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Mesut Özil to Spurs?

8:25 am
Mesut Ozil could sign for Tottenham Hotspur, THBNWerder Bremen's Sporting Director, Klaus Allofs, said that "we will have to listen to those offers if that is what Mesut wants."

By "those offers", Allofs is alluding to the fact that Werder Bremen simply cannot offer the German playmaker the wages he wants.

We've all heard Harry talk about that "special player", well, I doubt they come as "special" as Mesut Özil.

Let's forget Joe Cole for the time being, for it looks as though he will be donning the new Liverpool kit shortly. If Harry is so adamant in purchasing a player that fits into the Cole formula (can play off a striker, in the hole behind one or two strikers, on the left, in midfield, etc.), surely Özil is that player?

The Telegraph has reported that £20 million should be enough to prize him away from the Bundesliga outfit.

I know who I'd rather sign.

German Prima Donna, Aged 21 or English Prima Donna, Aged 29. You decide.

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