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Lamela full training early last

2:30 pm


Mauricio Pochettino has conformed in his pre-game press conference that 25-year-old (26 next March) 23 times capped (3 goals) Argentinian international winger Érik Lamela will return to full first team training in early October.

He will need a month you would expect to get his fitness to a level where he can be considered for selection, although that is not to say he can't make substitute appearances to build his fitness.

He won't be ready for the Third Round of the League Cup on 19 September against either Derby County or Barnsley at Wembley. We will see if Vincent Janssen is involved with that or whether Fernando Llorente or even one of the development squad leads the line.

Kieran Trippier is now said to be fit after carrying an injury that has affected his performance and Victor Wanyama is out for a few more weeks with a knee cartilage problem. That should see Eric Dier in the holding midfield role and a potential debut for Davinson Sanchez. Serge Aurier hasn't arrived at the club yet so is unlikely to play this weekend. Kyle Walker-Peters didn't let us down in his debut game so there is a selection dilemma for Pochettino.


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Lamela story doesn't have the ring of truth

7:04 pm


Ideally we would like to move Moussa Sissoko, but it is doubtful many clubs will want to pay his wage, if any, and that makes selling him a problem. It is a return to the Adebayor days, won't take a pay cut to leave and play football.

At the moment it is a bit of a stand-off and we can only hope something gives in a season where he needs to be playing to get a call up for the World Cup next summer. He won't be picked by Didier Deschamps if he plays like he did this season and as little as he did. We are banking on that forcing him to lower his demands I expect, it's what I'd be doing.

Corriere Dello Sport report that Daniel Levy will only allow Erik Lamela to depart (and that means he was on the list of players Mauricio Pochettino said could leave if the right offers came in) if our £16.08 million (€18m - AUS$26.45m - US$20.95m) valuation is met with Inter only willing to offer £13.39 million (€15m - AUS$22.04m - US$17.46m).

Mauricio Pochettino: "Erik Lamela and Heung-Min Son are back in training. We'll see an evolution in the next few weeks for everyone."

Lamela has a contract until 2020 and with so many injuries the £4 million (€4,48m - AUS$6.58m - US$5.21m) add-ons on top of his £25.5 million (€28.56m - AUS$41.97m - US$33.23m) fee will not have all kicked in. I would expect what Inter are offering if he only had a year left on his contract so our £16.08 million valuation sounds a bit cheap in the current market that has gone crazy. Frankly £16.08 million would be an absolute snip for a player, who if his mind is in gear, is quality.

That brings into question the validity of the report. While a club like Everton will throw £50m at the Ross Barkley story in an attempt to get teams to bid high, so Inter could well be leaking stories to try and get us to accept his market valuation is lower than we think. It is all a game and clubs use the media as part of their negotiating tactics.

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After a double hip op, which Lamela will return?

8:30 am

The neverending saga of Erik Lamela

INJURY UPDATE: has undergone a planned procedure to his right hip.

When exactly was this planned as he has been injured since October, an injury that was minor and only supposed to be a few weeks, an injury that we felt didn't need surgery, yet now he is having surgery, it is suddenly planned.

Wha ist the truth?

We have been fed mental issues, his dog dying, trips to Rome, trips to Argentina and all sorts. If he has a hip injury then flying isn't going to help it, especially flights to Argentina and back, where I believe he has been at least twice.

The fans have been kept in the dark as to the true nature of him being missing from the team, which certainly isn't good public relations.

The reports from the official Spurs Twitter account say he has had an operation on his left hip and a planned operation on his right hip. Either something has been wrong for a while or he has been favouring one side over the other and caused an injury to the opposite side, much like a player favour one leg after an injury.

We are told it doesn't hinder his recovery time, which as it has been 7 months and the club have had no idea when he would be back, doesn't really tell us anything, he'll be back next season, yes, when, August, Christmas, new year, all are next season.

We certainly haven't had our money's worth from him but with further injuries, it would once again prove very difficult to sell him for anything other than a small fee, which suggests we'll have to hang on to him and hope it doesn't take yet another season before he produces some form.

Returning from a long lay off it often takes a player time to adjust to match football again, how long that period will be with Lamela is anyone's guess, as it is determined by his mental state and desire to perform.

If he has a burning desire, it will take less time than if it's just something he'd like to do. Much will depend upon the relationship between him and the club after they have been in disagreement over treatment.

That isn't information we know about.


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After a double hip op, which Lamela will return? After a double hip op, which Lamela will return? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:30 am Rating: 5

343 playing days missed, who do we swap the liability for?

10:00 pm

Time for the show pony to return to Italy

I can't believe so many people are making excuses for him, winners don't make excuses, they accept responsibility and knuckle down. We have had too many shirkers in the past and players who disappear when it gets tough.

Lamela has shown himself to be another one, mind you, he showed that in his first two years here. An interesting comment from Calciomercato suggests that Italian and Spanish culture is more suited to South Americans than England, there may be something in that with Argentinian Lamela 'homesick' for Italy after a very short period.
"You don't get better on the days you feel like going. You get better on the days you don't want to go but go anyway. If you can overcome the negative energy coming from your tired body or unmotivated mind, you will grow and become better." 
George St-Pierre

He is a Canadian mixed martial artist and a three-time former Welterweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I use his quote to show the level of commitment it takes to get to the top of a sport.

Erik Lamela has missed 342 days* of his Spurs career injured or awol. Not calendar days, they are days the season is active. *and counting

Erik Lamela or dilemma? Now five months since he last played & he has been paid £1.25m+ in wages? Time to move him on.

if poch told the truth about lamela it would invite negative vibes it's all to do with modern management

. report that a scan on Erik Lamela's hip has indicated there is no issue.

Should we entertain a swap deal with Inter Milan for 24-year-old (25 in November) box-to-box midfielder Marcelo Brozović? He can play in a variety of midfield positions, could he play in a wide role or as an attacking midfielder, secondary striker role?

I'm not sure the Croatian international is quite what we need and Lamela can be used as bait for a number of players, however, the clubs he would want to go to would be limited. We couldn't use him as bait for Sassuolo striker Domenico Berardi for instance, Sassuolo couldn't afford Lamela.

Inter and AC Milan have money, if the Chinese takeover is eventually finalised, Roma want him, Juventus and Napoli, that's about it.

Which player from those clubs do we want?

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343 playing days missed, who do we swap the liability for? 343 playing days missed, who do we swap the liability for? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 pm Rating: 5

Lamela removed from the first team squad

9:30 am


As ever with Mauricio Pochettino, a disruptive influence or a player whose negativity is not wanted in the positive first team environment or someone who is going to leave the club and thus be of no benefit to our future, is removed from the group and trains on their own.

This has happened to Erik Lamela and indicates that his time at Tottenham is up.Far too many people have made excuses for the show pony. He gave us one season and was pining for Italy for the remainder of the time basically.

It doesn't take two years to get over an injury and a hip injury doesn't last a season. A lot of rubbish has been written about depression but let's be clear he hasn't been suffering from depression, he is just mentally weak and wants the easier life in Italy with easier football.

Over here you get less time on the ball and for a season looked as though he was coming to terms with the Premier League, but it was a constant battle. Mentally it wears you down when you are out of your comfort zone and Lamela was definitely out of his comfort zone in England.

I have said it time and time again, talent is not enough, you have to have the mental side of the game and we have to focus on that BEFORE we buy a player. That is best done with trained professionals, not a scout. It is an element we need to add to our purchasing decision and we need to become world leaders at it, then we will stop making so many mistakes.

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Lamela could learn from Harry Winks

6:17 pm


Emmanuel Adebayor was only interested in his pay packet and not in working hard, Younis Kaboul rebelled against hard work, Aaron Lennon did the same, Etienne Capoue did too. None thought Mauricio Pochettino's style would work, they rebelled against his philosophy and were isolated as a result. Their negativity was taken out of the group setting.

Erik Lamela didn't have the right attitude when he arrived and found it far harder than expected. He went into his shell before briefly emerging and going back into this season. Now he has rebelled because he isn't getting his own way.

Those type of players have no place at Spurs where commitment and a winning mentality to improve oneself each day, is paramount. Harry Winks has that mentality, just as before him Harry Kane showed it.

Winks has shown Pochettino that he can be trusted, whoever the opposition. The 21-year-old (22 next February) has trained hard, forced the boss to give him some cameo roles and impressed so much he gets brought on every week to give him experience and develop his game. He has been brought on in 18 games and started 2 in the Premier League. He has started games in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Cup and the League Cup.

Aidy Boothroyd's the EnglandUnder-21coach has him in the squad for the game against Denmark tonight. He was on the bench for the game against Italy on 10 November and played 65 minutes against France 4 days later. His second cap was against Germany on Friday, not for him an easy introduction against minnows.

“The manager has told us that there are opportunities there, as long as we keep performing for club and country and doing well, then the opportunity is there to take. 
“With someone like Gareth in charge, he likes young players and he's keen to bring us through and give us opportunities. You could see that the other night (in the senior game against Germany), we had a lot of young players playing and it's just down to us really, whether we perform at club level to get the call-up. 
“My next step is to take it game-by-game, whether that's for the Under-21s here or for Tottenham back at home. I'm quite young and all I can do is perform when I'm given the opportunities, I can't read the future and I can't say I should be here or I should be there.”

Harry Winks performs his role at Tottenham but still manages to catch the eye and that is all any youngster should be trying to do, Follow instructions while making your mark. Mr Lamela seems to ant things on his terms, not ours. 

My initial assessment of him seems to have been proven spot on, mentally weak. He is another player who if he had the mentality of Gareth Bale or Harry Kane or Harry Winks himself, would be playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid. As it is neither are interested in him, despite his skill.
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Lamela could go for £8.66m

8:30 am


The recent unsurprising news that Erik Lamela has told friends he has played his last game for Spurs means stories of Inter Milan interest and interest from Roma and other Italian clubs will grow.

Right from the start he had the wrong mental attitude, a skilful player who worked hard on the pitch but really struggled to adapt his game. His mental weaknesses meant it was two years before we saw anything from him and we have only really had a seasons worth of decent football from him before a minor hip injury meant his weak mind took over once again.

At the moment he is in Argentina and Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport suggest that Inter Milan are ready to pounce. There are reports of a row between Lamela and the club which the Italians feel means they will be able to get the winger ion the cheap.

Lamela is under contract at Tottenham until 2018, which means a reduced fee with just a season remaining so the Italian newspaper suggest he could be bought for as little as £8.66 million (€10m - AUS$14.26m - US$10.86m).

Mauricio Pochettino has already been looking for replacements in a problem area fort Spurs.

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Lamela to be used as bait in the summer

3:35 pm

Well I have been indicating to my readers that Erik Lamela wouldn't be playing this season and now Mauricio Pochettino has all but confirmed it.

I was lambasted for suggesting his mental weakness had returned and that he wanted to return to Italy, but I'm afraid that is the case. Anyone who can read between the lines would have known he was out for the season, a player with the wrong mental attitude isn't much use to us. I spent 5 years working with those less fortunate than ourselves and that included people who had suffered mental breakdowns so when journalists throw depression at the story I'm not impressed.

The manager of a bookmaker where I used to live calls him a show pony and has done since he joined us. He wants a league where he can display his talents without the toughness that  the Premier League produces every week.

He is a flat track bully who took two years to adjust and has only given us one decent season for the £25.50 million (€29.17m - AUS$41.06m - US$31.01m) plus add-ons, which won't all have been activated, he cost.

“I don’t want to lie to you and give some information that after you use, you are right to use. I can’t say one week, two weeks, three weeks, one month or maybe next season. I don’t know. 
“My position is too difficult because we are assessing him every day, how he is in the morning, we prepare a plan. Sometimes he is involved from the beginning in the warm-up with the team, sometimes he feels pain and we change the plan. 
“Now it is day by day, we will see. We hope he can be available again as soon as possible. That is our idea but we can’t give any more information.”

A minor hip injury in October and we are now in March and still no sign of him. He has been a major disappointment as Gareth Bale's replacement and doesn't seem to have the bottle for a fight. How much we will get for him is anyone's guess. Transfermarkt have him at £22.10 million (€25.28m - AUS$35.59m - US$26.87m).

The plus is that he is highly sought after by Italian sides after his performances for Roma and we can use that to our advantage by making him the bait for players we want.

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Lamela not going to play in Argentina next season

8:22 pm



There are some strange rumours that go around and you wonder where they originate from. If someone types something on Twitter there is a whole crowd who will fall for it, then there are journalists who simply make up stories.

A rumour has been doing the rounds that Erik Lamela will be returning to play in Argentina next season for family reasons. The newspapers have picked it up and run with it, which in the eyes of many gives it credence.

I can only say I have heard nothing to suggest there is any truth in it, I have heard that he will not be playing in Argentina next season.

The Argentinian has been unavailable since the League Cup tie in October at Anfield, travelled home to Argentina for family reasons and travelled to Rome to try and recover from his mysterious hip injury. We have missed his creativity at times. When he drifts into the middle he can see and play some wonderful through balls and was getting in the box scoring himself.

Now we seem to be back to square one.

Lamela not going to play in Argentina next season Lamela not going to play in Argentina next season Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:22 pm Rating: 5

Has Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced?

1:53 pm

Has Erik Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced again?

There are so many stories going around about Erik Lamela and his absence from the team. He last played at Liverpool in the League Cup in October and the latest scan on his hip showed no long-term damage again, yet still he is in rehabilitation.

The latest story is that he is struggling to get over the death of his dog, after December when his brother was involved in a motorbike accident and his own problems recovering from what was supposed to be a minor muscle pull in the hip.

There is talk of depression in some quarters, which to be honest wouldn't surprise me at all. He demonstrated a mental weakness when he joined us and wanted to return to Italy. It took a couple of years for him to get his head right and focus on enjoying his football here. However, if there is a weakness there then it is prone to resurface under duress when we revert to our default setting as opposed to our managed setting.

It is quite possible we have gone back to square one again. He may not want to return to Italy to play, he did to receive treatment, but mentally he clearly isn't in a happy place right now. Mauricio Pochettino has talked about him being anxious so there are mental issues.

When he does return, which Lamela will we see, the timid stay out of the box guy we first saw or the involved get in the box player he then showed?

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Has Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced? Has Lamela's mental weakness resurfaced? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 1:53 pm Rating: 5

Lamela having scan tomorrow

7:00 pm


The injury update on Erik Lamela is not good, this 'minor' injury is now starting to cause concern at Tottenham admitted Mauricio Pochettino. They just can't seem to get to the bottom of it at the moment and he has been in Rome trying to recuperate under a specialist who treated him before. Still to no avail.

The 24-year-old (25 in March) Argentinian is having another scan tomorrow after being absent since October.

"Tomorrow he will have a scan. It's still difficult to give a time for him to come back. We need to wait for what happens tomorrow. There are still some problems, and we're not sure of the diagnosis. 
"So we need to wait for tomorrow. Now we are starting to be concerned about him, because it's nearly three months and we're still in a situation with no movement. 
"Today nobody advises that [an operation]. It's better to wait until after tomorrow."

He was sent to Rome for treatment because it was felt that he would benefit on a psychological level as as Pochettino said with Vertonghen, a player with a positive mindset can recover quicker. You get what your subconscious mind wants, what it believes. It is like a striker with confidence issues, if he doesn't believe he will score he probably won't.
His last game was the League Cup tie at Anfield on October 25th and this is the second long injury he has had during his time with us. It is a shame because he was starting to show his ability and making some very clever through balls as well as now getting himself into goal scoring positions, something he wasn't doing before when lacking confidence.

His brother was taken into hospital after a car accident in December and he had to return home so he has had a lot of mental pressures to deal with. Mauricio Pochettino admitted earlier this month that Lamela had become very anxious.

A healthy mind plays it's part in everything, a fraught distressed mind drags you down and makes everything that much harder, mentally that much worse, which just exacerbates the situation and drags you down further.

It’s a small problem in Lamela’s hip with a tiny muscle so let's hope for some good news tomorrow.
Lamela having scan tomorrow Lamela having scan tomorrow Reviewed by THBlogNews on 7:00 pm Rating: 5

Who should start, Dier or Winks?

10:30 am

Dier or Winks to start?

You will have no doubt heard the news that, as expected, Mousa Dembele is out of the Hull City match tonight. Manager Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that in his pre-game press conference on Tuesday.

“He will be out for tomorrow. We will see for Sunday but for sure, he will not be available against Hull. He got a kick in his foot and it is very painful now. 
“We need to see what happens over the next few days. Maybe he will be ready for Sunday.”

That leaves Eric Dier or Harry Winks to take his place. The Eric Dier and Victor Wanyama combination didn't look great earlier in the season and Harry Winks has grown in stature.

There is an argument for pairing Eric Dier and Harry Winks but they haven't played together and it would thus be a bold move to do so in a game when we need no less than three points. It is far more likely that with Dembele on the sidelines that Wnyama will start so it is simply a question of who starts alongside him.

Personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that were Harry Winks. In my view Dier needs a little rest so he can then take over from Wanyama and give him a rest, he has played almost every game. Kenya failed to qualify for the Africa Cup pf Nations 2017 so we will not miss Victor Wanyama in the new year.

Over 150 articles can be found at

Who should start, Dier or Winks? Who should start, Dier or Winks? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Lamela loss bigger than fans realise

3:25 pm

The news is mixed for Spurs fans ahead of the North London clash against fierce rivals Arsenal at the Emirates this Sunday.

The good news is that Harry Kane is back in the squad, how fit he will be and how ring rusty is quite another matter. We must be careful that he doesn't get fatigued and pick up a muscle injury.

We have been struggling to score of late and you'll not that this coincides with Erik Lamela missing a few games. He makes a difference as he has been making telling passes to create goals. Lamela is missing against Arsenal which is a bigger loss than many realise I think.

Mousa Dembele is missing, Moussa Sissoko is suspended and Toby Alderweireld, arguably the best central defender in the Premier League is also still missing.

Lamela loss bigger than fans realise Lamela loss bigger than fans realise Reviewed by THBlogNews on 3:25 pm Rating: 5

Twitter clown calla Lamela a liability

6:00 am

This has got to be one of the most stupid comments seen in a long while, Lamela had an excellent season last season and has been excellent this season, one of our most creative players in fact.

Reason Lamela gets more hate than Eriksen. Eriksen was fantastic for 2 seasons. Lamela has had 5 okay games in 4 years. Liability.

He has had 6 assists and 2 goals in 825 minutes of football, that is an intervention that results in a team goal every 103 minutes. He took his time to get his head into gear but Pochettino has sorted him out and because he has now set standards, when he is perceived to have a poor game he is made the scapegoat it seems.

Some fans just love to spend all their time moaning about the team, they need to look in the mirror.

Twitter clown calla Lamela a liability Twitter clown calla Lamela a liability Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:00 am Rating: 5

Lamela still top of the list

9:11 am


AC Milan Director of Sport Massimo Mirabelli and CEO Marco Fassone watched the Chelsea Leicester City game which the London side won comfortably 3-0 with goals from Costa, Hazard and Moses.

They were on a fishing trip to look at targets and make enquiries about 29-year-old (30 next May) Cesc Fabregas, 23-year-old (24 next October) Michy Batshuayi and 25-year-old (26 next September) Oscar.

In addition, they continue to covet 24-year-old (25 nxt March) Erik Lamela whom we have no intention of selling. He is under contract until 2020 and the Italians are reported in their press to be ready to offer about £22.54-million (€25m - AUS$36.13m - US$27.44m) next June. They would like to sign him in January but understand that will be impossible.

They will ask and make their offer, verbally or otherwise next summer when it will be instantly rejected unless there is a major shift in our position, which is highly unlikely. The Chinese consortium have not yet fully completed the takeover of Milan and Fassone is to have further talks with them this week. The Chinese have Lamela top of their list of players they want to sign.

Lamela still top of the list Lamela still top of the list Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:11 am Rating: 5

Erik, give him his ball back

10:30 am
Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino made light of the penalty squabble of Erik Lamela and Son Heung-min at the time, but his words did acknowledge that it was a problem that needed solving.

"It's difficult from the touchline to say 'no, you' because they're fighting and I cannot run to the middle of the pitch and say 'no, you'."

As Gary Neville said at the time, there would have been a designated penalty taker on the changing room wall so the embarrassing squabble shouldn't have taken place. Did it affect the penalty? It has to have done but a penalty should still be tucked away. It was weak, to near the goalkeeper, hit with no conviction and was at a nice height. Just as everyone can't be a goalkeeper Harry Kane, some can't be penalty takers. It is a pressure situation where you need to be mentally strong and therefore confident. poor penalties are from a lack of confidence.

Former Tottenham captain Steve Perryman, who lifted a few trophies for us, felt Mauricio Pochettino would sort it out and make sure it didn't happen again when he spoke to the Hertfordshire Mercury.

"The little bit of nonsense before the penalty, well if that's going to happen in a game that's 0-0 and they need to win and they make that same mistake, no-one is going to be to happy with it. So these problems sow themselves up and get solved and hopefully that wont happen again. 
"I'm sure a penalty will be missed but without the fracas that led to that one. You've got to learn from what you're doing and I think they've got the manager that is a football nutter and spending time at it, and spends enough time at the training ground that all those things are being covered and talked about and shown and improved."

Erik, give him his ball back Erik, give him his ball back Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Erik Lamela nonsense

10:30 am

A story that means nothing is blown out of all proportion and twisted to have a meaning it doesn't have by Football Insider I see.

They want to tell us that it is a bombshell that Erik Lamela will consider returning to River Plate when he has finished his career in Europe!

The Football Insider headline slant is we must be devastated by the news, as if it is something imminent, which it isn't. It's a disgusting piece of reporting once again from them, they consistently act in this manner. The 24-year-old (25 next March) Argentinian's words appear on the La Pagina Milionaria website.

“One has the desire to always go back. But I am also aware that I’m 24 and I’m fine where I am. It’s a bit difficult to go back now, I have many years of contract still at Tottenham and I have to have my head in there and think only of what is coming at Spurs.”

Erik Lamela nonsense Erik Lamela nonsense Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:30 am Rating: 5

Lamela just loves to train

2:30 pm
Erik Lamela is now very settled at Tottenham after taking two seasons to adjust to a new league, a new culture, a new way of life. He is now playing the best football we have seen from him and his creativity is now coming out, which is great when we also have Eriksen in creative mood.
"Yes, I feel very well here, all of the people are really nice with me. They help me a lot so I enjoy it every day to be here. 
"Yes of course, I want to score more goals this season. I will try in the next few games and always if I can score I try to do something. 
 "My favourite thing is always training. I love to train, to come here. After I have a life with my girlfriend. I like to go for dinner, to enjoy my dog at home or my friends and family when they come."
Tottenham have the  24-year-old (25 next March) under contract until 2020 and his value has now risen back up to where it was before. In 9 games this season (592 minutes) he has 2 goals and 6 assists.

Lamela just loves to train Lamela just loves to train Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Pochettino - More goals, less tekkers

6:00 am
Pochettino - More goals, less tekkers

I don't know why but some people think a piece of skill is better than an end product. When I write that it doesn't matter if a player produces a piece of skill to beat a player, it is what he does next with the ball that matters, people complain.

End product is all that matters. Dembele used to best a player and then pass sideways so the man he had just beaten was then back behind the ball, beating him in the first place is that scenario is pointless, you have achieved nothing.

A winger who beats a man is nothing if he can't then create chances with a pass and have a shot with a realistic chance of scoring. What you create is far more important than what you can produce as a show pony.

Erik Lamela produced a lovely piece of skill to embarrass Andros Townsend, which is all well and good, but it was om the sideline where it didn't impact the game. Pochettino wants players to have an end product, he wants there skill to make a difference, not just to entertain the crowd. He is interested in goals

"The crowd loved it, but Pochettino sat stony-faced. I understand the reaction of our fans. It’s a very good thing. 
“To be honest I don’t like this type of thing. I understand the supporters enjoy it. I enjoy when my players score goals and win games. For me it was an action but nothing to say."

I'm with Pochettino, end product is what counts, it's what wins games. If you are going to produce something special it needs to be in an area where it hurts the opposition, where it will have an impact and create something.

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Video: Lamela gave Townsend a lesson and a nutmeg

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I talked before and during the game about the difference between Erik Lamela and Andros Townsend and how Lamela was showing Townsend what he should have been doing at Tottenham instead of complaining. The mental attitude is key, at the moment Townsend is looking an ordinary player.

If he wants to move up a level he has to work on his mentality, he has shown, even while sitting on a substitutes bench, th mentality of someone who is not a winner, someone who will only try when he feels like it and doesn't see the day to day stuff as important.

Those who remember will recall me writing an article on how a substitute should not only be watching his team, but should be studying his potential opponent, or opponents. He should know what he is going to do in given situations, he will have been briefed before hand and shown videos of course, but he is a chance to bring yourself mentally up to speed with the game and your opponent on the day.

You should be coming onto the field totally prepared having done your homework on the bench, not sat watching the game as a spectator. Townsend used to warm up with more interest in what was going on in the crowd than the game. Then when he did come on he had to start to mentally adjust to the game so rarely made any sort of impact or positive contribution. That is solely a mental issue.

Erik Lamela was tackling back yesterday and was superb in defence, quite apart from his attacking skills, Townsend went to sleep and let Danny Rose run round him for a chance in the first-half, Rose unfortunately didn't shoot.

Spurs fans then delighted in and complained about Match of th Day not showing the Argentinian's nutmeg of the former Spurs winger. The crowd loved it and if you replay it, watch the players reaction in the background. It's Danny Rose and upon seeing it he puts his hands on his head in looking in awe at the spectacle.

Video: Lamela gave Townsend a lesson and a nutmeg Video: Lamela gave Townsend a lesson and a nutmeg Reviewed by THBlogNews on 5:00 pm Rating: 5
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