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The Passion of Capello

5:14 pm
For those of you that thought England's manager lacked passion, or simply wasn't too interested, take a look at the below video.

Source: COYS

The bit with Stuart Pearce (you'll know the one after you've seen it) is hilarious!

Come on England. If we ever believed, then now is the time.

THBN Prediction: England 1-0 Germany.
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The Passion of Capello The Passion of Capello Reviewed by PoshSpur on 5:14 pm Rating: 5

Which of the Six Spurs Stars Will make Capello’s Final Cut?

7:58 am
The news that six of our stars from the past season, Ledley King, Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon, Peter Crouch, Jermaine Defoe and, at long last, Michael Dawson made Fabio Capello’s provisional 30 man England squad for this summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa reflects well on the club in what has been an outstanding season.

England’s chances are reckoned to be good too. Betting exchange trading over the past few months has seen England emerge as clear third favourites behind Spain and Brazil and there is little doubt, barring another injury to one of our key players, England will take a strong 23 man squad on the plane down to South Africa in a few weeks time.

However will all six Spurs stars make the final cut? Let’s examine their chances...

Ledley King - Fabio Capello watched a few critical Tottenham games over the last few weeks of the season and he cannot have failed to have been impressed by King. Imperious as ever and with his knees standing up to the rigours of 3 games in 10 days, King is now a nailed on certainty to travel. Behind Terry and Ferdinand, he remains England’s firm third choice centre back and King’s form has been better than both Terry’s and Ferdinand’s for most of the season. So long as his knee holds out, King will easily make the squad and if Ferdinand and Terry’s form doesn’t improve, I would not be too surprised to see him make the team, especially after his performance against Mexico.

Michael Dawson - It seems like Fabio Capello may take four centre backs with him to South Africa and with Terry, Ferdinand and King all seemingly certain to go, Dawson faces a tussle with Jamie Carragher and Matthew Upson for the final slot. Form wise, Dawson’s the obvious pick. He has had a great season, especially when compared to Carragher and Upson. The downside is his lack of England experience. Carragher could well go due to his versatility (interestingly, Capello has no obvious right back cover for Glen Johnson) and if Carragher goes as Johnson’s back up, a spot could well open up for Dawson.

Aaron Lennon - I feel confident in asserting that Aaron Lennon is a nailed on certainty to travel to South Africa this summer. Even given his injury problems in 2010, Lennon has been the most productive right sided player for England over the past 18 months or so. Walcott and Wright-Phillips have had their chance but have not taken it as well as Aaron has. His return to fitness comes at an ideal time for Capello and it would be a huge shock, not to mention a terrible mistake, if Capello overlooked the winger.

Tom Huddlestone - Midfield is the area of the England team where places are perhaps up for grabs. Barry, Gerrard, Lennon and Lampard are certainties to go barring injury and it seems likely that James Milner, due to his versatility and performances this season, will earn a place. That does leave however 2-3 places up for grabs. Huddlestone faces direct competition from Scott Parker and Michael Carrick for a spot in the squad and much will depend on Barry’s fitness. If the Man City man doesn’t make it, Huddlestone’s chances of making the plane increase hugely as he is Barry’s most natural replacement ahead of the somewhat one dimensional Carrick, however if Barry makes the team, Tom may just miss out this time around. Also, how bad was Carrick against Mexico? What has happened to the lad?

Peter Crouch - Crouchy is guaranteed a seat on the plane barring injury. Quite simply, his goalscoring record for England is second only to Wayne Rooney in the current squad and he actually has a better goalscoring ratio for England than the United man. Heskey will make the squad because he is the ‘battering ram’ striker Capello favours to bring the best from Rooney, but he isn’t going to score you goals. Crouch is the only other option to Heskey and is a far better player technically and has a far superior goalscoring record. Quite simply, Crouch is a certainty to go and he can bring a few tubes of Pringles with him!

Jermain Defoe - Surely Defoe won't miss out on another World Cup at the last minute? My real concerns are that he may. Defoe’s chances increase greatly if Capello takes five strikers, but if the Italian opts for four, as seems likely, and with Rooney, Crouch and Heskey certainties, then it is a straight tussle between Defoe and Bent for the final spot on the plane. Defoe has the shirt at the moment thanks mainly to his England form over the past 12 months or so, but Bent is in form. A couple of goals in the forthcoming friendlies should cement Defoe’s place in the squad, but if Bent takes his chances instead, I really feel Jermain could miss out. However Defoe is made of stronger stuff these days, he has already seen off the challenges of the likes of Man Utd misfit Dimitar Berbatov, Robbie Keane and Roman Pavlyuchenko to earn his starting place in the Tottenham first team, I’m sure he will do the same over the next two games with England.

Capello’s Final 23 : A Prediction:

Goalkeepers: Joe Hart, David James, Robert Green

Defenders: Glen Johnson, Jamie Carragher, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Ledley King, Michael Dawson, Ashley Cole, Leighton Baines

Midfielders: Aaron Lennon, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry (if not fit: Tom Huddlestone), James Milner, Theo Walcott, Adam Johnson, Joe Cole

Forwards: Peter Crouch, Wayne Rooney, Emile Heskey, Jermain Defoe

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Which of the Six Spurs Stars Will make Capello’s Final Cut? Which of the Six Spurs Stars Will make Capello’s Final Cut? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:58 am Rating: 5

Capello's vote of no-confidence

1:30 pm
fabio capello, Tottenham hotspur blog newsFabio Capello has started to surprise people. The ill-advised dabble into entrepreneurship through his Capello Index brought back memories of the Sven Goran Eriksson years, but it was his seemingly sudden shift in selection policy that raised more eyebrows.

Capello has always stressed the importance of fitness and form over status and past performances, but he has abandoned that approach in recent weeks. The recruitment of Jamie Carragher and the failed wooing of Paul Scholes have tarnished the manager's reputation for giving the most deserving candidates a chance, regardless of other factors.

Forget the Capello Index, the begging of retired players to return will do more damage to team morale. The established pecking order has been thrown out, with performances during the qualification campaign ignored in the hunt for experience. It says little for Capello's faith in the in-form younger options.

Carragher and Scholes have had moderate club seasons and should have been left as ex-internationals. It will be scandalous if the superior Michael Dawson or Ledley King misses out on the final squad because of Carragher's return. The World Cup betting makes England third favourites for the tournament, and they will need a strong backline if they are to live up to expectations.

The fans might not be too impressed either. Carragher was rightly criticised for the manner of his retirement and the prolonged sulk shows his indifferent attitude to the national shirt.

The initial inclusion Joe Cole and Gareth Barry is understandable, as they are amongst the best options in their respective positions. However, anyone who has placed an England World Cup bet will be horrified if players who are clearly lacking fitness are taken to South Africa.

Capello has plenty of good will to draw on, but we might look back on recent weeks as the period that Capello started to lose support from players, fans and media.

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Capello's vote of no-confidence Capello's vote of no-confidence Reviewed by PoshSpur on 1:30 pm Rating: 5

Take your hat off for Dunga

Brazil Manager, Dunga, Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
The Brazilian Manager, Dunga, has already selected his final 23 man squad; bypassing the 30 man selection squad, which would have seen him have to break the hearts of 7 players.

Why did he do this? Because he already knows who he is taking to the World Cup.

When asked why he didn't consider Ronaldinho or Adriano, he simply said;

"An individual can win you a match, but it takes a team to win a tournament".

Is there anything Capello can glean from the way Dunga is running his side?
Take your hat off for Dunga Take your hat off for Dunga Reviewed by Frank Spencer on 8:57 pm Rating: 5


11:18 am
So far this morning, all I've been reading, listening to and viewing on TV, is that Liverpool's Jamie Carragher has been asked back into England contention by Fabio Capello.

Hold on a sec; am I missing something here? Isn't this the guy that said himself in an interview that he wanted to retire from the England scene because he would rather spend more time with his family than warming the England bench?

This season, Capello has thus far dismissed Michael Dawson. Why? You'd have to ask him. Instead of going by his own rules, he decides to bring back a player that has said that he'd rather lay on his couch than sit on the England bench.

Talking about Capello's rules; the one that springs to mind is where he specifically said that unless a player is playing regularly and in form, he would not be picked to join the England squad.

Call me biased, but Michael Dawson has done more than enough to warrant a place in the final 23 man squad. What has Jamie Carragher done? In my opinion, he's gone backwards. We all saw that his legs had gone in the first game of the season when we beat them convincingly 2-1. Since then, he's helped his team to a possible 6th position in the Premier League. We're talking about Liverpool by the way; he's helped Liverpool to a possible 6th position finish.

Dawson has worked his socks off and helped Tottenham Hotspur to a possible 3rd place finish.

Oh, and don't get me started on about Emile Heskey. Fabio, why even tell the media what your selection policy was, if you yourself can't stick to it?

Of course, Capello could decide to take both; but that's not why I am ranting on. Instead of assuring Michael Dawson of a place, he's assured Carragher of a place in the final 23 man squad, if we are to believe reports.

Absolute disgrace!

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Disgrace! Disgrace! Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:18 am Rating: 5

Michael Dawson versus John Terry

12:20 pm
michael dawson john terry, tottenham hotspur blog newsI thought it was about ruddy time I wrote an article on Michael Dawson's exclusion from the England setup. Everyone has jumped on this wagon and so I thought it appropriate that I put this conundrum to you, the everyday Spurs/football fan.

Should Michael Dawson be included in Fabio Capello's World Cup squad?

Err, yes he should.

Imagine this...

You've been in a coma for the last 18 years (since the start of the Prem). You woke up at the beginning of this season and have been passionately watching football. If Fabio approached you and asked who the best English centre backs are, would you count John Terry in your list?

I am sure Tottenham's duo; Michael Dawson and Ledley King (if fit, but I'd take him anyway) would be in your list, as would Everton's Phil Jagielka. Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand would be a sure thing too, but you wouldn't pick John Terry surely? I mean, why would you pick him? What has the Chelsea captain offered (apart from great pub jokes) this season?

What about Matthew Upson? He's been in superb form, hasn't he? Who are we kidding?

Let's face the facts people; Fabio Capello has said that he would pick players that are playing regularly and in form. Well, we know our Italian likes his little white lies, for he picks Emile Heskey continually. This is a player that cannot get into a Villa side. Oh, and did I mention his inability to hit a barn door?

When are we going to have an England manager that doesn't yield to the power of agents and the F.A.? Probably never, although I have a feeling Michael Dawson could yet make the final 23.

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Michael Dawson versus John Terry Michael Dawson versus John Terry Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:20 pm Rating: 5

David Beckham vs. Aaron Lennon

8:35 pm
Aaron Lennon, Tottenham Hotspur Blog News
Groin for concern
I read Rob Smyth's article about putting things into perspective and to be honest with you, I couldn't agree more with Smythee.

Fair enough, the fact that Beck's will miss the World Cup and could never play again, is of course, terrible. But for the life of me, I can't fathom why the English media haven't made more of Aaron Lennon's injury, which could, in effect, also rule him out of the final 23-man squad that Capello will pick?

Let's not beat around the bush on this one, Lennon has made the right wing his. He is a better winger than both Shaun Wright-Phillips and Theo Walcott. I'm not saying that based on my Spurs bias. The facts speak for themselves. He not only has the pace, but has an awareness about him, not to mention that his crossing has improved massively.

Harry Redknapp on the weekend, said that he doesn't even know when Lennon will be back. Surely that should be setting the alarm bells off in Fabio Capello's head? If Beck's was going to go to the World Cup, I very much doubt he would have had a large influence on the pitch. Rather, he would have been utilised as an inspiration for the rest of the players. No matter what you think of the lad, David has the respect of most of the England players, if not all of them.

If reports are right about him mulling over whether or not he should fly out with the team, even though he won't be playing, then I think he'd better realise and realise fast, that being an England mascot was his original role.

Anyway, I wish a speedy recovery to David Beckham and to Aaron Lennon.


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David Beckham vs. Aaron Lennon David Beckham vs. Aaron Lennon Reviewed by PoshSpur on 8:35 pm Rating: 5
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