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Hung on Joe Cole

10:05 am
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So it begins....It looks as though we've officially entered the "This Player is Linked with Spurs" window of the year.

If you think us being linked with an average of 30 players per window was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! Now that we're partially through to the Champion's League, you can expect us to be linked with absolutely everyone.

Towards the end of July 2009, we published an article saying the Joe Cole could be a target. Football agent and friend of Cole, Barry Silkman, said that Harry was interested in the little fella and that Cole too, was interested in maybe linking back up with his former boss.

Since then, Cole has yet to sign an extension to this contract and will be a free man as off July. The papers say that Cole's demanding around £100,000, although Chelsea don't see him as as £100K per week man.

Thing is, does Harry and more importantly, Daniel Levy, see Cole earning £100,000 per week at Spurs?

First off, where would we play him? Bale, who just signed a contract extension (taking him to 2014) plays out on the left. We have the Modfather in the centre and Aaron Lennon on the right.

I know it's a squad game now, but you can't have Cole sitting on the bench and earning £100K surely?

We've been linked with Michael Carrick and frankly, I'd take him over Joe Cole. If we're honest, we don't need to make wholesale changes to our squad. I believe we need a commanding central midfield general, someone in the ilk of Toulouse's, Moussa Sissoko, or Real Madrid's, Mahamadou Diarra. Both these players are looking to leave their respective clubs and both can do a decent job for us.

So Joe Cole doesn't get my vote, well, not if he's going to be on £100,000 per week and bench warming.

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Huge Desires

10:07 am
I thought Daniel Levy was the Tottenham Hotspur Chairman? I was mistaken. It now seems that Mr. Pavlyuchenko is the Chairman of the Board.

“I am prepared to accept any decent offer from Russia”, said our new Chairman.

Coming back to reality; it looks as though our Cameron Diaz lookalike is so eager to leave us, he's bypassed all forms of control at White Hart Lane. If the statement that appeared in the Mirror is accurate, it seems as though Daniel Levy nor Harry Redknapp have any say in the matter. If a club meets his demands, well, he'll be off and that's that!

In other news, it looks as though Mark Hughes is mad enough to spend around £8 million on David Bentley. This story appeared on transfer deadline day, but nothing came of it. We were apparently interested in signing their left winger, Petrov, but Hughes pulled the plug.

I actually believed that story to. There were so many circulating on that day that it was hard to keep up, but after reading statements from Petrov himself, it was clear that our Harry was in for him. I still wouldn't mind it if he joined us this time round. He's been one of the better performers in the Man Sheikh side and if Harry is to carry out his plan of world domination, he needs all the players he can muster.

Getting rid of Bentley and his reported £50,000 per week pay package wouldn't be bad business either.

Whilst we're on the subject of City; if I was Harry, I would make a cheeky bid for their central midfielder, Stephen Ireland. He's not been the same player this season, but that's largely due to the tactics employed by his boss. The Irish player simply doesn't fit into the playing style Hughes has set up.

Ireland is one player that I do admire and I believe he could slot in right next to Sgt. Wilson. Saying that, it looks as though Harry is adamant, in that he wants another strong-ironed central midfielder in alongside Palacios with the wingers providing the attacking flair (cue Petrov).

The fire sale that's been widely reported to be taking place in Madrid, has had us linked with all and sundry, as is always the case. If Harry is looking at players in the Sandro and Muntari ilk, maybe he should bid for Mahamadou Diarra?

Some sites are commenting on the fact that Harry has shown interest in Manchester United's bench warmer, Ben Foster. I've got nothing else to add to this nonsense, so I'll leave it there.
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