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Miller and Roberts Hall of Fame Dinner

10:30 am
Following on from an excellent radio interview Paul Miller ad Graham Roberts will be together again for a dinner to induct them into the Tottenham Hotspur Hall of Fame.

If you want to attend the event visit you'll find details at the bottom of what used to be called a poster and is now upgraded to an Infographic. That's progress.

Two whole hearted players I think we can say from an era where tackles where allowed and you didn't fall over at the touch of a feather.


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Excellent Miller and Roberts Interview

5:00 pm
Alan Brazil (Tottenham Hotspur) and Ray Parlour (Arsenal) on the talkSPORT breakfast show had among their guests two former Tottenham Hotspur centre-backs, Paul Miller and Graham Roberts.

Excellent Miller and Roberts Interview

It was an amusing opening to the interview which you can listen to at the link below, they are introduced after 13.10 minutes and asked about Diego Costa to start with. Both felt they would have had him sent off inside 20 minutes and carried on from the previous guest who said for some strikers you just kick them to stop them.

It's lovely to hear the little stories ex-players tell about the games they played in and the antics of players, all things that the crowd don't hear or see and thus are unaware of happening. Get inside a players head and you can put him off his game, if he is bust half concentrating on chatting to you he may react slower to an opportunity, you may well have done your job without even touching the ball.

I must say I have to agree, I can see dele Alli overtaking other midfield players and making the England Euro 2016 squad. At MK Dons he was thought to be the next Steven Gerrard, his natural successor, which is why Liverpool tried to buy him, but as we know Pochettino insisted we get him and not to lose out. His judgement was backed, he impressed the pros in training and is now doing so whatever position he is played in.

Roy Hodgson is taking note and if he continues in the manner in which he has started the season then he is a must. The plan to ease him in this season has already been thrown out the window because of his ability. He is a serious player and fits the old adage, if you are good enough, you are old enough.

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Paul Miller view last may, have Spurs progressed?

9:08 am
Paul Miller is one of a number of former players who kindly follow Tottenham Hotspur Blog News on Twitter. He spoke to Sky Sports back in May about Pochettino's appointment so almost a year later we look back at what he had to say.

Now a Spurs Ambassador, he was a centre-half in the 70's and 80's, winning the FA Cup twice, 1981, 1982 as well as the UEFA Cup in 1984. He scored a goal against Anderlecht in the away leg of the final which you can enjoy with the commentary of Brian Moore in the video below.

"He's still to prove it but he'll obviously be hungry but he has been good working with young players on limited budgets."
While many fans clamour for big names and big money signings, Spurs have shown that that does not always work. We have spent £56 million on Lamela and Soldado for virtually no return and £17 million on Paulinho, when anyone could have performed to the level he has for us.

"It is all about money these days and we are number six in the country as far as finance is concerned, realistically and let's not carried away, fifth or six for us is good with some cup runs. 
"The most important thing for me is to build the stadium and then we can compete with the other lot down the road (Arsenal), Man Utd and all the other clubs. When we do that we can have better players and pay better wages. 
"Last year we spent nothing, what came in will go out for the next three or four years. The club runs itself quite well and Daniel (Levy) is fantastic on the finances."

With a new stadium getting ever closer as we overcome legal objection after legal objection, money is not plentiful. Joe Lewis has money yes, but that is his money, it is not Tottenham's money, it's irrelevant. Tottenham are a major business and UEFA want clubs run along business lines, self supporting, self sufficient, living within their means.

That therefore requires a manager who can work with youth, with cheaper players. The fact Pochettino has a track record of developing youth under especially trying circumstances in Spain and reproducing that to great affect at Southampton where he developed a relegation standard side into a top eight team.

"We have had too many managers in the last ten years, I think we all know that, all we want now is to give somebody a couple of years and four transfer windows, let him make his own impression and impact on the team and then ask the question later."

Crazily there are some fans saying get rid of him, yet he hasn't had the chance to shape the squad yet. We all know the players Tottenham want off the books, we all know we have been trying to get rid of some players every window but they just won't go. We can't build properly until we do. The club now looks as though it has a core to work from and a playing system that can b built upon. The 5-3 result against Chelsea showed fans what was possible with this system so now is the time to stick with it and develop.

we do have to trim the squad, I think some of the players we have got in have not been good enough and that's a fact.

"There were some there that needed to go and we need to buy some players. We need two or three defenders because that is a problem for us at the moment."

The defence still isn't sorted, that is clear but then we have two central defenders that need to be replaced, Kaboul and Chiriches so it is hardly surprising there is still a problem. Against Southampton we finished with four central defenders in defence so to a large extent this season it has been about working with what we have and making the most of it while also trying to force certain players out the club. Next season should tell us a lot more but the signs from this season are encouraging.

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