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U-18 in final, Yahaya looking for another club?

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The Tottenham Hotspur youngsters are taking on Maccabi Haifa (Israel) tonight in the final of the IMG Cup. Our 18 side drew 0-0 with Mexican side Toluca FC last night to top their group on goal difference and secure a final berth.

The video below is of our Under-15 side demolishing Liverpool in the final of the Lion City Cup a few months ago.

An example of the problems of dealing with youth is highlighted by 'teenage sensation' Musa Yahaya, the Nigerian who turned 18 earlier this month. He played a starring role scoring four goal and having four assists as his nation won the Under-17 World Cup in 2013.

Success can go to a players head though, they can think they have made it or that they don't have to work so hard at their game, they can think they are entitled to game time ot promotion to a higjer team without putting in the work required. Is Musa Yahaya one of thoise players?

If you son't have the right mental approach as a football loving kid you simply won't make it. he has now fallen out with his national coach and has had a poor last year with us. All the talk is of a poor attitude, poor work ethic and that he is now having to look for another club. To produce a conveyor belt of talent you are going to lose some who don't cut the mustard along the way, if they go on to perform elsewhere with a chgange of attitude so be it, you don't cry over spilt milk. The academy job is to produce professional footballers, if that is for us that is a bonus, not all will be, but we still have a duty to give as many youngsters as we can the tools neded to succeed.

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Another player who can't understand our coaches

2:30 pm
In February this year, 16-year-old Musa Yahaya, one of the revelations of the recent U17 World Cup which Nigeria won in the United Arab Emirates, signed a youth contract for Tottenham.

Another player who can't understand our coaches

His teammates dubbed him Neymar and Iniesta at that tournament hence his press moniker, the new Iniesta. He was immediately loaned out to Celta Vigo in Spain who had a contract for his sporting rights until he was 18. That contract was cancelled by Yahaya allowing him freedom to train with us.

Since then the young attacking midfielder has returned to Spurs and is doing well. His agent, Babawo Mohammed, reveals that he is now training with the Development Squad and has been doing so since July, however he didn't speak English and could understand any coaching instructions he was getting.

"Tottenham Hotspur have hired an English teacher for Musa Yahaya and the lady speaks Hausa and English, so it’s easy for Musa to understand what is being taught. She comes three times a week to tutor him.   
"Before now, he spoke only Hausa and little Nigerian pidgin English but he has improved now. During training, he wasn’t really understanding what they were telling him to do."

He also went on to say that Tottenham were 'highly impressed' with Yahaya's play and are waiting until he becomes eligible to be granted a work permit when he turns 18.

"On the pitch, they are highly impressed with his performance. He is staying in their club house and they take care of his feeding. A vehicle picks him from the club house and takes him to training every day."

Yahaya signed for us because of the program we had to offer him, he could have gone to Real Madrid for more money.

''No, money wasn't a factor in the choice of Yahaya joining Spurs or he would have signed for Real Madrid."

He wasn't only being chased by Real Madrid but also by La Liga winners Atlético Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal who all wanted to sign him but Tottenham  moved first and reached agreement with his representatives in Dubai at the World Cup.

Another player who can't understand our coaches Another player who can't understand our coaches Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5
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