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Sherwood's spanner gives Levy a dilema

11:24 am
Tim Sherwood put a spanner in the works at Tottenham Hotspur yesterday. An opinionated individual who had rows with Glenn Hoddle when he was at Spurs told Daniel Levy he wanted the managers job, he felt he could do it.

However his policy of changing the system every game is not helping Spurs at all, indeed creating chances is becoming something of a rarity these days. Whilst Chelsea were being contained Spurs didn't remotely look like creating a chance, we created little against Cardiff, little against Norwich, little against Everton and little against Hull.

The only game they created chances in was away at Newcastle United when we banged in four. Creating chances 1 in 5 games is not going to get you anywhere.

Sherwood wants technical director role
Tim Sherwood wants the technical director role
There is potential there in Sherwood to be a manager but he seems to opinionated for his own good at times. I have no doubt that Daniel Levy looking for a long term manager gave Sherwood a chance to see what he could do to determine whether he should make him the assistant to a new Head Coach in the summer for Sherwood to learn from.

The way would then have been clear for Sherwood to become the long term boss at Spurs. As a plan it was logical Sherwood is a novice at management, which is never going to win you anything.

That plan has now had to be shelved because Tim Sherwood has this policy of putting you in a yes or no situation when he negotiates. He did that to get the Spurs job and he has now tried it with Daniel Levy again.

Asked about a new manager coming in at White Hart Lane Sherwood responded by not only saying he wouldn't do it but by basically saying get rid of Franco Baldini, I want his job. He said:

“The silence is deafening, isn’t it? It’s up to Daniel.

“It’s up to the club to make that decision. One thing I guarantee people is that there is no one who cares more than me. I want the team to do very well and it hurts me when they don’t. I need people to be hurting like I’m hurting.”

There can be few Spurs supporters who doubt his desire, they may not like his methods but he wants Spurs to be winners of that there is no doubt. He continued:

“I never want to be a number two. I feel like I can do the number one job. I don’t think I’d be good at number two. I’m too opinionated. I wouldn’t want to do the number two job."

So the prospect of working under an opinionated Louis Van Gaal does not appeal, nor working for the strict but respectful Cesare Prandelli. The Dutch English partnership could well have been sparky. Sherwood then went on to publicly throw down the gauntlet to Daniel Levy by publicly telling him he wants Baldini's job.

“I do think there is a place for a technical director. I’m someone who sees the club from the bottom to the top on the training field. There’s a definite place for that.

“A lot of clubs need to have a person like that, otherwise you get no continuity, you just end up buying seven or 10 players every window and your turnover of players is far too great.”

Now that is a massive dig at the guy who has just overseen the purchase of 7 players in a window and on top of that he is saying I can do the job better.

Levy's choice Sherwood or Baldini
Levy's choice Tim Sherwood or Franco Baldini
His heart is in the right place and his record of developing youth can not be questioned. Daniel levy like Sherwood, he respects his opinion we know that so Levy now has a choice, Baldini or Sherwood. Chief Scout Ian Broomfield is back and Sherwood has shown he works well with him. Andre Villas-Boas ousted Broomfield so whether Baldini can is an unknown.

In that respect Sherwood has been quite clever, Levy can choose a group of people who have produced and spotted talent (Sherwood, Broomfield) or take a trip into the unknown (Baldini, Broomfield).

Daniel Levy made what turned out to be a mistake backing Andre Villas-Boas's judgement, with Broomfield back now, which option does he choose? Levy wanted a technical director and Franco Baldini was AVB's choice for the role. If Sherwood wants it he may well get it. Levy may revert back to his trusted personnel to right the wrongs of the last couple of years.

By throwing his hat in the ring for the technical director role he is admitting he will not be the manager next season. In his head he knows that, it hasn't gone how he would have hoped. He has not done a bad job but that simply isn't good enough if the club want top four.

Spurs fans can now begin to think about their choice, Louis Van Gaal or Cesare Prandelli for the hot seat.

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Levy moves to put right the £100 failure

9:23 am
While Spurs were bottling it on the pitch again with yet another gutless capitulation with ten men Daniel Levy was showing them how to be a winner.

It has been reported all week how Arsenal had signed former Tottenham scouting supremo Ian Broomfield, until the beginning of March chief scout at Queens Park Rangers with another former Tottenham man Harry Redknapp. It was Redkapp who first brought him to Spurs in 2009.

Ian Broomfield & Harry Redknapp
Ian Broomfield was with Harry Redknapp at QPR
The national press reported on March 1st he was leaving to join Arsenal and had resigned his position at QPR.

“The opportunity to work for Arsene Wenger at one of Europe’s top clubs, like Arsenal, was too good to turn down,” Broomfield was quoted as saying.

“I appreciated my time at QPR with Harry, but this is an exciting challenge which I’m looking forward to.”

Knowing the talent of the talent spotter Daniel Levy did not want to see a scout of his quality end up at Arsenal.

Levy has contacted Broomfield and discovered that no contract had actually been signed only a verbal agreement so Levy has persuaded him to return to the Tottenham fold instead. Having enjoyed a good working relationship with Levy previously Broomfield agreed and has put pen to paper to rejoin Spurs and scupper Arsenal's plans.

He has previously been the Chief Analyser at Leeds United (who then made it to the Champions League semi-finals) and Aston Villa, on both occasions working wor David O'Leary. He then went to Portsmouth with Harry Redknapp before they both came to Spurs.

Broomfield left his Chief Scout role at Spurs after Andre Villas-Boas took over. The pair had a falling out when they disagreed over player signings and AVB had him removed.

A former player, his career was ruined by injury and he spent 30 years solving murder cases for the Criminal Investigation Department and scouting in his spare time.

He was responsible for the signing of Dimitar berbatov, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, Vertonghen, Sigurdsson, Dembele, Lloris and Sandro.

He advised the re-signing of Kaboul and recommended the purchase of Luis Suarez. also scouted and recommended the purchases of Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton. The list of talent we have missed out on is Broomfield list, AVB's players are not in the same class.

Ian Broomfield is widely regarded as an exceptional talent spotter and Spurs are lucky to have the right man back at The Lane to head the search for players. If Broomfield had been at the club we would not have wasted £100 million on mediocrity.

Daniel Levy has gone back to the man he trusts to upgrade our signings once more.

Levy moves to put right the £100 failure Levy moves to put right the £100 failure Reviewed by THBlogNews on 9:23 am Rating: 5
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