Results for Inter vs. Tottenham Hotspur - Post-Match Preview

Questions need to be answered

3:34 pm
Not by Harry Redknapp, but by us, the fans.

I was watching the game in a pub that was packed to the rafters with fellow Spurs fans, yet all I could hear were chants of "Redknapp's rubbish!", "What is he playing at, he hasn't got a f***ing clue how to manage a club in the Champions League!", and my favourite, "If we had only two points in this group, Harry would win it for us".

Oh how fickle a lot of us are. Not all, but the majority. I even found myself feeling extra uncomfortable when the fourth goal went in and thoughts of "Redknapp is so very tactically naive in Europe" crossed my mind.

Thing is, as a club, we are at the Genesis of what could be a flourishing series of campaigns in the Champions League. I do believe that we have the squad and manager to make our entry into the competition a regular occurrence. Although based on the Italian TV directors guidelines, Clive Allen might just be than man to steer us to Champions League glory.

We are on a learning curve and as curves go, we are slowly, but surely, bending towards getting out of this group.

I am not doubting that we looked like fluffy rabbits stunned by oncoming headlights in the first half. In the second half however, we were the boy-racer in the GTI, bombing down towards the shocked, soon to be road-kill.

I doubt there's any need to go on about just how good Gareth Bale is, for his class shines through easily enough for all to see.

As regards our naivety, I advise you to reminisce Manchester United's first exploits in this very competition back in the early nineties. Remember how long it took them to figure this competition out?

I was going to ask you all to give us time, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Inter won't be knocking down the same lilywhite, fluffy-tailed rabbits in two weeks when they visit Tottenham.

We've got the GTI and Gareth's driving it.

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