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Grealish furious as Villa renege on agreement

4:30 pm

Grealish furious as Villa renege on agreement

Villa renege on an agreement to let Grealish leave for £25m

Aston Villa agree with Jack Grealish that is a bid of £25m comes in they will let him leave.
Tottenham negotiated and we eventually agree a fee and medical is arranged. That I reported a couple of weeks ago.

New owners negotiating to take over say if Grealish is sold before they have control they will pull out of buying the club.

They demand more money which we refuse to offer, having already got an agreement and an agreement on a fee in place.

That fee is then officially made and the owners renege on an agreement with Jack Grealish to let him go.

That is where we are at with the situation.

Villa are reneging on agreement and refusing to let him sign for anyone for which he is kicking off by all accounts. He wants to play Premier League football and knows like Saido Berahino, it is a case of now or never to buy him.

he wants to play for Spurs under Mauricio Pochettino and hopes he will get him into the England team ahead of the European Championships in two years time.

This could go either way.

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Being brave - It's Martial or nobody

11:07 am

Being brave - It's Martial or nobody

Spurs being brave as Pochettino asked and fight for top target  Martial

The information from Hercules on Spurs Community suggests Pochettino is very happy with the situation at Spurs and as I have said all window, we are after our main targets, Martial, and not buying lesser players. This is called being brave, exactly what Pochettino called for and was immediately misread by journalists and fans alike.

"I was told 2 in and 2 out. One was Grealish in (today), the medical that was planned. I quietly confident we will do 2 deals, as per Trix’s information. Just to add to that. We really are serious about Martial, and will hold our main funds for that, and this window. 
"If we cannot do that deal, we will not waste it on same area, lesser player. In the last 48 hours, some very good names in desperation being put to us. But! Also to our rivals. Some we were interested before, but they through their agents, was hedging their bets. Today’s work is about finding out if we will be wasting our time, our selling clubs playing games on price and structure. 
"If this is the case, we will hold out on just the 2 players. Poch berry happy with that."

Fans take a one season picture, a coach takes a picture of the long-term project and what is best for that.

Building a good squad and adding quality to that, as and when you can within the budgetary constraints of club income and expenditure is the order of the day. We have a strategy that has seen our club grow, we are not about to start gambling with our future.

As seen this window, we won't just buy the 5thor 6th choice anymore, we have gone after top talent. OK we haven't secured it, but it clearly shows the ambition we have, amazed people can't see that and understand the football environment we are operating in.

Pochettino has faith in our squad, as do I and no amount of negativity is going to upset that. Success is founded on positivity and a happy environment, a vision and a determination to follow that vision among other things.

It is being built within the club and I'm looking forward to another good season.

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Retaining players = improvement evidence, Micky Hazard abuse and grossly offensive paedophile slurs from anti-Levy mob


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Spurs fans unsure of Alassane Pléa role

10:30 am

Spurs fans unsure of Alassane Pléa role


Transfer Talk - Alassane Pléa

Nice striker Alassane Pléa on the radar ofSpurs

OGC Nice manager Patrick Vieira has confirmed that reported Tottenham, Newcastle United, Fulham, West Ham United target Alassane Pléa and former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli both failed to report for training on Monday.

Reports have also suggested the player wants to play in the Premier League.

West Ham United are said to have submitted a £27 million (€30.54m) bid according to Sky Sports, which probably means they have submitted a bid of £23.87 million (€27m). Other reports say they haven't submitted a bid at all.

Reportedly a second club has bid £26 million (€29.41m) which is probably a bid of £22.98 million (€26m) for him, which is the figure we are reported to have made, while other reports say we haven't.

Nice and said to want £26.52 million (€30m) for the 25-year-old (26 next March) striker.

Yet another report suggests a bid of £25 million (€28.28m) has been made by someone, which probably means an actual bid of £22.10 million (€25m) has been made.

Borussia Mönchengladbach are reported to have had an offer of £15.91 million (€18m) rebuffed. Further reports have now surfaced from Germany suggesting that terms have been agreed with the player and that the two clubs are talking to try and agree a fee.

When the British press suggests a pound figure, take that as Euros and convert, then you'll probably have a more accurate figure.

Theere seem to be mixed views on him from Spurs fans, some haven't seen too many successes coming from France, therefore everyone in France must be rubbish is one view, with the likes of Clinton N'Jie and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou quoted.

N'Jie and N'Koudou were both young and were both wingers, whereas Pléa is a 25-year-old (26 next March) and is a centre-forward. He would be a backup to Harry Kane and replace Fernando Llorente who wants to leave.

We are not going to get a superstar to understudy Kane so this type of signing would make sense, however, he may well want regular football and not feel he get it as an understudy.


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Mentally weak Andre Gomes price drops

3:25 pm

Barcelona drop Andre Gomes price

Nobody willing to pay Barcelona asking price for Andre Gomes

Transfer Talk - Andre Gomes

Why you simply don't pay a player high wages in relation to everyone else, we have seen it before at Spurs with trouble moving players on. Emmanuel Adebayor was a case in point. He was quite happy to be lazy and just pick up his wages.

Barcelona have the same issue with Andre Gomes. Nobody is prepared to pay £30.94 million (€35m) Barcelona have been wanting for him, nor have they been interested in taking him on loan if they have to pay his full wages.

Reports in the Catalan press now say Barcelona have reduced their asking price to £19,45 million (€22m) if he is sold abroad. They paid £30.94 million (€35m) plus £17.68 million (€20m) which totalled £48.63 million (€55m) for him.

They have tried to recoup their money, but they always insert a two or three-year buyback clause into any deal at fixed prices, which is of no use to the club buying him.

He could improve at a new club and they could lose him without being able to do a single thing about it and that is no way to build a team.

Reportedly Barcelona have so far rejected four inquiries for him from Tottenham, Juventus, Lazio and Valencia. Diario Sport have also reported the Valencia offer was a loan deal. Other reports suggest Arsenal want him, but he is likely to want a club playing Champions League football. Wolves are another name thrown at the story.

The worry is that he couldn't hack it at Barcelona, he has shown himself to be mentally weak, fine as a big fish in a small pond at Valencia, but when having to fight for a place and produce when given the chance, he couldn't. Would he, therefore, produce in the Premier League if he wasn't a regular starter?

Barcelona have been trying to include him in deals for players to reduce their price as they have financial constraints amid Financial Fair Play break-even rules after the purchase of Coutinho last summer. He hasn't been a huge success and there is talk of moving him to a wide position and bringing in a new central midfield playmaker, hence looking at Christian Eriksen.

The quoted £167 million (€190m) asking price makes the Danish international a player out of their financial league at the moment.


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Transfer Talk - Moussa Marega

9:00 pm

Transfer talk - Moussa Marega

Tottenham Transfer Talk - Porto striker Moussa Marega

Transfer Talk - Moussa Marega

Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham United, Everton, Newcastle United and Wolves have all been mentioned as being interested in 27-year-old (28 next April) Moussa Marega by Portuguese newspapers O' Jogo and Record.

The Porto striker is said to be of specific interest to Spurs, but with a release clause of £35.40 million (€40m) that Porto want to be met, a deal is unlikely.

The papers call it a race, hardly, he has been scouted by clubs, but that doesn't mean they are trying to sign him and thus a race is probably a work of fiction. If Porto want to sell it will be the agent putting names in the frame

His age and coming to a new league from a second tier league is always an issue. Algerian Islam Slimani came from Portuguese football after a good World Cup and flopped. I can't see us taking that sort of chance. He would have no sell on value if he flopped and his age wouldn't help.


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Transfer talk - Anthony Martial

5:00 pm

Tottenham Transfer talk - Anthony Martial

Tottenham Talk - Mourinho happy to let Martial join Spurs

Transfer talk - Anthony Martial

It seems the press have now caught up at last. The ITK from over a month ago now, was that Jose Mourinho was happy to sell Anthony Martial to Tottenham, but that Ed Woodward was not.

It is Woodward who has tried to force the Frenchman to go abroad, except Martial doesn't want to go to Italy or anywhere else. He wants to go to work under Mauricio Pochettino and has stood his ground.

Now that is emerging in the press that Mourinho has no objection selling to Spurs and we start getting fees thrown about, all part of the negotiating tactics and maneuvering of positions.

It should be said that Manchester Unitddidnot pay £58 million for Martial as over £20 of the final figure was for add-ons, which will not have kicked in, thus meaning he cost them much less and that there is room therefore for them to make a profit on any deal.

We have set our stall out with a high price on Toby Alderweireld, which takes us right where we expected to be, negotiating a transfer each way in which Daniel Levy will, I would think, be expecting to make a profit.


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Transfer |talk - In answer to the Jack Grealish question

10:00 am

Transfer Talk - In answer to the Jack Grealish question

Why can't Jack Grealish improve with cameo roles?

Transfer Talk - Jack Grealish

Right in answer to the question of Grealish and how he will get enough playing time to improve there are several points to make.

First, you could argue that of any player who isn't an automatic first choice so why have we got them in the squad!

Secondly, you improve on the training field day-by-day. You then get to put that improvement into practice when you are given the chance to play. How did Harry Kane improve? He was given a chance at the end of one season and he took it. He scored goals and made it impossible to be left out.

With the non-homegrown player's rule and the fact we struggled with it last season, we clearly need more homegrown players. Buying a young player with the potential to improve fits our transfer profile, it is our transfer policy, so in that sense, it also makes perfect sense.

harry Winks got into the England squad through largely cameo roles, so why can't Jack Grealish do the same thing?


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Like Martial, Grealish wants Spurs so Liverpool pull out

4:30 pm

Like Martial, Grealish wants Spurs so Liverpool pull out

Jack Grealish waiting to move to Spurs

Transfer Talk - Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is great mates with Dele Alli and wants to move to Spurs. That hasn't changed since I reported it earlier this summer when the story broke.

With that in mind, I find it comical to see an article from the anti-Tottenham Daily Mirror suggesting that Tottenham are clear favourites now that Liverpool have pulled out of a move for the 22-year-old (23 in September).

Tottenham were favourites anyway and Liverpool have obviously only pulled out because they have been told he wants to move to Tottenham by his agents.

They suggest they have an exclusive and that Grealish has only just made a decision on his Villa future, which isn't in accordance with what I was told, that decision was made a while back, he was never going to stay with Villa in the Championship. It isn't good for his career, it might be good for Villa, but he has his own career to look after.

Once again, after that Basel match, amid my suggestion (which has come to fruition) of how Spurs must go forward, I suggested if we found a coach who improved players and not simply tried to buy finished articles, to use psychology as a compulsory part of training and in the assessment of players before purchase, we would become a magnet for young players.

mauricio Pochettino has improved so many players now and turned so many players into England internationals that we clearly are starting to get youngsters giving us serious consideration as the next step in their career path, knowing if they are good enough they will get to play.

That does mean we lose some youngsters along the way, that is to be expected. Jack Grealish and Anthony Martial are just two now wanting to come to Spurs and wanting their clubs to negotiate such transfers.

As per a previous article around the Pochettino and Daniel Ley meeting, widely misinterpreted in my opinion, the risk element Pochettino referred to is, in my opinion, about signing a couple of players like Martial or Matthijs de Ligt, young, with big potential, but already not cheap.

It certainly wasn't about every signing being out of the top drawer, Pochettino understands financially where Tottenham are at and there is great harmony with the chairman over the project going forward.

Villa may wish to demand £40m for Grealish, but they won't get it, he's a Championship player, not an international footballer. He has yet to be turned into a Premier League standard player and I'd eventually expect a deal to go through for half that price.


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Martial wants Tottenham move and nowhere else

8:30 am

Martial wants Tottenham move and nowhere else

Anthony Martial wants Spurs move

Anthony Martial

Despite all the rubbish from Man United fans on Twitter Anthony Martial does not want to remain at Manchester United and ruin his international career with the way he is treated by Jose Mourinho.

From the outset I have informed you that Martial wants to move to Tottenham, he wants to work with Mauricio Pochettino, he likes the way he improves players and feels his game could develop under him.

Martial also feels he'll get more important game time at Tottenham while still challenging for trophies and playing in a magnificent stadium.

Manchester United do not want to sell to a Premier League club, however, Martial doesn't want to go to Italy or anywhere else, he is adamant he wants Tottenham and we, of course, want him. As reported widely he has refused every offer Manchester United have made to him as they will not guarantee he will get more game time, thus he has no interest in staying.

This is a game of attrition and one of the reasons we haven't made an attacking midfield purchase, he is our number one attacking target and thus the club will do everything to secure his signature.


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Will Martial be the result of the Levy Pochettino meeting?

8:00 pm

Will Martial be the result of the Levy Pochettino meeting?


Young Talent

For the last couple of years now Tottenham have been looking to sign the best young talent in Europe. However, so has everyone else which makes these deals difficult, long and often fruitless.

We tried to sign 22-year-old (23 next March) striker Timo Werner, expected to develop into the new German number 9 for years to come, from VfB Stuttgart. He moved to ER Leipzig, hit 21 goals and had 10 assists in 45 games. His minutes played equated to 37.74 full games.

Now he has told the media that to become world class, his ambition, he must leave the Bundesliga and move to a club where he can play UEFA Champions League and be challenging for trophies each season.

We tried to sign 22-year-old (23 in December) Anthony Martial from Monaco, but Manchester United blew us out f the water with a £52.6 million (€60m) package. Now he is looking to move on and we are interested again.

Just two examples, but there are plenty more.

Matthijs de Ligt

Now we are trying to sign a player considered the hottest central defensive prospect in Europe, 18-year-old (19 in August) Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt. Reports from Italy say we have made an offer of £48.21 million (€55m) that Juventus can not match.

Now that doesn't mean he'll come to Spurs simply because we offer more money, it all boils down to where he chooses to play football, but I do think this signals a more determined approach on our part.

Reports say we have moved on, which suggests he has decided where he wants to play or that Ajax insistence on a loan back deal is totally unacceptable. Things can alays change and the fact he has put in a transfer request puts a different complexion on things. Man City are reportedly ready to offer even more and Ajax are said to be likely to reject that too.

A lot was made of the Pochettino talks with Daniel Levy before he signed a new contract and a lot of nonsense was written about Pochettino's comments about taking risks.

To my mind, it meant securing more of our main transfer targets and I think our determination to get Anthony Martial, who we are going to make further efforts for demonstrates that. The risk he was talking about was to simply spend a little more to secure them, the risk being that they come off.

We had our fingers burnt with Roberto Soldado and Erik Lamela, who hasn't turned into the Gareth Bake replacement we were hoping for.

I don't think previously we would have bid £48.21 million for de Ligt, now though, with UEFA Champions League football secured for a third successive season and a new stadium nearly ready, we can spend that bit extra to sign the best young talent. I don't think we can afford both de Ligt and Martial if they are going to be top prices, that would leave little left for other areas of the teams and we need two central midfielders yet.

Should they not work, then, as youngsters, we should still be able to get our money back on them if they have to move on. Like it or not that has to be a consideration. Without regular Champions League football the money isn't there to do that, hence the time being right now.

Now don't get me wrong, we are not looking at every signing like this, just a select few, but it once again demonstrates that Pochettino and Levy sing from the same hymn sheet. Both are trying to create a dynasty, both know this is a long-term project, both understand money isn't finite, both understand the club has to be built in a sustainable way while the team grows and that neither can put the other in jeopardy, that a fine balance has to trod.

Mone can be spent when it is there and this summer is quite a big one with the purchases we want and the player sales we want to help fund those.

The meeting wasn't and them and us confrontation meeting, merely two people who know investment in the team must take place. They were simply agreeing on a process of doing it, a new timescale, given we are ahead of where we expected to be. The expectation is that this coming season would have perhaps been our first in the UEFA Champions League since our initial toe dipping.

When you set goals and work out how to get there, you have to continually analyse that plan and make periodic adjustment as the climate changes. The pair have adjusted, with increased revenue and exposure from the Champions League, that plan and were able to write the next chapter.

The club is evolving and this could be marked as the beginning of a new chapter in that growth.


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Alassane Pléa to replace Fernando Llorente?

2:30 pm

Alassane Pléa to replace Fernando Llorente?

Will Alassane Pléa replace Fernando Llorente at Tottenham this summer?

Alassane Pléa

French Football report that Tottenham Hotspur have made a £21.89 million (€25m) bid for 25-year-old (26 next March) OCG Nice forward Alassane Pléa.

The striker is wanted by Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund target Alassane Plea to renew acquaintance with Lucien Favre, who will take charge of Dortmund this summer.

It is suggested by French Football that Pléa is an alternative to Anthony Martial. but unlike Martial Pléa is a centre-forward. He sounds more like a replacement for Fernando Llorente.

The French Under-21 international, who is also qualified to play for Mali, scored 16 goals and had 5 assists in 37 appearances in Ligue 1, scored 4 goals in 8 appearances in the UEFA Europa League and scored 1 goal in 2 games in the Coppe de la Ligue.


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Spurs ask for Napoli DM Amadou Diawara

8:47 pm

Spurs ask for Napoli DM Amadou Diawara

Spurs shirts are on sale in Asia

Amadou Diawara

Tottenham Hotspur have reportedly had an approach for 20-year-old (21 in July) Guinean defensive midfielder Amadou Diawara turned down by Napoli, according to Sport Italia.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti wants to keep the player we have been following for a few years now and I understand he has started the process of getting his Italian citizenship so he can play for Italy at the request of Roberto Mancini the national coach.

Turkish News - Georges-Kevin N'Koudou, terms agreed with Turkish club


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Kovačić hands in transfer request at Real Madrid

4:21 pm

Kovačić hands in transfer request at Real Madrid

THBN-Mateo Kovačić has handed in a transfer request at Real Madrid

Mateo Kovačić

Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovačić has handed in a transfer request through his agent, but it has since been rejected report Cadena COPE.

Cadena COPE is a Spanish radio station. It is the second most played in Spain generalist radio. The Tottenham target only received 988 minutes of football in LaLiga. Zinidine Zidane gave him 257 minutes in the UEFA Champions League. That equates to just 13.83 full games.

Real Madrid has rejected all approaches for the player and reportedly will continue to do so. Kovačić does have a £43.91 million (€50m) release clause.


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Spurs at the World Cup watching Croatian winger

12:30 pm

Spurs at the World Cup watching Croatian winger

THBN - Spurs are at the World Cup watching Ante Rebić

Ante Rebić

Spurs are keen on signing right-footed 24-year-old (25 in September) Eintracht Frankfurt left winger Ante Rebić, according to Sport Bild, which is a German weekly sports magazine published in Hamburg.

Sport Bild speculate that he is worth, or valued at £26.38 million (€30m) in Germany. Previously Sport Bild were suggesting he wouldn't leave for less than £35.18 million (€40m).

Tottenham are said to be one of a number of clubs watching him for Croatia at the World Cup. He has scored 1 goal in 17 internationals for his country. The winger scored two goals in the DFB Cup Final against Bayern Munich, which helped his club lift the trophy, their first piece of silverware for 30 years.

Spurs have been following his progress for 5 years, ever since we tried to sign him from RNK Split before he went to Fiorentina who had a 50% sell-on clause added when Eintracht Frankfurt bought him. The Bundesliga side therefore wants to push the price up as high as possible to maximise their own return. They will after all need a replacement.

He has been on loan for the last year with a buying option that has been taken up, as of 1 July, for £1.8 million (€2.05m).

He does not have a release clause in his contract, which runs until 2021 and as yet, no firm offer has been made by Spurs.


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Ndombélé and early transfer problems

12:00 pm

Ndombélé and transfer problems

THBN-Ndombélé and early transfer problems

Transfer Talk - Tanguy Ndombélé

L'Equipe report that Olympique Lyonnais (Lyon) have changed their minds and are now going to exercise their option to buy central midfielder Tanguy Ndombélé permanently from Amiens, from whom they had him on loan this season.

They go on to say that Tottenham Hotspur are the only club to have shown an interest in the 21-year-old (22 in December), despite the fact he has been tracked by clubs across Europe. He had a stand-out season which alerted us but if this report is true then we'll have to look elsewhere.

Having said that Real Madrid exercised their buyback option and bought Alvaro Morata back from Juventus. They then promptly sold him to Chelsea in the same window. Lyon could buy Ndombélé therefore and sell him to us for a profit. Unlikely, but it is an option if we want him that much.

Spurs need to buy a couple of central midfielders and if Grealish is to be a homegrown option for the club, that still leaves another to be signed.

Will it be Barrios or are we also making moves for another?

My information is that a deal IS in place to sign Barrios if we choose to exercise it. Whether he is our first choice or not I do not know. It is possible he is a fall back option, he could be our number one target. Spurs play their cards very close to their chest these days.

Transfer Problems

We certainly have plenty of irons in the fire, you have to. Signing a player is about knowing who is available, who is proposing to move where and why, it's about dismissing those players you'd like to get but have made up their minds to go elsewhere and looking at the financial package the club wants, including how they want the money paid, and what the players financial package is and how they want that paid.

There are a hundred and one reasons a player does not sign for a club, it isn't simply because not enough money was thrown at them. The primary reason today is UEFA Champions League football, it is easier to acquire it in Germany, France, Spain and Italy than it is via the Premier League, thus clubs like Roma, Monaco or Borussia Dortmund can have a greater pull than the Premier League where competition is between 6 sides.

It's a constant battle which doesn't make signing a player easy, especially if they want to wait and see if an easier option comes up during a window.

Tottenham also have to keep in mind future UEFA rules, they are planning to limit the number of over 21 players in a squad to 25 plus introducing a cap on the amount of losses you can make on transfer dealings to £90 million.

Under current Financial Fair Play rules, clubs are only allowed to lose £26 million when wages, transfer fees and income are balanced over a three-year period.

Investments on stadiums, training facilities, youth development and women’s football are discounted from costs at the moment, but under the new regulations that would end and apply only to transfer spending each season.

Then there is the homegrown issue, you can only have 17 players in a 25 man Premier League squad who are not homegrown players. If you have more, you can not name them to the Premier League and they can not play, unless they fall into the Under-21 category.

Signing a player is a juggling act, you can't just say we want him and him, you may have to sell non-homegrown players first before you can bring any more in and that delays incomings before you have sorted outgoings, hence transfers later in the window than the beginning. We are in that situation now.


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Götze suffers from Myopathy

8:28 am

Götze suffers from Myopathy

Mario Götze suffers from Myopathy

Transfer Talk - Mario Götze

Götze is a risk with his muscle weakness problem, but reports suggest Tottenham are considering making a move for him.

Mario Götze is a German international who plays as an attacking midfielder for Borussia Dortmund and has been followed by all the top Premier League clubs. Comically Arsenal websites report Arsenal as favourites to sign him,which would mean he doesn't want to play UEFA Champions League football and I don't believe that for one moment.

The 26-year-old (27 next June) is thought to be being tracked by clubs in France (Marseille) and Spain with Dortmund looking to get around £22 million (€25.1m) for him say Sky Sports News while they Daily Mirror claiming the German club are looking to get £18 million (€20.53m) for him. Make your mind up chaps, it can't be both and given the Germans work in euros, neither look to be accurately converted at all.

Leicester City have reportedly made a "tentatitive enquiry" with Götze suggestions in the German media that he prefers a move to the Premier League. Newcastle United, Everton and West Ham United have also expressed an interest in him.

My concern is that I believe he suffers from Myopathy, which is a disease of the muscle in which the muscle fibers do not function properly, resulting in muscular weakness. This naturally affects his football and isn't going to get better as he gets older.

Recent Götze injury list

We have had to manage Mousa Dembélé, do we really need to manage another players injury problems? We will have to look closely at the medical situation of the World Cup winner and weight up the risks involved, how much football we are going to get out of him and how his muscular problems stand up against the fitness levels Mauricio Pochettino requires.

In total last season he played 2,202 minutes, Mousa Dembélé managed 2,578 while attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen played 3,979 minutes.

Personally I think with his muscle problems he is a player we can overlook.


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Dembélé type Barrios a good fit for Spurs (Tracking Video)

8:42 am

Dembélé type Barrios a good fit for Spurs


Transfer Talk - Wilmar Barrios

It is certainly good news to hear of our agreement in place to sign 24-year-old (25 in October) Colombian international Wilmar Barrios. he is already following the club on Twitter, however, he also follows Manchester City, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

I look at things through the eyes of a coach. A fan watches a game to enjoy it and forms opinions based on that, a coach will look at different things. I often watch a game twice, once as a fan and once as a coach. As a coach I'll look off the ball,

I concentrate on shape, movement, anticipation, I look where a mistake originates, the root cause. The root cause might be a totally different player than the one who eventually makes the mistake, stop the root cause and the mistake doesn't happen. Stop a mistake and it will likely occur again when under pressure, stop a root cause and it won't.

Looking through the eyes of a coach, I advocated creating a young team who stay together and grow each season playing a set system throughout the club and low and behold that is what we now have. I advocated buying Eric Dier, regularly for 2 years before we signed him and cast an eye of Wilmar Barrios whom  I wrote about on 20 May believing him to be an ideal replacement for Mousa Dembélé.

I see what is happening financially at the club, the £98.5 million increase in revenue until June 2017 and the undoubted increase since then. That is fuelling the change in our wage structure, not a dismantling, we will conduct those matters in the same way, just with greater sums of money, money we simply didn't have before.

We are after the young talent in Europe that everyone else is after, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus, all the top clubs around Europe.

Another recommendation was that we scour the Spanish market as they have technically gifted players who are taught right from a young age that the team is the most important thing and to play passing football, it is ingrained in them from childhood.

I still feel forming an association with a Spanish club or someone like Ajax to be an option for our youngsters coming through. The other market I suggested we should scour is South America.

Bargains are available on the continent, the game doesn't have money there, but it is a difficult market to deal in with third-party ownership, despite that being illegal. You don't just negotiate with a player and his agent, but his family and club, whose season runs at a different time to ours, thus they like to keep their players until December, which is when their contracts run out (ours run out 30 June).

South American players come to Europe, often with Italian passports, to make their name, make money and then return home at the end of their careers. Once in Europe, they can be sold on for a huge profit, Diego Forlan, Diego Costa being two examples.

If the reports in South America, which originate from Radio Miter in Argentina I believe and then broadcast by others, are correct, he is a player Mauricio Pochettino has identified Wilmar Barrios and asked Daniel Levy to buy. A first choice player, not a cheaper option as some anti-Levy folk will no doubt try to portray it.

In my view he is an excellent player and a very good signing. He will have to adapt to our football but he has all the attributes to do so.

Pochettino dispatched a scout to Craven Cottage to see Wilmar Barrios in action for Colombia against Australia in a pre-Worl Cup warm-up game. He stood out in that game by all accounts. He reads the game well, is an excellent tackler and comfortable on the ball.

He has a £12.05 million (€10.37m - $16m) release clause and we have arranged to activate this and sign the player after the World Cup. The original report gives his release clause in dollars, not euros, as is generally being reported elsewhere.

I also see a suggestion that he has signed a new contract, but we are allowed to sign him at the old release clause, it was to have been raised. As per my article of 20 May, he has not signed a new contract and knowing our interest, was not going to. I concluded that article by saying that this is a connection to a player that we must take seriously.

 The video in there and subsequent videos I have viewed show him to be a very good player that I think could be a big hit at Tottenham. France Football named him as one of their 10 lesser known players to watch at the World Cup, Jordan Pickford being another.

Agreements are all in place. As he does, Mauricio Pochettino contacted Barios personally to put the Tottenham project to him and ask him to come to England and be a part of it.

Barros Schelotto, his manager at Boca Juniors has acknowledged to the press ( that Barrios was offered a new contract but that he hasn't signed it, obviously, he is hopeful he will citing the fact that Barrios is grateful to Boca Juniors.

They asked him about Tottenham and he replied that he is only concentrating on Japan right now.

He has missed training with Colombia with a  thigh muscle injury but is back with the group. Colombia start their World Cup campaign with a game against Japan at 1pm on Tuesday.

"The truth is that today I joined the group again, I did normal work with the whole group, I went with a bit of fatigue and could not train as a precaution, I did work in the gym but it's normal for that to happen when you do a high-intensity workout. "

Have a look at the video below that tracks him during a game.

I'll release an article tonight at 8pm on what this signing could mean for Eric Dier.

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Ajax stance forces Matthijs de Ligt transfer requeat

11:06 am

Ajax Stance Forces Matthijs de Ligt Transfer Request

Transfer Talk - Matthijs de Ligt

It's rare these days and its usually for financial reasons, but players do not normally submit transfer requests. Our centre-back target Matthijs de Ligt has, however, submitted a transfer request to leave Ajax this summer say Mundo Deportivo.

The 18-year-old (19 in August) is clearly frustrated by Ajax insisting on a one or two season loan back, which make buying him for an exorbitant fee pretty pointless. They want to sell him for £65.95 million (€75m) but keep him and not let him play for you, madness.

Barcelona target, 21-year-old (22next May) Frankie de Jong has also submitted a transfer request. Frenkie De Jong (91.4%) was the only player to have a better passing accuracy than Matthijs de Ligt (89.3%) for Ajax this season.


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Spurs make realistic offer for Grealish

4:37 pm

Spurs Make Realistic Offer For Grealish

Spurs have tabled a realistic offer for Jack Grealish

Transfer Talk - Jack Grealish

Tottenham have tabled what is a realistic offer for 22-year-old (23 in September) Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish £15 million (€17.04m).

The £40 million (€45.43m) figure being put forward by Aston Villa is fanciful, Grealish has been playing against second-tier players in the Championship.

Now that sounds harsh, but it's a plain fact and thus cannot be valued in the same way as a player playing in the top tier against top-tier opponents each week.

What he has shown he hasn't shown at the top level and thus there is no guarantee that he can translate that ability. A young player should be priced on what he has achieved and then an element added for what he might achieve.

If we are to help Football League clubs, and by we I mean all Premier League clubs, then there should be plenty of add-ons included in these transfers, appearances, goals, assists, international recognition, trophies won for example.

When Manchester United bought Anthony Martial, for instance, there were over £20m (€22.72m) of add-ons

Leicester City, Newcastle United, West Ham United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton have all been linked with Grealish.


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THBN Talk - Bale, Sansom, Naming Rights and New Kit

10:00 am

THBN Talk - Bale, Sansom, Naming Rights and New Kit

THBN - The magnificent new Spurs stadium taking shape

Gareth Bale

Spanish outlet and standing joke Don Balon have comically suggested that Real Madrid has now offered Tottenham Gareth Bale as a swap for Christian Eriksen to spite Barcelona and Manchester United, this after they suggested that Real Madrid has asked Gareth Bale's agent to negotiate for Mauricio Pochettino, something that was flatly denied.

Don Balon are a site who simply make up stories and are at gutter press level, the Spanish version of the Sun. They are not a credible source.

Morgan Sanson

News from France that Marseille have set their price for 23-year-old (24 in August) central midfielder Morgan Sanson. Spurs are looking at the former French Under-21 player as a replacement for Mousa Dembele.

Sanson scored 12 goals and had 3 assists in 53 games this season and has had a £26.45 million (€30m) price put on his head, coincidentally the same price we are looking to get for Dembele. The player's agent has confirmed Spurs interest.

New Stadium Naming Rights

Daniel Levy was reportedly asking £400 million (€454m) for naming rights to the new stadium. While no deal has been signed, Tottenham's position has been strengthened with a third successive season in the UEFA Champions League.

Our profile is growing. We have a new stadium, now that will be on the global stage through the Champions League and the interest that will generate. Far from having to reduce the figure we are seeking, we now are in a far stronger bargaining position.

As for the new kit, well that will probably be released when the new club shop opens in July, that would seem the most commercially viable time to do so and would help maximise exposure for the club.


THBN Talk - Bale, Sansom, Naming Rights and New Kit THBN Talk - Bale, Sansom, Naming Rights and New Kit Reviewed by THBlogNews on 10:00 am Rating: 5
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