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Match Fixing 5 sentenced

5:00 pm
I have brought you many stories that look at corruption in football, be it FIFA, UEFA, FA or Italy where it seems to be rife. In some instances corruption might be to a strong word, as in the case of the FA, but they certainly allow referees to get away with clear bias and fail to provide officials with the protection they need to be able to do their job, as they do in rugby union, without the intimidation sides like Chelsea systematically employ.

Bias happens far too often to be coincidental. I remember the 2009 Cup Final when John O'Shea should have been sent off early in the League Cup Final against us but the referee decided he didn't want to ruin the spectacle so was biased towards Manchester United and effectively handed them an advantage they shouldn't have had. The referee therefore had a deliberate affect on the outcome.

Up to date we saw Mark Clattenburg allow Gary Cahill repeatedly to come through the back of Harry Kane without a word being spoken to him and then he assists Manchester United in the Cup Final and has a material affect on the outcome. In big games the referee is having an undue influence on the result. Off-side is an easy one to check when there has been a goal with modern technology. Why should the game at the top lvel be held back simply because it is unworkable in League Two or non-league football due to the cost implication.

Match Fixing 5 sentenced

Back to Italy and more news of match fixing. It is no wonder there are websites out there who sell information about games where they allegedly know the result.

This time it is Bari where on Monday a judge sentenced five men to imprisonment from six to eighteen months. Thirteen others were acquitted. The trial concerned two Serie B games in 2008/09 this time.The judge found Bari had thrown the matches for a total of £167,921 (€220,000 - US$245,609 - AUS$338,205).

The defendants were former Bari, Salernitana and Treviso players and managers as well as Bari wheeler-dealer Angelo Iacovelli, all convicted of sporting fraud.
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Italian member of preliminary Euro 2016 squad arrested

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Yet more match fixing allegations from Italy where it is thought that the Camorra mafia fixed two matches involving Avellino, in Serie B in 2014.

Italian member of preliminary Euro 2016 squad arrested

Caught up in this is Genoa defender Armando Izzo, a former player at Avellino, who on Tuesday denied to Sky Sports that he had done anything wrong. This was as a result of being put under investigation.

"I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I have faith in the judiciary. I feel like I'm living in a nightmare. The only thing I remember is that I was injured in those two matches and I didn't even play. Now I feel a little dejected after reading these things".

Ten people were arrested on Monday including two other former Avellino players who were put under house arrest.

Italian investigators suspect that a Camorra clan used major sums of monsy to corrupt players to influence the results of two matches. Those were Avellino's 3-0 win over Reggina and Modena's 1-0 win over Avellino.

Izzo, the 24-year-old Genoa central-defender, took part in a pre-European Championships training camp with the Italian national team last week but did not make the cut for the preliminary 30-man squad announced Monday.

On Wednesday, Italian Premier Matteo Renzi called on Italy's football authorities to take action to prevent sometimes deadly stadium violence and return the sport to families and fans. 

"The government is ready to do its part, but this challenge must see society, the [Italian Soccer] Federation, soccer employees, and the best part of organized fan clubs on the front lines,"

The Premier was writing on his online newsletter the day after ex-Roma ultra Daniele De Santis was sentenced to 26 years for killing Napoli fan Ciro Esposito before the 2014 Italian Cup final.

"There were new incidents at this year's Italian Cup final, 24 months after Ciro's tragic end. Luckily there were no victims. But it is still unacceptable. Dying young is always a contradiction - dying over a football game is simply absurd".

You have to agree with that sentiment so why does football allow third party ownership. It opens the door to corruption and the corruption investigations in Italian football are frequent. 

He Roma ultra accused of the death of Napoli fan Ciro Esposito before the 2014 Italian Cup final between Napoli and Fiorentina, was found guilty and sentenced to 26 years in jail Tuesday.

Two Napoli fans allegedly involved in the clashes, Gennaro Fioretti and Alfonso Esposito, have also been sent to trial.

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Italy manager Conte +103 others face match fixing charges

10:16 am
A match-fixing dossier at the Italian Soccer Federation contains "proof" Italy coach Antonio Conte did nothing to fix matches, his defence said on Tuesday 30 June. 

Conte was previously coach at Juventus, Serie A champions for three seasons under their Italian former player before he left for the national side.

The Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) President, Carlo Tavecchio, said on Tuesday 30 June that Italy coach Antonio Conte is staying in his job, amid media reports that he is set to be sent to criminal trial over a match-fixing probe. 

"I spoke to him (Conte) this morning and there are no developments. He is staying in his job and will respect his contract".

Conte is being probed as part of the Cremona-based criminal 'Last Bet' investigation. While at Juventus the 45-year-old former player served a four-month ban at the start of the 2012-2013 season. That was because he was found by a sporting tribunal to have failed to report match-fixing during his spell at the helm of Siena in the second tier in the 2010-2011 campaign. Tavecchio suggested the coach would not be asked to step down if he is indicted.

"In this country we have guarantees for everyone, including Conte. An indictment is not a conviction".

It now emerges that prosecutors in the northern city of Cremona have requested that Conte and 103 others be sent to trial for alleged offences related to match fixing. He is accused of sporting fraud in relation to alleged attempts to fix a match against AlbinoLeffe when he was in charge of Siena in Serie B.

Next a preliminary hearings judge will have to decide whether to accept the request and indict Conte and the other suspects. The more serious charge of criminal association has been dropped by the prosecutors. The remaining suspects, which includes the two former Italian internationals Cristiano Doni and Beppe Signori, are charged with criminal association. 

In another matter Conte has spoken to the press to complain about the number of Italians now playing in Serie A, just 33%, which he says will affect the chances of the national side in the next two World Cups.

"The concern about the (2022) World Cup in Qatar is due to the fact that, when (2006 World Cup-winning coach Marcello) Lippi was in charge, he could choose from 61-62 Italians out of 100 (players). Today this has come down to 33. This is the greatest risk that Italy runs today. If this percentage keeps coming down, it'll be difficult to be competitive".

Sounds like the problem England have had for years. In most countries, one organisation runs the football, in England we have two running it who have different agendas, the Premier League and the Football Association.

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Knock-out stage could start early for England

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England face a winner-takes-all clash with Slovenia in Group C on Wednesday.
The knock-out stages might be a week away, but England face a do-or-die date this week and Fabio Capello says it's one of the biggest game of his distinguished career.

After two draws against the USA and Algeria, England must win in Port Elizabeth against the World Cup's smallest nation, Slovenia to make it through to the last 16 and keep England World Cup odds to win alive.

Despite two below-par performances Fabio Capello's men are the overwhelming favourites to win the game at odds of 4/9. Capello is set to make changes to his side after the Cape Town debacle against Algeria - one of which is enforced with Jamie Carragher suspended.

Matthew Upson will replace Carragher and become John Terry's third central defensive partner in three group games. I still would have Dawson in there ahead of the guy that was a member of the team that nearly got West Ham relegated. The duo have played together plenty of times in qualifying and will be confident of keeping Slovenia quiet. Going forward England certainly haven't clicked into gear and Slovenia are sure to try and stifle Capello's men with a five-man midfield.

Whether the Three Lions match up to Slovenia in midfield and play Wayne Rooney on his own is debatable, but another area Capello will be keen to improve on is set-pieces.

England have failed to trouble their opponents from corners and set-pieces so far and it might be worth punting on Terry (who I think should have been on the same plane as Anelka) (22/1) and Upson (40/1) to get it right on Wednesday.

Both are expected to get forward for dead-ball situations and one of the towering centre-backs might prove to be the key to unlock the Slovenian defence.

Meanwhile, now is also a good time to get some money on the Italy and Spain World Cup odds to win. Both have made slow starts, so now is the time to back them!

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