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Big changes in our scouting set up

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London-based journalist Greg Stobbart revealed that Paul Mitchell has now left Spurs, he is on gardening leave, while the 'Head of Elite Potential Identification, David Webb, has also left the club after being sacked.

Spurs turned down Ousmane Dembele & Alexander Isak for fraction of eventual fees. New chief scout Steve Hitchen now calling the shots.

More changes to THFC's recruitment staff. Paul Mitchell now gone & David Webb left role as 'head of elite potential identification' last wk

David Webb - he sacked him last week!

Eg have signed Dembele a year before his move to BVB for £1.5m but dallied and then wanted to put him in the U18s

Clearly Webb has been identifying the players because we have been linked with making moves for a lot of young talent the other big clubs have also been after. We haven't been too successful signing them though and signings like Vincent Janssen, Clinton N'Jie and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou clearly haven't developed the potential we believe they have.

New appointment Steve Hitchen seems to have taken on some of the the responsibility of Paul Mitchell's role with Mitchell now searching for another job with our blessing. The scouting set up that Mitchell put in place seems to be being dismantled and rebuilt. Our Iberian scout is no more, our German scout is no more, our Belgian and Dutch scout is no more and our veteran chief scout Ian Broomfield left in December

Hitchen now reports to Spurs' football committee of Pochettino, chairman Daniel Levy and head of coaching and development John McDermott, who was given the responsibility for all sides below the first team. That doesn't mean Pochettino has nothing to do with them or no input, just that McDermott is responsible and reports back to the committee.

There will be further appointments to come but what roles everyone will be performing and their exact responsibilities will remain a little unclear. It isn't a side of the club that gets much publicity.

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Paul Mitchell still at Spurs for a while, Ian Broomfield has left

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The Guardian are on safer ground than transfer speculation when they talk about the situation of the backroom staff at Tottenham and their article is well worth a read for anyone who wants to know what is going on behind the scenes.

Selected extracts:

Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that Tottenham Hotspur are holding the head of recruitment, Paul Mitchell – who tendered his resignation in August – to a 16-month notice period as they seek to find a replacement. It has also emerged that the international scout, Ian Broomfield, has left the club.

Tottenham are sifting through potential successors and they have put Pochettino at the heart of the process. The club took Mitchell from Southampton in November 2014 on Pochettino’s say-so – the pair had worked well together at St Mary’s – and it is clear the new man will also have to buy into the manager’s philosophy. The process, though, has not been straight-forward because there are not many high‑calibre candidates and, of these, many have lengthy notice clauses.

“It will not affect us. He is working because, when he presented his resignation, it was 16 months’ notice. He’s doing the same job, because Tottenham pay his salary. It’s difficult to find a replacement and difficult to move quickly. It’s always to protect our club and our interests. It’s not [only] his decision to sign [players], it’s Tottenham’s. But with him, without him or with another person I think it’s always difficult to sign players in January.”

Broomfield, who was in his second spell at the club, departed last week after his contract expired and, to his surprise, he was not given a new one. Levy continues to have Dave Webb as the head of elite potential identification and Stuart Metcalf as the head of performance analysis – both of whom report to Mitchell.

To read the full article click the link: The Guardian

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The reality Mitchell perhaps didn't grasp

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Mauricio Pochettino wasn't disappointed or disillusioned with the club, just disappointed with Paul Mitchell's decision to depart we all believe for Leicester City when he has worked his notice until an agreed date. People move in business and football all the time. The system is in place, the scouting network is in place, we just need a new analyst and initial deal broker who also scouts.

It is claimed that Mitchell grew disillusioned because Sours didn't agree a deal for Michy Batshuayi, who Chelsea stumped up the money for to help Marseille out. We didn't value him to that level.

Paying Bayshuayi the £125,000-a-week that Chelsea are paying him is, in our wage structure, in effect agreeing to a £300,000-a-week increase in wages.

If you bring in a second choice striker on those wages, then other players will want parity. It wouldn't surprise me if Hugo Lloris had a clause in his contract that he has to have parity with our top earner. Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele would all be knocking on the door for a wage increase.

In fact the whole squad would be saying you have increased the wage band so we want a new deal. It could have ended up costing Spurs a lot more than £300,000-a-week, which is £15.6-million on the wage bill annually, plus all the extras that come with employment, which could account for a 60% increase (£9.36-million) in that figure taking it to a whopping £24.96-million. And all because you agreed to a £125,000-a-week contract.

The final straw being the rearrangement to a more sensible figure the deal for unheard of Frenchman Georges-Kevin N'Koudou. We may never know who negotiated that first deal, the fact that Mitchell and Mackenzie left looks rather significant. The deal was too generous to Marseille to be a Levy deal, he was trying to drive down the price of Batshuayi but quite happy to splash the cash on a one season winger, when he isn't with any other young winger.

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Mitchell annoyed agents and staff rumour

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Paul Mitchell is an ambitious man and there was talk when he arrived that he would be trained to take over from Franco Baldini as Director of Football, Technical Director, Sporting Director, they are all the same post.

If he has been performing part of that role, and it appears as though it has, then he will have been part of our negotiating team.  There is a suggestion that not only has he annoyed Spurs staff this summer but that he has annoyed agents as well. That would suggest that his negotiating skills are not up to par.

There is also the fact that we have Rob Mackenzie who is Head of Player ID at Tottenham and was Head of Technical Recruiting at Leicester City before he was head hunted. It has always seemed a strange set of affairs having the two and one wonders how their job roles overlapped.

The are other suggestions that it has been Mackenzie finding players, he found Wimmer for instance, Pleat found Alli. The anti-Levy crowd have obviously jumped on their bandwagon, but the has not lived up to his hype it would seem.

We will have to wait and see what news comes out. I'd expect Mitchell to take over responsibility, how thus affects N'koudou and Njie we'll have to wait and see.

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Spurs are improving their scouting network

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It has long been thought among fans that our scouting network is poor and that we rely on agencies to suggest players to us, rather than doing our own scouting in certain areas.

We would provide details of the type of player we want and back would come suggestions in due course, which we could then pursue. Under Franco Baldini the club have been restructuring the football operations to bring them more in line with successful clubs. We have extended our use of the loan system and are having an overhaul of our analysis, scouting and recruiting.

I have to admit I had missed the news we had appointed a senior scout for Southern Europe when writing my article about Tottenham needing to sign more Spanish youth because of the way they are taught football. Currently we are linked with three Barcelona players but whether anything comes of that we'll have to wait and see.

In February we appointed 24-year-old Spaniard Adrián Espárraga to the role upon the recommendation of Paul Mitchell. He is young and that may be a concern to some but also football has moved on and a different type of player is needed now at Spurs. In addition there have been technological advances that aid scouting so let's have a look at our new guy.

Formerly with Malaga as Technical Director, our Head of Recruitment and Analysis, Paul Mitchell, recommended bringing Espárraga to the club. He left Malaga earlier this year and has now joined Tottenham to add to the overhaul of the football operations at Tottenham.

The 24-year-old worked under sporting director Mario Husillos at Malaga for almost three years. Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini was coach there but left La Rosaleda last July for the Premier League.

His Twitter profile conforms he is with the club 'Professional Scout. UEFA Pro Coach. Working for Tottenham Hotspur. Ex-Málaga CF'.

We finish 5th and qualify for !!

Espárraga played football from a tender age as we all did but he suffered a serious knee injury so looked at other avenues to support his passion. He has subsequently been an Assistant Coach at Club Deportivo Alhaurinohas, spent 1 year working as a Technical Secretary, 5 years as Head Coach of Match Analysis and 6 years as a scout.

Head Coach of Match Analysis meant he used live and game tape analysis for both Malaga and their opponents. It also meant that in a scouting capacity he analysed Serie A, again both live and using tapes. As Technical Director at Malaga he was Head of the Recruitment and Scouting Department for the senior team and the reserve team, suggesting players to sign to the Director of Sports and the General Manager.

Paul Mitchell was employed partially because of his modern use of technology to analyse players. Tottenham have used statistics for a number of years but I can only assume our interpretation of them has not been great. Espárraga is another scout who also embraces technology to assist in his work and uses a rang of software to help him.

Any match that is recorded can be watched anywhere in the world with the right software and enables you to narrow down who to physically see, thus saving valuable time. It seems we are moving our scouting network into the 21st century but don't worry, the old eye won't be forgotten.

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Player recruitment has changed

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In the Spurs Need To Go Mental series last season I highlighted the need to re-examine our player recruitment policy and that we had to put a lot more specialist work into not just identifying potential signings but into the mental side of their character.

Player recruitment has changed

I wrote that Tottenham need to become world leaders in player assessment, an area that wouldn't cost much money but that could reap huge benefits. If a player has skill but doesn't have a mindset that makes him continually try to improve then we should either not sign them or they work with a sports psychologist to instill it.

We have a head coach who has the philosophy of continual improvement, you hear it in his press conferences all the time. That was the first step is putting together a team to transform our player recruitment. From there we re-hired Ian Broomfield, our highly talented former chief scout and head hunted Paul Mitchell as Head of Recruitment and Analysis because of his deeply analytical approach.

Rebecca Caplehorn was then brought in from QPR to become Head of Football Operations and now Paul Mitchell's team have the addition of Rob Mackenzie, brought in from Leicester City as Head of Player Identification.

Mauricio Pochettino trusts Paul Mitchell who has been brought in to source talent that isn't the obvious £30 million player, but players who are right for the Pochettino system whatever their cost. The club strategy is to develop youth so that means players who will improve with us and grow in value. Players do not go to a club and stay there these days so buying a finished article is a short-term solution that you have to keep repeating, hoping you get each new purchase right. That is an expensive business as Lamela, Paulinho and Soldado prove, £73 million spent and basically nothing to show for it.

They are not the type of player Paul Mitchell and Rob Mackenzie are tasked to find, it's people like the unheralded 22-year-old Austrian Kevin Wimmer at FC Cologne. Benjamin Stambouli is growing into his role Eric Dier is a centre-back of the future, he was preferred to Federico Fazio because of his pace against Arsenal.

All clubs undertake biographical profiles of potential purchases, Tottenham o it, but the problem lies in what you do with that information, how you interpret it. Do you overlook certain aspects, do you analyse it to determine a players off the field character and thus have a better idea of what motivates him. We have not been great in interpreting that information, the summer of 2013 was particularly poor.

The appointments of Mitchell and MacKenzie are an effort to address that very aspect. Anyone can compile a biographical profile, that's not the skill, the skill is in interpreting it so fingers crossed we have the right men in place to do that.

We were never going t pay £7 million for players who were available for free in a few months and quite rightly, there was no benefit in these players signing for another club anyway, they can command higher wages and a bigger signing on fee if there is no transfer fee involved. Just because a player is free doesn't make it bad business, quite the opposite.

Winston Reid, Yevyen Konoplyanka and Danny Ings are just three of the targets we hope to secure but come the summer fresh faces will I'm sure also emerge, no doubt the press will link us to world class players but that is pie in the sky stuff. Spurs pay what we feel a player is worth, not what a selling club demands so the £27 million for Schneiderlin, the £25 million for McCarthy will not be entertained, they aren't worth it.

Mitchell and Mackenzie are the two key men now, it's they who determine who we buy, others say yes or no, but it's these guys that are finding the players in the first place, I look forward to the results.

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Transfer Process - Analysis & Valuation

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In the first part of this series we looked at scouting and how it has changed to become an analytical process in a room with software, in Spurs case Scout7, to assess players much more than the old visual scouting method.

Transfer Process - Analysis & Valuation

Today both methods are employed so when we hear of a scout at a game we don't actually know who they ate scouting, it could be any one of the 22 players, as they don't give up that information. The press will speculate as to whom but that is all it is speculations on their perceived requirements for that club.

The head of recruitment and his team will analyse a player using software having identified them through an automatic analysis of data. he and his team may also have analysed a player who has been recommended by a scout or by the manager/head coach or the director of football through his contacts.

The manager/head coach will inform the head of recruitment of the type of players he requires and the head of recruitment will use all his resources to identify those players.

Added into the mix are the requirements of the hierarchy, as any manager/head coach is working to an agreed strategy from the club as a whole. That may mean loaning short term players or building a sustainable future, as is the case at Tottenham.

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Once the players are identified that fit the profiles then the manager/head coach and head of recruitment then place each player in each position in order of preference, thus any player who comes to the club has been agreed by the manager/head coach.

The manager/head coach, the director of football, the head of recruitment determine a player valuation. at this stage a maximum valuation figure is determined and for players to be sold a minimum valuation figure is also determined. There will be input from the financial team and the board in this process so the additional figure on the committee could be any one of a number of people but quite possibly the head of football operations.

The legal team have to begin the due diligence process so that the club don't find themselves in a situation like the one French club Nice find themselves. They have signed Hatem Ben Arfar after selling Darío Cvitanich to Pachuca in Mexico but have been refused permission to play him this season as he has already played for Hull City on loan and Newcastle Under 21's. In France U21 football does not count as a professional game but in England it does. Due diligence would have avoided this.

It is only after this assessment and valuation stage that a transfer truly begins.

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January an important window for Pochettino

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Spurs are in a mess and at just the wrong time. With a new stadium to be built money is therefore tight, we can't just go and spend big money on transfers, we need to watch the purse strings to have the club in a position to obtain and service loans.

January an important window for Pochettino

Once built again money will be tight and we will have to develop from within or seek bargains, exactly what we have to do now in fact.

Gareth Bale wanted to leave but was persuaded to stay for an extra year to try and get us in the UEFA Champions League, he almost single handedly did that, but then when Real Madrid wanted him there was no option for him. His dream move may never have come round again so he had to take it and forced through a big money move.

The clear plan was then to use that money to build a team that would see us through the next few years and the stadium building process. Unfortunately the basic plan didn't have the details worked out.

We had a manager who couldn't use the players and upset everyone. Emmanuel Adebayor and Benoit Assou-Ekotto were his two biggest critics. Now we don't know all the details but Assou-Ekotto was told he will never play for the club again and hasn't. That message, delivered by Andre Villas-Boas, must have come from above.

Adebayor however was banished to the Development Squad but had to be brought back on the insistence of the hierarchy who didn't want to waste his wages.

Jump forward a year and we have a new manager who has been told he can leave players to rot, whoever they are. The hierarchy, it seems, have now had enough of players playing for themselves and not the club, of thinking they control the football and not the manager.

Now at the time I speculated on the reason for Tim Sherwood's appointment and one of the theory's i came up with was that he had been appointed to sort the players out into basically two groups. The club knew they had duds and wanted to know who was playing for the club and who was going through the motions. Give it what names you like, Sherwood said some players were doing the club a favour playing for us and others would give it their best. That information has been taken on board.

Now I am not one of these Levy haters who simply pin everything at his door because they feel a new owner will automatically pump money into the club. That could well be just a pipe dream, many new owners don't pump money in and then we wouldn't be in any better position than we are now so the grass may not be greener. However the hierarchy, of which he is one, do appear to have changed their tune.

Daniel Levy didn't choose Pochettino, Joe Lewis did. But crucially the club drew a line and determined to stand by the new head coach squarely. He was appointed to transform the club, to turn it around, to bring through youth and operate on a tighter budget. He was able to make his own mind up in players and the club hierarchy made an about turn, allowing him to leave anyone to rot, even the highest earner Emmanuel Adebayor. Other managers/coaches have not had that backing.

Now Pochettino is no magician, he can't suddenly take a bunch of players with no winning mentality and suddenly turn them into winners, as some fans seem to think he should be doing. In reality, players with the wrong mental attitude are never going to take us anywhere, we need to fill the side with those who have a winning mentality.

Ask yourself why Manchester United were so successful, yes they spent money, but on players who had it mentally, how many late goals did they score? They never gave up, Arsenal score stacks of late goals to rescue games and points, again down to a mentality more than anything else. Look at us against Crystal Palace, we looked more like losing it late in the game than grabbing a winner.

We have a group of expensive players who are not worth what we paid for them now, who can't hack it in our team, our system. To suggest the system is totally at fault is a fallacy, Crystal Palace at the end of the game cut open our defence with a midfield runner and a pass so to open up a crushed defence is not impossible at all, it is if your midfield stay behind the ball as ours do. When was the last time you saw Eriksen for instance run past the ball into the box for someone to thread the ball through, or Mason, or Lamela or Paulinho?

That's not a problem with the system, that's a problem with the players playing the system, the midfield are trying to leave it all to strikers who get little service. Your striker then loses form and when you do give then chances they then miss. I mean no disrespect to Harry Kane, who is progressing well, but would he be playing as a sole striker for Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United or Liverpool? I do understand we are playing him to develop him for the future, there is an element of that and it may be that we decided we are going to lose anyway so we might as well develop him, it's not the short-term answer though.

Fans want to win every game but Pochettino has to have a long term plan and if that is to develop Kane as quick as possible so be it, but being dropped for the Chelsea game is hardly a ringing endorsement for the coaches faith in Soldado, how exactly is that going to increase his confidence?

The problem we now have is what do we do with all these players who are ether not good enough, have o confidence or are mentally not winners? We have to get rid of the majority of them, only those lacking confidence should be considered as possibles to keep. Then comes the problem of getting rid of them though.

A player doesn't have to leave if he doesn't want to and reports suggest Adebayor has already said he is not leaving, although that could all change if someone was daft enough to offer him bigger wages. For Ade it's all about money.

Lamela is now worth half what we paid for him, he can't operate at the pace of the Premier League, at least not in our system. He needs the slower pace of Italian football to give him thinking time. Maybe in a better side he could perform, maybe he needs players around him with better movement than the limited players we have. That would give him more immediate options and therefore he could make a decision quicker, maybe he dwells on the ball because he has few options when he gets it.

The Paulinho who started with us ran into the box, the present incarnation doesn't. He however can probably still be sold close to his original fee and perhaps his reintroduction into the squad is to put him in the shop window and keep his price high. Not even being in the squad would reduce his fee.

Soldado is said to not be looking for a move in January, having failed to secure one last summer. Asking £6 million for a season loan seems a bit steep but then I suppose Levy has got to try and recoup some money on him somehow. Now side is going to pay anywhere the £26 million he cost us and yes that is what we have to pay for him, not the £11-13 million as some suggest. The fee was agreed in instalment, we have paid the second instalment now bit even if we sell him that fee still has to be paid to Valencia.

Italian clubs want him around the £11 million mark or on loan, neither help us much given that we will not be spending extra money on a striker. A swap deal with a little cash maybe, that's the Jackson Martinez proposal but there is no indication that Soldado would be willing to go to Portugal, I'd be very surprised if he did, it's not one of the top tier leagues in Europe.

Those few indicate the problems we have, overpriced players we have to recoup money on to be able to buy cheaper, better, replacements. Regular readers will know I have been banging on about improving our recruitment process since last season, that we need greater analysis, especially about a players mentality. The appointment of Paul Mitchell to head the recruitment team with his 'forensic' analysis is a step in the right direction and should aid the bargain hunting.

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Bargain hunting does not automatically mean cheap buys, Lamela could have been a bargain if he developed into the next Gareth Bale, which was the reason we bought him. Mentally he isn't Gareth Bale though.

It was Franco Baldini who suggested signing Paul Mitchell and naturally Mauricio Pochettino's opinion was sought, unsurprisingly he supported this idea. Mitchell has gained a reputation in a very short time and it is though his natural progression is to a Director of Football position. He will be given the opportunity to learn from Franco Baldini the art of negotiation, transfer dealings with agents and players, etc.

The way forward for Tottenham in terms of recruitment has now been mapped out. Mauricio Pochettino will decide on the roles he needs filled and thus the type of player he requires. Mitchell, the Head of Recruitment will then identify players suited to those roles be they young or established. He will then recommend the players he has identifies to Pochettino. The Head Coach will then approve or reject each player recommendation.

The players who get the Pochettino approval will be passed to Franco Baldini to go out and try to sign them in the order he is given them. It is not a case of Baldini deciding who we should buy when we can't get a first choice, the alternatives we then go for are approved Pochettino buys. Thus all purchases are Pochettino approved so he stands or falls by the performance of the team, his team, not a team of players he has been given that he doesn't want.

I'm not privy to he length of time it takes Mitchell to analyse and identify targets, given he has come to a new club that doesn't have the systems in place he had at Southampton. What we can be sure of is that when Pochettino arrived at Spurs he came armed with a list of players for set roles within a system he wants to play and that those on the list will have already been identified by Mitchell.

Presumably Hector Moreno, Mateo Musacchio and Federico Fazio were on that list. Ben Davies and Eric Dier were on our list and recommended to Pochettino, recommendations he then approved. I can't see that Stambouli was on our list, Vorm seems like an opportunity that just arose and was too good to miss.

Tottenham need an overhaul, January is the beginning of that overhaul now that Pochettino has had time to assess everyone. Baldini is going to be a busy man and he is going to have to earn his wage. Offloading some players and getting others in without it costing the club a packet is a tough task but that's the job.

What we can't do is simply send a bunch of players out on loan and buy a bunch more to replace them as in a few months your wage bill suddenly shoots through the roof as they return to the club. How do you sell players who aren't worth what we paid for them and won't get the same wages elsewhere?

Answers in January.

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Tottenham to take a step in the right direction

12:30 pm
Last season I began championing a change in our recruitment of players, that any purchase needed far greater analysis before we bought them and included in that should be a mental assessment.

Tottenham to take a step in the right direction

Regardless of skill, if the player doesn't have a winning mentality he should not be purchased. We are seeing why now so it is with delight that I watch us recruit the Southampton Head of Recruitment, Paul Mitchell, if the Telegraph article by Jeremy Wilson is accurate.

We are told that the work of Mitchell will not tread on Baldini's toes but surely Baldini is currently responsible for player recruitment and if that responsibility is passed to someone else you are downgrading the director of football role, no member of management like to lose responsibility for something.

At Southampton we are informed Mitchell headed a whole department dedicated to the science of player assessment. That is not unique, most clubs have an analysis department, Liverpool even employed the guy who wrote the analytic programs Damien Comolli was recently talking about..

Wilson tells us there is a room with 10 computer screens being watched by full-time staff, who will of course be running analytic software. You can for instance, at the touch of a button, show everything an individual player did during a game or every execution of a particular skill. You just tell the software what you want and it delivers it.

It's how we see all the individual exerts on Match of the Day or Sky Sports. Southampton have designed their own software (which is referred to as if it has mystical black-box powers) to do this rather than purchase it from another source, thus their requirements can be tailored rather than show horned into the software. What isn't revealed is was that in place prior to Mitchell's appointment or did he instigate it, the former I presume.

Will Mitchell be bringing the knowledge of this software to Tottenham for us to replicate it or will he have to tailor his approach to the Tottenham way of doing things? That is the key question. It's alright appointing someone but if you don't give them the tools to do the job then they are not going to succeed.

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Tottenham are not going to succeed unless the analytic process is improved and the interpretation of the data enhanced. Buying a player is not simply a process of a scout watching a player and telling a chief scout to watch a player before a recommendation to buy, it's far more of a science now. Mitchell revealed a little of how it helps him recently.

"Unless people have got a real black box underground, I've never heard of a training facility having something like that - having something designed and bespoke with that ability to deliver. 
"It's not just recruitment. That's where the theory started, but I've seen the power of that room, to sit with Fraser Forster when Dave Watson (the goalkeeping coach) is going through the pre- and the post-match with him or to even deliver to a young player we potentially want to sign into the academy and have him sat there with mum and dad and go through a visual presentation to say why he should choose Southampton. It's just a very powerful platform."

What Mitchell then went on to explain begins to knit with what I have been championing, the Kaizen method, continually looking to make improvements, except we need it throughout the club, not just the analytic department. That and the news a player character and of-field habits are investigated. This all helps to build a mental profile, an aspect I maintain we must become world leaders at.

"We've seen before and heard quotes from managers that have probably perception-wise based their acquisition on the two games they've played against that player in the Premier League or the Football League. I work off a very simple theory of I had one good game once, but I think the 80 other times I played I wasn't so good. 
"Part of the philosophy and the theory is to not waste time on things that are unachievable. What can we achieve? How can we achieve it? How can we be more efficient? Then how can we analyse that to make it even better the next window or the next time we debrief it, and constantly just keep evolving and challenging ourselves every day. That's the key. 
"It's not proven science, but I think our philosophy and theory was always risk management. Let's try to offset as much of the risk as possible to make the best acquisition. You have a responsibility to your owner that invests a hell of a lot of money to work as hard as you possibly can to make the best acquisition for the football club, and that's what we're trying to do. We're investing in the processes and the strategies. I actually do feel within the industry there is a little shift. The transfer window is becoming box office, it's real intrigue. I think that will shift to people looking at best practice throughout the industry and then taking that as their own."

I do not know Paul Mitchell and can only judge on the quotes I read, he certainly talks the right game. Keep evolving and challenge ourselves every day, that's the key. That is exactly what I have been preaching our players should be doing, exactly what I have been saying we must ensure any new recruit has because that is a winning mentality, a mentality we lack in abundance at the moment.

His final paragraph reiterates my own words so if, and it's a big if, if he is given the licence and the backing to do his job properly then his appointment, assuming it happens, will be a step in the right direction.

He wants to be the best he can be, we need players who want to be the best they can be.

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Broomfield, Mitchell, Baldini, too many cooks?

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The tenure of Franco Baldini seems to be slowly drawing to a close and if he is still around in January it looks like being his last window at Tottenham.

Broomfield, Mitchell, Baldini, too many cooks?

Tottenham have raided Southampton again for their Head of Recruitment, Paul Mitchell, who it was revealed, sought assurances that he wouldn't be working under Franco Baldini for very long. The two basically do the same job and Mitchell's arrival to my mind makes Baldini's role untenable.

It appears that there is going to be a hand over period, the January transfer window, so who exactly will be responsible for any signings we make? Surely Mitchell won't want any Baldini signings and if Baldini is going to sign Mitchell's suggestions, why is he there?

Mitchell is 33 and a former Wigan Athletic player who was sent out on loan to Halifax Town, Swindon Town and MK Dons before signing for them. The club, whose stadium we look as though we are going to be sharing, also loaned him out to Wrexham and Barnet but he suffered a broken leg that ended his career aged 27.

They appointed him as 'Community Ambassador' with the clubs Sport and Education trust in 2007 and when Karl Robinson was appointed in 2010 he became Head of Recruitment for the newly formed department. In 2012 he moved to Southampton as Head of Recruitment and now he is getting another salary increase to join Tottenham. Like all our players he is stepping up to a club with more money and thus greater expectations than he has encountered before. He should therefore understand the requirements a player needs to take that step as well.

I've written several times that when a manager and coaching staff sign for a new club they should take any director of football or technical director, or head of recruitment, depending upon what each club calls the role, with them, as they are all on the same page as it were. Of course there is an argument to say if a manager has failed it's down to the individual who recruited the players, but where they have been successful as a team keeping them together makes sense. Pochettino, his coaching staff and Mitchell are being reunited so it's an approach we are trying.

We have a group of players whose mentality is wrong yet we still have the individual who signed them signing more players. Unless he has been told to specifically look at their mentality how are his purchases going to be any better than they have been already?

Jay Rodriguez is one target but with Paul Mitchell now handing in his resignation to Southampton surely he will be dealing with the potential transfer of the injured striker.

There is talk of a new structure and Mitchell being responsible for identifying new talent and for assessing the current squad. Where does that leave chief scout Ian Broomfield who recently returned to the club, is he now to be working under Mitchell and not Baldini? It all seems like having an additional management layer that isn't required.

Is Baldini simply now a negotiator for purchases and sales with recruitment taken totally out of his hands or are we just adding another voice to a recruitment committee. You would assume this is an appointment Pochettino has insisted upon being unhappy with what he has so far. Tottenham signed six players during the summer and none commands a regular first-team place.

I have long said we need to assess players better before we sign them and that assessing their mentality is a crucial role in the process, will Broomfield and Mitchell form a team able to do this? I hope so.

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