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Javier Mascherano given 12 months jail sentence

6:30 pm
Barcelona and Argentina star Javier Mascherano has been sentenced to 12 months in jail after being found guilty of tax evasion.

The ex-West Ham United and Liverpool player is reported by Spanish newspaper El Mundo that Mascherano appeared in court on Thursday and was handed a fine and jail sentence. The fine amounted to €815,000 (see the table below for currency conversions).

Javier Mascherano given 12 months jail sentence

Legal representatives are asking for an increased fine instead of a jail sentence for their client, yet another scandal to hit Spanish football. The top three clubs have now all received transfer bans for the illegal movement of under-age players, several of their stars are under investigation for tax fraud, the clubs are having to pay tax bills they haven't had to pay before and Karim Benzema isn' exactly covering himself in glory amid the current rape trial.

Laughably he has said he shouldn';t be punished because the fault is from his financial advisors. he can sue them if his didn't know what they were doing, although undoubtedly he did or that would have happened by now.

“I’m a sporting professional, I don’t have a great understanding of taxes and law. To deal with what are for me technical and complicated matters, I have to rely on other people. 
“Throughout all my career I have been an honest person, responsible and respectful of my team-mates and the clubs that I have played for and the countries I have lived in.”

If they are dealing with millions of pounds of your money it is your responsibility to understand what they are doing and it is inconceivable that they haven't acted without his consent. Tax has to be paid, if you try and find ways around it then it is pretty obvious that there could be problems. 

Lionel Messi goes to court in May also for tax evasion offences worth millions by using companies in Belize and Uraguay. Neymar is also under investigation over his move, coincidentally they are all Barcelona players.

Messi and his father also blame advisors amid calls for jail sentences of nearly 2 years each.



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Real Madrid not whiter than white

6:30 pm
Real Madrid have been kicked out the Copa del Rey after fielding a suspended player and incredibly mounting a defence that suggested they didn't know so it should count. Since when has ignorance been a viable defence.

The Spanish want Rafa's head it seems, hardly surprising given th brand of defensive football he likes, this is Real Madrid, the Galacticos, you can't play defensive minded football with a team full of attacking stars. His days look numbered, especially as this comes after the recent 3-0 thrashing by Barcelona when there was only one team on the park.

Real Madrid beat Cadiz 3-0 but fielded Russian winger Denis Cheryshev in the first half and he scored after 3 minutes. Cadiz fans didn't care, they were already celebrating at half-time knowing they would be declared winners whatever the result. It must have been the joyous defeat they had suffered.

Cheryshev was at Villarreal last season and too many bookings meant he was carrying a suspension, something Real Madrid should have known. Benitez carries the can but the administrative staff have made the club look a laughing stock.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez insisted as they didn't know they shouldn't be punished and is to appeal the decision. 

“The punishment is not effective unless it notifies those to be punished. Real Madrid did not know of its existence — no one reported it.”

Drag the club through the mire a bit more why don't you. He clearly thinks Real Madrid are above the law. There was the land tax issues, then the illegal signing of under-age players and now playing suspended players. 

The club may play in white but clearly they are not whiter than white.

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News Briefs

4:30 pm
A selection of the news headlines today, some with links. Harry Redknapp, our academy, new contract offers, transfer news, take your pick.

Ex-Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is close to agreeing a £10m deal to take over United Arab Emirates club Al Jazira. (Source: Sun Sport)

No doubt he will still receive abuse from the mindless minority in our fanbase. Why do people hold grudges, it just makes them into unsavory sorts and doesn't affect the other party (intended victim) one iota.

Tottenham keen to tie Lamela, Dembele, Eriksen and Chadli to new deals after good start to season. My story:

Make you minds up chaps! Rather suggests they are both guessing doesn't it.

Tottenham are set to bid for West Brom star Saido Berahino in January. (Source: Daily Star)

Unsurprisingly WBA are not seeing the best of Saido Berahino this season, read the THBN article o the situation later tonight.

Tottenham's academy was 10 years in the making... and it's now paying off |

Always good to read articles pertaining to areas of the club other than the first team. You can read the THBN take here: The Tottenham Finishing School

Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino says the club have already begun targeting new signings.

Every club in the country has started targetting new signings, it is a constant process not something you suddenly realise you have to do at the last minute, it's not like men Christmas shopping!

Tottenham are still paying Emmanuel Adebayor's £100,000 a week salary, despite him having left months ago. (Daily Telegraph)

Emmanuel Adebayor could be set for a move to Chelsea, and Spurs might have to pay him to do so

What isn't made clear in any of this is the fact he is paid periodic lump sum payments as part of his settlement agreement that also means he is not allowed to talk about his time at Tottenham. If we had paid him a lump sum you have to question whether he would have kept quiet, this wat Daniel Levy has silenced him while he is still due payments. If he wnts to join another club it may well be that he had to forgo the remaining payments, I don't know that but I suspect it given stories suggesting any club has to negotiate with us how much they are going to pay towards wages, even though he is no longer in our employment.

Sound carzy doesn't it and it is probably totally inaccurate, I don't see how it is legal under employment law. Forfeiting future money if he signs for another club before 30 June 2016 makes perfect sense to Spurs and seems very likely. What we are not doing is paying him £100,000-a-week in the manner suggested by these reports.

Tottenham's next 7 Premier League matches: West Brom (A) Newcastle (H) Southampton (A) Norwich (H) Watford (A) Everton (A) Leicester (H)

They may look fairly straight forward, but our mental approach to each individual game is key. These of course are only our Premier League games, there is a tie against Monaco in which we need a point to be played as well. 
Read the THBN article: Spurs Face Challenges

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Random Headlines

4:00 pm
A selection of random headlines, quotes and facts in quick and easily digestible size.

Heung-Min Son has been named Asian Football Confederation Asian International Player of the Year at the organisation's Annual Awards in New Delhi.

Tottenham have reduced their agents fees by almost £5m in last year from £10,983,011 (2013-14) to £5,987,052 (2014-15). The 45% reduction is the largest in the Premier League. Spurs were one of only 6 Premier League clubs to reduce agents' fees. Liverpool spent the most £14m.

Spurs lead the league for goals from set-piece shots (8) while we have conceded only 1.

209 players have attempted 30+ dribbles in Europe's top 5 leagues this season. Mousa Dembele (86.8%) has the best success rate

Mauricio Pochettino: "I think we can be pretty pleased with the performance and the maturity we showed as a team. The effort was unbelievable and for me, they are all heroes."

Toby Alderweireld: "At the back we have quality, we’re showing we’re solid and that’s good and when someone gets through, Hugo is there to save us."

Christian Eriksen: "Some guys said after Thursday, if we play a bad game, we keep a clean sheet. That’s important. It’s still better to get one point rather than nothing but of course we wanted to win."

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Links to the morning news

12:30 pm
A quick lunchtime round-up of a few Tottenham stories with links that will open in a new window.

The Western Gazette report that a Tottenham youngster is training with Yeovil Town, the player in question 17-year-old (18 in November) Christian Maghoma.
Western Gazette

John Terry, torn apart by Harry Kane last season at White Hart Lane, injured himself last night and will miss the game against us at the weekend. Jose Mourinho has blamed a poor pitch for his players ankle injury.
BT Sport

For The Ladies Eyes Only is a tongue in cheek look at golfing Christmas presents for the man in her life smacking a little ball around a field into a tiny hole, for fun!.

I include the Jimmy G2 column partly for the graphic which sums up Tottenham team ethic so well, 'All for one and one for all' and partly because Tottenham fans writing a blog seem to look at the club in a far more sensible way than the sensationalist press do, well the pro Tottenham blogs at least.
Jimmy G2

The Tottenham Focus Has Changed is a look at the messages coming out of Tottenham now and the feel they give. In this article, I discuss the change from hope messages to expectation messages, a mental shift from unlucky loser to winning mentality thinking.

Ismail Azzaoui couldn't wait for first-team football so left for Bundesliga outfit Wolfsburg. These things happen so no point crying over spilt milk. he made his debut for them as a substitute for the last 15 minutes, the youngest player to play in the league this season.
Liga Insider

My apologies if some of these sites have intrusive adverts that take over your screen, I tend to avoid these sites as much as I can which rather makes the adverts counter-productive as I'm sure I'm not the only ones who hates those and auto-play videos.

Naturally I have been offered these for this website, which I really must get around to moving to its new home, but turned them down, much to their annoyance.

Further Tottenham articles from THBN
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Chances created and conceded, where do Spurs sit in the table?
VIDEO: Full Kane individual performance vs West Ham
Dembele improvement is no accident
Dembele's hidden messages

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FIFA candidate fails integrity check, doesn't get better does it.

8:00 pm
Liberian football association chief Musa Bility has not passed the FIFA presidency integrity checks and has been excluded from the election. He is one of seven candidates, or he was. In a show of complete transparency, FIFA have failed to reveal why he has failed the integrity checks.

Asian Football Confederation president Sheikh Salman Bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa has passed the checks. This is despite claims from human rights groups that back in Bahrain he was involved in a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. I would certainly want to see those claims fully investigated before he was put forward for election to run football given the individual we have had running the game and the methods he ha employed.

The other candidates who have passed the integrity check are Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, former FIFA official Jerome Champagne from France, UEFA’s general secretary Gianni Infantino from Switzerland, and Tokyo Sexwale, the former anti-apartheid activist from South Africa.

Why is there no British candidate? It was our delegate who stood up in a meeting to suggest FIFA needed transparency and that the organisation was nor, how shall we put it, whiter than white. H was 

Back in 2011 Julio Grondona, Argentina’s delegate to the congress of FIFA, branded England ‘pirates’ and revealed he had told the 2018 World Cup England bidding team that he would only support their bid if the Falkland Islands were handed to Argentina. Just goes to show some people have no interest in the sport they are supposed to be running.

"We always have attacks from England which are mostly lies with the support of journalism which is more busy lying than telling the truth. Please leave the Fifa family alone!"

What he should have said was the corrupt FIFA family of course. Time has shown the British and British journalist to be telling the truth when ex[posing the deceit, dishonesty and downright corruption at the world body.

Football Association chairman David Bernstein – with backing from FA president Prince William and David Cameron – had called on the congress to abort the vote until a corruption-free candidate could be found. The dishonest organisation overwhelmingly rejected the FA’s proposal by 178 votes to 17, with even Wales and Northern Ireland disgracefully snubbing it.

Costakis Koutsokoumnis, president of Cyprus's FA spoke against the English lies and now looks very foolish.

"What a beautiful English word: allegations. Somebody stands up, says a few things in the press, then these things take ... a seed in our minds, without most of the time, a single shred of truth." 

The leaders of associations from Haiti, the Congo, Fiji also all spoke out against England’s ‘lies’. Moucharafou Anjorin, FA president, Benin didn't take our claims seriously.

"I'm ill at ease that this comes from a country like England with its football standing ... We must massively express our support to President Blatter. Please applaud"

This was as a result of FIFA suspending the challenger to Sepp Blatter in 2011, Qatari Mohamed bin Hammam, for alleged bribery and Blatter holding an election with only himself as a candidate, a dictatorship if ever there was one. Blatter was scathing of the English too.

"Where does all this evil come from? It has to do with the popularity of our competition, the World Cup, and everything around the vote. That kicked off a wave of accusations, allegations, criticism."

Clearly there is a lot of blindness going around while England stood firm and almost alone to expose corruption. For the organisation to have any crdibility it should appoint an English leader for the next 4-year term to clean the organisation.

If you have read the previous article you will know Angel María Villar Llona, the Fifa executive committee member from Spain has been fined, but not banned. In 2011 he had this to say of the English:

"The problem of some comments in the paper came from some people who may have lost in the World Cup elections. They associated us with crimes we have not committed, they insult, they attack our freedom. It's enough"

It turns out our reporters were reporting the truth so only the 7 who voted for our motion should be able to put candidates forwards, the others have shown they are happy to support corruption.

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FIFA candidate fails integrity check, doesn't get better does it. FIFA candidate fails integrity check, doesn't get better does it. Reviewed by THBlogNews on 8:00 pm Rating: 5

Another football figure with something to hide?

5:26 pm
Angel Villar Llona, a FIFA senior vice-president and Spain’s UEFA vice-president  has been fined £16,316 (US$24,852 - AUS$34,869 - €23,000) for failing to cooperate with an investigation into the 2018 World Cup bidding process.

A statement from the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA’s ethics committee explained he would receive a fine, but not a ban. 
“Mr Villar Llona failed to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct applicable to football officials in the context of the investigations conducted by the then chairman of the investigatory chamber of the FIFA ethics committee regarding the 2018/2022 FIFA World Cup bids. 
“As he subsequently expressed his commitment to collaborate and demonstrated a willingness to cooperate, he has been sanctioned with a warning and a fine of CHF 25,000.”
The suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter was admitted to hospital with a 'small emotional breakdown' and he has now been discharged hie advisor Klaus Stoehlker confirmed.
“He is fine, but he has just been told to relax for a few days."
If ever you wanted proof that power corrupts you only have to look at FIFA and the number of people allegedly involved in bribing and taking bribes, then there is Russian state controlled doping in Athletics and the apparent cover up, then the are the athletic officials who turned a blind eye. It is the job of the former IAAF vice president Lord Coe to know of doping and of any cover up of doping. He is of course now the president and it's outragous that he claims to be shocked considering the general public believe it to be widespread. 

I may be wrong but to me there is no way one human being can be 10 yards better than the other best human beings over a short distance. lance Armstrong was a dope cheat for many a year and again anyone who saw him toil in a mountain stage then come back fresh as a daisy two days later had all the clues they needed. The body simply does not recover that quickly woithout help, it takes a football player 48 hours to completely recover form a 90 minutes game of football, 6 hours cycing up mountains is hardly easier!

There has to be complete transparency in organisations and dealings. We could begin with the dodgy deal to stitch up the tax payer and gift West Ham a stadium on a rent that doesn't even cover the cost of running th place.

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Man U, Berahino, Michu, De Gea, Spurs TV

10:30 pm
Manchester United are working hard to bring in a striker in the January window. Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has meetings scheduled next week with the agents of Mario Gomez who plays for Turkish side Beşiktaş and Brazilian Pato currently playing for Sao Paulo on loan from Corinthians.

WBA striker Saido Berahino has told his agent that he still wants to join Spurs, and Spurs still want to sign the 22-year-old. The move is thought likely to happen, but perhaps not until summer. He will be cheaper than he is now or was last summer because he will only have a year remaining on his current contract.

Former Swansea City striker Michu has joined fourth tier Spanish side Unión Popular de Langreo where he will make his debut on Saturday after rescinding his Swansea contract this week. He has had ankle injuries that have ruined his career so at 29 he has hardly played for two years and needs to rebuild it again.

The Sun claim Real Madrid will trigger the £30m release clause in David De Gea's contract next summer.

I'm delighted to see Spurs TV are now incorporating a greater variety in their productions and they have produced a special six-part series from goalkeeping coach Toni Jimenez. This follows on from the recent training video.

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News in one line

10:30 pm
9 of the last 16 England debutants have worked under Mauricio Pochettino, either at Tottenham or Southampton.

Daily Star report Inter Milan have expressed an interest in Tottenham's Jan Vertonghen.

Eric Dier: "Hopefully I can now take my Tottenham form into the next week."

Youngster Josh Onomah has said centre-back Jan Vertonghen is the most skillful player at the club.

Tottenham Hotspurs' new stadium could be 'loudest in the league'

Christian Eriksen has said how all he and the team could hear at the Emirates was the Tottenham fans.

Former Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas believes Tottenham Hotspur should aim for the Premier League title.

The Telegraph report Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has sent texts out insisting Harry Kane is not for sale.

Harry Kane says Spurs can compete at the very top of the table.

No matter how big your smartphone's screen is, you still have to scroll down to see Chelsea's position on the league table

Paul Merson "people have got to start respecting Tottenham". His predicted top 4: Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is monitoring Sunderland's  21-year-old goalkeeper Jordon Pickford.

Recent Articles
A Spurs move for Vazquez unlikely
As expected Berahino is refusing all Peace offers
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Dembele and Vertonghem miss training
Alli and Carroll

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What it means to follow Spurs

10:30 am
The Spurs Official twitter account asked for tweets on what it feels like to have Spurs back at the weekend with the best going into the match day programme.

- nervous anticipation, a sense of belonging & hopefully a feeling overwhelming shared euphoria. That's what it means

You never know whether it will be a good or bad experience, but it's all about being a fan! That's what makes the club!

Better than watching Brazil! Always keep my eyes to Spurs, even though I'm 6000 miles away from WHL!

back on board the roller coaster! Ups, downs, twists & turns! The greatest ride in the World!

When Spurs win we all feel goof until the next game. It's better though to have that feeling all the time which we can if we get behind the club, understand the journey we are on and make the decision to enjoy the ride. If you make the decision to be unhappy and miserable in your life that is fine, there will always be jealous people who want everything now. 

It is the society we live in, previously people used to go without or save up if they wanted something. Now with instant information available on the Internet people want everything now, that impatience causes it's own problems.

It rather mirrors the vote in parliament that governments should raise more money than they spend. That should be a given, but unbelievable some vote that a government should spend more than it has and run up a debt, a debt that has to be paid back without the means to do so.

Tottenham has been run to financially prepare us for the getting loans at the best rates to build a new stadium. Presumably all fans want us to be able to obtain the most preferential rates because the alternative is the stadium takes longer to be paid for and we have less for players for a longer period. Do we plan our future for the next 10 years or do we mess it all up and gamble with our future. There is only one real answer isn't there.

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Man City part of a FIFA investigation

11:15 pm
Manchester City are part of an investigation into the transfer of 24-year-old Eliaquim Mangala from Porto in August 2014. Manchester City are not believed to be under investigation, but Porto are.

confirm to they are investigating Eliaquim Mangala's transfer to for breach of 3rd party owner rules

He signed on an undisclosed fee thought to be £32-million, but he has third party owners so not all that fee goes to Porto. No third party is allowed to influence any transfer and I remember Duncan Castles of the Times reporting that the thrird-party owners of Marcos Rojo were doing just that before he signed for Manchester United, Having informed me he had evidence and had reported it to FIFA I am surprised there has been no investigation.

It seems that third party owners certainly want to influence where a player plays, after all they stand to gail if his value goes up so they want a player sold for as much as possible to one of the largest clubs possible. Premier League rules forbid third-party ownership, but it is rife in Europe, especially for South American players.

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