Friday, 4 September 2015

Luka Modric helping Police with their inquiries

The Croatian midfielder has now been questioned by Police investigating tax evasion allegations report the Jutarnji daily newspaper.

It relates to his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur from Dynamo Zagreb in 2009 and his testimony, given on Sunday, was considered key to obtaining convictions.  It is the officials of the Croatian side that under the greatest suspicion, not just for tax evasion but for bribery as well. The suspicion is that the then Dynamo Zagreb executive director Zdravko Mamić pocketed £7.18-million from the deal.

Police also wished to question Dejan Lovren who left the club for French side Lyon in 2010 before moving on to Southampton and Liverpool.

Zdravko, his younger brother Zoran, the Croatian champions' coach, along with Croatian Football Federation director, Damir Vrbanovic and a tax inspector are suspected by the national anti-corruption bureau of giving and receiving bribes, tax evasion and other offences since 2008. The four were arrested in July and bailed and According to a number of television stations, police yesterday removed documents from the houses of Mamic, Zoran, and Vrbanovic.

The alleged offences are said to have cost the club and the government a total of £12.85-million, the charges have all been denied, but Mamić who is a leading figure in Croatian football has had previous brushes with the courts.

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Alderweireld and a touch of variety

An international break gives us the chance to take in other aspects of football that may not always grb our attention and ever on the lookout for variety, I have links for you today to a couple of other forms of the beautiful game.

We'll kick-off though with an interview to the Belgian media by Toby Alderweireld which was reported by Sport Planet.

Walking Football is getting a lot of publicity at the moment as a way to combat isolation issues and get the less mobile playing sport. So many people enjoy sport tht it is a good vehicle to use to reach parts of the community that you would not normallt be able to reach. Drawing people out of isolation is not an easy task, especially if there are self esteem isssues involved as well.

Harry Kane, Alan Shearer, Fabrice Muamba and Geoff Hurst all had a game which left me wondering did they celebrate scoring a goal in the same style they would running football? The article tells of a huge rise in teams playing the game up and down the country, you could say it's really up and running.
Walking Football

Walking football leads me on to another branch of the game you may not know about, Homeless Football. The 13th annual Homeless World Cup takes place in Amsterdam, Holland this year between 12th and 19th September with 49 nations competiting. Chile, Brazil, Scotland and Italy have won the tournament twice, with Chila also coming runner-up once.

Russia, Austria, Ukraine and Afghanistan have won it once each with Russia and Austria also finishing runners-ip once. England made the final in 2003 when Austria were the victors 2-1.
Homeless World Cup 2015

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Fatigue is a factor for Kane

Harry Kane didn't get on the scoresheet against Everton at the weekend, indeed he hasn't got on the scoresheet yet this season, which some are amazingly calling a drought.

Fatigue is a factor for Kane

They were asking questions after two games, it's quite bizarre how the media complain when there isn't instant success, but profess that football chairman shouldn't sack managers who don't provide instant success. Make you mind up.

Every striker in the history of the game goes games without scoring, but the press are making a big issue out of it as if it's a huge problem, it isn't. However, talking about it as if it is creates it's own pressure and causes it's own problems, not that the media would admit to ever having played a part in a players demise, and I'm thinking Paul Robinson here.

A top goalkeeper he was crucified by the press constantly because a ball bounced off a divot over his foot, to be honest, it was one of those things, it happens once a career, it doesn't suddenly make a goalkeeper useless. The press destroyed him, destroyed his confidence and quite frankly ruined his career.

Harry Kane hasn't scored in the four games this season, so what, on Match of the Day they produced the stat he had only scored two in 11 since his England debut, they want to find an angle to make a mountain out of a molehill.

No player can play constantly, they need periods of rest. Tottenham players were involved in tournaments over the summer and I wrote back in May that we would be missing six of them for the start of the season, Harry Kane, Erik Lamela, Tom Carroll, Alex Pritchard, DeAndre Yedlin and the sixth Eric Dier wasn't selected for the European Under-21 Championships in the end.

6 Spurs players to miss the start of next season

Yedlin is on loan at Sunderland, Pritchard has been injured, Carroll isn't a starter, Lamela didn't look fit and Kan looked tired. It was essential these players had time off and their pre-season would have been started later than everyone else. While a player's fitness doesn't change too much a break still makes a difference, the batteries need re-charging and perhaps not enough attention has been paid to Kane's predicament. It certainly seems with hindsight that the point the article was making has been borne out.

He has had to play, in my view, without sufficient summer rest and we are seeing a slow start to the season as a result. The players have been building their fitness during games and while I don't see goalscoring as a problem for Kane I do see fatigue as being an issue later in the season, he is going to have to be carefully managed and kept away from the UEFA Europa League.

Yoy can see his individual performance against Everton in the video below.

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Ade, Alli & is Wanyama any better than Dier?

A quick roundup of news and a question about Eric Dier in his new role, how does he compare to Victor Wanyama?

Emmanuel Adebayor has gone AWOL yet again, not bothering to turn up for the Togo squad and as usual not bothering to tell anyone. He won't be playing much football between now and January, he'll play none for Spurs. He is not in the Premier Lague squad so it would be against the rules to pick him and he has not been declared for the UEFA Europa League either so he can't play in that.

If he thought the club were bluffing when they said he wouldn't be in the squad he has now found out they weren't. Still it's only football and he isn't interested in playing that, only flaunting his wealth that he tries to claim he is earning for his charitable causes. he next wage should be about half what he is on now with any luck.

Eric Dier has started the season well as a defensive midfielder and Dele Alli has startled a few people with just how good he is. Both start for the England Under-21 side against the USA Under-23 side tonight. Pochettino took one look at Alli playing for MK Dons last year in the hammering of Manchester United in the League Cup and insisted that he be bought as soon as possible. It was felt he will be going right to the top of the game and we hope that is the case. He has been tremendous in training, raising quite a few eyebrows and has already scored his first goal for us, what should have been the winner against Leicester City.

Tottenham tried to buy Victor Wanyama who was not for sale and is rumoured to have said he wants to leave. I have also read that he is refusing a new 5-yar contract and intends to run his current one down, no doubt just speculation from a journalist and as he was nowhere near the top of our list it does rather beg the question, what can he provide Spurs that Eric Dier can't?

Is there much of a difference between the two, even though Dier has only been playing the role 5 minutes? Physically maybe, aerial ability no, vision no, tackling arguably, reading of the game, probably too early to tell, distribution definitely not, goalscoring potential no. With further games and further development will he catch Wanyama up and overtake him, indeed is he far behind?

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VIDEO - ITK by Spurred On

Barnaby who runs the Spurs fan channel 'Spurred On' on YouTube has kindly sent me a video which he has asked me to bring to a wider audience and I'm happy to oblige. With the international break it can be a tedious time if you have no players involved from your club, fortunately we do.

Myself I have always followed England and watch the internationals, I want my country t do well, it's good for the game, there is too much club over country around. With Harry Kane and Ryan Mason selected, plus players at Under-21 level and below there is Tottenham interest to focus upon.

It seems an ideal time, what with the Berahino saga and the transfer window closed to bring you some light relief.

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