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Who said 'That Alex Pritchard is some player?'

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Alex Pritchard has shone in League One after a difficult start and his manager at Swindon Town, Mark Cooper, has had a temperamental live wire to deal with all season.

Who said 'That Alex Pritchard is some player?'

Pritchard has had disciplinary problems back chatting to referees and was sent off for it in one game. However Cooper thinks Pritchard has grown up as a player and learnt to live the life of a professional footballer.

“I think he’s learnt how to live, how to act as a first-team professional. To come into an environment where three points mean everything coming home on the coach on a Saturday evening is different to a development game

“At the start he found that difficult and week by week he got better and better. The biggest accolade you can get when you come to a club is that you have the respect of your teammates and when he goes away I know his teammates will think ‘I tell you what, that Alex Pritchard was some player’. 

“That, for me, is the biggest accolade you can get.”

On his disciplinary issues Cooper felt he was getting better and starting to let his feet do the talking.
“He’s become less chatty to the referees but more to me. I think he’s going to be a decent manager because he’s got plenty to say. All joking aside, he’s been brilliant to work with. Of course he’s had his moments and he’s frustrated spectators sometimes with his dissent but he’s a little lad and when you get kicked that many times I think he feels as though he’s got to say something back.

“He’s learnt the art now of how to wind up opposition players and opposition fans without really getting too involved with them, he just lets his feet do the talking.

“Sometimes I stand on the sideline and, if he’s on my side, I can hear opposition fans shouting at him 30 seconds into the game, desperate to try to wind him up. He just turns around and gives them a little wink and a smile now and I think you can tell how good a player is when fans start doing that.

“He’s come here as an exciting talent and I think he’ll go away being a little bit more of a finished article.

“He’s got more to do and I’m sure when he goes back to Tottenham, Tim and Les and Chris will make him even better. I’m convinced he’ll end up being a really good footballer.”

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Pritchard himself feels he has grown up to and was interviewed by BBC Wiltshire about his time in League One at Swindon Town.

"It's been my best year. I've grown up a lot. Getting fouled a lot, getting up and trying not to react, which I've done a few times this year, as well as not backchatting to the referees

"I've stopped that. I got a couple of bad tackles at the weekend but didn't react to it." 

The 20 year-old who turns 21 on 3rd May so misses the final game through ineligibility went on to say it has been a learning curve playing competitive football.

"In the reserve league, you're playing against the likes of Chelsea, where both teams play football. There's some tackles, but they're not strong. 

"But then you come to League One and play against teams like Bradford, who just want to put it on the diagonal and it's a battle in the middle of the park.

"You've got to get used to it. It's totally different but I've loved every minute of it. 

"People didn't think I'd be up for it or be able to deal with it. But I had it in my head that I had to deal with it."
The Football League voted him the second best player in League One so a move up a division next season looks to be on the cards for the promising talent. 

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