That’s easy, it’s step by step with Harry, but we don’t know where his limit is. It’s the same as Christian Eriksen, he’s got the talent and he works so hard every day. He works for the team first and then after that, he thinks about himself. That’s very important. 
"There is a great spirit here and you can feel it every day, both on and off the pitch. You feel more comfortable in a game because you know as a team, we are ready to fight and to be aggressive and that starts at the front with talented players like Harry, Christian, Erik Lamela, Nacer and Andros. 
"This is the key of what we want in the team."

While Kane and his team mates were celebrating the winner against Arsenal, the man who supplied the pinpoint cross hadn't run across the field to the corner flag. With steely determination he had turned to his boss and firmly punched hands together with Pochettino, job done was the clear message.

The job is not yet done at Tottenham but the path is clear and Spurs are walking down it with confidence.

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