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Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent

1:00 pm
I came across Brian Reade's article in the Mirror and couldn't help but ask why he wrote such a Pro-Pavlyuchenko piece?

It's as though Roman has made a new friend in Reade, or there's some other fascination not worth thinking about. Either way, Reade did make some valid points about our Russian striker. Unfortunately, he missed out the 'con's' section when pointing out all the 'pro's'.

Along with having "potential" (not sure a player that's a month away from his 28th birthday can still have potential), Reade failed to mention the players lazy attitude, distinct lack of pace and obvious homesickness.

I had wished that everything would have worked out great for Pavlova, but unfortunate circumstances turned his Spurs career on its head.

Good luck Roman.

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Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent Pavlyuchenko's got a new agent Reviewed by PoshSpur on 1:00 pm Rating: 5
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