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The transfer window situation

8:30 pm
Former Tottenham centre-back, John Scales, was being a little simplistic with Sky Sports simply suggesting Tottenham need to buy players, even if they are not quality without explaining that at the moment it is impossible to buy non-home grown players.

"They have got so many games, that is the problem. I think they have played 32 games already and they have got League Cup, FA Cup and Europa League games to come. 
"So the demands on that squad are great. Pochettino will be looking for Daniel Levy come back into the market and strengthen their squad and add numbers as much as anything and you want to add quality if you can as well."

You are only allowed 17 non-home grown players in any Premier League squad. Tottenham already have 17 so until someone is sold they can't buy, otherwise they could be stuck paying two lots of wages, one for a player who can't play in half the games.

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Spurs Non-Home Grown Players

1. Hugo Lloris- Goalkeeper
2. Younes Kaboul- Defender
3. Jan Vertonghen- Defender
4. Vlad Chiriches- Defender
5. Paulinho- Midfielder
6. Roberto Soldado- Forward
7. Emmanuel Adebayor- Forward
8. Erik Lamela- Midfielder
9. DeAndre Yedlin- Defender
10. Michel Vorm- Goalkeeper
11. Mousa Dembélé- Midfielder
12. Federico Fazio- Defender
13. Nacer Chadli- Midfielder
14. Christian Eriksen- Midfielder
15. Brad Friedel- Goalkeeper
16. Benjamin Stambouli- Midfielder
17. Etienne Capoue- Midfielder
18. Cristian Ceballos- Midfielder
19. Benoit Assou-EkottoDefender
20. Bongani Khumalo- Defender 

From that list Bongani Khumalo isn't in the Premier League squad and neither is Benoit Assou-Ekotto. DeAndre Yedlin has just arrived and his non-home grown status doesn't kick in until next season due to his age I believe.

That leaves the 17 we are allowed so to buy any non-home grown player like Wilfried Bony for arguments sake, we have to remove one or more of the remaining 17 above. We can't pay more wages for a player we can't use so all those fans hankering for a purchase, for their own benefit not the clubs, need to understand the position.

The transfer window situation

There is no point loaning a player out and buying one in as then we have too many players in the summer and clubs who know you have to sell are not going to offer you anything other than a low offer. I wrote before the summer transfer window that we had to start then planning for the summer transfer window coming up, but we didn't.

Now we have the same problem and we look as though we are going to have it again come July. Shifting Lennon is all well and good, it will give us some money but we still wouldn't be able to buy a Wilfried Bony, a Hector Moreno because Lennon is home grown, they are not.

You can't force a club to buy your player and you can't force a player to join a club he doesn't want to or who won't pay him enough. Franco Baldini has his work cut out selling those no longer required.

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A Lennon story with legs

10:30 am
At last a transfer rumour that may have some legs. Aaron Lennon has been linked with clubs that he wouldn't want to go to, WBA, Stoke City, Hull City, Sunderland and the like.

A Lennon story with legs

He has made it clear he doesn't really want to leave Spurs, why would he, he is at a top 5 club and the majority of Premier League clubs from there would be a step down. Apart from playing football every week, which could lead to getting relegated to the Championship what would he have to look forward to

A week ago I wrote an article in which I speculated Aaron Lennon would only be interested in moving to a club like Everton, Liverpool, Southampton or West Ham. Now come the news that Everton are taking an interest and that Roberto Martinez wants to strengthen his winger options.

Personal Information
Full nameAaron Justin Lennon
Date of birth16 April 1987 (age 27)
Place of birthLeeds, England
Height5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Playing positionWinger
Club Information
Current team
Tottenham Hotspur
Youth Career
2001–2003Leeds United
Premier League Career
2003–2005Leeds United38(1)
2005–Tottenham Hotspur267(26)

The suggestion that Spurs would allow him to leave is quite comical as if they don't want him to but would reluctantly agree. In truth they want him to leave and he doesn't want to. He didn't even get near the team for the FA Cup Third Round tie at Burnley where had Pochettino wanted him he would have given him game time to rest other players with the fixtures piling up.

He hasn't featured in the Premier League since December 6th against Crystal Palace and his final outing was 5 days later on December 11th against Besiktas in the UEFA Europa League. He isn't injured although their are rumours he is complaining about his hamstring.

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Everton are thought to need to offload before they can buy so a deal may not be imminent but it is a destination that Yorkshire born Lennon is far more likely to be happy with than some of the other suggested options.

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Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

12:30 pm
Over the next two windows Tottenham are in the market for two centre-halves to replace Vlad Chiriches and Younes Kaboul.

Two centre backs out, two in, two windows

Vlad Chiriches has been a disaster from almost the moment he arrived, conning some with a single piece of skill and sending alarm bells ringing in others, including Ledley King who suggested to the press he should cut that out. Unfortunately he still tries to dribble out of defence from his own box when surrounded by players or try to be too clever when a clearance is required.

His lack of ability in the air, poor game reading, major deficiency on his left hand side and panic mode mean he has too much to work on. As I and others suspected, given that he possesses ball skills and likes to get forward, he looks like a better right-back than a centre-back. He has had a couple of decent games there are one where he struggled but it's a new position so that is only to be expected.

At the moment he sits on the subs bench covering Walker and the two centre-backs because Younes Kaboul has shot himself in the foot.

A captain you can't rely on, a captain who is against what you are trying to do, a captain who causes mental problems rather than having the right mental attitude is not much use to a head coach. We had the smoke screen of an injury when he missed one game but, which was easy to see through knowing he'd had a meeting with Pochettino.

Now we are told it is for playing reasons, tactical reasons and it is. He has made a major mistake every game, apart from the Arsenal game, and demonstrated while he has a burning desire to win on the field, he doesn't know how to channel it. Most importantly though he does not have a winning mentality and can't see that it's needed. Now for those of you confused a burning desire to win on the field and a winning mentality are not the same thing.

A burning desire to win on the field means you try your best when playing but a winning mentality means you work hard every day to improve your own game to be the best player you can be. Couple that with a burning desire to win when on the field of play and you have a player. His contract runs until 2016 and he hasn't featured in the last seven Premier League games, not even being in the squad for four of those, including the last three.

Tottenham need to replace these two over the next two transfer windows before deciding on Jan Vertonghen's future. As such Paul Mitchell has been using his data and the scouting system, together with Baldini's contacts, to source replacements.

We already know that Pochettino wants Hector Moreno from Espanyol and that he can now be bought rather cheaply. Clubs in Spain have to consistently sell players to survive with bank loans and tax bills to pay, thanks to an EU instruction. They had hoped to maximise his price, was £8 million ($12.45m - €10.20m), after the World Cup but he broke his leg.

Since then Moreno has made a tentative recovery, he has sat on the bench three times in La Liga and had a 30 minutes substitute appearance when Barcelona were thrashing Espanyol 5-1. He played in the second-leg of the Spanish cup on December 17th and 74 minutes of the first leg. Tottenham obviously want to see how he has recovered and then can make a decision whether to arrange a winter or summer transfer window purchase.

Pochettino has a great working relationship with Espanyol and Moeno wants to play for Pochettino so everything is ready and waiting for a deal. He is probably currently worth about £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m), transfermarkt value him at £6.16 million ($9.58m - €7.85m).

Levy will want around £6 million ($9.33m - €7.65m) for Younes Kaboul, whose value will probably be more like £4 million ($6.22m - €5.10m) to buyers and to recoup the £8.36 million ($13.01m - €10.66m) he paid for Vlad Chiriches.

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Players sales need to help fund purchases, there have been reports of an additional £20 million ($31.12m - €25.50m) available for transfer. That all needs to be borne in mind when looking at targets and squad requirements. It's clear then that we are not going to be paying £10 million ($15.56m - €12.75m) for a player from weak football, thus the prices quoted for 23-year-old Dutch centre-back Virgil Van Dijk from Celtic, who is not even an international yet, are way off the mark. Half that fee would be far more realistic.

We have been linked with a summer transfer window move for 24-year-old Palermo defender Ezequiel Munoz, who is refusing to sign an extension to his contract which runs out in June. Currently transfermarkt have his value at £3.34 million  ($5.20m - €4.26m) but he could arrange a deal in January for a free deal in the summer and that would suit Spurs.

Given that there is a good deal to be had we are not his only suitors of course, AC Milan and Juventus are both said to be monitoring the Argentinians situation.

Whatever deals we eventually do they will have to be at the right price, I'm looking forward to seeing Paul Mitchell's solutions.

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Stoke, Villa no chance of signing Dembele

8:30 am
Mousa Dembele is one of those frustrating players with the wrong mental attitude. He is happy just doing what he has always done and pick up a nice cheque. He has got to a nice level and doesn't need to push himself, despite the fact that he could be world class if he wanted.

Stoke, Villa no chance of signing Dembele

His game has not improved since he has been at Spurs and if you are not a player who continually wants to improve then you shouldn't be good enough for us. That is the attitude the club have to take if we are ever going to get to where we want to be.

The winter transfer window is a couple of weeks away and Dembele is now being linked with clubs at Spurs look to offload him. He is a very good player who can do someone a very good job, yet the clubs he is being linked with are not of the quality you would expect him to want to join.

Les Ferdinand said on ITV that when he was at Spurs they used to tell him he could play for Real Madrid, he has that potential. Why then would he want to go to Aston Villa in a swap deal for Fabian Delph or Stoke City?

It might be good business for us, it might be good business for Aston Villa, but it's hardly good for Mousa Dembele is it. It's a fact of modern football that their income level and therefore their potential is lower than ours, thus Tottenham should always finish above them, as wages basically determine football hierarchy these days.

Delph is out of contract in the summer so can only command a small fee but Dembele has a contract until 2017 so still commands a realistic fee.

Stoke City want Dembele with Mark Hughes being a big fan but again, why would he want to go there, what's in it for him? What can they offer? He wouldn't be playing the European football all international managers like their players to be playing so he'd be putting his international career at fisk. He'd have to take a wage cut as well you would think. Tottenham are often accused of going for players out of their range, well surely Dembele is out of range for both Villa and Stoke.

There will be other offers come in, Everton have previously been interested and there are a number of Italian sides who have wanted him in the past. I would utterly amazed if he ended up at Villa or Stoke so if we want Delph we'll have to come up with another option.

A player can change his mental approach, maybe Tottenham looking to sell him is the kick up the backside he needs to work for the team, instead of wanting to showcase his dribbling skill. Perhaps he'll say I want to stay, I'd better change. A Mousa Dembele with the right mental approach would be a huge asset but he doesn't have long to demonstrate it.

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Early deals for Spurs in January

4:55 pm
Stories circulate at this time of year and intensify the closer we get to the winter transfer window. As you are all aware transfers take place all year round, not the actual transfer but the work and discussion towards a transfer.

Early deals for Spurs in January

The not talking to a player without a clubs permission seems to have gone out the window as it was a totally unworkable system. Players would just talk to players, agents would talk to agents, it was just to easy to get around.

Tottenham need to overhaul the squad, having overhauled the squad and brought in rubbish. Traditionally we, like most clubs, wait until the end of a transfer window when clubs are forced to let a player go cheaper to get them off the books. But will January be like that for Tottenham?

The squad needs changing and fast. Waiting until the beginning of February to have your new players arrive and start training in order to learn the system we require them to play, as opposed to the stand still system we now use, means we wouldl get less than three months out of them. That would be giving up on this season already.

Mauricio Pochettino has shown that he doesn't make signings and then throw them straight into the team. They have to train for a bit first so any new signings at the end of the month might not be seen until the third week of February or even March.

Two stories are circulating at the moment of potential deals we are involved in. One we are said to be close to signing and the other we are said to be the front runners, whatever that means.

Reports from Italy now say that not only have we been speaking to Raul Abiol's agent but that we are talking to Napoli as well now. That is certainly positive news and suggests the Italians may be willing to let him leave. You can catch up with the early story in this recent article; 2 new centre-backs in January

The second player is one we have been watching for years, have played against, have tried to buy and decided their was too much off the field stuff surrounding him to get a deal done. All the top clubs have looked at Dnipro winger Yevhen Konoplyanka and several have tried to sign him, but nobody has ever been able to complete a deal.

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His agent is his Dad and reports in Italy from FC Inter News say Konoplyanka wants to sign for an English club rather than an Italian one. The Ukranian international, who gave Kyle Walker a hard time at Wembley and caused us problems in the UEFA Europa League, is available on a free transfer in June.

The Italians suggest that one of Tottenham, Liverpool or West Ham are likely to secure his services in January with Dnipro wanting to get at least get some money for him. Roma are also interested but Inter only want him on a free transfer.

Erik Lamela was brought in as the replacement for Gareth Bale but he has flopped so presumably Tottenham want 25-year-old Konoplyanka to do take that mantle now. You can never be confident about his arrival but would it mean the end of the road for Lamela at Spurs?

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Yaya Toure highlights Spurs problem

6:30 pm
Yaya Toure is a fantastic player, last season the midfielder scored 20 goals in 35 Premier League games with 9 assists. He played for 2,917 minutes and thus had a goal affect on a game every 100.58 minutes.

Yaya Touré
Manchester City
Yaya Touré
Born/Age: 13.05.1983 (31)
Nat. Cote d'Ivoire
Current club: Manchester City
Contract until: 30.06.2017
Position: Central Midfield
Market value: 30,00 Mill. €

During the summer the former Barcelona player wanted to leave but Manchester City wouldn't let him, now reports suggest Manchester City are better off without him in the team!

You do not become a bad player overnight but if a player doesn't want to be at a club anymore then you can not guarantee you are going to get the performances you think you should be getting. It doesn't always work that way of course, Morgan Schneiderlin is still turning in performances at Southampton despite wanting to leave.

The point is you don't know how a layer is going to react until it's too late, sometimes you are lucky, sometimes you are not.

Now I agree players have far too much power and contracts are merely pieces of paper to guarantee the highest possible transfer fee but I don't see that changing.

Once again with players who want to leave it's mental, even if they try to give their best performances their hearts aren't always in it. Some will drive themselves to improve their own game but some will just idle for a year doing nobody any good at all.

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It's very hard to know who wants to be at Tottenham right now and who doesn't as come transfer window time they all want to put themselves in the shop window and actually try. Look at the difference between Paulinho, now at least fitting in, where before he was utterly hopeless.

Dembele had a good game last night, but his last good one was against Sunderland which he followed up with a poor game at home. Who should stay and who should go will need to have been made by now because while we will benefit from players putting themselves in the shop window, there is no guarantee of those performances continuing after the winter transfer window shuts, if all parties have been unable to agree a deal.

You are then stuck with muddling through until the end of the season with some players up for it and some not, we have seen what happens then.

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Pochettino looks to offload in January

8:30 pm
Big names, big wages mean nothing to Pochettino. He has assessed the squad, although there is still time for some to change opinion and has made his recommendations, which concur to a large extent with the views Tim Sherwood also gave Daniel Levy.

Pochettino looks to offload in January

The winter transfer window doesn't start in January, that's just the period of time you can actually sign players, much of the transfer work has already been done. We have heard recently for instance that Franco Baldini has reached agreement with PSG and Adrien Rabiot over a move.

With a new stadium round the corner, big earners not performing need to be shifted and replacements, probably on more modest wages brought in. The wage bill will have been set so the total of existing wages can be paid, they'll just be spread around differently.

Pochettino earmarked the centre of defence and the centre of midfield in the summer as two areas he needed to strengthen above others, apart from the left-back position. The goalkeeping position strengthening fell conveniently into our laps so we took advantage while we could. A new striker was considered a bonus given Rodriguez was injured and we wanted to sign him.

Federico Fazio and Eric Dier were added to the centre-back department, with Michael Dawson leaving and Hector Moreno was also a major target. The centre of defence still needs strengthening with Chiriches and Kaboul not good enough for top four football and Pochettino's reservations about Jan Vertonghen. Moreno may well join in January with Chiriches leaving but Eric Dier needs to be the fourth centre-back so two could well leave.

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The centre of midfield Pochettino had hoped to strengthen with the signing of Morgan Schneiderlin, but Southampton suddenly increased his price by £9 million after the World Cup when the fans were revolting, They perceived the club were selling too many players which demonstrates why clubs don't listen to supporters. Naturally we were not going to be held to ransom but he remains a prime target with Capoue, Paulinho and Dembele all available to interested parties.

The other main area for January purchases is up front where Tottenham want to rid themselves of Emmanuel Adebayor, however he is happy with the wage he is picking up, for at the moment a spot of training. Soldado looks like staying until the end of the season when a decision on his future will be made and further restructuring take place.

To buy, we have to not only free up non-home grown places in the Premier League squad (we have our full quota) but sell some players, who will be difficult to move, to raise some cash. Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele and Paulinho may be the easiest to relocate, along with Aaron Lennon but ideally we'd like to move Adebayor on and release his wages.

A busy few weeks for Baldini, we'll see the results of his work in a month.

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