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Bale Agent - Transfer window should be scrapped

7:00 pm
The transfer window irks everyone, possibly except for journalists as despite what fans claim, they love to read every titbit of gossip they can find.

Alan Pardew recently spoke about the window and felt it should close before the season starts, Everton manager Roberto Martinez has expressed the same views, former player Stan Collymore, the list could go on and on.
Bale Agent - Transfer window should be scrapped

Fans want the window closed before a season starts, chairmen want the two linked and an agent we know all about at Tottenham, Jonathan Barnett, told delegates to the Soccerex convention on Tuesday that he felt football should return to the old system and have no transfer windows at all.

"I think I would open it 365 days. It is just not right. Clubs should have the right to buy and sell players, and players should have the right to move when they want. 
"I just think it puts unnecessary pressure on everyone and on everything, and I just think it is unfair. I think it would make a better spectacle, as well, to have transfers all year round. 
"Maybe not (deals) in the last couple of weeks. I don't think the old system was bad at all. It might bring transfer fees down because then people wouldn't be rushed into spending the money they do at the last minute."

The problem is the media love transfer windows and it is the media who bring the money into the game, they want news during the off season, they want football 12 months of the year. With more money in the game and it would seem more temperamental players, there is the possibility it could cause more problems than it solves.

Transfer news was invented by newspapers who had nothing ti talk about once one season had ended and before the next season began, it has proved so popular that when they stopped it for a summer sales went down so for them transfer news was here to stay, it sells papers.

Sky Sports love transfer deadline day, they have turned it into an event, that could still be retained, but would need to be before the first game that's all. To compensate I would open the window as soon as the season had shut, I wouldn't wait for 1 July to open it. That may mean changing player contracts, which currently run from 1 July to 30 June, there is no reason why clubs can't run them from 1 June until 31 May.

The media still get their transfer window, they still get deadline day, we don't get the lull when the season has ended but go straight into transfer window mode and then start as soon as the window closes, we get 12 months a year football coverage.

It that not the best of both worlds with everyone satisfied, well nearly everyone, agents will always want to earn fees all year round and are fighting having their fees capped at the moment.

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No Tottenham clearance sale

6:30 pm
There were stories all over the web about Daniel Levy having a massive clearout at Spurs but with the World Cup they have taken a back seat.

No Tottenham clearance sale

Still there are some sites insistent seven or ten players are going which is of course all nonsense. It wouldn't make any sense besides you have a series of players that you would accept good offers for, that doesn't mean you are going to sell them.

Jermain Defoe left because at 31, he'll be 32 in October, he was offered £90,000 a week. That was a massive hike in wages and at his age an offer he simply couldn't turn down.

Jake Livermore is the only player sold so far this window and he wasn't even playing for us last season. I do think Levy has got a good deal for him though, £7 million (€8.74m) with £1 million (€1.25m) add-ons is excellent for an academy product who had made just 56 appearances for us.

Most of the players being suggested as potentially leaving are homegrown players which would leave the club short in that area and in need of buying more. They demand a premium so it's rather a false economy, better to improve what you have, unless you can pick someone up cheap.

Last summer we went on a spending spree buying the 'Summer Seven' who are undoubtedly better than they have shown so far, some of them couldn't have been much worse.

To then sell seven or more of the squad the following summer and replace with another seven is simply asking for the same problems all over again, even if they do have Premier league experience.

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Hugo Lloris doesn't want to leave, Danny Rose is being offered a new contract, Aaron Lennon puts in a shift, essential for a Pochettino player, Érik Lamela has been put on a special training programme to get him ready to show us what he can do.

The departures are more likely to be three or four at the very most. A striker could depart but it's unlikely as who would pay the money for them? Sandro seems to want away despite a change in manager although nobody seems willing to pay a sensible amount for him.

A centre-back will leave, possibly two. Jan Vertonghen will stay but it depends what deals can be done as to who leaves out of Michael Dawson, Younès Kaboul and Vlad Chiricheș. It's not a case of OK let's sell him but more a case of we'll make these three available and see what deals we can come up with, what deals are best for Tottenham.

If you judge out potential purchases by transfer rumour then you'd say we'll buy a left-back, centre-back (or two), defensive midfield and striker.

That would then give you an idea of the players we are willing to listen to offers for, which as I say doesn't then mean we are going to sell them.

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Transfer window masterstroke

8:30 am
Clubs are starting to circle waiting to pounce before the window shuts, but they are circling Real Madrid.

The Goon Squad are said to be interested in two, but who would be interested in the Goons, nobody has so far.

It would seem this transfer window has been waiting for the sale of Gareth Bale to ignite other transfers. The hierarchy at Tottenham have played a very good game by making them all wait.

Given that Bale has already said goodbye to some of the staff there can only be a few chimpanzees left who believe Bale is staying but making everyone wait so they have little time to conclude their business when he does eventually go is a masterstroke. The latest ruse of a 'mystery bid' is all designed to keep everyone waiting while we complete further purchases. The deal would have been announced earlier had Willian signed but now everyone will have to wait a bit longer which is probably frustrating them.

Real Madrid have to make their preparations for his arrival, they have a podium built to present him as is the way in Madrid which many claim was erected for Raul's testimonial last Thursday, begging the question why hasn't it been taken down then? Diving off at a tangent, who is disappointed with the £86 million fee?

With 60/70% of purchases already made we are ahead of the game, there are two (Lamela, Chiriches) but more probably three, maybe even four still to join our squad transformation. This window certainly hasn't been a cosmetic exercise has it.

Of course arrivals mean players have to go, there are only 25 squad places available and 8 of those have to be homegrown. Several players have therefore been told to find new clubs, Huddlestone has reluctantly already gone and the same for Parker, neither wanted to leave but were left with no doubt they would see very little game time.

Adebayor is another told to find another club, he has offers from both home and abroad in addition to the pie in the sky Besiktas talk. Benoit Assou-Ekotto is in the same boat, whilst Livermore was sent on loan to get some game time, Caulker went because he wants to play every week and wouldn't at Spurs. Dempsey was given the opportunity to return home so we didn't stand in his way.

As has been expected for a while Fabio Coentrao declined to join us so Danny Rose has been filling in. There are stories now of us looking to being in an experienced loanee at left-back, a week is a long time in a transfer window so we'll wait and see.

A possible movement that has gone quiet is the departure of Heurelho Gomes, given game time in Hong Kong he looks set to stay as the number three keeper on £50,000 a week, which would surely end any World Cup hopes.

The Lane is certainly gaining a South American feel with Paulinho, Sandro and Gomes, Lamela likely to arrive, a failed attempt at Willian and now we are said to be talking to an agent of other Argentinian players, a creative attacking midfielder is still on the agenda.

Plenty of time left in the transfer window for some twists and turns yet.

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Gareth Bale and the ring of truth

7:37 am
It's 5 o'clock in the morning and the Bale situation rankles so I'll post my initial uncoordinated ramblings, which not having had enough tea yet may not flow but leap about a bit.

Let me start by thinking back to last summer and what I was posting on my Facebook Fan page, Tottenham Memorabilia.

I wrote that the minimum requirement was top 4, without which Bale would leave. For AVB to be considered a success he has to finish in the top 4, that is the target Levy has set, nothing else will do.

That basically summed it up.

After 3 games I wrote a very critical article and how even at that early stage things had to change. The tactic of taking off Defoe and Lennon to bring on defensive players to hold a lead, was a chalkboard theory that didn't work in practice. If continued it would cost us Champions League football and Gareth Bale.

We made subtle changes, missed by many but they were there and evolved as the season went on.

One part of that has been proven to be right and the second is now a possibility.

Andre Villas-Boas turned Gareth Bale into a superstar in half a season, he turned Hulk into the most sought after striker last summer, the man makes a habit of it, let's hope he does it with Chadli. Having been turned into a worldwide superstar and given him income opportunities beyond his expectations, it is disappointing that Bale now seems to think he shouldn't even give us a season of that superstar status.

It's safe to say Real Madrid are not on the Christmas card list for Spurs fans. Their campaign to get Luca Modric and try to make him force a move was not pleasant, now we have the same again.

Through their mouthpiece, Marca, they have fed stories for the British press to pick up on and spread over here. The word Bale sells papers so our media lap it up.

Madrid through Zidane say they have a good relationship with Spurs and will do everything in the correct manner. Well that is a blatant lie. To blackmail a player, as they appear to have done, is the lowest of the low. You come now or you never come at all is what is suggested they have told him, the aim obvious, get him to force a move, a tactic that appears to be working.

A minor injury where he didn't play against Colchester as a precaution on 19 July. It is now 29 July and he still hasn't played in two more games. You could say you didn't want to risk him on a terrible pitch but one thing sticks out like a sore thumb here and for me gives credibility to all these stories, apart from AVB no longer wanting to talk about Bale.

Where was Gareth Bale in Hong Kong?

You are in a massive market where you want to maximise your brand exposure, not only does your greatest marketing asset not play, but against South China he stayed in the dressing room. Would you at least not show him to the people, sign some autographs etc? There is a worldwide TV audience watching wanting to see him and he doesn't want to be seen in Spurs colours.

Think about it, have you seen one PR story or photo opportunity with Gareth Bale while Spurs were in Hong Kong, because I don't recall one. Google "Gareth Bale in Hong Kong" and nothing comes up, not in Google UK.

That does not make any commercial sense, that rings alarm bells. In a market we want to sell to, he wasn't selling us.

There seems to be one man getting away scott free in all this at the moment, Gareth Bale's agent Jonathan Barrett. He has constantly been popping up on Spanish radio and TV broadcasts saying Bale would listen to offers from Real Madrid, that he loves them etc. He has been feeding them and Gareth Bale hasn't stopped him.

His latest, for it can only have come from him, is to feed Marca the Gareth Bale Daniel Levy civilized chat over a cup of tea contents. Cue stories of Bale furious and wanting to leave now. What does Barrett want? Does he want Bale to move now or does he know he'll move next summer and is trying to get Spurs to pay his boy £200,000 a week and not £150,000?

His lack of marketing the club in Asia tells me he wants out, that the stories are true, his head has been turned, Real Madrid's tactics have worked.

At the start of last season I felt £50 million was his price tag which rose to £60 million half way through the season and now is a world record figure.

If Bale goes Champions League becomes a doubt, which costs us £40 million and sets our development back again. If Bale goes we lose worldwide exposure and the commercial benefits that brings, he is a sponsors dream. What figure do you place on that? Because they have to be factored into any transfer fee.

The fee for Bale is not about footballing ability alone, but the commercial opportunities he brings. David Beckham was a commercial godsend to every club he went to. Real Madrid's income soared when he was there and Cristiano Ronaldo has taken on that mantle, next in line is Gareth Bale.

If you start to look at his transfer in those terms, in what Real Madrid gain and what we lose, then his price goes through the roof, any negotiation should reflect that so the suggestion from one ITK'er that they have been quoted 150 million doesn't surprise me. I would ask is that EUR or pounds.

I think we are in a dogfight to keep him, I really do.

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9:21 am
I woke up cheerful today, as is normally the case on most Saturday's, especially on Saturday's when we're playing at home. My smile quickly turned into a miserable frown and my joy evolved, faster than than any Richard Dawkin's book, into disgust as I read that Chelsea are now allowed to trade within January's transfer window after the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) postponed the FIFA imposed ban until it (CAS) has heard the club's appeal.

That's interesting, as FIFA themselves found Chelsea guilty of seducing French winger Gael Kakuta to break his contract while at Lens and simply walk out the French side that gave him his start as a pro.

Some reports are even saying that CAS won't study the case until March or April at the earliest, although it may extend into July and/or August, meaning that the Cheatsea FC may be able to buy in the summer window to!

Is there no justice in the game any longer? I do wonder what's gone on behind the scenes at CAS. Has anyone checked the judicial committees bank balances lately? Are any of the CAS bigwigs rolling around in new cars?

Makes me sick.

Anyway, let's forget about that and concentrate on today's highly important game against Sunderland. Expect goals and a lot of them!
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"Transfer window extended" - The F.A.

The Football Association has extended the transfer window over and above the 5pm deadline.

This clause has been set in place for clubs finding it difficult in getting the necessary player(s) in for either medicals or agreements due to the weather situation.

This clause only applies for clubs that have transfer dealings already going through, and not for any club trying to sign a player at the last minute.

This begs the do the German clubs always sign their players in time?
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