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Spurs identity left with Dawson

4:00 pm
I got roundly abused when I suggested Tottenham were losing their identity and needed to retain Michael Dawson as a figurehead, much in the same way Liverpool have Steven Gerrard or Chelsea have John Terry.

Spurs identity left with Dawson

What we have now is a bunch of money mercenaries with no feeling for the club with the result that they don't care how the club does, they are only interested in themselves. You can see it now with the style of football Pochettino wants to play, the players clearly don't want to lay it.

Whether that is too much effort for them, whether they are incapable, although by all accounts they do it on the training pitch, who knows. It seems like they don't want to put themselves out, they have a style they want to play and the manager must adapt to them rather than the other way around.

Les Ferdinand has had a long association with the club, apart from his coaching he was a player for 6 years. His comments will no doubt get roundly dismissed simply for him for being a part of the Tim Sherwood's regime who could see the loss of identity happening.

"You feel for Pochettino because it seems Tottenham for a long time are trying to change their identity and they have done that now. 
"They have done it at the expense of the football club, they have changed their identity behind the scenes and they have changed their identity on the football pitch as they haven't got one. 
"No one knows what they do and how they are doing, what style they are playing and what they are doing at the moment. 
"Pochettino has come in and inherited players that perhaps he wouldn't have chosen himself but they were there and he has had to work with them and hopefully he will be given the time. 
"There is unrest there at the moment because results are not going the way they want but he's come in and needs to change what he is doing and get his own players and once he has done that then you can judge him. 
"It's difficult to judge him on the strength of what he has come in to."

If fans are honest with themselves instead of the pretence some seem adopt, then they'll appreciate what he is saying is true. Tottenham have lost their identity, as I wrote about Dawson, who is going to take over the mantle of Mr Tottenham.

Every club has to have an identity and means some stalwarts, not just a conveyor belt of players looking for a wage packet and a stepping stone to a bigger club. If a club has no identity there is nothing to follow, no cause to be a part of, no bond to tug the heartstrings and keep a player at a club.

Now all we have is a vision, a project from each manager, well to achieve a vision everyone has to believe in it and you won't sell a vision to players, it's too long term for them, they need short term goals. Tottenham were hoping to build a team to challenge for a Champions League spot and stay together while the stadium was built. Unfortunately a few duds have scuppered that and the rest see that it won't be achieved so their productivity, their motivation goes downhill too.

Once you have sold your identity, sold your sole, you can't buy it back, you are stuck having to pay mercenaries with no feel for the club or it's fans. We are stuck now with the fake kissing of the badge brigade, a meaningless public relations exercise to con fans into thinking a player has a feeling for the club instead of a feeling for his wage packet.

Thankfully we don't see too much of it at Tottenham but that's the world we now have to inhabit. Fake feeling from fake players.

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They were always leaving Tottenham with Sherwood

2:23 pm
It has now been confirmed that Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey have left their coaching roles at Tottenham.

They were always leaving with Sherwood

It has been a wait but Tim Sherwood's assistants were always leaving Tottenham as reported at the time. It has been a wait while the new boss is appointed, his coaching staff installed and their severance packages negotiated.

It would be natural for Daniel Levy to sit down with Mauricio Pochettino and look at the club coaching structure, what the Argentinian offered and whether Ferdinand and Ramsey could fit into that structure.

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Ferdinand's coaching of our forwards has not been impressive in my view, indeed I wrote an article saying he had to go. He is, to me, stuck in an old way of thinking. I always come back to why he doesn't coach strikers to attack the six yard box, Defoe rarely did it.

I'm sure the pair will turn up wherever Tim Sherwood ends up. I know little about Chris Ramsey but I thank them both for their work at the club and wish them both well in the future..

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Ferdinand - Players mentality is not Top 4

12:30 pm
Regular readers of this blog will remember a series I ran called Spurs Need To Go Mental where I discussed the mental weakness within the current Spurs squad and club.

Ferdinand - Players mentality is not Top 4

In 12 parts I discussed various remedies and ways in which the club could improve itself both on and off the field. All off field improvements help to engender a culture of improvement and complement the improvement that could and should be made on the field.

I have been saying for a while now that the players we have are not winners mentally and the mental side of sport is everything.

Now former striker and current Tottenham coach Les Ferdinand has suggested on Sky Sports Goals on Sunday programme that the problem Spurs players have is not their ability but their mentality.

"When we talk about top four, the problem with Tottenham at the moment isn't the players' abilities I think you're looking at the mentality.

"You don't get beat fours and fives by people in the top four if it isn't about your mentality. When you go to those teams in the top four you need to have a bit of swagger about you. Tottenham need to find that.

"They also need some continuity. The difficult thing for us is that you're at the club and you've got five months to prove yourself but if people realise you're not going to be there at the end of those five months they no longer need to impress you. They're going to wait for the next manager and make sure they're right to impress the next manager.

"That goes to the support staff as well. I'm not saying anyone let us down but if your mentality is 'a new manager is coming in', whatever the current manager is shouting about you're not going to listen to him are you?"

How do we expect to achieve top 4 if the players are either not top 4 standard or not top 4 standard mentally. Sports science moves forward all the time and Tottenham should appoint a Sports Psychologist to work with the players but to run the rule over any potential purchases.

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If they don't mentally come up to scratch then you don't buy them, simple as that. Those that do are the one who will drive themselves to improve every day, those players turn into Gareth Bale and Christian Eriksen.

It's time Tottenham took the gamble out of transfers and become world leaders in mentally assessing future purchases. A squad of players with the drive to improve like Bale and Eriksen is a squad that is going to go places.

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