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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Spurs Focusing On The Process, Not The Outcome

Spurs Focusing On The Process, Not The Outcome


Spurs are focusing on the process, not the outcome. What does that mean, well let's look at people's lives.

People feel anxiety because they are focusing on a specific outcome, if you focus on a process you take the anxiety away, which enables you to perform better or lead a happier, more successful life.

You feel anxiety about asking out a guy or a girl because you focus on the outcome of the question. That creates tension, you aren't relaxed and you are not seen at your best. People who complaining a lot are projecting the problems in their own lives onto other people, it's a defensive deflection action. These people don't get anywhere, all talk but no action, at least no successful action, action is often in the wrong areas for these people.

Tottenham are in a process, fans want specific outcomes and are unhappy when they don't get them. They complain, which is a problem they have in their lives that they are projecting onto Spurs. The fans who see the improvement at Spurs as a process are happy,

We appreciate that trophies will come, but we have to go through the process of learning how to win them. The Spurs aim is to compete at the very top, to compete for Champions League titles as well as Premier League titles and Cups.

To get there is a process, it takes money, thus the club has to be built financially. That process is well under way and the opening of the new stadium will take us a step closer, but it is an ongoing process, there is no end, just a continuum.

To win many trophies is a process, we have to build and put ourselves in a position to compete, which we are doing, so we are getting closer. Trophies will arrive as a matter of course, a matter of the process. If the players grasp that, then fear is dissipated and trophies become much easier to lift.

Both Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino understand the process concept, the calmness comes from understanding that and thus frantic supporters aren't an issue because both understand those people are looking at the wrong picture.

Getting behind the side in that process are what the true supporter should be doing, as that relieves pressure, that helps in a small way, the team to continue to progress. The less external pressure the better thus the greater the support the better the team will perform.



Transfer Talk - The Mousa Dembele Replacement

Transfer Talk - The Mousa Dembele Replacement

Transfer-Talk - The-Mousa-Dembele-Replacement
Transfer Talk - Wilmar Barrios - A possible Mousa Dembele replacement

In Transfer Talk - The Mousa Dembele Replacement we look at Wilmar Barrios

Regular Tottenham Hotspur Blog News (THBN) readers will know I promote Spurs looking for gems in the South African market before they become expensive in Europe. It may be there that we look to find a Mousa Dembele replacement, although you can see from the shortlist below there are many options for the position. How many of these will we be linked with?

Davinson Sanchez, Juan Foyth, Erik Lamela. are in the ranks and The Sun are suggesting Spurs are looking at 24-year-old (25 in October) Boca Juniors defensive midfielder Wilmar Barrios, presumably to replace Mousa Dembele, who wants a final pay day and long contract.

ITK suggests that Dembele is unlikely to remain fit for the length of contract he is asking for, but it is believed he fully understands we can not offer what he wants. He is thus is looking to China to wind down his career while he can still command a high wage.

Finding a replacement for him is a priority so you can expect us to be linked with quite a few midfield players.

Wilmar Barrios Video

Wilmar Barrios is a 5'8" (1.78m) Colombian international, he has 8 full international caps, that we have no doubt asked Davinson Sanchez about. He joined Argentine Primera Division side Club Atlético Boca Juniors, who are based in La Boca neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, on 25 August 2016 for £1.63 million ($2.2m - €2.26), Transfermarkt now value him at £7 million ($9.43m - €8m).

He was a prospect brought in by Boca president Daniel Angeliciafter being recommended by club icon Mauricio “Chicho” Serna from his hometown club, Deportes Tolima, based in Cartegena, Colombia.

After his Boca Juniors debut, Serna, who was watching from the stands said: “He is in great form, he is made to wear the Boca colours. For a rival to pass him they will have to prance around him twice.”

The Colombian Kante is under contract until 2020 and he certainly shows some Dembele like qualities in the video above. He has been named in Colombia's provision 35 man squad for the World Cup in Russia this summer and has picked up the Coppa Colombia in 2014 and the Argentinian Primera Division title in 2016/17.

Spanish LaLiga side Real Betis are keen to push for a European place next season and boss Quique Setien Boca has sent scouts to see him play.

Spanish news outlet Estadio Deportivo report that Real Betis are willing to pay anything up to £14.88 million ($20.04m - €17m) for his services, a valuation that could well increase after the World Cup. This is probably where the Sun's estimate of £25 million ($33.68m - €28.56m) comes from.

One stumbling block for us is that Boca Juniors officials are trying to get him to sign a new and improved contract to remain at the club. Barrios is aware of European interest in him and the Argentinian club want to place a £22.27 million ($30m - €25.44m) release clause in his contract, although other reports suggest they want to insert a clause of at least £14.85 million ($20m - €16.96m). That is not in place at the moment.

Mauricio Pochettino dispatched a scout to watch Colombia play Australia at Craven Cottage. Barrios stood out. Both Real Betis and Spurs have enquired about him to establish the sort of figures Boca are talking about.

Reports in Argentina suggest Boca appreciate that they can not compete with offers from Europe and they would be willing to accept an offer, but that he could only leave at the end of the year, South American contracts and season run differently to those in Europe. The club have targeted the Copa Libertadores and don't want to lose Barrios while they are still in the competition.

Barriose is central to any Boca Juniors hopes, but he looks just the type of player who would be a big hit for us in the centre of our midfield. This is a connection to take seriously


David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman


Saturday, 19 May 2018

David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

David Moyes Needs A Daniel Levy Type Chairman

I see many Tweets like this and it reminds me that David Moyes did unquestionably a good job at Everton. What he needs is a club with a long-term plan, a club that will allow him to build it into a mid-table Premier League side and take it from there. That may well be a 10-year plan if it is a club coming from the Championship.

He has shown he can build a side with a limited budget so a brave chairman needs to appoint him and let him know he is going to be there for 5-years, if the club are heading in the right direction, and that may mean going backwards before they can go forward.

Daniel Levy had a vision and has built Tottenham into a top 4 side while our rivals when he joined us are nowhere to be seen, some are not even in the Premier League anymore. West Ham have made a mess of their move which puts into perspective the job Daniel levy has done.

A manager like David Moyes needs a chairman with the vision and determination of Daniel Levy because we have seen that he is going to struggle with short term, must have an immediate impact now, type appointments. The trouble is,financially, the Premier League is the be all and end all of football in this country.

Much derided, but his stint at Everton shows in the right circumstances with the right chairman, he can do a decent job.



Friday, 18 May 2018

Kane signs a new deal

Harry Kane Signs A New Deal

Harry Kane Signs For Hugo Boss

Harry Kane has signed a new deal, not at Tottenham but with top fashion house Hugo Boss in the lead up to the 2018 World Cup.

The Spurs and England striker linked up with Brazil and Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho, German and PSG winger Julian Draxler and Spanish and Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata to launch the Hugo Boss Parfum Soccer Campaign.

Source: The Sun

Spurs Tried To Sign Patrick Kluivert

Justin Kluivert: ”I’m not renewing my contract at Ajax. The decreasing morale, lack of confidence and trying to sell me to Tottenham without me knowing. I heard about that at the last minute.”

Another young striker we tried to sign last summer without success. He decided he didn't want to join Tottenham and as his comments show, it was nothing to do with the package that was offered to him. Spurs asked to include him in the Sanchez deal and Ajax were open to the discussion, but alas, it was not to be.

Some agenda driven fans were blaming Levy not offering enough, Kluivert shows these opinions were not based on fact and were flatly wrong.


Tottenham Very Close To Barcelona Signing


Tottenham very close to Barcelona signing

Tottenham are very close to signing Barcelona youth player Riqui Puig

Tottenham are very close to signing Barcelona youth starlet Riqui Puig

Tottenham are very close to Barcelona Signing

Tottenham are very close to a Barcelona signing. Riqui Puig is a star of the renown Masia, the youth Academy of FC Barcelona and has not yet accepted the renewal offer made to him.

Mauricio Pochettino is a huge fan and Spurs have been in contact with his advisers over  move to Spurs. He has multiple offers, including one to play for Barcelona B, but a report in Spain suggests he is tempted by the Tottenham project.

After playing a spectacular Youth League season and debuting with Barça B,18-year-old (19 in August) central midfielder Riqui Puig has captured the attention of the best teams in Europe. Of all of them, the one that has had more advanced talks is Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur.

Mauricio Pochettino is a big fan

Manager Pochettino, who is said to be 'in love' with the Matadapera boy's game, and Spurs have tried to convince him to join what the Spanish media call a very attractive sports project. Contacts are at an advanced stage, although a final decision has not been made yet.

At Barça they are aware that Riqui has many offers and that he has many doubts about signing his renewal with the Spanish champions. For this reason, his presence in Barça B has been reduced and he only plays with the Juvenile A Copa del Rey. The same goes for most of his colleagues who have not renewed contracts either.

His future will be decided in the next few days. The offers are already on the table and he just needs to make a final decision.

Sport ES suggest Riqui Puig could well be playing in the Premier League next season wearing the Tottenham shirt.



Thursday, 10 May 2018

Spurs Transfer Stories


A few transfer stories, Reo Griffiths staying, Ryan Sessegnon, Matthijs de Ligt, Hakim Ziyech and David Pleat scouting youngsters.



The report suggests that if Fulham get promoted 17-year-old (18 later this month) Ryan Sessegnon will remain at Fulham on a season long loan, however if they don't make it through the play-offs then he would join Tottenham immediately.

Many fees have been mentioned but I'd expect the £30 million figure to be nearest to the mark amid reports suggesting terms with the player have already been agreed.


Apparently the 18-year-old (19 in August) Dutch international centre-back has told Ajax that he wants to leave this summer and there is some ITK suggesting he has agreed to join Spurs.


Some suggestion that Tottenham are showing an interest in 25-year-old (26 next March) attacking midfielder Hakim Ziyech and that Ajax are working on a secret deal to sign 29-year-old Serbian international Dusan Tadic as his replacement.




Sunday, 6 May 2018

Spurs Don't Act Like Winners

Spurs Don't Act Like Winners And Can Learn From Cricketers

Spurs don't act like winners and could learn from cricketers

Our team could learn a lot from cricketers. The prime thing they can learn is body language.

In top level sport mentality separates the good from the great. Do you think Ronaldo, Messi, Bale or any number of others became as good as they are by settling for second best? No, they did everything possible to improve, they dedicated themselves to it. Ronaldo poses and he does it for a reason, not just his ego.

But let's go back to cricket for a moment. Australia had a period of dominance where they acted in the field as if they were on top, even when they weren't, they were on their toes all the time and the opposition batsmen were alone in the middle mentally wondering when these guys take a rest.

The object is not to allow the batsman to turn on and off his concentration, you keep him mentally in a state of high energy and his reserves deplete, thus he makes more mistakes and you are more likely to get him out. The mentality is that if a chance comes our way we have to take it so every batsman knows he can't give  chances, pushing him mentally into his shell.

England then adopted the same approach, fielders were always on the move, there was no slouching or day dreaming, the attitude was one of ensuring the batsmen felt isolated, that there was a whole team against them, which of course there were.

Tottenham play at the moment at a slow pace with no urgency,we do not make the opposition think they are in for a hard game. They can relax and concentrate on keeping their shape to frustrate our slow passing, at time we walk.

If our passing was faster and by that I mean the speed at which we kick the ball to each other, you start to unconsciously tell the opposition that they are not going to have time to think, that they are going to have to play reaction football. Our movement off the ball is often ponderous, again a calming influence for the opposition.

If they feel they are rushed, then they have to rush decisions and the more you do that to an opposition the more you tire them out and that's when more mistakes are made. We don't mentally push the opposition into mistakes, we wait for them to happen.

Small differences make the difference at the top level and as I have said for 5 years, to much ridicule, we have to train ourselves to be clinical,we have to concentrate on scoring those last minute chances when we are 2-0 or 3-0 up. It does matter because you can not simply turn on and off clinical finishing, as and when you need it, as we are finding out.

There isn't a lot wrong with us, as some are claiming, but there are small problems that need rectifying. We need to impose ourselves on the field, the opposition need to know they can not give us one chance, let alone the several we often need to score a goal. The opposition need to know, by the way we handle our body language and play on the field, that there will be no rest bite, that they do not have time to turnoff concentration, vital to conserve energy.

Ronaldo's whole air is look at me I'm great, you can't give me a chance and that plays on defenders minds, he backs it up with goals. You can not say that our demeanour imposes our personality on the opposition. It needs to, they need to know we are winners and to be winners you first have to act like winners. We don't.

Mentally, we need to dominate the opposition far more than we do. Mentally Spurs have a long way to go still and that will only improve with the use of sports psychologists more. We need to innovate and become world leaders in it's use, not simply follow the traditional set path.

Mentality Issue Still A Problem
Transfer Window Reality
Spurs Disgraceful Fans



Saturday, 5 May 2018

Mentality Issue Still A Problem

Mentality Issue Still A Problem

Matthijs de Ligt may replace Toby Alderweireldin the summer

Well the might of Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose made a huge difference didn't they, no perhaps the great unwashed will shut up for a bit and look at things objectively and not with their anti-Levy anti-ENIC agenda.

Once again we have shown that while our mentality is improving, it is still not at the level it needs to be. We were hopeless for 7 minutes against Juventus and conceded 2 goals, we went to sleep for a few minutes at Wembley against Juventus and conceded 2 goals, we were in control of the game against Manchester United until a daft move from Dembele cost us and we again went to sleep to hand them victory.

Now we play against WBA with no urgency, as if we thought we were better than them therefore it as only a matter of time. The old adage, you have to earn the right to play may not be true anymore in the old sense, as teams let you play now, but you still have to earn the right by passing the ball quickly and maximising the time the receiver has with the ball in space.

Vertonghen, Wanyama, Dembele when he plays all roll the ball across the field at a snails pace. Barcelona in their pomp, and they are not bad now, pass the ball at pace. We need to learn to do that from the back. It's a mentality thing and it demonstrates we have a way to go yet. Eric Dier doesn't pass the ball in that lazy fashion, Ryan Mason didn't used to, he injected urgency in our play. That urgency should be standard, especially while we are at 0-0 or drawing a game.

If you are urgent you pass the ball fast,if you are lazy you roll it between players. We roll it. We give the opposition time to reform their defence, to shuffle across the field, we are not doing anything about it it seems.

I feel we should be using sports psychologists more, as I have been writing for around 5 years now. It should be mandatory, a part of a players weekly training and not something players can undertake if they feel the need. We should be using them to a greater extent in the assessment of transfer targets too and lead the world in their use.

Mauricio Pochettino is improving our mentality, but, crucially, he is not a professional in the field. He has a brilliant mentality himself, but it is about imparting that on the players and having them embrace it, that, as we can clearly see, isn't working as fast as we would like. The art of management is not to be an expert at everything yourself, but know where you can get expertise, bring it in and manage it.

I have written much of Erik Lamela, he has a weak mentality in my view and offers a far too infrequent end product. We don't yet know what Lucas Moura can offer over a season against Premier League standard sides.

The side needs to evolve again over the summer with fresh minds and I'm looking forward to seeing if Matthijs de Ligt, Ryan Sessegnon or Ryan Bertrand and Anthony Martial do arrive.

Transfer Window Reality
Spurs Disgraceful Fans



Transfer Window Reality

Transfer Window Reality

Transfer window reality - Ryan Bertrand a Tottenham target

The transfer window reality is that Spurs will look to change things a little, players will move on and others will replace them.

Tottenham are bigger than any one player and the progress of the club over the long term is more important than the short term. Talk of where we are in our project and the fact that we are a couple of years ahead of schedule will reduce the time it takes to get to where we want to be.

Toby Alderweireld is leaving, we all know that, his wage demands are such that we can't keep him as we'd have to give everyone else a similar wage increase and that puts £50m a season on the wage bill. He understandably wants a big pay day with what will be his last chance for a big jump in wages. His age is against him and there are plenty of quality defenders around.

Sanchez has already taken his place and is forming a partnership with Vertonghen. He has to get used to the Premier League and develop his game, which is happening thanks to him playing.

Mousa Dembele is another who wants a big pay jump but again i isn't something we can entertain given his game time has to be managed. The length of contract he is looking for prevents us retaining his services and we are actively looking for a replacement,although Harry Winks hasn't featured much this season, having not yet fully recovered from his injury last season.

Danny Rose has been going through the motions this season and has lost his place to Ben Davies. he is another likely to leave and be replaced. There are plenty of quality left-backs we are being linked with, not least Luke Shaw and Ryan Bertrand, especially if Southampton get relegated. There is no way he will harm his England career by playing Championship football.

There will be a section of our fans who moan and groan, not understanding the realities of football and that you simply can't keep every player into their old age. We should achieve UEFA Champion League football again, which is important for our income, for TV revenue from the competition, important to promote the Tottenham name and important to attract bigger commercial sponsors and thus be able to increase our wages budget.

We failed in the semi-final as we still have a mental block, we'll change that soon, it is the third semi-final in Cup competitions in the 4 years under Pochettino. Incidentally he is after a wage increase and assurances of expenditure.He was after assurances at Southampton that had been promised to him and a change of chairman didn't honour,so he left.

It is a similar situation now, he'll get offered a new contract in the summer, but it is expenditure and progressing the club in the transfer market that will keep him happy. I have absolutely no doubt he'll still be here next season and for a good few seasons yet.

Plenty of fans will be upset this summer and slag the club off, indeed stupidly slag Levy off,when it's Pochettino who decides who stays and who goes. He understands financial considerations have to be taken into account, shame all fans don't.

Looking forward to today's game, hopefully it will set us up to have a happy weekend and Bank Holiday in the sun.



Saturday, 28 April 2018

Spurs Disgraceful fans

Spurs Fans Are A Disgrace

Mousa dembele made the mistake that brought Man Utd back into the game

I her some idiotic blogs have been calling for the clubs real fans to stoop to their level and boycott the remaining home games this season. How utterly stupid these fake fans are.

Mousa Dembele cost us against Manchester United, he was the one who let them back into the game after he was already past Pogba down the touchline. He turned back towards his own goal and into trouble, that after starting the game very poorly.

The result had nothing to do with Vorm or leaving out Alderweireld, who hasn't yet played a decent game since his injury.

Alderweireld wants more than we can afford, we all know that whether we care to admit it or not and thus he is not our future and doesn't deserve selection. Do you all want Sanchez to make his mistakes now or next season?

It makes perfect sense for him to get used to the Premier League and to form a partnership with Jan Vertonghen now, rather than wait and start slowly while they learn next season. That basic factor seems to have bypassed the intelligentsia. Mauricio Pochettino has already stated we have to start faster next season and thus it makes sense to prepare for that now.

Harry Kane clearly isn't fit, his ankle is clearly still affecting him and he was basically a passenger in the semi-final.

Mousa Dembele is 31 in July, he isn't the future and there is talk of China,which is all about huge pay days for older players. If he wants that,then fair enough. He is under contract until 2019 and it is he who has decided not to talk about a new contract until after the season, not Spurs, not Levy.

Toby Alderweireld is 29 and wants too much money. We already have his replacement, so adding another and cashing in while we can get full value for him, instead of his £25m release clause next summer, again makes sense.

Danny Rose has simply been going through the motions, his heart isn't in the club it would seem and if you are not 100% focused, you can not produce the top level football we now expect. If Ryan Sessegnon is to come in for him their shouldn't be any complaints from anyone.

Victor Wanyama is 27 in June, but there is no suggestion he wants to leave, merely a journalist making up a story to sell papers. There is interest in him, so what, there is interest in all our players, we have interest in a lot of players. None of that means anyone is looking to leave or that clubs are looking to sell. It's a non-event of a story.

£50m for Rose and £50m for Alderweireld I can see, bringing in Sessegnon and one other. On this years performances neither would severely reduce the capability of the squad and in the case of Rose we may well get an increase in ability.

Mousa Dembele is an excellent player, but he isn't irreplaceable and Harry Winks should be properly fit next season. I'm sure we would still look to bring in another link midfielder, especially if we sold Dembele for £40m, no way would he go for £20m with 2 years still left on his contract, not under Daniel Levy anyway.

The squad has to evolve, at some point you have to sell ageing players before they are too old and can command no transfer fee. That business aspect is part and parcel of football, again, whether some fans like to admit it or not. We are no different from other clubs in that respect.

What matter now is that we secure UEFA Champions League football, not that fans try to screw the club, try to create a bad atmosphere and do all they can to prevent us getting UEFA Champions League football and thus restrict our growth by reducing our income and our pull to attract players.

Call themselves supporters, they are a disgrace.



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