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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Tottenham Talk - 5 Transfer Stories

Tottenham Talk - 5 Transfer Stories

THBN - Tottenham Transfer Talk

André Gomes

Reports in Spain suggest superstar Lionel Messi want Barcelona to sell 24-year-old (25 in July) midfielder André Gomes and he is frustrated that hasn't happened. It is suggested that Tottenham have backed away from pursuing an interest in him.

Barcelona are thought to be prepared to take a near 50% loss on Gomes, the former Valencia midfielder is available for £19.34 million (€22m). Wolves have been mentioned as a potential suitor and West Ham United were interested in January. A report in Spain suggests Juventus are interested in him.

Barcelona have offered £14.94 million (€17m) + André Gomes to Bayern Munich for Thiago Alcantara, an offer immediately rejected by the Germans. Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu is expected to come back this week with a £19.34 million  (€22m) + Gomes offer. Thiago has already agreed personal terms with the Spanish side.

Juan Foyth and Cameron Carter-Vickers

The Yorkshire post have confirmed my story of last week that Juan Foyth is wanted by Marcelo Bielsa on loan and in addition, they would like Cameron Carter-Vickers too. Bielsa has been confirmed as Leeds United new boss. Should Pochettino work with him with our youngsters, it'll be an interesting one.

Tanguy Ndombélé

Lyon have lodged a bid for 24-year-old (25 next March) Strasbourg defensive midfielder Jean-Eudes Aholou. That could mean that 21-year-old (22 in December) Tottenham target Tanguy Ndombélé could be leaving this summer. Spurs have not spoken to Lyon yet about him despite extensive press speculation.

The trouble is, one reporter takes a guess, throws a couple of figures out there and the rest of the press take that as gospel when it's made up and the world starts taking it as fact. It's why I have no time for what are basically dishonest journalists. If a journalist makes it clear he is giving an opinion then fair enough, that is something different.

João Mário

The Italian press claim Tottenham have scouted 25-year-old (26 next January) Hammers loanee João Mário for months. They are really trying to push our interest in him as they want Mousa Dembélé. According to Corriere dello Sport, Inter have put a price of £28.12 - £30.76 million (€32-35m). 

We have heard so many Inter players linked with us by the Italian press it is becoming ridiculous, we seem to be scouting the whole side according to them.

Spurs New Stadium

The Emirates stadium took 2 years 5 months to build, Wembley took 5 years, the AMEX over 2.5 years and The London Stadium nearly 3 years. The fact Spurs new stadium will host Premier League Football in September 2018 is extraordinary.

Jannik Vestergaard

Italian paper Il Tempo are reporting that Tottenham are interested in signing 25-year-old (26 in August) Danish international and Borussia Mönchengladbach centre-back Jannik Vestergaard. Lazio are reported to be ready to submit a £17.58 million (€20m) bid suggest German paper Bild. Lazio sporting Director Igli Tare was at the Peru Denmark game hoping to cast an eye over him.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Worrying signs when Tunisia scored

Worrying signs when Tunisia scored

Kane scores the winner against Tunisia

Tunisia 1 England 2

An Arsenal fan saying they can't celebrate Harry Kane scoring two goals for England and suggesting everyone has forgotten loyalty. That pathetic attitude demonstrates why England never get anywhere in tournaments.

You have to be one, all pulling in the same direction, all 100% committed. Raheem Sterling not being bothered to turn up on time for a flight to England training demonstrates playing for England simply doesn't mean enough to him and we saw yet another poor performance from him again yesterday.

Your experts in the studio once again talked about mentality and belief being crucial, something I have banged on about for 5 years. Players should be prepared to do whatever it takes, whatever the manager asks them to do, but players like Sterling don't and aren't prepared to.

That is the difference between winning and losing when you come up against decent sides. Being an unlucky loser isn't enough, it isn't unlucky usually anyway, it's a wrong mentality.

At Tottenham Maurisio Pochettino has created the right atmosphere, the right environment, where everyone is happy, enjoying themselves, where everything is taken care of for them so they can just concentrate on improving themselves and working together as a team.

I am no fan of Gareth Southgate, but he appears to be taking what Pochettino has done at Spurs and be mirroring it almost. The atmosphere is apparently different and happier than previous squads.

Improving is about looking at what you could have done better, even when you win. I used to talk about clinical finishing when we were 2-0, 3-0 up. Clinical finishing isn't something you can just turn on and off.

England were not clinical. You learn to be clinical by finishing when you are 2-0, 3-0 up,you are training yourself to take chances, not having the attitude it doesn' matter if I score or not as we are winning, it does, it is vital for when the score is 0-0 or 1-0 or you are behind, critical that you are trained to be clinical when that chance arrives.

Kane scored with his first ever touch in a World Cup Finals, is he the first player ever to do that? He rescued us at the end when we were bereft of ideas. We scored and were coasting, then a silly penalty and we were suddenly fearful, the confidence was gone.

We struggled to create space, we didn't use the channels well in the second half, we didn't build from the back very well. Walker is not a centre-back, we can't use his pace there, did he make any runs at all, I can't remember one. He was our most defensive player.

KEY: 1. Pickford 2. Walker 5 Stones 6 Maguire 8 Henderson 18 Young 12 Trippier 20 Alli 7 (under 9) Lingard 9 Kane 10 Sterling

He played balls too early and gave away possession. It was only whn he drifted into midfield that he picked out a decent pass in behind the full-back for the best player on the pitch, Kieran Trippier.

Walker should have been playing the ball into midfield and the midfielders trying to pick the pass behind the defence to open them up, or travel into midfield with the ball, but would Jordan Henderson have covered?

With only one defensive midfielder he was dragged wide even with Walker there in the second half and the centre was empty. Do that against quality opposition and you are in trouble. Again in the second half, with pressure on Henderson was playing sideways balls that gave the receiver no options.

He was passing for the sake of passing, where he had time to turn and look forward. Part of his role is to play the ball quickly to beat the first line of Tunisian players, giving us time and space between the lines, but that rarely happened. So much more is needed playing that role. he needs to step up a gear if he is to continue there

As soon as we had a bit of pressure we went into our shell and played slow ponderous football, the team, not just Henderson, were passing the ball for the sake of passing. the three behind Kane are there to play the final pass, as well as combine to create or get into scoring positions.

In the first half, 67 of the 93 passes in the final third were successful (72%), in the second half 28 of 43 were successful (65%). A stark difference. Whoscored stats say we had 2 through balls and 62 long balls. We needed through balls from the players immediately behind Kane through the defence. Allof our chances in the second half were from corners.

The final ball was not there, did Sterling take on anyone with his pace or did he just stop and wait, negative instead of positive, he didn't really try to make anything happen. More will be needed from these three and Jesse Lingard can't be missing sitters like he did at this level.

He called for Rashford to leave the ball when he was marked and Rashford had a free shot so you have to question his decision making. Rashford should have been selfish and shot himself.

We had no shots from the left channel at all in 90 minutes. Only 22% of our shots were from outside the area, which suggests we need to shoot more often when around the box. Statistics will tell you the more shots you have the more goals you score.

You have to draw a packed defence out to create space between the lines or go round them on the outside. Playing a right-footed player on the left side stops that so we were playing into their hands in that respect and better teams will appreciate us cutting off an angle of attack in such a way.

If we have that fear against a stronger opposition we'll not create much and we'll be relying on Kane, who Liam Brady says doesn't create chances on his own, to rescue us again.

Overall it was a decent enough performance, we got the win, but there is still plenty to work on. As I said prior to the competition, it is difficult to change the system and expect players to know how to operate it together when the pressure is on.

They will by default do the basics, stay in their shell and pass the buck to someone else. In such circumstances, you are relying on an individual to produce something special like Dries Mertens did for Belgium to open the gates.

We got the start we needed, plenty to work on though.



World Cup Takeaways

World Cup Takeaways


A few games in the World Cup 2018 have been played now and the initial group games are almost completed. Here are a few takeaways from those games.

Toni Kroos

Mexico stopped the German engine, Toni Kroos from playing football, he was only able to complete 13 passes in the Mexico half. It shows that a destructive or negative tactic can have a positive effect.

It isn't something fans watching the game would take much notice of, but it had a significant impact on the game, arguably decided it. His marker was arguably the player of the game, although he went unnoticed.

Marcelo Brozović

Tottenham have been linked with 25-year-old (26 in September) Marcelo Brozović, the Inter Milan and Croatian international midfielder. Stats from the recent Croatia vs Nigeria game.

Croatia before the entry of Brozović (60 mins): 37 passes completed in the last 30 metres (59% success).
With Brozović (34 mins): 37 passes completed in the last 30 metres (71% success).

France Problems

France had problems taking the ball into danger areas.
Completed passes to last 30 metres for France: 
Pavard + Lucas + Varane: 22 passes
Tolisso + Pogba + Kante: 21 passes
First 10 minutes: 4 shots 
From 10 minutes to 45 minutes: 1 shot

Like many games, there has been a lack of quality in the final third at this World Cup with many games being played in midfield.

Spain Problem

Spain struggled to win the ball back.
Spain allowed a 73% pass success rate to the last 30 metres against Portugal and ended the game with only 23 recoveries of the ball in their own half of the field. That gives the opposition confidence that they will get plenty of ball in the Spanish half and an opportunity to make something of it.

Spurs U-21 invited to play in the Checkatrade Trophy

Spurs U-21 invited to play in the Checkatrade Trophy

Spurs U-21's invited to play in the Checkatrade Trophy

Checkatrade Trophy

The Tottenham Under-21side will play in the 2018/19 Checkatrade Trophy.

The competition pits the country’s leading Category One Academies against the 48 League One and League Two teams.

The 16 Under-21 teams invited to take part in the 2018/19 Checkatrade Trophy are:

Tottenham Hotspur
Newcastle United
Brighton & Hove Albion 
Stoke City 
Swansea City 
Leicester City 
Manchester City 
West Ham United 
West Bromwich Albion

The Round One Group Stage draw is set to take place in July. The first round of fixtures is scheduled to take place week commencing Monday 3 September.

Personally, I am all for the competition as it gives youngsters cocooned in the almost non-tackling Development games in Premier 2.

Lincoln won the trophy last season and earned themselves £500,000 on the way, a significant amount for a lower league football club.



Jiangsu Suning for Dembélé, Italians linked

Jiangsu Suning for Dembélé, Italians linked

THBN Transfer Talk

Mousa Dembélé

THBN understands Jiangsu Suning are in for Dembélé

Mousa Dembélé has been offered a big salary by Chinese Super League side Jiangsu Suning while Inter Milan have offered him a 2-year contract, obviously on much lower wages. Reports from Italy suggest that he is more interested in the Inter proposal then the proposals made to him by fellow Italian clubs Juventus and Napoli.

I understand that there are in fact two offers from China. One is from Jiangsu Suning and if you consider this is the penultimate or the final contract on his career, then a payday in China would seem the favourite move. That will also see our £26.3 million (€30m) transfer fee met.

The Belgian international still has to make a final decision and national team manager Roberto Martinez has asked that all transfer plans be shelved until after the World Cup.

Dembélé is a sought-after midfielder and has an offer from South America too, but Jiangsu Suning seem to be the favourites to sign him.

Italians Linked Again

Mediaset Premium suggest Tottenham are considering making a move for 27-year-old (28 in October) Atlanta centre-back Rafael Toloi.

That was a couple of days ago and because of his age smacked of fake news. Today they suggest 29-year-old (30 in September) versatile Inter defender Danilo D’Ambrosio is a target for Tottenham Hotspur. The Italian has a contract until 2021.

His age once again tells us that this is probably fake news too and the fact they are so close together and this is yet another Inter player we are linked to, suggests this outlet is not one to trust.

Other Italian sources are suggesting that Tottenham are the team taking most interest in 25-year-old (26 next January) former French Under-21 central midfielder Abdoulaye Doucouré, currently plying his trade with Watford, where he has a contract until 2020.

Jack Grealish

Aston Villa want £50 million for 22-year-old (23 in September) Jack Grealish because he has potential, but nobody is going to pay £50m for a Championship player and reports today suggest Tottenham are going to wait until after the end of the month to put further financial pressure on the Midlands club.

They are set to pay their employees their wages on 29 June. be that true or not, it's a good angle to produce a story when nothing is happening. ITK, which has been accurate so far, suggest he is coming to Tottenham and join his mate Dele Alli.

If anyone is going to get him into the England team it will be Mauricio Pochettino.



Monday, 18 June 2018

Do England stats show we have a better chance than we think?

Do England stats show we have a better chance than we think?


League Shot Rates Per Goal (excluding penalties)

England's strikers sit 5th in the table of the number of shots it takes to score a goal, based on league games during 2017/18. Belgiumsit 7th and Belgium 8th.

Do England have a better chance than we think? 

We still have to create the chances, something we struggled with during qualification, despite the relatively easy opposition. 

Despite their slow start, have Uruguay have been underrated and the Germans overrated?

Are Belgium not as good as people think?

1. 🇺🇾 - 4.54 (Suárez, Cavani, Stuani, Maxi) 2. 🇧🇷 - 5.31 (Gabriel, Neymar, Firmino) 3. 🇫🇷 - 5.35 (Griezmann, Giroud, Mbappé) 4. 🇪🇦 - 5.45 (Aspas, Rodrigo, Costa)
5. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 - 5.79 (Kane, Vardy, Welbeck) 6. 🇦🇷 - 5.98 (Messi, Aguero, Higuain) 7. 🇧🇪 - 6.21 (Mertens, Lukaku, Batshuayi) 8. 🇩🇪 - 6.89 (Warner, Gómez, Müller) 9. 🇵🇹 - 9.00 (Ronaldo, Silva, Guedes)



Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach shows Pochettino the way

Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio, showed Mauricio Pochettino the way forward for Tottenham yesterday.

Mexico put it an excellent display against Germany and were giving them all sorts of problems on the counter-attack. The fully deserved their 1-0 victory.

Their manager believes in Sports Science and particularly in sports psychology and positive thinking. He is interested in what goes on in a players brain and has his players playing without fear. he uses it as part of his training and has his players watch documentaries.

It will have played a significant part in Mexico's first ever win over the Germans. Let's not forget the tactic though that limited Toni Kroos to only 13 completed passes in the attacking half of the field.

It for me is another example of why we at Spurs MUST embrace psychologists and there are specialist sports psychologists. It is an up-tapped sphere when it comes to football, it's used by other sports and top athletes and is an edge we should gain, particularly as we develop youngsters.

Being the leading exponents any youngster with the ambition to be the next Ronaldo or Bale (that is what a winning mentality is, not just winning football games) would want to come to Spurs then.

That would mean cheaper deals for the club, we wouldn't have to throw money at players as we'd be giving them something far more valuable and a supply of the very best talent. It would be cheap to set up, but the benefits absolutely enormous. It's a no-brainer quite frankly.

Mexico showed how to play when you have won the ball back, they went straight for goal and quickly, too often we will win the ball back and look around wondering what to do with it. We end up playing sideways and basically starting from scratch, slowly, allowing the opposition to get back.

What a threat we would be if we attacked with the pace they attack, but with a better choice of pass we would get from Christian Eriksen. Our system is about evolving and this is an element that could make us deadly and feared.

Will we see it next season?



Ndombélé and early transfer problems

Ndombélé and transfer problems

THBN-Ndombélé and early transfer problems

Transfer Talk - Tanguy Ndombélé

L'Equipe report that Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon) have changed their minds and are now going to exercise their option to buy central midfielder Tanguy Ndombélé permanently from Amiens, from whom they had him on loan this season.

They go on to say that Tottenham Hotspur are the only club to have shown an interest in the 21-year-old (22 in December), despite the fact he has been tracked by clubs across Europe. He had a stand-out season which alerted us but if this report is true then we'll have to look elsewhere.

Having said that Real Madrid exercised their buyback option and bought Alvaro Morata back from Juventus. They then promptly sold him to Chelsea in the same window. Lyon could buy Ndombélé therefore and sell him to us for a profit. Unlikely, but it is an option if we want him that much.

Spurs need to buy a couple of central midfielders and if Grealish is to be a homegrown option for the club, that still leaves another to be signed.

Will it be Barrios or are we also making moves for another?

My information is that a deal IS in place to sign Barrios if we choose to exercise it. Whether he is our first choice or not I do not know. It is possible he is a fall back option, he could be our number one target. Spurs play their cards very close to their chest these days.

Transfer Problems

We certainly have plenty of irons in the fire, you have to. Signing a player is about knowing who is available, who is proposing to move where and why, it's about dismissing those players you'd like to get but have made up their minds to go elsewhere and looking at the financial package the club wants, including how they want the money paid, and what the players financial package is and how they want that paid.

There are a hundred and one reasons a player does not sign for a club, it isn't simply because not enough money was thrown at them. The primary reason today is UEFA Champions League football, it is easier to acquire it in Germany, France, Spain and Italy than it is via the Premier League, thus clubs like Roma, Monaco or Borussia Dortmund can have a greater pull than the Premier League where competition is between 6 sides.

It's a constant battle which doesn't make signing a player easy, especially if they want to wait and see if an easier option comes up during a window.

Tottenham also have to keep in mind future UEFA rules, they are planning to limit the number of over 21 players in a squad to 25 plus introducing a cap on the amount of losses you can make on transfer dealings to £90 million.

Under current Financial Fair Play rules, clubs are only allowed to lose £26 million when wages, transfer fees and income are balanced over a three-year period.

Investments on stadiums, training facilities, youth development and women’s football are discounted from costs at the moment, but under the new regulations that would end and apply only to transfer spending each season.

Then there is the homegrown issue, you can only have 17 players in a 25 man Premier League squad who are not homegrown players. If you have more, you can not name them to the Premier League and they can not play, unless they fall into the Under-21 category.

Signing a player is a juggling act, you can't just say we want him and him, you may have to sell non-homegrown players first before you can bring any more in and that delays incomings before you have sorted outgoings, hence transfers later in the window than the beginning. We are in that situation now.



Stats put Dier way ahead of Henderson

Stats Put Eric Dier Way Ahead of Jordan Henderson

Spurs' Eric Dier better overall stats then Liverpool's Jordan Henderson

There is a debate, mainly between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool fans as to who should play the defensive midfield role for England at the World Cup in Russia this summer.

I have taken a look at the Premier League statistics for the two players, Eric Dier (Spurs) and Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) and they were very revealing.

There is far more between the two players than you would realise and quite frankly, Eric Dier wins hands down. Not only is he better defensively, he passes forward more often than Henderson too.

Dier beats the Liverpool captain in most aspects of the game.

See for yourself.

Eric Dier vs Jordan Henderson

Eric Dier
Played 34
Minutes Played 2,670

Jordan Henderson
Played 27
Minutes Played 2,095

Eric Dier
Passes 2,078
Forward Passes 1,504 (72%)
Backward Passes 571 (27%)
Pass Completion 86%
Key Passes 13

Jordan Henderson
Passes 1,720
Forward Passes 1,115 (65%)
Backward Passes 597 (35%)
Pass Completion 84%
Key Passes 19

Eric Dier
Tackles Won 41 (43%)
Tackles Lost 55
Successful Take Ons 86%
Aerial Duels Won 57%
Total Duels Won 50%
Fouls Committed 21 (1 every 127 minutes)

Eric Dier
Interceptions 46
Blocks 9
Clearances 88
Jordan Henderson
Interceptions 26
Blocks 2
Clearances 23
Jordan Henderson
Tackles Won 30 (32%)
Tackles Lost 64
Successful Take Ons 53%
Aerial Duels Won 69%
Total Duels Won 42%
Fouls Committed 21 (1 every 95 minutes)

Eric Dier

Assists 2
Chances Created 15
Total Shots 29
Shot Accuracy 32%

Jordan Henderson
Assists 1
Chances Created 20
Total Shots 13
Shot Accuracy 33%

Clearly, it should be Dier who plays with Henderson as his understudy. Guess that's why the captaincy was a choice between Harry Kane and Eric Dier.



Sunday, 17 June 2018

Spurs linked but looks like Fake News

Spurs linked but looks like Fake News

THBN Transfer Talk

Transfer Talk - Rafael Toloi

THBN -Looks like a Fake News story involving Rafael-Toloi

Mediaset Premium suggest Tottenham are considering making a move for 27-year-old (28 in October) Atlanta centre-back Rafael Toloi.

His age suggests this is a fake news story, I do not see us buying a non-home grown player of this age as a centre-back, which suggests our name in being used to either generate interest in the Brazilian or to get him a better contract.

Transfer Talk - Vincent Janssen

Fenerbahçe want Vincent Janssen back on loan

Turkish club Fenerbahçe have offered £2.19 million (€2.5m) to take Tottenham forward Vincent Janssen on loan for another season, an offer we have rejected. They payed the same last summer and wanted to send him back when he broke his leg, but we were having none of it.

Transfer Talk - Christian Eriksen wanted by Barcelona

Barcelona targets for central midfield vacancy

Five possible contenders for the central midfield vacancy at Barcelona. All the press in Spain are suggesting that Christian Eriksen would be impossible to sign because of the fee that Daniel Levy would demand, but he is the one they all seem to think would be best for Barcelona, as did their fan poll. The Dane came out number one choice.

Frenkie de Jong (AFC Ajax)
Thiago Alcantara (Bayern München)
Miralem Pjanic (Juventus FC)
Adrien Rabiot (Paris Saint Germain)
Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur)

Transfer Talk - Matias Vecino

THBN - Vecino doesn't look like a genuine Tottenham target

The Italian press are continually linking Inter Milan players with Tottenham, it seems to happen every window and we seem to have been offered or are interested in, every player they have. Most of these stories therefore must be fake. A common theme is that when a player can't get in the side or is perceived to be not wanted by their coach, he gets linked to us.

The latest in this long line is 26-year-old (27 in August) midfielder Matias Vecino who Tuttosport suggest we are keen on, together with Everton. The Uruguayan is at the World Cup and is valued at around £26.26 million (€30m).

I do not see this one as having any legs, he is of the wrong age again. Turning 27 as the season starts doesn't give us many seasons before the central midfielder turns 30 and his resale value isn't going to shoot up.

We prefer continuity, had he been a couple of years younger then he might have been a more viable proposition. We do not want to be buying a player to replace Mousa Dembélé, only to have to replace him again in a couple of years.




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