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Defender on the move

7:28 pm
I think the wisest news I've heard this festive period is that Harry Redknapp's trying to get Jonathan Woodgate a loan move so as to beef up his fitness and especially match fitness. It also gets him off our wage bill until he's back to his very best.

I still remember the Carling Cup winning goal against Chelsea as though it were yesterday. I also remember a few pundits claiming that the King/Woodgate partnership was the very best in the Premier League. How we miss those fine days when we had a settled centre-half pairing.

As this is the time for dreaming, do you think we can have a good Christmas? We face Villa away, whilst tackling Newcastle (is the honeymoon period over?) and Fulham at home. Surely we can take seven points from those three games, especially as it looks like our injured lads are on the mend?

Merry Christmas fellas.

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