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Assou-Ekotto happy to draw £40,000 a week for nothing

12:30 pm
As we all know Benoit Assou-Ekotto is for sale and Tottenham made it clear in the summer he could leave on a free transfer.

Assou-Ekotto happy to draw £40,000 a week for nothing

Clearly something happened last summer when he was told by Andre Villas-Boas he would never play for the club again. Benny as we know is not a football fan, he only plays the game because it's something he is good at and the wages are good.

At Tottenham he is on £40,000 a week according to an article in the Mirror who report that Crystal Palace and Queens Park Rangers refuse to pay those sort of wags. There is nothing new in the article, he is still a Tottenham player, still drawing his wages and has a three game FA ban to serve. Back in 2012 he said he never wanted to play in the Europa League again as the competition was useless.

It has been clear to any fan for a while that Benny is at loggerheads with the club, especially after his tweet with a graphic suggesting as much. He appears to be intent on remaining at Tottenham simply to force us to pay him £40,000 a week while he does whatever he feels like.

The club it seems want nothing to do with him. His last game for the club was May 19th at home to Sunderland in the final game of that seasons Premier League, a game we won 1-0 thanks to a Gareth Bale goal. His contract could be rescinded by mutual consent but that hasn't happened and you have to assume that his agents have told other interested clubs that he isn't going to go anywhere until his contract is finished, that's what it looks like.

Assou-Ekotto spent last season on loan at QPR and was a quality player until January. When he didn't return to Spurs he was, to be blunt, hopeless for the rest of the season.

QPR fans will tell you he was totally disinterested and they couldn't wait to get rid of him. As with many a footballer Asoou-Ekotto only plays when he wants to, when he is motivated enough.

Daniel Levy insisted to Andre Villas-Boas that he reintroduce Emmanuel Adebayor into the first team squad, something AVB was dead against and only reluctantly allowed him to train with them. The club nor Assou-Ekotto have never mentioned what he did but Benny has not trained with the squad since.

The Cameroon international is keeping fit training in France and the recent picture above shows him doing charity work in what looks to be a Lille training kit.

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It's bye bye Benny now

4:54 pm
Danny Rose has penned a new 5-year-deal to stay at Tottenham giving the club two young left-backs to share the 54 or so games Spurs will be laying next season.

Danny Rose signs a new contract

That probably spells the end now for 30-year-old Cameroon international Benoît Assou-Ekotto, who like Tom Carroll had a poor season on loan at QPR last season. He only has one year left on his contract so its safe t assume Spurs will not look to off load him and bring in a couple of million.

There were several clubs interested in Rose, Southampton, West Ham, Hull City and Crystal Palace but he has chosen to stick with Tottenham and battle for a place. That is an attitude to applaud whether you rate the guy or not.

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Spurs had made it clear he would be offered a new contract and despite rumours that he was unhappy have convinced him to sign.Mauricio Pochettino can now get to work on him in earnest and hopefully he will be one of the players who shows improvement. The signing of someone to play left side and assist with defensive duties will see far more solid performances from him, just as we saw early last season.

While Rose stays it must be bye bye Benny now.

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No repeat of last summer's transfer mistakes

2:30 pm
Tottenham are not looking to repeat the mistake of last summer and fail to make a signing.

No repeat of last summer's transfer mistakes

The signing is question of course is the signing of a left-back. Plenty of others came through the door and only one of those 'Summer Seven' has partially been a success for a few months at the end of the season, under Tim Sherwood, a Head Coach who didn't know what he was doing according to fans.

Andre Villas-Boas was the incumbent last summer though and he wanted to sign a left-back, it seems though as he only wanted to sign one, Fábio Coentrão of Real Madrid who was out of favour at the time but didn't want to come to Tottenham.

All the eggs in one basket and a falling out with Benoît Assou-Ekotto, which resulted in AVB telling the Cameroon international he will never play for Spurs again, left us with Danny Rose. That was a mistake as last season showed, Rose had nobody to learn from.

The majority thought him not good enough, the minority thought he was, citing the fact he was Player of the Season before at Sunderland, seemingly ignoring the difference between the standard required for top of the table as opposed to bottom.

Despite a decent start to the season where he surprised many, although Spurs forgetful fans have done just that, forgotten, a change in style saw his form tail off. The problem despite being blamed on him was not all his. Had Assou-Ekotto been at the club then he would have had someone to discuss the role with, as it was he only had theoretical coaching to call upon.

He has his faults, his lacks positional sense, concentration at times, he makes rash challenges and goes to the floor to often but when we were set up with a more defensive mindset there deficiencies were kept at bay. Upon playing a more attacking game where he was afforded little cover he was an accident waiting to happen.

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All the left players we played on the left side of midfield didn't want to defend and often didn't leaving him exposed. The call for a replacement has been loud and for the second summer running the management have identified left-back as a weakness.

This time around there are plenty of candidates but one in particular has been decided upon and if reports are to be believed has already visited the training ground to look around, Swansea City youngster Ben Davies. With a year left on his contract BAE will probably be on his way with a new signing as we'll need the space in the 25 man named squad for other overseas players.

With other targets though, if the Davies deal falls through then Tottenham have already done the groundwork to transfer their attention elsewhere. We won't be making the same mistake as last summer and relying on Danny Rose, of that we can be sure.

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Spurs defender signs new contract

6:08 pm

Benoît Assou Ekotto has signed a new 4 year deal. I personally think that it's fantastic news.

He's repaid Harry with his performances and has made the left-back position his own. A few mates of mine just won't give Benoît the time of day and wanted to see Gareth Bale given more of a chance or a new left back signed.

If Bale was given a chance, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a more attacking role on the left wing, but The Modfather has claimed that position, so I'm not to sure where that leaves Bale?
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That Livermore Looks Pretty Decent

10:05 pm
Jake Livermore played a blinder in tonights game. Okay, so he only played a part of the match, but I can see why Harry got him to sign a contract extension.

The midfielder got his head onto the end of a Assou-Ekotto cross to level the game against Barcelona.

Not only does Livermore look like a Rugby League player, but he's agile, gets stuck in and above all, looks like he's got heart.

With Naughton making his debut, as well as Bostock, Rose and Dervite, the future looks lillywhite. Let's hope Harry allows the kids to flourish this season.

I'll tell you what though; we could be seeing a lot more of Jake Livermore.
That Livermore Looks Pretty Decent That Livermore Looks Pretty Decent Reviewed by PoshSpur on 10:05 pm Rating: 5
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