Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ben Davies has to take his chance

Ben Davies has had to be patient at Tottenham and will now get his chance at the weekend for the weekend trip to face our old boys at Hull City.

Ben Davies has to take his chance

Playing for a club where their is competition for your place it's important that when you get your chance that you take it. Ben Davies has been given plenty of midweek opportunity in the UEFA Europa League and the League Cup but he has at times struggled and for the remainder of the time put in competent performances. He has done nothing to put pressure on Danny Rose who is not recognisable as the player of last season.

Rose however suffered an injury against Stoke and is not going to make the game on Sunday. It was always going to be an injury or suspension that gave the Welshman his chance so it is up to him now to put in a performance that makes it difficult for Pochettino to drop him. A run of games is not an option, to be a top player you have to have the mental strength to turn it on immediately. Rose will return unless Davies produces, that's the pressure he is playing with now, so his response will be interesting. On Sunday we will see what he is made of.

That is the level of quality we require at Tottenham, excuses that a player hasn't had a run of games are just that, excuses. Winners don't make excuses, which explains why Adebayor is unreliable and inconsistent unless a contract is due or he has something to prove.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mirror mirror on the wall, which striker should we call?

If there is a transfer window looming then Tottenham will be linked with every striker under the sun, realistic or otherwise. This coming window is no different.

Mirror mirror on the wall, which striker should we call?

Any purchase is dependent upon sales of course, we can't afford to just pay players wages and not play them, besides to add any non-home grown players to the squad we have to release non-tome grown players first as we have our full quota.

Southampton, it is suggested want Andros Townsend and Harry Kane for Jay Rogriguez which presumably is made up paper stuff. Harry Kane isn't for sale having just signed a new contract and being a Spurs man, plus the fact £10 million has already been talked about in the summer and rejected.

Andros Townsend is a player with immense potential and in the right system would do very well, he is young and home grown, therefore commands a higher fee, it is highly doubtful Spurs would let him go for under £15 million and that's all Rodriguez is valued at, not having played for 6 months.

I suspect Tottenham are looking for bargains who will graft and as such have been casting their eye over players coming towards the end of their contracts. Andre-Pierre Gignac of Marseilles, Wissam Ben Yedder of Toulouse, Sebastian Giovinco of Juventus and Andrej Kramaric of HNK Rijeka have all been bandied about recently by the press.

Chelsea are said to be about to sign 23-year-old Croatian Kramer who scores his goals in the Croatian league but Inter and AC Milan are also both interested. The Atalanta chairman has also tried to sign him but says he thinks he is joining Chelsea.

Sebastian Giovinco is not playing for Juventus and his age is against him, 27 is a bit old for our transfer policy, especially given Roberto Soldado's inability to adapt at that age.

Wissam Ben Yedder is 24 and thought to be a target of Barcelona with his contract running until 2017. He has scored 7 goals in 13 Ligue 1 games having scored 11 goals in the last 17 league games last season.

Andre-Pierre Gignac is being targetted by a host of clubs, Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool and Inter Milan have all been mentioned. He is out of contract at the end of the season so despite being 28 may be a short-term option. Marseilles play the way Pochettino wants Tottenham to play so he should fit the club. Playing the system he has scored 10 goals in 13 games helping Marseilles sit top of the French league above moneybags PSG.

Which ones are realistic and which ones, if any, Pochettino wants we'll have to wait and see but a player scoring goals within the system despite his age, available on a free transfer in the summer seems a sensible option.

It's never a quiet life with Adebayor

Money grabber Emmanuel Adebayor likes to flaunt his wealth with a string of cars, a private jet etc. He claims he won't reduce his wages because of the charity work he undertakes, but that is rather thrown out the window when he refuses to even look after his own family.

It's never a quiet life with Adebayor

Emmanuel Adebayor is reported as having dragged his mother out the house and hasn't answered her call for a year. She is now selling what she can on the Togo/Ghana border to survive. Previously there were reports he had cut off his brother in an effort to force him to get a job. Now he refuses to allow his mother or siblings into his house as they wish to destroy him with witchcraft.

Now reading the comments to the story it is suggested, by someone suggesting they are African, that Africans need to start fending for themselves instead of depending upon others.

This seems to be the crux of the matter and is not one we can really make a judgement upon, whichever side one chose there would be people vehemently opposing an opinion. There must be some common ground here surely.

When a family member dies you can't get that time back as Adebayor knows already. What if something happened to his mother, is this really how he wants to remember her, as someone he refuses to even speak to?

With regard to football matters, Togo failed to qualify for the 2015 African Cup of Nations, which makes Adebayor a more sale-able commodity in January. He it seems doesn't want to go anywhere, on a cushy little number at Spurs where he doesn't even have to try much to pick up over £100,000 a week.

Turkish side Galatasaray are said to be interested but they are always interested in players, they seem to sign very few of them. The tax situation is favourable for players to sign for them, millionaires pay a very low rate I believe so they receive most of their weekly wage.

Wesley Sneijder went there on a high wage and he is one of the players new manager Cesare Prandelli, who was managing Italy at the World Cup in Brazil, is now looking to offload. Manchester United are said to be interested in him but he claims to be very happy at Galatasaray, on his wage I'm sure he is.

In the Champions League they have scored 3 goals in 4 games and let in 13 so are in need of some more firepower as well as strengthening the defence. They sit second in the Super Lig table having scored 12 goals in 9 games, letting in 11. Fenerbahce are top on goal difference and Spurs' Europa League opponents Besiktas are third just 2 points behind.

It would be a sale Tottenham welcome and Tottenham fans welcome so fingers crossed something can be worked out. Then we just have to try and find a more reliable striker, not something we have been particularly good at in recent times.

Not talking to his family, not wanting to see them, not qualifying for AFCON 2015 (African Cup of Nations), not wanted by Spurs, it's never a quiet life with Adebayor.

Tottenham Supporters Trust suggestions are unworkable

The Tottenham Supporters Trust are only really interested in Tottenham fans with existing season tickets it would seem if their secretary's recent words are anything to go by.

They have started to use, through secretary Katrina Law, wild and reckless scaremongering as part of a selfish campaign to protect a minority group from increased travel.

"The club would lose it's identity to other North London clubs and Tottenham needs to stay in London."

Utter rubbish, if you are going to suggest we would lose identity to other North London clubs then you have to say the club must remain in North London, which means playing at Arsenal. The alternative is staying at White Hart Lane and having a reduced capacity for several season, pushing up building costs, lengthening the build and reducing the clubs income at the same time. It's not a sensible business option.

There are fans throughout the world who are just as much supporters of the club as the 37,000 odd who turn up for home games.

“You wouldn’t take Buckingham Palace on tour! It would affect business in the area and we wouldn’t want to be associated with a franchise club.”

She wants assurances that the club will stay in north London, and would prefer a move to grounds such as: Wembley, Upton Park, the Olympic Stadium or The Valley (Charlton Athletic).

Wembley has a restriction on the number of events it is allowed to hold so is impossible, West Ham refuse to allow the use of Upton Park and will gut their old ground to prevent us using it as well as refusing to share the Olympic Stadium with us, simply because of who we are. The Valley only holds 27,111 and is far too small.

Three of her options are impossible and the other makes no business sense. The Tottenham Supporters Trust certainly don't have the best interests of the club at heart with wages and transfer budgets determined by club income, as per the Financial Fair Play regulations. Their only workable option reduces our income and no doubt they will still want us signing star players on star wages.

It doesn't matter one jot renting MK Dons for a season to the vast majority. We have to play somewhere and being a nomad within London is no different than being a nomad outside London. She is more concerned with the closed shop season ticket holders having to undertake a 50 mile journey.

Yes I would rather we play at Wembley, but it's impossible, yes I'd rather we play at the Olympic Stadium, but it's impossible so we have to find a venue that is large enough to maximise income during the period, that means as big a stadium as possible.

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