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Kevin Prince-Boateng admits he was at fault at Spurs

10:30 am

Kevin Prince-Boateng didn't have the right mentality at Spurs

Tottenham have had their share of talented players who simply didn't have the mentality at the time to hack it at the club. Giovanni dos Santos springs to mind and who can forget Harry Redknapp saying of him that 'If he could pass a nightclub like he passes a ball he'd be a superstar'.

Mentally he didn't have it off the field and that affects on the field performance. You can't pick a player like that as you will unsettle the dressing room and simply annoy your players. The end result of that is a manager gets sacked.

David Bentley was another who simply wanted to party, he even bought a bar in Spain and was more interested in a fun time than actually working at his game. When he eventually decided he did want to play he had lost it.

Kevin Prince-Boateng was another. He signed a four-year with us in 2007, joining from Hertha Berlin for £5.4 million when he was just 20. Now he is 29 and playing in Spain for Las Palmas.

He made 13 league appearances, 21 in total in 2007/08 and just 1 league appearance, 3 in all competitions the following season before we loaned him to German side Borussia Dortmund. Now he realises his mistakes, realises the problem was himself and wishes to advise other young players who might have the same attitude he had back then.

The 29-year-old (30 in March) Ghanaian international spoke to the Daily Mail about his time at Spurs.

"[Spurs manager Martin] Jol told me after a month that he didn’t want me. So it felt like me against the world; you know that feeling when you shut-off?’

"I had a lot of money for a 20-year-old. I thought: Okay so you don’t want me, I will enjoy my life. I went out night-clubbing. And then of course you can’t perform. 
"You end up trying to buy happiness. I bought a Lamborghini. Wow! I was happy for a week. After that I didn’t even use the car. Who drives around Loughton in a Lamborghini?’"

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Bentley, Barkley, Stirling, Neymar Rodríguez

4:30 pm
David Bentley has spoken out about the state of English football and that it is too disciplined.

David Bentley

Much better to spend your time in a bar in Spain, more interested in collecting your wages than improving as a footballer and ruining your own career at 29. That sort of discipline?

This is the guy who fell out with every manager he played for because of his attitude, professed to have 'fallen out of love' with the game yet still burst into tears announcing his retirement because nobody wanted to sign him.

"It’s why England fail. That’s why we’ll never produce players. It’s about the mindset of the English game. 
"You look at Ross Barkley or Raheem Sterling; do you think Neymar or James Rodríguez are much better? Are they genetically built better? Or is it just in their mind? 
"When Neymar or Rodriguez go out on the field they’re relaxed. They love to play, with their heart. Young English players are mentally polluted so they can’t express themselves. 
"England will always struggle at major tournaments until somebody comes in to change the whole system. I played at every England youth level going and it was exactly the same."

Yes I do think Neymar and Rodríguez are better, they have a better technique for a start, better vision, a better end product. Rodríguez for instance has the discipline to work for his team rather than just himself.

Players in Northern Europe play as 11 individuals, the emphasis is on individual skill making a difference. In other parts of the world players are brought up with the emphasis of teamwork and working for one another, that takes discipline, they don't just go out and do their own thing.

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Raheem Sterling is promise at the moment that's all, another in a long line of promising wingers. He not a world beater or a superstar, just an over hyped player with potential.

Wayne Rooney stunted his development by becoming a jack of all trades at Manchester United while Ronaldo refused to and simply developed his game into one of the best in the world. Barkley and Sterling can develop how they like, but it will be down to them, not a disciplined system holding them back.

Play and you will improve, join Man City to sit on a bench and you waste your talent the way Rooney has. He could and should have been an England superstar but flops in an England shirt time after time after time. That was down to moving to Manchester United and having to play second fiddle to Ronaldo.

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FA should employ David Bentley to educate youth players

4:30 pm
David Bentley was asked where he felt Tottenham and Liverpool target Adam Lallana should go and the former Tottenham winger said Liverpool.

FA should employ David Bentley to educate youth players

David Bentley joined Tottenham from Blackburn Rovers for £16 million in 2008. He was an England international who looked to be the natural successor to David Beckham on the right wing for years to come.

For some people too much money too young can ruin them, they think they have made it and don't put the effort in that got them where they are. David Bentley seemed to be one of these people, is that why it all went wrong?

Harry Redkapp was not impressed with his attitude and if you were more interested in your wages or bars than football he didn't pick you. Tottenham tried to sell Bentley but nobody would pay his £50,000 a week wages and he wouldn't take a pay cut it seemed.

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The result, he stagnated and was poor on the brief chances he got. Loan spells failed to revive his career, the game had moved on and David hadn't.

That's how it seemed from the outside, Bentley may have a different perspective on it but at the age of 29 he broke down in tears as he announced his retirement. It was a sad moment.

I still feel Bentley could have a role to play in football giving advice to young players on the pitfalls of football.  He feels the right club for another young international wide man, Adam Lallana, may be at Liverpool.

"I think he's a brilliant player, one of the most talented England have got.

"My advice to him is you've got to be careful what you're walking in to. He's probably at a good football club at Southampton where he get's to enjoy every day, he can express himself, he's got to be careful which direction he goes in and he's got to pick the right football team to develop his career.

"Whether Tottenham are the right one for him, I'm not too sure.

"I think he'd be best suited for Liverpool if I'm honest.

"Liverpool are a leading example for all football club's in England, the respect, the fans, the way everyone loves the football club, I think it's run in the right way and it seems like a good place to play, seems like everyone enjoy themselves.

"It's good place to play as a footballer and I think Lallana would fit in to that."

David Bentley's is a sad story, he had talent of that there is no doubt but without the work ethic it can all go wrong. Football could use someone like Bentley to teach the young how it can go wrong.

Whether Bentley would want to bare his soul and educate youngsters what can go wrong is a different question all together but someone in authority should at least sound him out about the prospect. It would take a lot of guts to do it.

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David Bentley retires at 29 in tears

6:00 pm
A tearful David Bentley has announced his retirement at the age of just 29.

David Bentley retires at 29 in tears

England winger Bentley joined Tottenham for £15 million from Blackburn Rovers and never produced the goods on a regular basis. At the time he was thought to be the successor to David Beckham on the right hand side for England but it all went wrong and he only ended up with 7 caps.

He hung around at Tottenham rather than take a wage cut to go and play football which in the end cost him his career.

He bought a bar and restaurant in Spain and seemed more interested in that that he did forcing his way into the Tottenham side.

“I’ve given up football. I’ve taken the decision to take my life in a different direction.

“I’ve just had little baby twins, three months old, and I’ve got a little four-year-old and I want to focus on that. My love for the game went a little bit and I didn’t want to carry on just for the fact of paying me money.

“It’s not really ever been an option for me to do that. I’m involved in a restaurant in Spain and we’re bringing it to the UK, so there is a lot of work there.

“I enjoyed every minute of it and had a smile on my face every day but I don’t want to carry on taking my family to a place we really don’t want to be. Life’s too short to do that.

“I have no regrets. I loved every minute of playing but the game has changed. When I first started it was the enjoyment, going in to work every day was brilliant.

“Now it’s a little bit robotic, the social media side of it, the money that has come into the game. I hate to say it, but it’s made it boring and predictable – calculated – and to go and sign another three or four years into that wasn’t really an option for me.”

He tried to resurrect his career by going on loan to Birmingham City, West Ham United, Rostov (Russia) and back to Blackburn Rovers but he couldn't recapture anything like his previous form.

He will go down as a wasted talent.

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Where has our Bentley gone?

6:08 pm
With the season entering November, David Bentley has had just one Carling Cup appearance in which to persuade Harry Redknapp he's worth a place in the Spurs first team. Bentley can't afford to have another season playing reserve team football and if things don't improve on the field, maybe our midfielder will be on his way out of White Hart Lane in January.

We know that Bentley's got talent, and we all know that the the lad has some temperament issues that have put him in the papers for all the wrong reasons in the past. Last season, Bentley was accused by Harry for showing a lazy attitude in training, contributing to his lack of first team action.

Bentley missed out to Aaron Lennon for the role on the right side of midfield for much of last term and this season looks set to be a similar story, and the Betfair rumour mill suggests he could be moving on soon.

On his day Bentley can be a match winner and when given a run in the first team he has the ability to change a match. He showed that during his three years at Ewood Park, where Mark Hughes brought out the best in the precocious talent.

If Harry does decide to sell Bentley in January then there is sure to be a host of clubs interested in the player. Transfer rumours suggest Fulham have been monitoring the situation since last season and may decide to make an offer in the New Year.

Some see it a shame for us Spurs fans to lose Bentley after never really seeing the best of him? I don't view it like that. If a player isn't willing to give his all, he knows where the door is. There is enough talent in our squad to cover his departure. Aaron Lennon has started to produce the form he showed in the early parts of last season and behind him are the likes of Niko Kranjčar (who needs a game or three) and Giovani dos Santos, who could and has played on the right.

Spurs must keep in mind Bentley's knack of coming back to haunt his old clubs. Arsenal fans can vouch for that after seeing the midfielder score a 45-yard half-volley in the 4-4 draw two years ago. If he does move, Bentley would love nothing more than to prove Redknapp wrong. David would be forgetting that you can't technically prove your former manager wrong by performing well for another club.

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Harry: "We have agreed terms with Niko"

9:41 am
It looks like it's official, well, sort of. I am a follower of Harry Redknapp on Twitter, as are another 270+. Now, I can't be sure that it's really Harry, but some of the things he has said in his tweets sort of confirm that it is him.

In a tweet sent this morning, Harry said the following;

"I'd like to let you know that we have agreed terms with Niko. He'll have his medical today at around 9."

There was no other word from him in relation to this, but it looks as though we have got our man. Plus there's all the other quotes that we've all read on Sky Sports.

I'm pretty pleased with the signing of Niko Kranjčar. He's actually not a bad player and will offer our squad more depth.

Any news on Bentley? It looks as though he'll be off to Manchester City and we'll also get our money back. That has to be the deal of the window in regards ripping them off, or have Everton won that medal with the money they got for Lescott?
Harry: "We have agreed terms with Niko" Harry: "We have agreed terms with Niko" Reviewed by PoshSpur on 9:41 am Rating: 5

The Brown's hit the fan

11:37 am
I watched the Celtic vs. Arsenal game last night because I wanted to see what was so special about the Celtic player we are apparently so interested in.

So I watched and I watched. I was sure that his name was on the team sheet, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh, there he is!", I found myself saying out loud in the 19th minute. You see, it took that long to realise that Scott Brown was actually on the pitch. He appeared every now and then, passing sideways and backwards. If Harry was at the match, surely someone would have told Brown to perform on a higher par?

A few Celtic fans have been on here recently and they likened him to Jermaine Jenas for his extraordinary skill of disappearing during matches. I was under the impression that he was a Sgt. Wilson type player, yet I've been informed that he's a box to box player. The Celtic fans also couldn't believe that we would be prepared to pay the reported £8-10 million for him. I can see why.

I know that we shouldn't judge players on one appearance, but come on, he was useless. If there's anyone out there that believes he would be a good signing, please come on here and explain why, because so far, even his supporters have said that he's not good enough, and going on yesterday's charade, I can see why.

Harry, we really could do without another hot and cold player.

Other news that that won't go away is that Aston Villa are interested in signing David Bentley and Jermaine Jenas. Villa need to replace Barry, but I can't see why they would be interested in Bentley?
The Brown's hit the fan The Brown's hit the fan Reviewed by PoshSpur on 11:37 am Rating: 5

Ashley would do nicely!

12:08 pm
Ashley Young has been linked to us via The Sun. Normally, I take stories like this with a pinch of salt, but there could be some truth in the line that Harry Redknapp is interested in Ashley Young, but more importantly, the fact that Harry believes a deal for the winger is possible.

Harry has a lot of friends at The Sun and is one of the best in the business at tapping-up players, either first-hand, or via his media sources.

If there is any truth in the story that Harry's offered Bentley plus £8 million in return for Young, then signing a player of this magnitude would be a magnificent coup for us as it would show that we can still attract the top players, but would also relieve us of Bentley and his contract.

To be honest with you, I can't see us signing Ashley Young, but if the near impossible did happen, we would have a superb player on our books.

Harry is in the market for "one or two" already established players. Young fits the bill nicely.
Ashley would do nicely! Ashley would do nicely! Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:08 pm Rating: 5

Which 3 players will sign?

12:45 pm
So then, the end of season rumpus is once again on us and it looks as though our manager has started the merry go round all on his own.

He's said that he'll need approximately £30 million to spend on the 3 players he's identified to really push on our squad. But he'll also have to sell around 4 players.

Let's begin with the players that will be leaving. We believe that Darren Bent & Tom Huddlestone will be sold to Villa in a deal that will bring Gareth Barry to Spurs. But of course, this relies on whether Barry want to move to us in the first instance.

David Bentley will also be moved on, but I can't see which side in the Premier League will take him on?

We can see Alan Hutton being the forth player moved on by Harry. Rangers are making all the right noises in an attempt to get him back and now that they've won the league, the transfer fee shouldn't be to much of a problem, although forget us making a profit on him, or even recouping what we shelled out for him.

When it comes to the players Harry wants in, expect him to bust a gut in getting Glen Johnson & Peter Crouch.

If Hutton & Bent do depart, the above two are exactly what Harry will want.

If the Barry deal doesn't come off, and to be honest, we can't see it happening, then expect us to go for Muntari.

Yes we've all read that he's not interested in leaving Inter, but we also remember reading in July 2008 that a certain Roman Pavlyuchenko wanted to sign for a Champions League side only and wasn't at all interested in Tottenham Hotspur.

To sum up, we believe that Glen Johnson, Peter Crouch & Sulley Muntari or Gareth Barry are the players Harry Redknapp has in mind.

With Modric playing well on the left, and with Gareth Bale as another left wing option, we can't see Harry trying to fill in that spot.
Which 3 players will sign? Which 3 players will sign? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 12:45 pm Rating: 5

Harry's Signings

7:30 pm
Regardless of what some media sources are stating, I feel that Harry won't go out "guns blazing" in an attempt to sign a whole host of new talent.

I have said for a while now that I believe a deal was struck in January with Middlesbrough to bring Downing to Spurs in the close season.

I also believe the news that we are discussing a deal with Inter to sign Sulley Muntari.

Harry Redknapp may move Darren Bent & Jermaine Jenas on, but I have a feeling that David Bentley and Tom Huddlestone will remain at the club.

If Bent does leave, I can see Harry attempting to sign a replacement, but don't expect Blackburn's Santa Cruz to be that player, or anyone of that ilk.
To be honest with you, I personally believe that Downing & Muntari will be the only two players that we will sign this summer.

Maybe that's a good thing. After so many seasons in which we seem to buy a new side, let's hope for a summer of settlement and continuity.

Written by Jamie Stevenson of Palmers Green, London

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Harry's Signings Harry's Signings Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:30 pm Rating: 5

Who would you rather Harry let go?

7:01 pm
With the commotion relating to the apparent Bent/Bentley/Pavlyuchenko departure(s), who would you actually like to see leave the club?

We felt a bit let down when we read the reports surrounding our Russian striker a few weeks ago. He surely deserves at least another season, after all, he's been playing continuously since March 2008.

As far as we're concerned, Bent and Bentley can pack their bags. Although we feel that Darren Bent is a useful Premier League striker, he just hasn't managed to perform at Spurs.

As for Bentley, the less said the better.
Who would you rather Harry let go? Who would you rather Harry let go? Reviewed by PoshSpur on 7:01 pm Rating: 5
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