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Have they rejected a £9.54m Spurs bid?

10:30 am
How can you follow a player to Spurs if the player isn't at Spurs and hasn't even agreed to join the club? Answer, they can't.

If you are going to speculate who is coming to the club do so, but don't pretend they are following someone who has hardly had his mentioned in the same breath as us. Portuguese paper Fichajes report that we have recently made contact with Shakhtar Donetsk for Marlos Romero.

They suggest the Ukranian club won't sit down to negotiate for less than £19.07 million (€25m - US$27.97m - AUS$38.75m), yet German outlet Bild report interest from Germany in him and that he will cost £11.44 million (€15m - US$16.78m - AUS$23.25m).

 Another story, from ESPN Brazil, suggest that Shakhtar Donetsk has turned down a £9.54 million (€12.5m - US$13.99m - AUS$19.36m) offer from Tottenham.

Brazilian Romero is a 27-year-old (28 in June) attacking midfielder so it sounds like the usual stories from this source, wildly inaccurate. It gives you a chance to see how the British media act, as the Daily Express have reported the story from this source. Have they checked with other sources to check credibility? The answer looks like no. They have simply taken it at face value and reported it as fact.

Looking at it realistically he doesn't fit in with our age policy, a policy Mauricio Pochettino has publicly stated we will continue with this window. Bearing that in mind I doubt very much that Mauricio Pochettino has instructed our hierarchy to get him, almost at all costs.

Likelihood factor: pretty damn low.

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Mason £6m to Bournemouth

10:30 am

Mason £6m to Bournemouth

Mason £6m to Bournemouth

Eddie Howe would like to take Ryan Mason to Bournemouth. Plenty of Spurs fans would be happy with that but unless Mauricio Pochettino wants to sell him, and I don't think he does, then Mason won't be going anywhere.

Things can change in a transfer window and players can change their mind. It isn't simply a question of a club offering more money to buy a player, as a daft element seem to think, but what the player wants is of paramount importance. Players have all the control today, a contract is merely a way of ensuring your player has maximum value in the transfer market, thus, his fee deters clubs purchasing.

Mason has struggled with injury and the form of Mousa Dembele has kept him out the side. Next season we will need a squad who can handle the higher quality of the Champions League and a Premier League challenge. That will require players who know our system and Mason certainly does that. Even if you accept he isn't the quality of a motivated Mousa Dembele, there are still plenty of games where he is a perfectly acceptable part of the midfield.

He scored the winner against Sunderland early in the season and suffered an injury in a collision with their goalkeeper, he has struggled for game time since.He loves the club and didn't want to leave before when he had the chance. Unlike Andros Townsend he has the right attitude and accepts it is down to him that he isn't in the team as much as he would like so he'll just have to work harder to improve.

Bournemouth are said to have him at the top of their shopping list and preparing a £6-million offer, which isn't going to meet our valuation. Mason is unlikely to want to leave so at that price there is no chance of success. What it will allow Bournemouth to do is begin a dialogue, which I expect will be swiftly ended. Mason could see himself playing Champions league football next season, he is hardly going to swap that for a relegation battle, especially given he is a Tottenham supporter, as well as player.

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Spurs and West Ham head to head, really?

12:30 pm

Spurs and West Ham head to head, really?

Spurs and West Ham head to head, really?

The Evening Standard report that Tottenham and West Ham are in a head to head for the services of Alexandre Lacazette, which as usual with the British press is a rather simplification of the situation.

There is a host of clubs around Europe interested in the 24-year-old (25 later this month) Frenchman, not least Barcelona, who have targetted both him and another Tottenham potential target Samuel Umtiti in recent weeks.

Playing the media is a game in football so we have the situation where a president will tell the media he hasn't had an approach, when what he actually means is he hasn't had an official approach. It happens at every club. You'll hear a club say they have received no offers, which only means nothing has been put in writing, not that they haven't had verbal offers.

A verbal offer is an informal negotiation, so not a serious negotiation allowing a club to deny to their fans that any negotiation has taken place. Nobody is actually lying, they are using the system to do one thing and say another.

The news from Spain is that Barcelona are seriously interested and the news from France is that Lacazette has turned down the approach. Lyon naturally want to keep their goalscorer, but I can't help feeling the figures being quoted are inflated and I return to Betafami Gomis who went to Swansea and struggled in front of goal.

For us to be seriously interested he has to be available at the right price, throwing money around in hope is not a good transfer strategy, as we have seen i the past.

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Transfer News -Real Madrid and Dele Alli

8:17 am

Transfer News -Real  Madrid And  Dele Alli

Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Borussia Dortmund, PSG and Villarreal are just a few of the clubs interested in signing 22-year-old (23 in September) Moroccan attacking midfielder Sofiane Boufal of Lille

His season was ended by injury and he will be out for 6 months so we can cross him off our list of potential signings this summer. With a long-term injury there are often problems that keep players out for longer, just ask Kyle Walker and Alex Pritchard.
Another Tottenham target from France, 22-year-old (23 in September) Samuel Umtiti is wanted by Barcelona confirm reports in Spain, previously these reports have come from France. The Lyon player can play in central midfield or left-back, just the sort of versatility that Mauricio Pochettino likes.

Real Madrid wants to sign Dele Alli this summer it is being reported. If that is the case then we know there will be a press barrage for our young starlet. If you dig into this story there is very little to go on. He is a talent so obviously ,he is going to be watched by the big clubs.

What we do know is that Real Madrid like to try to unsettle players by using the media and have a daily national sports newspaper, the largest national newspaper in Spain, right on their doorstep Marca. As yet all Marca have done is report how he is doing at Spurs and report on what the English press are saying.

They haven't reported from the Spanish side that Real Madrid wants to sign him, merely talked about the possibility of it, on the back of a Telegraph piece. Right now there is nothing to worry about, personally I don't think he would go right now anyway. There is the European Championships to play yet which will affect the transfer market this summer. Players will either want their future sorted before or after the tournament.

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Marca report today that Spurs have made contact over Suarez

12:45 pm

Marca Report Today That Spurs Have Made Contact With Villarreal Over Denis Suarez

Today Spanish national daily sports newspaper Marca have run a story today on Denis Suarez and interest from the Premier League, including Tottenham.

Marca focus on football, why don't we have a newspaper like this, and are based in Madrid. They focus on Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano to their 2.5m readership. It is the most popular paper in Spain so they do talk about other clubs and today they report on Villarreal.

Suarez is a player we have kept an eye on. He transferred from Barcelona who, as they often do, insisted on inserting a fixed price buyback clause into the transfer agreement.

Their story claims we have made contact with his club to enquire about his situation and availability. Barcelona insist they will activate the 23-year-olds £m EUR buyback clause at the end of the season so we will have to wait and see if that happens.

President Confirms Spurs Are Watching His 24-Goal Serie B Striker

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Spurs watching 24 Goal Serie B striker

6:24 am

Spurs Watching 24 Goal Serie B Striker

Over in Italy Tottenham are watching a 24 goal Serie B striker. We had a scout at the league game between Pescara and Cesena in week 36, which Pescara won 1-0 thanks to a goal from 26-year-old (27 in February) forward Gianluca Lapadula.

Reports in Italy say Barcelona, Leicester City and Tottenham are battling for his signature while club president Daniele Sebastiani suggests 7 clubs are watching the striker's progress.
“If we do not get promoted then he is likely to leave. 
“I have followed Juventus and Napoli's interest closely, but we do not have an agreement in place with Juve. Moreover, the regulations of the transfer window are clear and up until May 16, nothing can be done. 
“Leicester and Tottenham have been following him and their observers have been to Pescara several times."
Pescara are trying to get back into the top flight of Italian football after being relegated in 2012/13 and Lapadula has been leading the way with 24 goals and 10 assists in 37 Serie B games. He has scored 6 goals in his last 6 games, including 5 on the trot and 7 goals in his last 8 games. His last was an overhead bicycle kick. He is the division's leading goalscorer by 7 clear goals.

If Pescara get promotion then they'll need their star striker in Serie A, but if they miss out then he could well move on to a bigger club. Currently, they sit fourth. The top two qualify and the next six clubs enter a play-off.

This rather demonstrates the problems with transfers. Lapadula will want to be playing regular football in a top European league and if he can achieve that at Pescara then he has little reason to leave. If he can't then leaving becomes a stronger possibility. throw into the mix other players whose clubs may be chasing a Champions League place, then they can't decide their future until they know their clubs. Then there is the player waiting for a Champions League club instead of a Europa League club and a myriad of other reason and you can see that narrowing down one player is not an easy task.

Which player do you sign, the player you can get now or a better one you have to wait for?

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Spurs have heavily scouted in Belgium and Holland

5:30 pm

Spurs have heavily scouted in Belgium and Holland

Tottenham have been looking at 28-year-old (29 in January) Croatian striker and former Blackburn Rovers player Nikola Kalinic suggest reports in Italy.

It is a suggestion that looks highly unlikely, he doesn't fit our transfer profile and his contract 8ntil 2019 suggests he is unlikely too. Twelve goals in thirty-three games doesn't suggest he is in the 'special' class we have said we would make an exception for.

Another striker we have been watching is Sebastian Heller of FC Utrecht. Rob Mackenzie has made many trips to Holland and Belgium scouting players across several countries in a weekend.

The 21-year-old (22 in June) is out of contract in the summer and as is often the case with players we are interested in Inter Milan are also keeping an eye on him. Bayer Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Borussia Monchengladbach, Monaco and clubs in Holland have also been monitoring the Frenchman who has scored 17 goals in 31 Eredivisie games with 4 assists and another 6 goals in 6 games with another assist in the Dutch Cup.

The French Under-21 international prefers to stay in Holland and move to Ajax it is suggested in the Dutch press. Utrecht valued him between £6.26-7.82-million when Norwich City made a fruitless attempt to buy him. We have continued to watch him as we have a number of strikers, it isn't the cost that matters to us, it's getting the right player who fits.

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Young German keeper Karius being watched

11:00 am

Young German Keeper Karius Being Watched

Young German keeper Karius being watched

The end of the season draws close and the transfer window draws ever nearer. Clubs have been watching potential purchases for months, years in some cases. Some are with a view to buying now, some just to monitor.

One player being heavily monitored whenever he plays is 22-year-old (23 in June) German goalkeeper Loris Karius who plays for SFV Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga. He has recently signed a new contract until 2018 but is being watched by a dozen Premier League clubs alone.

Karius wants to build his stature in Germany before a potential move to England so is one for the future. He was in fact on the books at Manchester City for 3 years before moving to Mainz in January 2012 on a free transfer after going there on loan in August 2011.

"England would be a dream, but first I want to have a good resume in the Bundesliga."

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Umtiti flattered by Pochettino interest

8:00 pm

Umtiti Flattered by Pochettino Interest

Umtiti flattered by Pochettino interest

Tottenham have been linked with a move for 22-year-old (23 in November) Samuel Umtiti, the left-footed central defender or left-back at Lyon.

He was asked about the interst of Tottenham but suggested Barcelona or Real Madrid as his preferred options.

It's flattering that Pochettino is interested in me, it's a coach I appreciate and his team is performing. I want to finish the season well, that's my priority. I look at all the championships but I think the Spanish league is over me, over my qualities. I like it so much Barça than Real. "

With Jan Vertonghen and Kevin Wimmer having proved themselves in the Premier League a left-footed central defender is not top ofour priority list, we require a right-footed player to replace Federico Fazio and play the diagonal balls that Michael Dawson and now Toby Alderweireld plays.

Amazing how people used to complain when Dawson played them but not when Alderweireld plays them, rather shows a lack of understanding of the game. Dawson didn't have Dele Alli making runs to pick out but the principle of switching play to a player in space is the same.

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Batshuayi to Roma?

12:00 pm

Batshuayi to Roma?

Roma are interested in Tottenham, Liverpool and Juventus target Michy Batshuayi and have been watching him since his Standard Liege days.

The 22-year-old (23 in October) has options to choose from and is just one of the strikers on our list. The press does like to suggest we are trying to buy everyone, when in fact we watch players, discuss possibilities and only if we are all in the same ball-park over figures do we get serious.

It seems Batshuayi's former manager and Pochettino mentor Marcelo Bielsa has been hawking the striker around Europe, even though he hasn't been his manager since he resigned after one league game this season. If the French newspapers are right he sent tapes of the striker to Pochettino and has sent the same to Roma as well as other clubs.

The Italians are said to be willing to offload 30-year-old former Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko to make way for him and raise some capital. He has only managed 8 goals in 29 Serie A games qhile Batshuayi is younger and has been scoring regularly for Olympique Marseille in Ligue 1.

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Will Spurs go back for Bartra to replace Fazio

9:00 am

Will Spurs go back for Bartra to replace Fazio

Will Spurs go back for Bartra to replace Fazio

Barcelona are putting centre-back Marc Bartra up for sale. he is a player we tried to sign when he had a release clause that could be activated.

The 25-year-old (26 in January) decided to stay at Barcelona a fifth choice centre-back and as expected is now deemed surplus to requirements. I know it was his home club but why do players who clearly are not going to be playing much cling on? This season he has figured in 13 La Liga games, a total of 497 minutes which equates to just four and a half games., basically a wasted year

He is right-footed and we are looking for cover for Toby Alderweireld with Federico Fazio not proving up to the task. Obviously, as we are interested Liverpool have to get their mention and Manchester United's name has been thrown at the story too.

Having tried to sign him we obviously like the player and with only a year left on his contract. Barcelona are said to be looking for a fee in the region of £8.6-million. He is not a tall centre-back but he is good on the ground so would perhaps suit our passing style.

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Spurs still chasing a star of tomorrow

10:00 pm

Spurs still chasing a star of tomorrow

Spurs still chasing a star of tomorrow

It looks as if we might miss out on Frenchman Ousmane Dembele. The Stade Rennais midfielder who can operate anywhere behind a lone striker looks as if he may be on his way to Germany, where Borussia Dortmund are keen to sign him.

Dual footed, he has scored 12 goals in 23 Ligue 1 games this season, a goal every 142 minutes. The 18-year-old (19 in May) didn't make his debut until November which has echoes of harry Kane about it. Capped at youth levels by France he has been tracked by Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City and a host of top clubs across Europe.

Dortmund have taken his mother on a stadium tour, much the same as  we do with prospective purchases. It is common practice amongst clubs, after all, you want to know where you are playing, what the facilities are like, how you'll be treated and parents like to know their children, despite being grown adults, are in good hands.

Matthias Dersch of Ruhr Nachrichien, a Dortmund-based daily newspaper first published in 1949 and with a circulation of just over 100,000, suggests in his column that a deal has been agreed in principle between the player and club, with just the transfer fee to agree. Given that daft figures have been quoted previously for him, an agreement is not a foregone conclusion.

Primarily he is a quick wide man who cuts inside and shoots while possessing impressive close control skills. While his technique may be advanced his positional awareness and tactical awareness needs to improve, both areas Pochettino works on in training. He shows players where to position themselves and drives home the tactical side of the game so players can play intuitively. The Premier league is a fast league and he is best suited to a fast game at the moment.

He is one of the players Barcelona have listed as being the big stars of the next generation. It is another example of us going for the top young talent around the world and attempting to bring them to Tottenham to develop.

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Redknapp to Nigeria, Lacazette to Barcelona

4:30 pm

Redknapp to Nigeria, Lacazette to Barcelona

Redknapp to Nigeria, Lacazette to Barcelona

Harry Redknapp is discussing the possibility of becoming the next boss of Nigeria. He has been doing media work since he left Tottenham but has been approached by the Africans to manage them. A deal is said to be close.

He has agreed a deal to become a consultant for Australian club Central Coast Mariners but as a part-time role he'd still have plenty of time on his hands.

Mauricio Pochettino has calmed the panic merchants down by letting it be known he is staying at Tottenham, as if anything else was ever going to happen. That will also calm any crazy fears over the future of Christian Eriksen.

Barcelona are making moves to sign 24-year-old (25 in May) Frenchman Alexandre Lacazette, the Lyon striker we have been watching, according to French newspaper L'Equipe.

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Spurs bid for Mandzukic?

11:00 am

Spurs bid for Mandzukic?

Spurs bid for Mandzukic?

The Italian press would have us believe that we have submitted a £19.45-million bid for a 29-year-old (30 in May) who has been sold in each of the last two summers.

Mario Mandzukik is a Croatian international who had a successful spell at Bayern Munich where he scored 33 Bundesliga goals in 54 games before moving to Atletico Madrid. He wasn't deemed to be a success by the Madrid club despite scoring 12 goals in 28 games.

They sold him to Juventus for £14.81-million last summer and with Juventus possibly losing Alvaro Morata back to Real Madrid, they have a buy-back clause in his contract, the Italians do not want to sell him. He has scored 10 goals in 25 Serie A games.

I would be surprised if the story had legs, it sounds very much like the Italian press simply linking our name to a player to create a story. There are far better options out there and players who would fit our system better, it isn't a system for 30 -year-old and beyond players.

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Spurs chase striker injured after 20 minutes

8:58 am

Spurs chase striker injured after 20 minutes

Spurs chase striker injured after 20 minutes

Reports emerge of yet another striker we are interested in, how many is that? Just like all clubs we have a list of potential targets in each position and we monitor them so we are able to make a decision at any point we need to.

We increased our scouting presence in France when we signed the Southampton scout who worked under Pochettino and we have also appointed scouts to work in Spain and Portugal. It is across to Spain we head this time with news that we are watching Borja Baston, not a name on many people's lips.

The report comes from AS a sporting daily in Spain and suggests Everton are also watching the 23-year-old (24 in August) who is under contract until 2017. Players entering the last year of their contract see their price drop. The striker has had offers from Germany, from both Everton and ourselves and also from Valencia.

he is owned by Atletico Madrid who may face a transfer embargo in which case he would be unlikely to leave, they also want a first refusal option to buy him back. That is something we would only accept if there was no guaranteed buy back element, a first refusal option would be more likely. Under a first refusal a club can match any offer only if the owning club decide to sell, under a buy-back clause don't have an option, they have to sell the player if the club he signed from match an agreed price written into his contract. We don't get involved in those type of deals.

Transfermakt have Botja priced at just £3-million and Valencia are particularly interested. They have a very good relationship with Atletico and are therefore in the driving seat to sign the striker who is on loan at Eibar this season and has netted 17 goals. Reports from Spain suggest he has bags of potential which would seem to be the case given he scored 23 goals in 39 games for Real Zaragoza last season in the Second  Division in Spain.

He has been at Atletico since he was 4-years-old and the Madrid club know how to develop strikers, both Raul and Fernando Torres came through their ranks. He fought back from a serious injury suffered when making his debut as a 17-year-old after only 20 minutes. That must have been a huge disappointment so he has overcome adversity, suggesting he may have the mentality we are looking for. After that injury he has been on 5 successive loan spells, mainly in the second tier before making his mark in the top flight and scoring against Barcelona this season.

We have been watching him for some time now, there were reports in January, but where he fits on our list of preferences is anyone' guess. He is not blessed with pace or trickery on the ball but has been prolific at Spanish youth level. He has a finishers instinct and like Harry Kane knows where the back of the net is. He is neat and tidy on the ball and carries an aerial threat being 1.91m (6ft 3in).

he is at the other end of the cost scale than some of our targets it seems, could he turn out to be a better option?

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Free defender on our transfer list

8:30 am

Free defender on our transfer list

Free defender on our transfer list

Tottenham are seeking a replacement for Federico Fazio who will be offloaded this summer. He couldn't get to grip with our system and simply made too many mistakes. anyone can make a mistake, it's how you react to them and he seemed to react by making some more.

He has played 3 La Liga games, a total of 205 minutes so hasn't set the world alight back in Spain. The Spanish believe in playing out from the back so it's a country I have felt we should focus more on and we seem to have done that with the employment of scouts for the area.

The Colombian press are suggesting we are interested in Sporting Gijon central defender Bernardo Espinosa. Bernardo, as he is known, is a 26-year-old (27 in July) currently suffering from a knee ligament injury.
The Colombian is out of contract in the summer and Sporting Gijonwant to offer him 4 million EUR for the next 4 seasons. His age is against him, the fact that is free is for him. He has a Spanish passport so there are no problems signing him. Bernardo is right-footed and would provide cover for Toby Alderweireld, who has been a rock for us this season.

he will be of many that we are looking at, but a name most of us won't know.

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The Spider is not for us

9:26 am
the Turks are trying to foist Mehmet Topal on us as we will be needing another defensive midfielder to cover for Eric Dier nxt season. At 30 though he is too old for us, there are not enough years left in him to be a viable proposition.

Players start to lose their transfer worth when they hit 30, their fee plummets and doesn't rise again. The Spider as he is nicknamed because of his interceptions, is 31 next March and isn't someone we can spend time with learning and developing with our system. It is a young man's game for us and he certainly isn't young. There is plenty of experience in the Spurs side in the shape of Lloris, Vertonghen, Dembele, Walker and the likes of Alderweireld, Lamela and Eriksen have plenty of experience too.

We were reportedly watching him last summer and you would have thought that if we were going to make a move it would have been then, having said that he is available on a free transfer this summer.

A strategy is a strategy, it can be changed but does Topal come into the category of a special player, giving we will only sign someone over 27 if they are special. Has that transfer policy changd simply because we look like qualifying foir the Champions League, I don't think so. We arebuilding something and while he could be a free short-term measure Ijust  do not see it.

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Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

4:30 pm

Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

Berahino, Lacazette, Batshuayi, we can't be buying them all

I see the press are trying to make a story out of the Lacazette situation and create a non-existent race. Very rarely is there a race for a player.

Clubs decide who they would like, they all have lists for every position and they all place their own valuation on a player, plus what they will pay him in wages. If there is a match to the players requirements then there is a fee to agree.

If you read the press at the moment we are almost imminently going to sign several players for the sam position, we 'lead' the chase or are 'favourites', all nonsense. Berahino remains the number one choice I would expect and I would expect we have been having quiet behind the scenes talks away from the glare of the media.

If that is the case then it would be ideal to deflect their attention elsewhere, a couple of french strikers would fit the bill. As soon as we are linked with a 'close signing' many a Spurs fan on forums seem to start suggesting the potential guy is the next Messi and they are desperate we sign him. I can never understand why so many wet them themselves so much, especially when they have probably hardly ever seen Mr X play.

I don't follow French football, I don't spend my time watching teams each week so I can't say if Lacazette or Batshuayi are what we need, Befitimi Gomis hasn't set the Premier League on fire after scoring goals at Lyon. It has to be remembered that the French league is a one team league. While Lloris has made the switch, Stambouli didn't, nor did Capoue.

Just like for the title race it is a time to remain calm.

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Spurs have not bid £25m for Berardi

3:56 pm
Spurs have not bid £25m for Berardi

I see the gullible regurgitation websites have fallen for the rubbish from Italy suggesting Tottenham have made a £25.15-million (US$37.32m - AUS$51.18m - €34m) bid for 21-year-old (22 next August) Sassuolo striker Domenico Berardi.

Juventus have a buyback option set at £14.79-million (US$21.95m - AUS$30.11m - €20m) next summer and £18.49-million (US$27.44m - AUS$37.63m - €25m) the summer after plus a first refusal on him.

His maximum value is therefore deemed to be £18.49-million and we are supposed to have bid £25.15-million. Complete nonsense. Are we interested, yes, have we been watching him, yes, have we spoken to Sassuolo, yes, but a £25.15-million bid, no.

Sassuolo need to keep a good relationship with Juventus, who, being the number one team in Italy, can send their players to play for whom they like. The money they spend within the league is important.

The reports from Italy are that it will be extremely difficult for Spurs to buy Berardi and that Juventus won't let that happen.

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    QPR want Spurs right-back

    2:32 pm
    Relegated side Queens Park Rangers, now managed by former Tottenham youth coach Chis Ramsey, have contacted Tottenham about the availability of 22-year-old (23 in October) full-back Ryan Fredericks.

    With Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier and possibly DeAndre Yedlin ahead of him at Tottenham his chances of progressing into the first team are severely limited. It is the role of the academy to produce professional footballers, whether that be for Tottenham or not. Sales of players in Fredericks position, unless a full salary Premier League loan can be arranged to increase his value, help to fund youth development. In an ideal world, it should be self-funding.

    Chris Ramsey was a part of that and knows the Tottenham youngsters well. He has already snapped up a former protege of his, 22-year-old Australian international Massimo Luongo from Swindon Town.

    Last season Fredericks helped Middlesbrough reach the Championship play-off final and QPR were hoping to take him on another loan spell, however, it is believed Tottenham want a straight sale and are asking £3 million (US$4.69m - AUS$6.19m - €4.23m). Fredericks has one year of his Tottenham contract to run so the price may be a little high for QPR.

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