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The Legends game and a quick picture quiz

4:02 pm
Good afternoon folks.

If you missed this mornings article here it is once again for you:
Soldado £20 million, a better buy than Benteke?

The next Spurs Legends game sees them take on Hertford North End FC at Hertingfordbury Park on Sunday 21st July. Pot luck who will be playing but players who have turned out include Darren Anderton, Mark Falco, Tony Galvin, Phil Beal, David Howells, Garry Brooke, John Lacy, Stuart Nethercott, Andy Sinton, Paul Miller, Justin Edinburgh, Darren Caskey and Clive Wilson.

But here is a quick picture quiz for you, just for a bit of afternoon fun, how many do you recognise? Should be easy enough for those with a few miles on the clock.

Who are Batman and Robin, the Crooner and the Acrobat?

How about the Santas?

The Clown?

The Happy Chap and the Sideways Magician?

All the winners can have a game of table football.

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