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Anderton - It's a mindset issue with Kane

7:30 pm
Anderton - It's a mindset issue with Kane

Former Tottenham and England winger Darren Anderton was a better player than many Spurs fans gave him credit for, he had a few injuries, but that happens to some players. When they get a tag it is difficult to shift it and that affects people's perceptions of their performance.

Professional football is not Sunday morning stuff, you don't just turn up and play well, professionally you have a lot more to take in and as a striker you have the success or failure of your side on your shoulders. That is a heavy responsibility. Some personalities thrive on that pressure, some can thrive at a lower level, but buckle when they get to the top, others worry about it.

Imagine for a moment you are that striker, it is your responsibility for a team sitting 6th in the Premier League to score goals and secure points. Now imagine you are in a goal drought, how would you really feel? You would think about it, so mentally you would have to handle that pressure. At what point do you get a seed of doubt, how quickly does that doubt grow, how do you stop it?

As you know I maintain you have outside professional help to give you maximum efficiency in dealing with all situations. Anderton confirms it is all in a player's head in an exclusive interview with Bwin.

Bwin - When will Harry Kane find form and when does this become a problem?

Anderton - I think Kane will put more pressure on himself than anyone else. It is a mindset issue. He knows that the team hasn't been creating many opportunities this season. In comparison to last year, where he was creating opportunities for himself, it is a lot more difficult to score goals in a team that is struggling. Spurs have been a bit dour despite only having been beaten once, but you can see the team are struggling to create chances and play entertaining football.

Bwin - As a former player, what sort of thoughts go through your mind when you know that you’re out of form and things are going quite right? Do you try and adjust your technique/anything in particular or is it all in your head?

Anderton - I think it’s all in your head. You work hard in training if you’re a goal scorer, you work on your finishing. The first thing you want to do as a professional footballer after a bad game is to get it out of your system, whether that be in training or the next game. You want to start the next game on the front foot, getting comfortable, not giving the ball away, not being too elaborate. Simplify the game.

If you’re a goal scorer and you’re not scoring goals, people will start talking about it, no matter how well you’re playing. If Kane’s not scoring, it will affect his performance even if he plays well.

Bwin - You mention how Kane was on fire last season, do you buy into this ‘second-season syndrome’ or it complete myth?

Anderton - Well, it’s certainly going to be more difficult for him, players are more aware of his ability so naturally it will be more difficult for him. If he’s playing in Manchester City’s team, he would have scored goals. Centre forwards need chances, it’s a simple as that. That’s the only worry at the moment. If you’re team is creating chances and you’re missing them then there is less to worry about. Kane is too good a player not to stick chances away eventually. The problem is, as a team, they simply are not creating enough.

Bwin - So you reckon it is more a Tottenham problem than a Kane problem?

Anderton - Yes, everyone has spoken about it but he needs some help up there. Son has come in and started on fire, with three goals in two games and hopefully that will create space and opportunity for Kane to do what he’s capable of.

It is an interesting article which talks about more than just Harry Kane. You can read it at the link below.
Darren Anderton Interview

In all top level sport every individual, every action is analysed by a specialist to understand what a player does in given situations. Teams have worked out the Townsend flick through his legs and turn, Moreno scored a goal for Liverpool right after Townsend had come on with that move if you remember.

people usually revert to a default in certain pressure situations, therefore if you can create those situations or recognise them when they occur you have a good chance of knowing what a player will do. When a player is down on confidence he is more likely to revert to that default, which is in effect making things more difficult for himself even if it is the easy option. The more confident and thus more unpredictable have a greater chance of getting themselves out of any rut as they have the mental strength to try something different without fear of failure.

Kane has scored one goal, that is a relief and takes some weight off, but he isn't out of the woods yet. Lamela is progressing and each goal will boost his confidence, three in four games now, Kane could do with a similar boost.

As footballers and ex-footballers tell you, it's a mental game.

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Anderton reveals player attitude has been Spurs problem

6:30 pm
Mauricio Pochettino took over at Tottenham and immediately identified, through his homework on us while at Southampton, that we moved the ball too slowly from defence to attack.

Anderton reveals player attitude has been Spurs problem

That was not rocket science, any Spurs fan could have told him that, the cause of the problem was determined as being primarily moving the ball from defensive midfield to the attackers. That was the role being performed by Dembele and Paulinho in the main.

It was determined that the sitting midfielder would need, or need to develop a range of passing to switch play fast or to instigate an attack from the back missing out the box-to-box midfielder, in other words the defensive midfielder with licence to attack.

Etienne Capoue was tried as the holding player and didn't come up to scratch, Nabil Bentaleb has since been the clear first choice culminating in an excellent display in the resounding win against Chelsea. benjamin Stambouli has emerged as his understudy.

The box-to-box role has been nailed down by Ryan Mason, with Dembele having to adjust his game as understudy and Paulinho the third choice. What an individuals skills are is almost irrelevant, it's can they follow what Pochettino wants them to do that matters, the team being far more important than the individual. That has taken a while to get across but both Dembele and Paulinho seemed to have grasped the difference if recent displays are anything to go by.

Former Spurs and England right-winger Darren Anderton, who spent 12 years at Tottenham and played 334 games for us, confirmed that to the official Premier League website.

“I would like to see us play with a higher tempo. He needs the players to take on board what he wants and some of players haven't but the Everton match and the Chelsea match were great examples of what they can do when they press high up the pitch and get in and around players. 
“They had a couple of young boys in the middle of the pitch in Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb who were physically able to win the ball back on so many occasions in good areas in the opposition half. 
“That really got the crowd going and that's what it's all about. Pochettino just needs to get the players on board with how he wants to play. 
“I like him and I hope he is given time to sort it out and build a top team because he is going to be a very good manager and I hope he is in charge at the club for many years to come.”

Since the behind the scenes goings on at the beginning of November, after the Stoke City defeat, when the younger players had had enough of the attitude of some more senior players, things have picked up considerably. The side has started to adopt his tactics, the movement so lacking before, is now there with the attacking players causing defences problems they didn't have before.

That off the ball movement has been the key to the improved form of Christian Eriksen, who was a disappointment prior to then, even his national coach was criticising him.

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Buying into what a manager, or in our case, a head coach wants is absolutely essential for a player to produce their best and to keep improving. If you don't believe in something you'll try abut it won't be the best you can do, that's impossible. Only by totally believing in what you do can you give your maximum because you can give the extra you didn't know you had. It boils down to the fact that in that situation you would do and give everything to be a success.

It's that winning mentality again, as I've said before, it's more than just wanting to win a game.

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Anderton views, Lewis Holtby, Ben Davies

2:30 pm
Former Tottenham and England right wing Darren Anderton felt before last nights game that Tottenham need another striker and the Chicago victory did nothing to dispel that view.
"Soldado struggled last year, which was a shame, as I thought he was great in Spain but he was probably one of the biggest disappointments with his return of goals. 
"Harry Kane did come in at the end of the season and did really well I thought, which probably highlighted how much Soldado struggled. Of course, Adebayor did well too. Nobody doubts his talent and on his day he’s one of the best in the world, but it’s just a question of how much confidence he has to produce and whether he wants it enough. 
"In that sense, I think there’s absolutely no doubt that another striker would certainly be needed in my eyes. Top teams need goals. There are always those games when you’re not playing great but you’ve got that striker who can produce that moment of magic and that’s what they need."

Lewis Holtby is said to be at the centre of a tug o’ war between Leicester, QPR and Crystal Palace. However what I have heard is that Pochettino likes him and wants him to stay, he certainly put in a shift last night for 60 minutes and to my mind if he was looking to offload him he wouldn't have given him that long, he would have taken the opportunity to play someone he is going to keep getting them as fit as possible. He also feels we need plenty of cover in positions.

“The season is very long and we need to stay deep at every position."

Ben Davies has had a couple of halves and is calm down the left whereas Danny Rose again showed his hot-headedness getting himself booked for no reason. If indeed he is unhappy and wants away he will be no loss in the long-term. Short-term that may give us a problem which having Kyle Naughton at the club will help to solve, although I agree that that is not ideal.

“Ben Davies is important for us because he’s good competition for Danny Rose on the left side. He’s a young player, but he has good experience in the Premier League.”

Tottenham is a work in progress, we can't expect everything to be perfect with a new head coach adapting the squad to his requirements. The tour has been a very useful exercise and a chance for us fans to have a look at layers we don't normally see as well as have a look at how we will operate the Pochettino system.

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Clearly we have some promising players coming through and different players impressed in different games. It is always difficult to assess the level of the opposition, Seattle gave us a tough game in the first leg of the tour, while Chicago was a fairly easy game.

We may well see one or two of the youngsters now go out on loan to get regular competitive football, assuming new Under 21 manager Ugo Ehiogu has the same views as his predecessor and utilises the loan system to its fullest.

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