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A former striker & defender give their Spurs verdict

2:30 pm
Fans see one thing but what do former players see? Two former players tweeted during the Tottenham Hotspur vs Nottingham Forest League Cup tie at White Hart Lane last night, were they conned into thinking it was a good performance by three late goals?

One a striker who formed a great partnership with Garth Crooks, the other a defender seeing the game from a different perspective perhaps.

He was a great goalscorer who joined us from Aberdeen and was the top scorer in the old League One. He went on to play for Barcelona and help them win their first La Liga title for 11 years.

He scored 77 goals in 189 appearances for Tottenham, won the Scottish Premier Division in 1979/80, the FA Cup with us in 1981 and 1982 plus the UEFA Cup in 1984.

What did Steve Archibald think of the game, was he as impressed as some of our fans seem to have been with.

The Attackers View

Would not like to b Soldado absolutely no one looking to give him any kind of decent early service , he seems to b a last option

Spurs not convincing at the back and all of the midfield are playing 1 or 2 touch football , heads down with no thought 2 the striker so far

Maybe now the pace has slowed a bit we might get a bit more thoughtfull and better football

Poor spurs team, to win games u got to score goals, got to give more thought to early balls to striker , and striker hss to demand more

Forrest giving a good account so far

Spurs no real quality in midfield, no one taking resposibility and trying to create, just passes no one with head up looking to play a pass

Boring, with poor quality pretty much all over , no imagination , dissapointed, expecting much more second half, please !

Its a lottery for spurs tonight at this rate, no cohisive movement between mid and front, its like they are playing with no tstriker

Lets see what happens this half,

At last, fantastic strike from Mason !

Nice goalscores goal, will give him confidence !

Nice finish Harry Kane !

Out of jail tonight, got to play your best players and take nothing for granted

The Defenders View

And what about the view for the other end of the field, the game seen through a defenders eyes. Former centre-back Chris Perry's joined us in July 1999 for a club record £4 million, his verdict?

Well Spurs were absolutely average in the 1st half. Forest closest to scoring, Spurs lacked any pace to their play.

Well Spurs made hard work of it, but progress to next round. Fringe players failed to impress. Stambouli, Fazio need time, Paulinho poor.

Two formers players and neither impressed with what they saw. Thanks goodness we had some home-grown youth to save the day, amazing what a bit of desire can do, why weren't the other players keen to impress?

This was an opportunity for the fringe players to show they are worth a start, you have to feel sorry for someone like Jan Vertonghen having to watch to inferior players play in the Premier League ahead of him.

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If you get a chance you have to take it

12:30 pm
We often hear the usual rubbish about a player not being given a chance, not being given a run in the team when they don't deserve it. That 'charity' approach is not one you employ if you want to be a top team.

If you get a chance you have to take it

In the cut throat world of football you simply have to take your chance when you are given it, Harry Kane did last season and has progressed since, scoring again last night. Nabil Bentaleb did at Southampton last season and is now a regular part of the set up. Tom Carroll didn't in pre-season so was shipped out on loan, Cristian Ceballos had good and bad spells, only to be expected, the good tells the head coach stick with me there is something here.

Eric Dier took his chance straight away and Ryan Mason did on the pre-season tour to USA and Canada this summer. Last night was his first taste of first-team action in a competitive environment and he shone like a star. The introduction of Mason changed the game, not for him the I need a run of games rubbish, no I have my chance I have to take it and he did.

People can rave about his goal but the single most impressive thing about his performance was the speed with which he moved the ball, not for him a ponderous control, adjusting of the feet position, assessment of passing options and a slow careful pass, no he knew what he was going to do before he got the ball. He had the urgency to move the ball into an area for the next pass by his control the ball.

There is a lot more to controlling a ball than simply stopping it. Do you do so with the instep or outside of the boot. Where is your opponent, you have to control the ball away from him not towards him. In space you need to know what your next pass is, does the ball need to go across your body so you control with the furthest foot or back the direction it came in which case, if you are not playing a first time pass, you can control with the nearer foot.

If an opponent is to your left and the ball is played to you from the right, you control it with the right foot putting yourself between him and the ball and visa versa for the other side. Controlling with the instep or out side of the boot sends the ball in different directions, very useful if you already know your next pass. Stop the ball, move it to a passing position and pass is three movements, control the ball into the area you want to make the next pass and pass it is two movements and thus quicker.

One of our faults, which is long standing, is that when one player passes to another they do so so the receiving player has to stand and wait for the ball to arrive which allows the defending side to close him down quickly and give him no passing options, he therefore have to go backwards or sideways again. Happens frequently with wide men.

What Mason did was simply kick the ball harder. Rocket science I know, but what a difference. If you play the ball to a player faster he can then exploit the space he is in which is the reason you passed him the ball in the first place, especially if you are passing to a wide man. Mason looked for a forward pass all the time, even his square balls wide were going forward.

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Intelligent controlling of the ball and faster passing speeds the game up without doing anything spectacular. It's exactly the problem Pochettino has highlighted at Tottenham. By playing for the team instead of himself he shone brightly.

He has a struggle on his hands against Capoue, Dembele, Bentaleb, Paulinho and Stambouli to claim a starting berth in the centre of midfield but hopefully we will now see him play some Europa League minutes. This was Nottingham Forest reserves and not Arsenal but you can only perform when you are given the chance and those before him hadn't performed at all. He capped it off with our opening goal.

"It's a special moment for me. I've been waiting a long time for that. As soon as I hit it I knew it had a chance. I'm delighted it went in. It was a great feeling." 

Glenn Hoddle knows a thing or two about being a midfielder and he impressed our former legend.

"He looks a confident lad, I like the way in his play, the way he looks forward. 
"His first thought is can I play, can I hurt the other team, can I go forward, and he hits movement, and he looked forward there when he struck a beautiful strike."

Jermaine Jenas is carving out a career for himself as a pundit and he too was impressed with Mason.

"He's so creative. I know he can do this, and it was great to see him deliver. I just hope now that he gets a chance. 
"He played better in 25 minutes than the other two or three that were in there and what a fantastic strike that was."

The 'names' had better watch out because if Mason performs in the Europa League next he'll be knocking on the door of getting a Premier League substitutes appearance, how we could have done with his passing on Saturday with both Dembele and Paulinho putting in terrible performances.

Another former Spurs midfielder and one I particularly liked was very happy with Mason's contribution.

Micky Hazard ‏@1MickyHazard
Fantastic to see @Ryan_Mason13 score a great goal and play so well, coached him from age 6, took him to Spurs aged 8.

After that performance he simply has to be given a chance in the Europa League and introduced into the Premier League as a late substitute to see how he fares at higher levels.

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Ryan Mason makes No1 spot on Twitter

10:30 am
Ryan Mason caused a storm on Twitter last shooting to the top of the trending charts in the UK and into the Top 10 worldwide.

Ryan Mason makes No1 spot on Twitter

That was aided inadvertently by Sky Sports and TalkSport who both were incorrectly telling viewers and listeners that Ryan Mason was not in the 25 man Tottenham Premier League squad, which was news to many of us and new to him because he is in fact in the squad.

Rather a major mistake from two organisations who ought to know better but the big story was a player many don't know produced a display for 25 minutes that was head and shoulders above the mediocrity seen before. His introduction changed the game, his strike changed the mood and his urgency breathed new life into a flat side.

Players and former players took to Twitter to praise him.

Great 3 points from the lads tonight My bad I hold my hands up lol. Buzzing for you deserve it mate

Great Result For The Boys, Great Strike Lad...

It's about time has been given a chance to show what he can do. Was always the most talented player in our age group

Game on what a goal mate

So SURREAL to present with Man of Match last night, A fine young man who I coached and brought to Spurs

At last, fantastic strike from Mason !

Ryan Mason is now trending in World, ranking 10

"Trending World Wide:09:25 PM BST" 6. GarantiTTİçinSkype Bayimac 7. Ryan Mason 8. Ucretlibransa Hayır 9. Wiz and Amber

Top 3 trending topics now in United Kingdom: 1. 'Ryan Mason' 2. #terroratthemall 3. #LiamTheEgg

Difficult game tonight but good to see home grown talent turn the tide

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Videos of the 3 goals

11:00 pm
A woeful performance rescued by tired legs, Paulinho going off, an excellent strike from Ryan Mason and wide open spaces in the last 10 minutes.

The three goals that mattered for Spurs.

Goal Number 1

Our scoring was kicked off by a strike from distance by substitute Ryan Mason, a goal he said afterwards he had been waiting a long time for, a goal in a Spurs first-team shirt.

Goal Number 2

Then came another opportunist goal from Roberto Soldado where he doesn't have to think, he just has to react, which he does very well. Why did we then take him off?

Goal Number 3

The third any final goal was an excellent run from substitute Harry Kane into space, seen by another substitute Erik Lamela and played in for a good finish.

Next round is a home tie against Brighton & Hove Albion who will, quite rightly, strongly fancy their chances of beating us. Playing complete second XI's has never worked in the past and is unlikely to work now.

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Paulinho the problem for woeful Spurs

10:34 pm
Well 11 changes to the line up, not a surprise and it does rather confirm that Jan Vertonghen, our best centre-half, and Mauricio Pochettino have had a falling out over the captaincy. Clearly Vertonghen has been expecting it, quite why after he downed tools last season I don't know.

Paulinho the problem for woeful Spurs

Presumably that means Chiriches will be playing at Arsenal which all but guarantees them victory. It's a depressing time to be a Spurs fan with him in the team. Another player who is simply not bothering at the moment, Paulinho. After 30 minutes of boredom I gave up watching the supposed football and watched Paulinho.

He was simply walking about centrally providing no options at all. The players from the back for the whole of the first half had either no forward passes or just one option. Bentaleb and Stambouli were forced to pass sideways or backwards and then we have no confidence and start to not even look for passes. At that time you need leaders, Vertonghen by this time had upped his game considerably but there appeared to be few leaders out there.

That problem all caused by no movement in front of them. Paulinho was playing central, his movement was crucial, if he is just wandering about, then the wide men haven't a hope of achieving anything on their own and that becomes the only ball Bentaleb and Stambouli can play. His failure to even try made everyone look useless. He can't or doesn't want to play the central attacking midfielder role. I did speculate before the game whether he would be better playing wide, I certainly don't want to see him in that role again, Harry Kane is better at it.

We were not playing a pressing game, we were not playing high tempo, we were not playing interchanging front four for the second game in a row, hard to know what we were playing, certainly not football.

We deservedly went behind thanks to lazy defending with no conviction. The goal came from the right but Davies was simply ball watching at left-back when he should have been tucking in, especially as Fazio had had to go out wide. That left Vertonghen with two to mark and nobody helped him.

Spurs were utterly awful, not playing as a team, but a bunch of individuals, the cause of which was Paulinho's lack of movement in central midfield. As soon as he went off Tottenham suddenly started to get into the game. Man of the Match Ryan Mason came on for the last 30 minutes in place of Stambouli and Harry Kane for Paulinho.

Mason injected urgency, his passing was quick, just what Pochettino is looking for. That and movement in front of him from Kane suddenly gave us passing opportunities, which we took advantage of. A passing exchange around the Nottingham Forest box and Ryan Mason was there to hit a powerful shot into the top corner.

There were still strange decisions to come. Soldado had been quiet all night, well nobody had bothered to pass him the ball. Andros Townsend had another shot, which was going wide and Soldado reacted to turn the ball into the net. Just what he needed a goal and with the end of the game coming the chance to use the space and get another. The result, we take him off and put Lamela on, why?

Did we not want Soldado to gain the maximum amount of confidence? Or is the confidence of Lamela more important for Pochettino? There has been talk at all the clubs he has been at that he has his favourites and if you are not one of them you don't get a look in. Lamela is clearly a favourite but then you could argue if we can get him firing on all cylinders he'd be a major asset, at the moment it looks as if we have overpaid for him.

He did make a lovely pass for Harry Kane, who had made an excellent run into the wide open spaces that were appearing in the Nottingham Forest defence, that Kane put away with aplomb.

I suppose Soldado could have been brought off because Pochettino didn't want him getting injured as he intends to use him at the weekend, but I doubt it, more likely he is not a favourite. We messed around with his confidence last season and we are doing it again. The look on his face spoke volumes as did Vertonghen's body language in the first half.

One was not pleased to be playing, one was not pleased to be taken off. A 3-1 victory simply papers over the cracks and makes people forget what came before, utter rubbish.

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The team that won't play

4:30 pm
The second team take centre stage tonight and perhaps who is picked will give an indication of who will be dropped at the weekend.

The team that won't play

It is essential that Vlad Chiriches is dropped, their can be few Spurs fans left still believing he is 'top quality' when he is slaughtered by the expensively assembled West Bromwich Albion and Sunderland front lines. He should certainly be playing against Nottingham Forest tonight so we can play Jan Vertonghen against Arsenal. Anything else and it's pretty clear there has been a falling out over the captaincy with Pochettino for the Belgian.

Kyle Naughton, who apart from being harshly sent off, has improved and done nothing wrong this season, will surely be back at right-back with Ben Davies hoping to get over his nightmare mauling against Partizan Belgrade at left-back. Danny Rose has done nothing wrong and improved also this season so he must retain his place against Arsenal especially as he is now the quickest player in the team by a country mile.

It's a Wednesday so Fazio could play and still play at the weekend, I doubt he will though, I expect to see captain Kaboul put a smile on all Arsenal supporters faces by starting on Saturday. The logic of having your two best central defenders either on the bench or not in the squad and playing two who are not top four standard escapes me.

Ahead of the back four this is a game to give Ryan Mason a starting position alongside Nabil Bentaleb or Benjamin Stambouli, whichever is not in the squad at the weekend when I'm expecting Pochettino will pick Capoue and Dembele again.

Andros Townsend, Aaron Lennon and give Paulinho another hour to see if he is going to try at all this season. He is in serious danger of needing to be shipped out in January. I wonder how he would fare on the left or the right with Harry Kane as the central attacking midfielder and Lennon or Townsend on the bench.

He looks to be going through the motions again and if he is then he can be taken off after an hour and replaced with Harry Kane. One does wonder whether he has a problem with Pochettino or whether he is simply tired and in need of a rest.

There is a case for playing the side tonight you'd play at the weekend, it would help get them accustomed to what they are supposed to be doing but then they would be playing 3 games in 7 days so I can't see that happening.

The team as it probably won't be is:

The team that won't play

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