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Alderweireld replacement, Vertonghen on crutches

8:15 am

Toby Alderweireld is wanted by Juventus and Jan Vertonghen has suffered an ankle injury


Juventus are interested in signing Toby Alderweireld this summer and he may well be interested with the almost guarantee of Italian titles and domestic cups.

Spurs have been looking at a number of players, possibly with Jochim Andersen of Sampdoria top of the list. We have also been scouting 22-year-old (23 in July) Garmany Under-21 international and Freiburg central defender Robin Koch.

Jan Vertonghen has picked up an ankle injury. The Belgian centre-back didn't come out to celebrate with the fans after the game. He suffered the injury during the first half. The final is on the 1st June so he has 3 weeks to recover.

Vertonghen left the Johan Cruijff Arena through a back gate with the right foot in a protective brace and on crutches. VTM News managed to take a picture. “Tomorrow we will know if I will be fit for the final, but the first tests were not bad," Vertonghen admitted.

"I got a slap in the first half, My ankle is completely swollen. I played on adrenaline in the second half, but I couldn't stand on my ankle after that. Tomorrow a scan is planned and then I will do more, but the injury is not a consequence of the afterparty, no. Whether I will get fit in time for the final we will know that tomorrow. But the first tests were not bad today. I have hope. It is still 3.5 weeks. "


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Alderweireld and Skipp

5:30 pm

A Couple Of Points From The Chelsea Game


What did you takeout of last nights game?

A couple of things stood out.

A few years back I wrote about the importance of having a right-footed and left-footed combination at centre-back. Toby Alderweireld showed the problem of a right-footed centre-back playing on the left in our system when the opposition press high.

His long-ball passing with his left-foot isn't a patch on his right foot and he just kept giving the ball back to Chelsea. Paulo Gazziniga didn't help him, chipping the ball over players and trapping him in the corner.

The sooner Jan Vertonghen returns the batter, we miss him and his delivery there. Foyth and Sanchez, you'll note, have both been played on the right, being right-footed and it is the experienced Alderweireld who has had to move out of his best position, not ideal.

With stories that Manchester United hierarchy didn't want Alderweireld and thought he couldn't play in a two, strange given he and Vertonghen had created what was generally regarded as the best centre-back pairing in the Premier League.

Will they, therefore, renew interest under a new manager and will Alderweireld have a change of heart and sign the new contract that is on the table?

The Argentinian stopper, born in the same town as Pochettino, needs to learn to look beyond the first pass. The object is to assess your options and the options of the player receiving the ball if you can and play the best pass for the team to develop an attack.

We used to play too many passes that just gave the responsibility to another player and we have remedied that to a great extent, but not eradicated it.

Couple that with not kicking the ball hard enough to a teammate when at the back and we still make life difficult for ourselves sometimes when sides press us.

Overall though, Chelsea had no striker and we coped with their threat well, although we hung on at times. We'll have to play better at their place and not let them dominate the game so.


The other thing that struck me was the faith that Pochettino showed in young 18-year-old (19 in September) midfielder Oliver Skipp. We were holding on for a 1-0 win and Pochettino was happy to give him responsibility in the middle of the park, an important role cutting out passes into the centre-back area.

He once again did his job well and made a great tackle on Hazard to put the ball out for a corner. Skipp is being brought along just as Harry Winks was brought along. These cameos put pressure on him and certainly a Cup semi-final when your side is hanging onto a lead is pressure.

The more experience he gets the better he will become obviously. Those suggesting he is not ready don't know what they are talking about quite frankly, cheque book fans.

Winks himself reminds me a lot of Steve Perryman, a stalwart and a Tottenham great from the 70's and 80's.

If Winks plays over 655 games for us I'll be delighted and he and Skipp could, in time, be our central midfield pairing, we'll see.

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Pochettino demands the right mindset

7:29 pm

Mauricio Pochettino demands the right mindset from Toby Alderweireld and Danny Rose

Alderweireld and Rose could leave Spurs

While the press are talking about Tottenham being happy to release Toby Alderweireld, Danny Rose, Mousa Dembele and Fernando Llorente before the European transfer window shuts, he has actually told them to knuckle down and show the right mindset.
He wants each player to realise that they haven't left and that they, therefore, must show 100% commitment to the club regardless of what has happened in the past. Not all players do that, 
Saido Berahino being just one instance, an instance that quite frankly ruined his career. He is now a striker in the Championship for Stoke City.
Pochettino told the media, as reported in the Daily Mail.
"If we have all the squad thinking as individuals rather than as a collective, you cannot succeed. That is the key this season.
"It is human nature that you always look after yourself. But once you cannot change anything, then you need to change your mindset and think about the team.
"I am the boss and if I expect from you to do something, then you need to provide it. You need to show your commitment, from the pitch, from the bench, sometimes from outside. That's what being professional means."
Mousa Dembele is having to be managed as he can not handle a full season now. His fitness problems have slowly got worse, it's why Harry Winks used to replace him regularly until his own injury.
Tottenham are grateful for the service he has shown the club and will not stand in the way of a final payday for him. In the meantime his game time will be carefully controlled, perhaps he will be saved to start against Manchester United and Liverpool and the much-maligned Mousa Sissoko will start against Fulham instead.
We'll see.


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Sanchez to start over Alderweireld

4:22 pm

Sanchez to start over Alderweireld

Davinson Sanchez looks set to start over Toby Alderweireld for Spurs

I saw on Twitter someone saying pick Toby Alderweireld tomorrow. No chance.

  • He has been angling for a move.
  • He and Poch need to form reestablish a working relationship.
  • There will be doubts about his mentality just at the moment, not getting the move he wanted to Manchester United.
  • He only returned to training on Monday after 3 weeks off after the World Cup.
  • He would be at greater risk of picking up an injury.
  • Davinson Sanchez was 1st choice last season.
  • Sanchez has been training for a few weeks.
  • Sanchez got some game time during the International Champions Cup in the USA.

It makes sense to give Alderweireld time to train and help him recover from the World Cup so I'd say it is a certainty, barring injury, that Davinson Sanchez starts over Toby Alderweireld.

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What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld?

8:00 pm

What does Pochettino do with disrespectful Alderweireld?

can Pochettino and Alderweireld sort out their differences or did Alderweireld take it too far?

Transfer Talk

Mauricio Pochettino has a dilemma and it surrounds the future of centre-back Toby Alderweireld.

Nobody doubts he is high quality, but it isn't as simple as he is an excellent defender so he must be kept. Publicly he has been Tweeting public relations stuff for the fans, all very meaningless.

Behind the scenes, however, as reported before several times, he has burnt his bridges with Pochettino and therefore the club.

He has demanded a wage that nobody thinks he is worth. You pay high wages for strikers who score goals, you don't pay it for aging centre-backs, not unless you have money to throw around and Spurs don't.

Any fan who thinks we do had better read my article on wages: Wage Bill Realities That Dictate Football

ITK from COYS forum via Spurs Community.

"Only wants to stay as nobody wants to pay him what he thinks he is worth, in addition, he needs a change of attitude if he does stay as he acted very disrespectfully to Poch, not over finances, but can't/won't reveal unless he goes. He did not act professionally and if it was me there would be no way back, but I'm not Poch."

Now Alderweireld has been saying that his exclusion from the playing side at Tottenham was unjustified, but as the information above shows, it is entirely justified. It also suggests he is not remorseful and he wants to leave.

Pochettino likes a happy environment and doesn't want players in it who upset that environment, it is part of building a successful side.

Pochettino has a history of ostracising players who fall out of line and if a player has been disrespectful to the extent that Toby appears to have been then there is a lot of work to do. Nobody likes to work with someone they don't like or don't want to work with. You would be the same at work yourself.

How this will play out we'll have to wait and see, but if he goes, it will be down to Pochettino, not Daniel Levy.


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Spurs Are Ahead Of Schedule

9:15 am

The Bigger Picture - Spurs Are Ahead Of Schedule

Spurs-are- Ahead-of-schedule
Spurs are ahead of schedule

The Bigger Picture - Spurs are ahead of schedule says Mauricio Pochettino, who spoke exclusively to Sky Sports Soccer Saturday and his words were a reminder to some Spurs fans who are getting ahead of themselves.

"We signed nearly four years ago, and from the beginning we tried to reduce the gap and create a project to arrive at a very position for the new stadium, and to have the possibility to fight to be in the Champions League. We are ahead in that project."

Always we need to be looking at the reality of the situation and the bigger picture. The Toby Alderweireld is a fine example. You can read all about that and the repercussions i this article:
The REALITY of the Alderweireld Situation

Incidentally to follow on from that, here are a couple of articles on just some of our transfer targets, one to replace Alderweireld.
Ryan Sessegnon and Joshua King
Which centre-back should replace Alderweireld?

We are ahead in our project, Pochettino reveals. That tells us that we planned to build the team, we planned to build the new stadium and be competing for a UEFA Champions League place then, perhaps in the season before we moved into the stadium.

If we qualify again, that will be the third year on the trot, so in the respect of team building we are a couple of years ahead of schedule at least. That growth plan will have taken account of our finances, then and going forward. TV money for instance, is known 3 years in advance, as soon as the deal is signed. That is then already planned into budgets, so it isn't new money that suddenly appears out of the blue as some Spurs fans seem to think.

Some are citing this 'new'money as a source to pay Alderweireld what he wants, not an option in reality. We have plans to increase contracts each year, a) to increase wages and b) to tie players to long contracts so that is they decide to leave we can charge maximum amounts for them. That is sound business.

I band on about mentality, simply because it is the be all and end all of top level sport. You have to aim to be the best and we are aiming for Barcelona standard. That drags us up to a higher level than if we aimed for the then Arsenal standard or Chelsea standard.

I wrote a whole series of articles on mentality and one on each player making tiny little improvements to his game each day, which is the aim of those with a winning mentality. The Kaisen approach. If everyone in the squad improved I pointed out that would be over 1,000 improvements and that would impact on our performances. We can see that happening.

"I think the most important [thing] is to create a platform, create an institute where players we bring in feel comfortable. I think all the players need coaching; if you do not push the player they are going to be too comfortable. Always you need to push. 
"I listen to players like [Giorgio] Chiellini recently, or a player that has finished their career like Rio Ferdinand, they say it is always about learning. Learn, learn, learn, every day. If you are 25, 30, 35, you need to think you can learn every day. If not, you are going to go backwards, and of course you are going to fail, and you begin to see the end of your career. 
"That's the mentality we need, and a big percentage of our players have this mentality."

A big percentage, not all you note.

You can see why I suggest we become the best in the world at mentally pre-assessing players before we buy them, that we use Sports Psychologists to asses the real mentality of a player rather than what he says is his mentality. We research character already, but there is always room for improvement.

We must stick to our plan, stick to what is working. You want out then you are no longer a part of the project, you are not the future and thus you work and build with those who are a part of that future.Always looking forward. It's why Walker was dropped for Trippier and now Alderweireld is on the sidelines for Sanchez.

A comment on Twitter suggests Toby Alderweireld's Dad was once barred from the club. That tells me that Alderweireld and his advisers are demanding top money, but that he actually would prefer to stay at Spurs. The fact that we have offered him less than he wants and this has shattered a relationship comes out of disappointment.

The Alderweireld camp wouldn't lose their rag is he was intent on leaving before negotiations,as they would just demand a top wage and sit quietly if we didn't accept it. All the noise is because they are upset and now if they want that wage realise they will have to leave, unless of course he has decided he wants to join a rival and we are refusing to even contemplate it, insisting he goes abroad, which is a distinct possibility too.

Whatever the situation, he isn't our future now. Players like Josh Onomah and Marcus Edwards have got to show that willingness to improve every day,they have to show the right mentality and I don't see it in them yet. That isn't to say they won't acquire it, but without it they will not reach the very top, which is where we expect all players to strive to be.

These articles are still relevant from last February:

How a winner sees things
Gary Neville on what it takes to be a winner


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Centre-Back Transfer Targets

8:00 pm

Which Centre-back Should Spurs Go For To Replace Alderweireld In The Squad?

Tottenham Transfer Target Mattjis de Ligt

There are still some who are citing Toby Alderweireld is recovering from an injury as the reason he is not playing, but as he and the club are no longer even talking over a new contract it is pretty clear that we will be cashing in in the summer.

His wage demands are out of our league as explained in The REALITY of the Alderweireld Situation previous post.

He has been excellent for us and has helped us improve, but we are buying better defenders now and Davinson Sanchez is proving to be a good buy. The Colombian is still only 21, while Alderweireld is now 29, so the youngster is the future and he still has room for improvement.

With Toby Alderweireld 15 goals conceded in 17 games
Without Alderweireld 22 goals conceded in 29 games.

Tottenham Premier League record when Davinson Sanchez has started:

Played - 24
Won - 16
Drawn - 6
Lost - 2
Conceded - 18
Clean sheets - 12

We can cash in now on Alderweireld and get twice as much as we may have to accept next summer, if we activate his extra year clause.

The press have thrown plenty of names at us and we are keeping an eye on many players,We will be watching replays of every game each of our targets play and looking at the numerous statistics that are so much a part of player assessment these days.

There were a couple of Germans put forward recently and the latest talk is of four players.

Alfie Mawson (Swansea City)
24-year-old (25 next January)
Contract until 2020
Height 1.88m (6ft 1in)
England Under-21 international
Transfermarkt valuation £10.8m

Matthijs de Ligt (Ajax)
18-year-old (19 in August)
Contract until 2021
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
Dutch international (5 caps)
Transfermarkt valuation £25m

Jonny Evans (WBA)
30-year-old (31 next January)
Contract until 2019
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
Northern Ireland international (68 caps)
Transfermarkt valuation £15m

Jamaal Lascelles (Newcastle United)
24-year-old (25 in November)
Contract until 2017
Height 1.88m  (6ft 1in)
England Under-21 international
Transfermarkt valuation £7m

The best option for me there is Dutchman Matthijs de Ligt. Not only is he the youngest but he is the most highly rated. Barcelona are watching him as are all the top teams in Europe. He would be the most expensive option too, but as a ball playing centre-back he would compliment our style and have the flexibility to play our different formations.

Who would you choose?

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The REALITY of the Alderweireld situation

8:00 pm

The REALITY Of The Toby Alderweireld Situation

The way out is that way Toby

Welcome to the No1 Spurs blog where you will find sense prevails as regular readers already know> You may not agree with me all the time , but that doesn't matter, as long as you have a reasoned argument. When you ask fans for the way forward for this club, few have any idea. I haven't found one single anti-ENIC or anti-Levy fan who has been able to give an answer to that question.

Until they can, you'll find I have no time for these people. Now onto the Toby Alderweireld situation looked at with some common sense.

The fans continue to argue over Toby Alderweireld so a rational look at the situation is needed. Human being make decisions based on emotion, whether right or wrong, they then look to justify their decision.

For instance, if you buy a new car, you suddenly start to see more of 'your' cars on the road, a justification of you buying that model. If you get married, you have a long line of people congratulating you on doing the right thing, justification again.

Toby Alderweireld is 29 and needs one last big pay day. He is not going to get a jump in wages after this point, only annual increments. Is he a quality centre-back, yes, should we pay him, no.

The contract he is apparently asking for is £180,000 a year for 5 years until he is 34-years-old, presumably plus annual increments.

What is to stop him then asking for £200,00-a-week in a year or £250,000-a-week in 2 years if we gave in now?

Let's assume that £180,000-a-week is doubling his ages, that is a £90,000 increase, that's £4.68 million a year. Over 5 years, that's £23.4 million.

OK, now as he has got that increase, we now have to pay Lloris (who has to be the highest paid player in the club as part of his contract I believe, captain's bonus achieves that), Kane, Eriksen, Dembele, Alli, Vertonghen, Lamela, Son, Rose, Dier, Wanyama, a similar hike in wages. They will obviously demand it and we won't have a leg to stand on.

So if we take it that each of these players need a similar wage increase, say £80,000 each, that's £800,000-a-week (£80,000 X 10 players) added to the wage bill. That equates to £41.6 million over just one year.

That is the reality in paying Alderweireld what he demands, £41.6 million+, it's 13.6% of our last total income figure.

Over 5 years £40.6 million is £280 million, all to increase one player to his demanded wage.

These are estimates of course, but they haven't included players like Trippier, Sissoko and the rest who would also all need a wage increase now we have smashed the wages structure to destabilise the club.

Where is this money coming from?

It isn't coming into the club now, it would have to come from the increased revenue from the new stadium when it kicks in. But, ticket prices and money earned from spectators isn't going to cover it. A proportion yes, but we still need to increase commercial income while paying the loans on a new stadium.

The stadium finances do not affect the playing side of the club, well no they don't, if you stick to the budgets set for the playing side. If you destroy them, as agreeing to Alderweireld's blackmail would, then that money has to come from another area of the club and you are then putting the financial structure of the club in jeopardy.

Paying players what we can't afford and hoping that brings success is simple not a sensible business practice. If no success is achieved you have to start selling your assets while they are still in prime condition, meaning we will have to sell the better young players, which puts the future of the club in jeopardy again. That is a downward slope we do not need to go near.

We spend 50% of our income on wages because we have other expenditure. I remind readers what I wrote after Basel played us off the park at White Hart Lane is the Europa League and we managed to scrape a 2-2 draw.

We need to build a young team, playing a set system throughout the club at all ages, promote youth and build club loyalty. We have to build loyalty to play on their heart strings and make it an emotionally difficult decision for them to leave.

That involves creating a happy and positive environment. You can not have success without the environment first. Anyone who has been successful can tell you that. The club have built the facilities, the infrastructure for success and there have been significant improvements on the playing field.

What we are doing is working, yet some suggest we tear up what is working to simply gamble with our future. That is plain nuts, it is simply people trying to justify a silly ant-ENIC, anti-Levy stance, when it is they who have built us to this position from a side who were broke and regularly finished 1th, below the like of Aston Villa and Leeds United.

Where are they now? Where are all the clubs who were around us or above us then? NONE have built like we have built and some fans complain about that. Are they real supporters? Not in my eyes.

The game has changed, it is about money now, money equals trophies. The Champions League is won by a side with one of the top six football wage bills in the world. To win it you have to increase your revenue to be able to pay that sort of money.

Manchester United's wage bill is more than our total income, so how can we afford to pay their wages? We can't, simple as that. To ignore that is stupidity.

We all want regular trophies, but the only way to achieve that is to increase the income of the club, to at least double it on last years figures. We have taken a leap this year but that leap must be measured against the increase in income of the other clubs as each year that sets a new figure we must chase.

Bleat all you like, but ENIC, Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino are building the club in the right way, they are building it to be sustainable on it's own, not reliant on an owner. That gives the club a long term future at the top table.

So Alderweireld can not be paid £180,000-a-week, there is simply too much at stake. The club is bigger than any one player. Sell him to PSG for £55 million in the summer and bring in a player like 18-year-old (19 in August) Dutch international and Ajax centre-back Matthijs de Ligt.

We then have Jan Vertonghen overseeing the development of Davinson Sanchez, Matthijs de Ligt, Cameron Carter-Vickers and Juan Foyth. We have the position secured for the future, assuming we retain them. That is better than having Alderweireld for a couple of years and destroying the club financially.

With Alderweireld in the team, Spurs have conceded 15 goals in 17 games.
Without Alderweireld, Spurs have conceded 22 goals in 29 games.

Toby Alderweireld was what we needed while we built the club, he has been brilliant for us, but he had less competition for places. Now the situation has changed, the club have progressed and his presence isn't do vital, as who we have beaten and the number of goals conceded per game testify.

Yes we would all love to keep him, but on our terms, not his. £130,000 including the best bonuses in the Premier League is enough for Spurs to be paying him at this time.


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Kane and Alli worth €362m, Alderweireld going?

3:15 pm

Harry Kane and Dele Alli are now worth €362m

Spurs duo Harry Kane and Dele Alli now worth €362m

Always fun to have a look at the CIES Football Observatory figures and they have calculated the gap between what was paid for a player and what they are worth now, in the 5 major European leagues, Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

Two of them are from Tottenham, so why are fans complaining out our transfer policy?
1. H. Kane 🦁— €198m (+€198m) 2. L. Messi 🇦🇷—€197m (+€197m) 3. D. Alli 🦁—€171m (€+164m) 4. A. Griezmann 🇫🇷—€158m (+€128m) 5. P. Dybala 🇦🇷—€155m (+€115m)

Whether you agree with it or not is pretty irrelevant. We simply don't have the money other clubs have and have to cut our cloth accordingly. Most fans would agree that we are doing rather a good job of it under Mauricio Pochettino.

There will always be players who want more, always players who will move on, it's part and parcel of football. We have seen that when a player has decided to leave that Pochettino puts him on the back burner. He no longer is a first choice as his replacement needs to settle into a rhythm.

Kyle Walker lost his place to Kieran Trippier and his performances went down when he no longer had that total commitment, Danny Rose hasn't recovered his place since injury and when he has played, again the total commitment doesn't seem to be there.

Reports from Belgium, where Toby Alderweireld is away with the national team, suggest contract negotiations have broken down and Spurs have decided to let Alderweireld leave. He is after one last pay day and we will not be breaking our wage structure to keep him.

We can't. If we did then every other player would demand similar increases and our finances would become stretched. We are improving because we are a well run club with a manager who improves players.

Davinson Sanchez has been bought and is learning his craft alongside the experienced Jan Vertonghen. A decent defender, there is still improvement to come. He now appears to be the first choice ahead of Alderweireld. Fitness may just be a smoke screen.

If he wants 180,000-a-week, good luck to him getting it. Someone will pay it, it won't be us. We move on.


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Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame, Wages, Veterans

1:44 pm

Spurs roundup with a variety of news, stats and info

Spurs Wages

Daniel Levy reveals that Tottenham pay the biggest bonuses in the Premier League,which goes to show all wages negotiations are not equal. You can't simply equate the basic wage we pay with the basic wage another pays, bonuses need to be taken into consideration as well. There is far more to the Toby Alderweireld wages negotiation than the fan in the street knows.

It's basically performance related pay. If we win, you get a big bonus. What fans need to look at is the overall wage bill against the total income. Our percentage of income wage bill is roughly the same as all the other top four contenders, it's just that our total income is a lot less than theirs.

Burying a head in the sand and pretending that doesn't matter leads to the silly comments about paying a player anything he asks for, which of course leads to every other player then wanting wage increases. Before you know it your wages budget has gone through the roof and other areas of the club suffer, suh as money available for transfer and the ability to borrow money at the best rates.

Thank you to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust (THST) for publishing details of their meeting with Tottenham Hotspur once again. It is information we don't get in any other way..

Veterans Job Opportunities

Spurs are offering job opportunities to wounded veterans. Details below.

Friday 9 March 2018 10am - 1pm - for further details contact Cherylanne Lowther on


The sides with the top English goalscorers doing their bit to help our nation at the World Cup:

  1. Tottenham Hotspur
  2. Everton
  3. Leicester City
  4. Manchester United
  5. Bournemouth
  6. Manchester City

The Hall of Same and unsurprisingly Arsenal are bottom of the table with Chelsea not far behind.

15. Burnley
16. West Ham United
17. Chelsea
18. Huddersfield Town
19. Stoke City
20. Arsenal


Many of the players who featured were returning from injury. A lot of these players have seen their replacements thrive. Of the players still coming back, only Danny Rose put in a good display. He and new signing Lucas Moura were two of the few bright points for Tottenham. The likes of Victor Wanyama, Kieran Trippier and Fernando Llorente can have no complaints regarding snubs in the next few weeks.

That is an excerpt from a blog I came across on my travels - Last Word on Football

I do like finding new blogs so if anyone wants to list any Spurs blog they visit it would be most helpful.

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Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Alderweireld and the Spurs Besiktas comparison

8:00 pm

Spurs News

Gareth Bale, Diving Stats, Toby Alderweireld, plus the Spurs Besiktas comparison from a Turkish journalists perspective


His days at Real Madrid look numbered and his demeanour against PSG was not good, as AS explained in their piece on him. Spurs have first refusal of his services, meaning we get told of any offer and are given the opportunity to match it.Wages are a different world altogether though, but would a sponsor want to be involved with a marquee signing in the season we move back into our own stadium?

Gareth Bale


Liverpool fans are all complaining about diving on Twitter. It was a clear penalty on Sunday so perhaps Liverpool fans should look at the statistics produced by Squawka.

Most Yellow Cards For Diving Since 2011/12

  • Chelsea 24
  • Liverpool 22
  • Sunderland 21
  • Manchester City 17
  • Tottenham Hotspur 17
  • Manchester United 15


Roberto Martínez Montoliu is a Spanish football coach and former professional player. Martínez is the manager of the Belgium national team and was previously at Everton, Wigan Athletic and Swansea City.

He spoke tn HLN Sport and revealed he had spoken to Spurs centre-back Toby Alderweireld over his fitness.
“I have recently had a good conversation with Toby Alderweireld. I’m happy that Spurs take their time and don’t rush him back. But of course Toby would have liked to have played against Juventus. (Smiles) His situation will need time.”


An interesting article from BirGün, an Istanbul-based Turkish left-wing daily newspaper, in which the columnist takes a look at the how Spurs are run with growth in mind and how Besiktas is run with the same aim, but he suggests, not as successfully.

He makes the comparison because both are playing Grade A sides in Europe, Besiktas play Bayern Munich today and we drew with Juventus in Turin 2-2 last week..

The reporter suggests Harry Kane is valued at €120 (£105.82 million at today's rate).

Christian Eriksen is valued at €70m (£61.72 million at today's rate).

Dele Alli is valued at €80m (£70.53 million at today's rate).

Eric Dier is valued at €40m (£35.27 million at today's rate).

Purchase cost of the four players: €29.63 million (£26.12 million at today's rate).
Current value of the four players: €310 million (£273.30 million at today's rate).

You'll need to Google translate the article but it's a worthwhile read. It is always good to read views from other countries who have a different perspective on things and not just blindly follow what our press write. I have grown very tired of our press.

Besiktas and Tottenham Comparison

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Alderweireld, Aurier, Lamela, Llorente

7:00 pm


"Personally I would sign for Arsenal due to the fact that Spurs have a better defence and I probably wouldn’t play." - Joleon Lescott

Mauricio Pochettino was asked about Toby Alderweireld who has yet to be officially offered a new contract despite initial talks already having taken place.

"He was talking with me this morning and he's so happy, he wants to make it clear he is fully committed with the club."

Pochettino spoke about new right-back signing Serge Aurier who has been the subject of some distension from a section of Spurs fans. I recall writing early in the summer that it seemed to me that his problems revolved around a break down in relationship with his manager at PSG and that everything was a reaction to that. Had there not been that difficulty, the two clearly don't like each other, then perhaps his off the field problems may not have arisen.

"We had a long chat. He knows v well how we are, what we expect. It’s so important, not only him, every player, how they behave. I’m the first to make mistakes in my life. It’s important people give the opportunity to show that you learn."

Pochettino explained that there were only 17 players available to player from associations other than the English FA trained players so some players had to be left out. Erik Lamela isn't going to be fully match fit until November probably and the other unlucky player was Vincent Janssen. He told reporters it was simply about numbers.

He went on to suggest that getting the chance to sign a player like Fernando Llorente was an opportunity that was too good to miss nad was delighted that he chose to join Tottenham over Chelsea. His experience in winning a World Cup would be valuable to our young squad.


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New rule changes, Alderweireld and Luke Shaw

11:00 pm


Rule Changes proposed:

  • Players can take free kicks to themselves
  • Goal kicks do not have to leave the penalty area
  • Free kicks permitted with a moving ball
  • Penalties conceded for handling back-passes
  • Penalty goals awarded for goalline handballs

I see the ITK today is confirming what I was writing on 8 June about Toby Alderweireld wanting a release clause in his contract and we don't want to insert one, most English contracts don't have one.
8 June - Alderweireld release clause

It didn't take a genius to work out what the problem was while everyone else is blindly yelling pay the man assuming everything is always about money.

Tottenham are interested in Luke Shaw and he and Pochettino are still friends from their Southampton days. They still have dinner together and no doubt do not discuss anything about his future. The 21-year-old (22 in July) has suffered injuries but is still young so if and when he gets his head back together he should kick on. After trying to stir him into producing more this season we'll see if Jose Mourinho wants him next season.

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Cameron Carter-Vickers and Toby Alderweireld release clause

10:30 pm


HITC have come up with another of their articles that show they don't know much about Spurs. This time the article was about our young 19-year-old (20 in December) USA Under-20 and Under-23 international (he has 2 and 4 caps respectively) centre-back Cameron Carter-Vickers.

''There is every chance that Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino will try to loan him out this summer" they tell us.

Well that is completely UNTRUE. The opposite is the truth, who says so, Mauricio Pochettino himself. The cream of our young players stay under his guidance at Tottenham to learn his and our way.

Looking from the outside the situation surrounding 28-year-old (29 next March) Toby Alderweireld I would think is not over his wages but over having a release clause in his contract. Currently he has once that can be activated in 2019 and we want him to sign a new contract that takes out that release clause, especially at it's current level of £25 million (€28.86m - AUS$42.89m - US$32.37m).

On the continent it is normal to have a high release clause which rises with each new negotiation in return for a pay rise. This may be the sticking point with his agent. If Virgil van Dijk is worth £60 million (€69.27m - AUS$102.94m - US$77.69m), the figure Liverpool were prepared to pay, then Alderweireld as arguably the best centre-back in the Premier League, must be £80 million (€92.37m - AUS$137.26 - US$103.59m), which is ludicrous. 

We don't want a release clause so we can charge what we want. I doubt wages are the real issue at all.

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70 clean sheets in 100 matches

10:30 am

The best centre-back pairing in the Premier League

Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are probably the best central defensive partnership in the Premier League. Their record together as a central-back pairing is remarkable.

The pair have managed to keep 70 clean sheets in 160 matches, which is a goal conceded every 104.08 minutes.

28-year-old (29 next March) Alderweireld and 29-year-old (30 next April) Vertonghen have now won over 100 matches together as a centre-back pairing (they have also played games at right-back and left-back for Belgium).

Another remarkable statistic is that Alderweireld has conceded just 16 fouls for us in close to 5,500 Premier League minutes since the start of last season.

This season we have conceded 374 fouls and Alderweireld has conceded just 7 of those! That's 7 fouls in 24 games, one every 295 minutes.

Ahead of Saturday, it is good to know he has never lost to Chelsea, a record he, and we, obviously hope he retains on Saturday.

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Inaccurate Alderweireld stories is the PC way of putting it

5:00 pm


There is a big game coming up so you know there is going to be some crap written about players leaving and sure enough we have had the stories of Bayern Munich interest in Kyle Walker and now Kyle Walker being wanted by Inter Milan and Toby Alderweireld supposedly being unhappy at Spurs, also on the Inter wanted list.

The lazy have raked up his old release clause which HAS NOT come into effect yet. It only comes into effect in 2019, NOT BEFORE and the new contract he is close to signing removes that release clause altogether.

Alderweireld is unhappy at Tottenham and has a £23.4m release clause? That's almost too good to be true. Arsenal should be all over him.

You have to laugh at the delusion of this guy who still thinks Arsenal, striving for a UEFA Europa League place are a pull for players! Unbelievable. Reality will set in for a few of these Gooners when player after player starts turning them down and waits for a Champions League club to come in for them.

You'll note the gutter press, The Sun this time, have run with a story peddled by a friend of Antonio Conte, fellow Italian Gianluca Di Marzio, who has the accuracy record of Emile Heskey in an England shirt.

INTERESTING FACT: Toby Alderweireld have never lost to Chelsea

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How does Spurs Alderweireld compare to Arsenal's Mustafi?

8:51 am


Arsenal's summer signing of centre-back Shkodran Mustafi was three times more expensive than Tottenham Hotspur's Toby Alderweireld.

I saw this Tweet and thought I'd dig deeper. Is Toby Alderweireld a better defender than Shkodran Mustafi? We'll let the statistics decide.

The comparison statistics from Whoscored.

Shkodran Mustafi in the Premier League
Cost: £34.85 million (€40.85m - AUS$57.63m - US$43.26m)

Played: 23
Minutes: 2,005
Tackles Per Game: 2
Interceptions Per Game: 2.6
Fouls: 1.4
Clearances Per Game: 4.8
Blocks: 0.2

Toby Alderweireld in the Premier League
Cost: £13.60 million (€15.94m - AUS$22.49m - US$16.88m)
Played: 23
Minutes: 1.974
Tackles Per Game: 1.4
Interceptions Per Game: 0.8
Fouls: 0.3
Clearances Per Game: 5.8
Blocks: 0.7

The following screenshots are taken from the Squawka Comparison Matrix, a very useful tool.

The Spurs man has the better pass completion rate, they are equal on Key Passes but Alderweireld comes out on top in the tackling department.

Shkodran Mustafi loses more tackles than he wins while Toby Alderweireld wins more tackles than he loses. A clear winner there.

Toby Alderweireld wins more duels with an opponent than the Arsenal man and commits an extraordinary less number of fouls. Well, it may be a surprise to anyone other than a Spurs fan as we know his reading of the game is superb and thus he is in the right place to take the ball away from an opponent without having to resort to fouling. That has a knock-on effect, of course, it means he is going to suffer fewer bookings and in unlikely to get himself suspended.

His reading of the games also means he has to make fewer interceptions as he gets to the ball before an attacker to clear the danger. Cutting out an attack before it can develop and you have to intercept isn't covered by statistics but we see it each week from Toby.

More blocks, more clearances, less yellow cards, a better overall defensive rating, a better overall possession rating.

At a third of the price who you would want playing in your side is a no-brainer, Spurs' Toby Alderweireld wins the dual hands down.

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How does Spurs Alderweireld compare to Arsenal's Mustafi? How does Spurs Alderweireld compare to Arsenal's Mustafi? Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:51 am Rating: 5
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