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Why not have a camera inside the ground on match day?

5:00 pm
I believe I recall reading that the club was making a film of the building process that will be a part of the Tottenham Experience. Presumably, if we are going all interactive there will be a virtual tour that can be viewed online.

We have a camera on the construction site which many are enjoying, will there be a camera in the stadium, turned on on match days so viewers around the world can watch the side warm up before a game, soak up the atmosphere and warm down afterwards? 

It costs the club little, it gives to the fans, it is operated remotely, it provides for fans what other clubs aren't, especially if you are beaming it into their homes for free. You could have sponsors ads rolling across the top or Spurs news.

It is just another way to bring the club and the fans around the world together, just another service that puts us above the rest, that puts our name into the press and another method of communicating with the fans. 

You could have the feed across the top answering Twitter questions that have been sent in since the last game, you could wish Happy Birthday to children with a message from one of the players. It is all about engagement, hook em young and they are hooked for life.

Like coaching, things don't have to be done as they have always been done, the club has to move with the times and seek multiple lines of engagement, some free, some paid for.

It wouldn't be tough to do and are there any training opportunities that could run alongside it for the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. There is marketing and running the programme, camera operation, also aspects of this into self-esteem, responsibility, time-keeping, appearance, professionalism, IT. Shape it  in many ways bit if you take a less fortunate group of the borough, bid for some money from grants, trusts, European finances, then you have a funded course that is going some good and providing a marketing service for the club.

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Improvement both on and off the field

1:00 pm
While our clubs communication could be better the club do seem to listen. Spurs TV has changed dramatically since the first of several emails to the club. Those emails suggested improvements to the delivery, content and general professionalism of the clubs official Twitter feed, news and video content produced by Spurs TV. 

One such request was, indeed the overriding theme of the suggestions was to bring the club closer to the fans through the use of the content produced, particularly showing a training session to allow fans a greater understanding of what goes into being a professional footballer at Tottenham Hotspur. I'm was delighted to see that Spurs TV were showing a training session which my, and no doubt other fans correspondence, had called for. Unfortunately for me it is the anniversary of my father's passing so was something I had to miss.

Where previously we seemed to have a bunch in awe of the players and run to suit themselves, now we have content where the viewer receives greater consideration. We have upgraded from star struck content. The Tweets are no longer offensive, dragging the club name down, there is the also social media and game area section of the official website.

The interviews are not so bland, previously the same old tired questions were asked which were naturally answered in the same tired old way, nothing was ever new. If you dubbed the name of one club out and substituted another club you wouldn't have noticed. Interviewing someone is not as simple as you might think. An interview with no thought produces a bland filler, now we are allowing fans to understand more about a footballer. The mentality of a player is vital and there is a lot more emphasis on helping people understand the important role it plays.

The training session helps to bridge the gap between players and fans although shouldn't stop there. The club has captive stars who could once a week spent 30 minutes on social media answering questions or offering advice. I'd like to see a video training series teaching youngsters various skills, various training drills. 

It would make an ideal Christmas gift for many football-mad children, especially if you have Hatty Kane demonstrating shooting technique as he and a coach teach youngsters how to improve their game. A star-studded training series in DVD or downloadable form, one designed for players, one designed for coaches showing and explaining how to run various drills. We have a whole youth academy so you could have a first team player taking part in a specific skill coaching drill with them. 

Design the product and create it ready for next Christmas. Players will get injured and while they are recovering could be incorporated into the series. There is so much that could be done with the resources (players) the club has available. 

I called for a more fans eye view for those who couldn't get to a home game and to hear from the fans outside the ground. We now see Spurred On has taken that mantle on. I'd like to see a tour around outside the stadium on a match day to show those supporters around the world what happens at The Lane, give them a match day experience in the comfort of their own homes, whether that be a man with a microphone, or a head mounted camera I don't know.

I'd like to see an away day experience, Spurs TV travelling with an official supporters coach to a game or an overseas trip, not just via a pampered private jet, but from the supporters point of view as well. Some journeys the supporters make are horrendous. We have a travel agent as a partner, travel along with one of their trips. It sells more trips which in turn would lead to a larger commercial deal with them, it gives fans an idea of what travelling to see Spurs is all about.

I'd like to see interviews with the coaching staff (since this was written we now have a six-part series with Toni Jimenez our goalkeeping coach), not just Mauricio Pochettino, let's hear what the other guys roles are. Interview the trainer, the medical staff, explain about rehabilitation. Again we could produce a video series, how to treat common injuries at home, regular interviews with a player recovering from injury, not specifically to monitor his progress, although you would, but to discuss his treatment and the mental side of being out of action. 

A course on diet and healthy eating showing what the players eat and why will encourage school children away from obesity. Again use the players, the club chefs, create a piece for Spurs TV, a series of pieces that create a training course, link that to job skills, the actual requirements of becoming a chef or customer service roles and you now have a potential employment project for the Foundation to apply for funding for. 

Groundsman roles, physiotherapist, coaching roles, there are so many job education opportunity videos the Foundation could create and use. The club should be looking to improve in all areas, the Kaizen approach as I have written before, we have started and it is an ongoing process, there is so much that can be done though. We are not going to lose sight of the football, but the club could certainly work even closer with the local community to have a positive impact on them.

Every aspect is not going to appeal to everyone, but you are not trying to. Interview other figures within the club over their role, talk to the press office and senior staff over their role and communication with fans. There are plenty out there who want to know more about how the club is run. 

Why not have Paul Mitchell and his team show us how we assess a player from the beginning of the process or a senior figure giving us an insight into the factors that have to be taken into account prior to a transfer negotiation. What about an interview with the Director of Football/Technical Director discussing his role and a piece on the Foundation. 

I know what goes into starting a community project and I also know the job satisfaction it can bring. Discuss that, show how a project is put together, use it as an educational piece and encourage people into community work. Link that to specialist recruitment agents in the sector and you have an innovative project.

There is no reason why the Foundation has to stop at charity work, that could be done in all sorts of fields. Apply for some European money for a three-year trial project with its own project coordinator. During an international break, you take a player who is not away with his country, Kieran Trippier or Michel Vorm perhaps and have them learn about what it takes to do a specific job, have them have a go on camera. 

You are linking the football club, the Foundation and the community to encourage employment and training. The art of devising a project is to devise something innovative, unique, something that will encourage others to invest in. They want outcomes so you are looking for methods of making projects a success and finding permanent employment is a tough one to tackle.

The club is in a unique position, with unique resources which quite frankly are under utilised. The are not enough ideas people, people who can see a concept and build on it to create a vision. Not every idea is going to be feasible, the important thing is that constant flow of ideas though. You have to build something and hand it across to someone to run while you come up with the next project. If you don't you'll have a gap between projects and a gap between funding which can cause a community group to go bankrupt. 

The Tottenham Foundation could employ someone who has the vision to imagine and create projects for local community groups. The group come to the Foundation he or she works with them to devise projects and then project manage them, not on a day-to-day basis, that is the role of the individual charity, but liaising with the funders and providing reports on project outcomes. His salary comes from a fee he builds into each funding application Community groups need to operate in a more joined up fashion rather than the separate entities as they do now. The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation could be at the forefront of bringing them all to work more closely together, which again is an innovative project for which you apply for funds for.

There is so much the club can do for itself, for it's fans, for the community, for the Foundation, that as an ideas man, frustrates me that aren't being done. We are moving in the right direction though it needs to continue.

If you have ideas for content you would like to see on Spurs TV or ideas what the club could be doing off the field leave a comment. I'll note them down and email the club with your suggestions, they do appear to take note.

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Ledley King helps kids choose an aviation career

2:30 pm
Ledley King was at Stansted Airport last week to help youngsters consider a career in aviation!

King went to the Essex airport on Wednesday June 10 to officially open the new £500,000 learning hub at Aerozone Stansted. He was representing the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, cutting the ribbon for the assembled guest who included pupils from Summercroft School, in Bishop's Stortford, councillors and business representatives.

The aim of the hub is to boost skills in STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths. The Manchester Airports Group's (MAG) flagship community project, which aims to attract 5,000 youngsters by 2016, wants to tell the history of the airport and show visitors the range of careers that are available in aviation.

There are interactive hands-on and audio-visual activities that show how aeroplanes fly and how the airport operates. The former U.S. Air Force base has uniforms for the youngsters to try on, exhibits dated back to the Second World War.

Managing director Andrew Harrison said: "The Aerozone is our flagship community project here at Stansted and its opening represents a long-term commitment to our community. Engaging with young people, particularly those living in areas close to the airport, is a vital part of our community work.

"The aim of the centre is to inspire young people to consider the varied careers within aviation, focusing on the vital STEM subjects that generate real prospects for young people and open their eyes to the fantastic opportunities available on their doorstep."

Boeing UK and Ireland president Sir Michael Arthur said: "As a growing aerospace company Boeing has an increasing need for engineers. Educational facilities like the this play an important role in inspiring young people at an early stage to study STEM subjects and take an interest in aviation."

Essex County Council member for education Cllr Ray Gooding said: "I am confident that this new facility will be well-used by schools across Essex and further afield.

"How better to spark a child's imagination than to develop their learning of STEM subjects related to the aviation industry, in a fantastic centre within sight of the Stansted runway.

"I know that Essex teachers, who always strive to add value to students' learning at school, will find the Aerozone extremely beneficial."

Local organisations and those from further afield including Boeing, Business in the Community, The Royal Aeronautical Society, Galliford Try, Essex Police, Essex County Council, British Airways, Harrods Aviation, Ryanair, EasyJet, Titan Airways, Marriot Civils, Global Supply Systems, AV8 Consulting, NATS, Youth Education Support, Inflite and Safran have offered sponsorship and materials to equip the centre.

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Tottenham students study in a unique environment

2:30 pm
Tottenham Hotspur have been an innovative club throughout our history. We have done or achieved so many things first, some that will never be equalled such as winning the FA Cup as a non league side and others where we have trodden the path for others to follow such as being the first British club to win a major European trophy.

We achieved the 'Impossible Double' for Arsenal to follow 10 years later before money took over the game and you could simply buy success. We astounded the world by signing Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa and paved the way for 'star' names to play in out top division.

But it's not just on the field Tottenham lead the way, we are the first Premier League club to offer a foundation degree through the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. The video below takes you through a day in the life of a student and shows you where they study behind the scenes.

White Hart Lane is certainly is a unique environment to do so.

Tottenham students study in a unique environment Tottenham students study in a unique environment Reviewed by THBlogNews on 2:30 pm Rating: 5

Tottenham take on more vital work

4:30 pm
Tottenham fans should be pleased and proud that their club does so much in the community and projects around the world.

Ossie Ardiles was recently in China, Ledley was in North America and now he and former Tottenham winger David Ginola have been a little closer to home.

The pair visited Bruce Grove youth centre to lend their support to the new ‘To Care Is To Do’ project. It is a constant battle for funding with centres like this, Bruce Grove youth centre is in Tottenham, all over the country. New and innovative projects are constantly having to be though and designed before funding applications, which may get turned down, hopefully bring in the money to proceed.

Having a major player in the area involved raises the profile of a project, brings it press coverage and therefore increased engagement from it's target market. Outcomes are essential with all funding but a project has to have an element of sustainability or a specific lifespan for a pilot scheme.

The Tottenham Hotspur foundation has secured six-figure funding over a three-year period from the BT Sport’s The Supporters Club (their charitable arm) and the Premier League to improve the lives of looked-after children and care leavers. BT Sport toured the facility and invited people to a Q&A session with former Tottenham captain and now Club Ambassador Ledley King joined by Frenchman David Ginola.

However it is the scheme that is the important element as it is designed to make a difference, including one-to-one mentoring, life-skills workshops and study assistance, work experience opportunities, and pre and post-employment support.

In today's society employment opportunities are one of the major outcome criteria that funders use to measure the success of a project and therefore the success of their funding. It is thus important to run a successful project as word does get round between funders and a track record of success helps secure funding for future projects where you may not have otherwise been granted it.

Club Ambassador King, who along with Ginola shot some hoops and enjoyed the radio room spoke with the Tottenham Independent about he value of the scheme.

“Its vitally important, as a football club, we realise our importance in the community and the need to give back.  
"This will allow youngsters to have better life looking forward and create opportunities for them whether that’s academically or to supply job placements, which will be brilliant. 
“To Care Is To Do will enable more young people in the local community to benefit from the opportunities and support delivered through Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, helping to change their lives for the better.
“Through football and through the club, we have an opportunity to engage with young kids like no others can, and we tap into them and try and give them many opportunities through football, not just to play football but to find a path that they may have never been able to find. So in that respect it’s really important.”

King went on to speak not only about this project but the regeneration of the area as a whole and the part Tottenham Hotspur were playing in that. The regeneration is coming about because Spurs are building a new stadium, coupling that with regimenting the area has made the undertaking a mammoth project, lots of scheme like this come about as a small part of that.

“The aim is to give back as much as possible. Obviously through the regeneration and the new stadium plans, we’re providing opportunities for people in the area. It’ll be a great thing for the area, it needs a lift after a difficult few years and it’s about looking towards the positives now and trying to create as many opportunities as possible for the people within the borough to be proud about where they live and what it stands for.”

David Ginola is a panellist on BT Sport and he showed he hasn't lost his footballing touch as well as having  a go at basketball. He explained how schemes make a difference on a daily basis to local children.

“They’re so important because it’s not a miracle, but it feels like a miracle to see the smiles of the kids on a daily basis especially during the holidays when you don’t have to travel and enjoy themselves. It’s a great program for them to come here and play some sport, play some football, maybe some badminton and listen to music.  
It is just great here, you can see that Tottenham is doing a lot for the local community and now BT sport are also getting involved for local people. 
"You look at the kids here and they have plenty of things to do here instead of being out on the street doing nothing. They have so many opportunities and they can create their own opportunities as well for the future. 
"To give them different options and different routes is fantastic. I am pretty sure when they go back home in the evening, they have spent a beautiful day here and are able to feel good about themselves.

Ginola went on to urge other clubs to follow Tottenham's lead and set up more projects like this one across the country. Football is in a unique position to affect the lives of so many people and it should be of vital importance to every club.

“It’s important to do it for Spurs, but honestly this is something you can and should do for any club, for every single club in the Premier League. 
“If they did I think we would live in a better world and this is what I saw today. I realised today that through sport, through activities, a kid can have a smile on their face and this is what you’re expecting, this is what you’re looking for and that was an amazing afternoon for that. 
“If we can get all the cities across different countries to do that, it would produce a better world for sure. 
“The community around White Hart Lane and some areas especially during the summer holidays, it gives kids something to do rather than staying on the streets. It takes them away from trouble. They are marching away from trouble, and for some of them I can see that it’s really hard to be surrounded by rules, because obviously we have rules that you have to follow. 
“When you arrive you say good morning or good afternoon and say goodbye when you leave, say please when you want something and say thank you when you receive it. It’s the basic stuff to make better people, and sometimes if you don’t get this at home it’s better to be in an environment where you do get such things.”

That may sound trivial to some of you but so many children today grow up in an environment where those simple pleasantries don't exist and they can start to instill a respect that is missing. Nothing will change overnight but teaching children from a tough area is not an easy task and I can assure seeing a smile or seeing you have made a difference is supremely rewarding.

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That's why so many people give their time and volunteer or work within the community. Every little help they get and every little contribution you can make is important, even if that is only attending an event where you buy a couple of cakes. Every little penny helps and lots of people giving a little goes a long way.

Nikki Kelly is the head of employment and skills for the Tottenham Foundation and she a little about who the scheme would help.

“We will be working with Haringey virtual schools as well as schools in Enfield and Barnet, and it will also be going to support educational, sporting and life-style course. 
“This [the youth club] is a fantastic hub for young people, this is where it is all happening for young people. A lot of our mentors work here and it is great that we can continue to work with children in care.”

Anyone who has ever worked in community work will tell you hat a difference it can and does make, not to everyone , but to those who engage with it. The more that engage the merrier and seeking out groups in your area will open up possibilities you wouldn't otherwise know exist.

I would urge anyone to seek out community group and find what they have on, pop into your local church and ask them, they'll probably be able to put you in touch and may well run things themselves as well. You don't have to be religious to ask for help or advice but making yourself aware of everything that is available to help you ad your children is a sensible step.

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Tottenham making a difference

6:30 pm
Always keen to bring you new news surrounding Tottenham and not always, at this time, transfer talk we have had the 2014 Tottenham USA & Canada Pre-season Tour to occupy our time.

Part of that has seen a busy time for our club ambassador Ledley King and one of the duties he under took was coaching as part of the Tottenham global partnership with Special Olympics. They are a charity who are the world's largest sports organisation for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. They providing year-round training and competitions to more than 4.2 million athletes in 170 countries.

Tottenham via the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation sent coaches as part of the Global Coaching Programme to all parts of the globe and this report comes from work they did in India with Special Olympics Bharat.

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VIDEO: How the Pros get ready

The video is only 2.56 minutes long so take a couple of moments to watch an aspect of the club most supporters don't sever see. It's good to know the club we support and supporting others, perhaps less fortunate than ourselves.

This second short video is made by the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and gives you an insight into their work, they certainly do a lot of work in the community.

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AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation

6:40 pm
AVB - Chadli and transfers.

"We will continue to do our market and we have not stopped yet, for sure.

"Chadli’s a player we’ve been following for quite some time and we managed to strike a deal in the last few days.

"He’s a player who is extremely versatile and can play in several positions up front.

"We look forward to having him on board with us."

- - - - - - - - -

Reports in Spain say Franco Baldini was meeting with Alberto Toldra, Roberto Soldado's agent, today.

- - - - - - - - - 

Michael Dawson has been speaking to Sky Sports about Gareth Bale.

"All you can do is concentrate individually as a team. Gaz is a Tottenham player and the manager has come out and said he's staying, and that's great news.

"To do what Gaz did last year was sensational, with some of the goals he scored and the points he won for us. He helped us to get to 72 points and I'm sure he'll be doing that again next year.

"Gaz is a great lad, he keeps his head down and the way he has been playing, he is going to have speculation. His performances in recent years have been brilliant and that's what happens.

"He'll concentrate and do what he does for Tottenham, and hopefully keep scoring goals."

- - - - - - - - - 

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan admits the club would love to bring Tottenham midfielder Scott Parker back to the club.

Sullivan said on Twitter he "would love to have Scott Parker back if there is room on the wage bill".

"We need goalscorers not defenders".

"We are happy with the rest of the team all we need now is pace and goals."

The players have got to be quick enough to catch up with the balls they hoof up field to Andy Carroll in traditional Sam Allardyce style.

The new West Ham style - hoof it and see. Bobby Moore would be proud. Whatever happened to the West Ham academy.

- - - - - - - - - 

The Tottenham Hotspur Foundation and the National Literacy Trust’s Premier League Reading Stars programme joined forces to take more than 180 lucky school children on a stadium tour of White Hart Lane as part of a campaign to encourage children to read.

The pupils, aged between nine and 13, had two storytelling sessions with two children’s authors, Bali Rai and Dan Freedman, who have both written children’s series on football.

Freedman said: "Premier League Reading brings football and reading together and as the author of the Jamie Johnson series it's a real privilege to be involved in today’s event at Tottenham Hotspur.

"I grew up in East Finchley and went to watch my first ever game of football with my dad at White Hart Lane when I was three years old.

"To come back and chat with local school kids about football stories will be just about perfect."

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AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation AVB, Chadli, Dawson, Bale, Soldado, Parker & Tottenham Foundation Reviewed by THBlogNews on 6:40 pm Rating: 5
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