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We should measure ourselves against ourselves, not others

9:30 am
Just like Tottenham I'm building at the moment, taking a tiny betting bank and seeing what I can do with it. Like Spurs, there will be ups and downs, not every decision will be right, but as long as the general trend is upwards then we are both heading in the right direction.

One of the key aspects and one perhaps lose sight of is measurement, Spurs fans should not be measuring us against others, we should be measuring ourselves against ourselves. Spurs can not control what other clubs do, they have bigger budgets and thus have the ability to grow quicker. It's the one key failure in the anti-Levy argument.

If we are to measure ourselves, and we should, we must measure against ourselves. The questions we should be asking are, are we in an upward trend and are we improving? The answer to both is yes.

We turned Gareth Bale into a player who outgrew us, well he turned himself into that player with our help. It was not possible to simply go out and buy a world class player to replace him because we couldn't pay their wages and why would they want to come to Tottenham anyway when there are less competitive leagues abroad.

Do we have as good a team as we had then, no, but we didn't have a sustainable formula either, we relied on buying and were fortunate that Gareth Bale carried us. Just as relying on one income stream is folly for a business, relying on one player is folly. 

With a new stadium to build the finances have to be in tip-top shape or it will cost more in loan payments to build and hold the club back for longer. The answer is a sustainable conveyor belt of home-produced talent, which is what we are putting in place. The trend is clearly to an exciting and sustainable future challenging for trophies. 

Just as I am building a betting bank Spurs are building as a club. If you embrace the building element you embrace excitement, apprehension, you embrace a whole gamut of emotions. If you embrace a defeatest attitude you embrace an unhappy life and I for one won't be dragged down to that level. There is hope and excitement there if you want to see it, the question is, do you?

It turned into a good day for my building yesterday thanks to the Euro qualifiers all going over 1.5 goals. One of the several minimum stake bets came in which paid for all other minimum stake bets.

In the end I plumped for 4 domestic games (Barnsley, Carlisle, Gateshead, Chesterfield) and all 4 of the 5pm Euro Qualifier games (Norway, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan) returning odds of 5.79/1 which covered all but 42p of the minimum stake bets. 

That just left me with a 5/1 bet all the 7.45pm Euro Qualifier games. That bet won so the day was very nicely profitable and built the betting bank a little further.

I started an experiment three weeks ago to see what I could build from just £10 using mainly Over 1.5 bets and some American football. That had grown to just over £24 before yesterday and now sits at just over £45 this morning.

The games in yesterday's post didn't all go to plan with two losing, the beauty of not having all my eggs in one basket though ensures a profitable weekend again.

Over 1.5 Total Goals Results

Barnsley vs Crewe - 1st goal in 14 minutes, 2nd goal in 16 minutes WON
Colorado Rapids vs Montreal Impact - 1st goal in 15 minutes LOST
Swindon vs Peterborough - 1st goal in 38 minutes, 2nd goal 52 minutes WON
Bury vs Wigan - 1st goal in 6 minutes, 2nd goal in 60 minutes WON
Aldershot vs Altrincham - 1st goal in 33 minutes, 2nd goal 63 minutes WON
Southport vs Torquay - 1st goal in 6 minutes LOST
Forest Green vs Guiseley - 1st goal in 25 minutes, 2nd goal in 57 minutes WON
Bromley vs Barrow - 1st goal in 18 minutes, 2nd goal in 25 minutes WON

Today to start I'll use a total minimum stake for equal trebles and a fourfold on the American football handicaps. The fourfold returns odds of 9.56/1

Arizona Cardinals -2.5
New York Giants -6.5
New England Patriots -7.5
Tennessee Titans +2.5

I'll have a stroll along the Folkestone coastline this morning and then a study of the football to see if there is anything worth wagering on.

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