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London is calling the NFL

10:00 pm

Photo credit to Tottenham Hotspur FC

Eric Dier (he's the bigger one at the back - LOL) met a group of young players from the United States at the Club’s Training Centre on Thursday. They were aged between 12 and 15 and gained selection when they took part in the Tottenham Hotspur America Trophy, which is set to expand into two new states (Houston, Texas and Orlando, Florida) later this year. It has thus far been an annual event in Maryland.

To read a full report follow the link: Dier meets American hopefuls

On Monday 10 April Victor Wanyama met and showed around Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry who had come over for an NFL UK event and to talk to fans on Facebook.

Earlier today with , (Jarvis Landry) 🏈vs ⚽️

We continue to take these opportunities to register our name to the NFL fans in this country and the American public.

Tottenham Hotspur have a growing US fanbase and are one of only three Premier League teams to see an increase in viewing figures. Unlike in previous years the FA Cup semi-final will be screened and broadcast into the maximum number of homes by Fox instead of restricted channel viewing.

There are currently 64 Official Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Clubs across North America and that is more than any other Premier League club. We have Super Club’ partnerships in Tallahassee, Florida, and the Bay Area of California and are visiting the US for the 5th time in 7 years to take part in the International Champions Cup. 

We will play PSG at the Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida, AS Roma at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey and Manchester City at the Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tennessee. At each location we will run our usual coaching programmes as grass roots level. Time for a geography lesson for non-American readers, look closely.

I thought Nashville was a little further south too.

The San Diego Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt told reporter Albert Breer that the next move he could see would be overseas after the NFL’s annual meeting voted 31-1 to allow the LA Raider to move to Las Vegas.

"As chairman of the international committee, we are discussing what the best way is to continue to grow the business internationally and it’s no secret that a subject that’s been floated is one day having a team that’s playing at least their regular season schedule overseas. So that’d be the only thing I’d see in the near future. It’s certainly not imminent.”

Breer writes that the NFL launched the International Series in 2007 with a singular focus on building in London, while quietly setting a 15-year goal of becoming the first North American sports league to base a franchise there. One London game for the first six years became two in 2013, and two in 2013 became three in 2014. This year, the NFL will play four games in London (half of a home schedule) for the first time.

Next year, a dual-purpose stadium the NFL invested in at Tottenham will open; it’s the first one being built overseas for both American football and the British kind. After that, the hope is to eventually get to an eight-game series in London, which could either be the precursor to a club landing there or simply the long-term solution.

To read his full article follow the link: Beyond Vegas, London is calling the NFL 

It goes on to give ideas from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about how it might work.

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NBC 45 minute Spurs special to boost our profile

7:00 pm

For those of you with a bit of time on your hands, American broadcaster NBC have made a 45 minute programme about Tottenham Hotspur.

It is just another example of how our American NFL tie-up will help us in our efforts to become the number one supported club in North America. Already we have more supporters clubs than any other Premier League team, we have tie ups with amateur clubs and grass roots football, we have coaching programmes and programmes to teach coaches. We have always been a club that tries to help the grass roots of the game there whenever we visit, unlike some financially bigger clubs who prefer to fly in, take the money and fly out again.

Once we are in the stadium the interest will continue to grow and the sports networks will have a news story to focus on, one that will help to raise our profile. Getting into the homes of Americans on their TV sets is crucial to marketing the club over there, something the 10-year NFL tie-up will achieve.

No doubt their will be a London-based franchise playing their home game at Tottenham Hotspur before that 10-year deal runs out. The first few years are to test the water and see if the local support is there. NFL marketing suggests it is growing and will be at a sustainable level in a few years.

The next 10 years should be very interesting both on and off the field.

You can watch the NBC programme at the Official Spurs Website.

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UK NFL boss Mark Waller is a Spurs fan, he hates Arsenal

11:00 pm
I have written many a time about the importance of the NFL deal we signed and the fact that we are building a stadium that is designed to house a specialist NFL pitch without having to close rows of seating so the crowd can see the game.

You simply do not go to the expense of building a stadium if you have not already discussed a long-term relationship, in this case, a permanent franchise at White Hart Lane. It is nieve to expect us to have done anything less and we will know exactly where we stand in relation to that London franchise. Daniel Levy is an astute businessman, not a gambling fool. The stadium isn't being built just to accommodate 20 NFL over the next 10 years.

The NFL is beamed into millions of American homes and it can only help our name recognition if those games are beamed from our stadium. It also opens the way for huge commercial deals as well as the potential to increase our fanbase cementing us as the number one English premier League team in North America. That is the potential and that is what we are working to achieve.

NFL executive vice-chairman international Mark Waller says London is on track to have its own NFL franchise in just six more years.

"The fan base is big enough and passionate enough that it can support a franchise. 
"I felt in 2007 it was always a 15-year journey. I think we're on track to deliver that. I fundamentally believe we will deliver that. 
"We are in a unique position as a sport because of the way our season is structured - we only play one game a week. It's not something other American sports could do."
Mark Waller is the driving force in the UK for American Football, it is his role to expand the fanbase. It just so happens that he is a Tottenham fan and hates Arsenal as he told the Washington Post in 2014.

“I do fundamentally believe the deep-rooted divisive passion of U.K. soccer is unlike almost any other sports passion I’ve seen. It’s a very different passion in the U.K.; passion for soccer is actually passion for a team. I love Tottenham and I hate Arsenal."
While it will not have an impact on any deals made it certainly isn't going to be a hindrance.



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NFL Franchise home ground determines success or failure

9:55 pm
Anyone with an inkling of how to grow a fan base for a new sport will tell you it has to be taken to the people before you can bring the people to it.

Some seem to have forgotten that basic, but then it doesn't fit with the anti-Spurs Levy out rhetoric does it. The NFL want a London franchise, but only when the fanbase has been trebled in London. It is common sense to take it to different areas to attract new people and hopefully get them hooked.

The NFL chief charged with growing the fanbase over here has made it clear previously that while several venues will be used during that growing process. What is important is the long-term future of a London NFL franchise and that will require a specialist base. It is inconceivable that the long-term future has not already been discussed, we wouldn't be building a specialist facility if it hadn't.

Lower league football clubs have to put in a lot of work in their local community, they don't simply operate at their home ground and that's it. Building an American football fanbase is the same principle, currently they are going into the community (boroughs of London) to build before drawing them to one regular location when big enough. To grow you have to market incessantly. 

The aim is to constantly stay top-of-mind so that your team is the entertainment of choice for people. The best people to catch are school children as these are the grass roots in future fans terms. The cradle to grave fan is the ideal so if you can get local children into a stadium and treat them as if they are special then you have the chance to draw them in. Market to the family and you fill more seats, market to children and the parents have to come along too.

It makes sense therefore to tour London during the growing phase to place your product in front of as many as possible. Even though the NFL have just had a game at Wembley they took the opportunity to visit Tottenham and reassociate our name with the game.

While some want to bury their heads and yell failure because it suits their closed minds. The fact is playing in different locations is common sense marketing until the sport is big enough for a home of its own. What matters is that Spurs secure that, only that will determine whether Levy has been successful or not with this venture.

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Spurs London based NFL franchise 3 years away

12:30 pm
The NFL want a London-based American football franchise, Alistair Kirkwood the NFL UK Managing Director wants and believes it will happen, it is his role to work towards it. The international series of games are designed to steadily grow the fan base in the UK to a point where a franchise can be sustained.

Spurs London based NFL franchise 3 years away

NKL Commissioner Roger Goodell has frequently said he wants a London-based franchise, but both agre the fanbase isn't yet of a size that can support a franchise. The deal with Tottenham Hotspur is key to NFL development over here and the long term benefits of Tottenham being the home of NFL in England is huge.

Kirkwood wants a London-based franchise, Manchester have tried to woo him into believing that would be the best location, but the NFL believe a team has to be based in London. To further a sport it needs a dedicated home, it needs specialist facilities for that sport, not the sport having to change to fit into an unsuitable venue.

The move from Tottenham to agree a stadium that incorporates the needs of American football, that provides a dedicated playing surface and seating that doesn't have to be moved or can't be used places the club hand in hand with the NFL and that means promotion on both sides of the pond.

The NFL fanbase is growing substantially and with Sky Sports covering the event, Tottenham will get beamed into homes even when we are not playing, it'll get beamed into American homes as well. Product awareness and familiarity are key marketing elements so the 'association marketing' that takes place positions Spurs as a major team in American eyes. If you back that up with frequent visits, the media exposure and talk of Spurs having more official fan clubs than any other Premier League side in America, you are placing the club in people's eyes as the club to follow.

We have signed up for 10 years of that and we would hope the initial venture grows into something more permanent. The thought at the moment is that if growth continues in the fanbase as it has been doing then a London-based franchise can start being seriously discussed in just 3 years time believes Alistair Kirkwood.

That is the aim and it coincides with a dedicated venue being ready so this 10-year deal is significant as it puts us in the driving seat to be the franchise base, rather than Wembley or the Olympic Stadium. The naming rights deal alone becomes significant and a potential huge earner given it would be going into the homes of two different sports both with huge fanbases.

I don't understand those who have questioned promoting ourselves in the American market given that every Premier League club is doing the same thing, are they all wrong, no of course not, it is a growing market and we have to gra as big a piece of the pie as we can.

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Yedlin, Stadium, NFL, America

1:00 am
Money talks in football so seeing an opportunity before anyone else and taking advantage can have a significant impact. As the Asian market came to prominence.

Manchester United cornered the market in Japan, getting their name in front of potential fans before anyone else. They also of course signed Shinji Kagawa giving the Japanese a player to focus on in the Premier League. Everyone else has been playing catch up in Asia, ourselves included.

The United States is the next frontier, it is still in it's infancy in terms of football. The first generation who grew up with football have had children and those children take an interest in football, as that continues into the next generation support will continue to grow. The TV revenue has leapt so it is being pushed to the Americans.

It is a massive market, so boosting and keeping the Tottenham Hotspur name high in the public consciousness is an important step to eventually grow support. Sides like Manchester United fly into a city for a game and fly out again, being paid to play there. Tottenham take a few days and go out into the local community as well as working with schools and meeting the supporters clubs.

We have had Brad Friedel on our books and he remains a Tottenham Ambassador in the States while he undertakes his new career in the media. Replacing him on the playing staff, although not positionally, is DeAndre Yedlin, a rising star of the American game. he gives Americans a focal point and Mauricio Pochettino needs to bring him up to a level where he can play a meaningful part in all competitions for the club.

If you follow USA games on Twitter and listen to the comments as the game progresses, it's normal for people to praise Yedlin going forward but accept he needs to work on his defending and especially his positional play. Yedlin himself has taken to the media and said he is working hard at this area of his game in an effort to be ready for next season.

“I’m really trying to work on my defensive positioning. I think, especially here, you can get killed if your positioning isn't right, so I think that’s another really big part of my game that I need to work on.
“It’s good because I can watch a lot of games on TV now, so I can study other right-backs and learn from them.”

He has frightening pace and from what I have seen plays good balls into the box. At the moment we have Eric Dier at right back and he is putting in fantastic crosses that need to be read better by the attackers. If Yedlin can master the positional side then his delivery of the ball will see him put pressure on Kyle Walker and competition for a place is no bad thing, Walker probably needs that himself to bring out the best in him.

i like what I have seen thus far from Yedlin. His history of coming through the American system quickly, then not being overawed when a novice at the World Cup, the guts to leave his country and move to one of the toughest leagues in the world, knowing full well he has a lot of work to do to improve his game, then knuckling down to do it, all helps suggest to me he has the right mentality, a winning mentality.

He'll do what it takes to succeed. I'll be watching with interest and hope he can fulfil his potential, the American public will then have a player to latch onto when games are shown in the States.

Tottenham may well have even greater links with the States if the proposed deal for an NFL team based at White Hart Lane comes off, with the football surface being a retractable pitch. If an NFL team is based there then the Tottenham name will be taken to a whole new audience and if some decide they want to take an interest in our football then it would be natural for some of them to latch onto Tottenham as the side to follow.

Commercially it opens up a whole new market and would make Tottenham unique in the Premier League in having regular advertising opportunities with the American market. That can only be good for our commercial income with brands wanting to promote themselves to American households.

It's hard to target the USA through football at the moment so if one club can steal a march on the opposition and gain a big share of the new support, then they put themselves in pole position. That club needs to be Tottenham Hotspur. If Daniel Levy pulls it off it will be a master stroke.

It could be an exciting time to be a Tottenham fan over the next ten years.

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