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We can't just play to hold leads

2:30 pm
Well we almost blew it with our we have done enough attitude, yes we controlled the game but as Sheffield United showed, anything can happen if you have the motivation and play with the right mentality. We again showed that we can't just play to keep a lead, we have to learn to be clinical and kill games, fortunately Kane and Eriksen did that after a scare.

We can't just play to hold leads

Lord Sugar knows about being successful, he has not only done it in business but on TV as well, so when it comes to the mentality of being successful you should listen, it doesn't just happen and on a football field it doesn't just happen because you are good at the game.

been out and just got back , this bloody team drive me nuts they cant win a game. Sheffield want it and Spurs don't

Having ability without the mentality is, as I've said before, mediocrity, you will never be the player you should be or can be and thus the team will never be as good as it can be. We created and had plenty of shots but all were from awkward angles, we didn't actually create anything central until the end when they were pushing forward.

Plenty of positives to take from the game though, apart from a Wembley final, Lamela worked his socks off, again showing why he is a better option than Townsend. Unfortunately, with his flick to change direction,  he once again put us in trouble in the wrong area of the field. He doesn't seem to be learning a time and a place, still too much me and not enough team. Opposition expect it now, he has to ensure there is cover or it is a high risk policy and thus on the half way line a wrong one.

Eric Dier put in another very solid performance at centre-back, still a few things to iron out of course but by and large very encouraging. Ben Davies who was ripped to shreds in the first game and was beaten easily early on by their winger Jamal Campbell-Ryce. As soon as he figured he only had a right foot and wanted to go outside him all the time he changed his game and blocked that route with his body positioning when tight to him. This completely nullified him.

However their goal came from the Eriksen, Davies side again, just as against Leicester. It's a swings and roundabouts with Eriksen on the left, what you get in attack you lose in defence. They were getting dangerous crosses in at the end in space

Stambouli and Mason had very solid games in defensive midfield constantly switching play and being an outlet for a pass when we were faced with their ten men behind the ball approach. It is not a glamorous job and it is overlooked by many a fan not grasping the important role this plays.

Dembele put in a shift and some of his footwork was amazing, good to see it in the right areas of the filed, around their penalty box, could he not perhaps play the left attacking role with Eriksen in the middle? He's played wide for us before.

We can forget about the competition now and look forward to a re-run of our victorious 2008 final.

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Spurs players should listen to Nigel Clough

3:05 pm
Nigel Clough is spot on in his comments ahead of the Capital One Cup semi-final second leg against Tottenham Hotspur tonight.

Spurs players should listen to Nigel Clough

Clough is of course the son of Brian Clough who took to provincial teams to glory, winning the Second Division with Derby County and then taking them to immediately win the First Division the following season, a feat that had never been achieved. He also took Nottingham Forest from the second division and turned them into European Champions, without simply going out and buying superstars.

Let's not forget the part Peter Taylor played in all this so Nigel Clough couldn't have had a better introduction to the game and more importantly the mentality required to be a winner. When he talks about cup competitions and winning trophies it's time to listen carefully.

"It's all down to the Premier League lads not taking the cups as seriously as the other players. 
"The cups are so important to lower league players and lower league clubs, I don't think that's matched in the Premier League. I don't think they regard it with the same importance, even when they put a full side out."

That is totally accurate. I'll never forget the comments of Mousa Dembele after we lost 2-1 to Leeds United on TV in January 2013.

“The most difficult thing is to think every week as you would if you were playing United. 
“It is very easy to motivate yourself against them but when you have a team like this [Leeds] it’s a bit more difficult, because they have everything to gain. 
“You have to give extra energy to motivate yourself and maybe that was a bit of a problem for us."

It's the reason players are inconsistent, if they do not have the personal motivation then it is physically impossible to give your best. A winning mentality changes that and it is what we must and are trying to cultivate at Tottenham so it permeates throughout the whole club.

A winning mentality is about improving every day because you have a goal to achieve, merely getting motivated for a Manchester United or Chelsea game is not enough. You end up beating Chelsea and losing to Crystal Palace, might just as well have lost to Chelsea and beaten Palace, the points tally is the same.

With the right mentality we would have been in the next round of the FA Cup and with big teams having gone out in with a real chance of winning it, now it's handed on a plate to Liverpool, Manchester United or Arsenal to lose.

It's not just cup games we have to be motivated for, it's the mundane league games as well, victories have to be churned out and with the right mentality they will be, recruiting that mentality will be  the key to our success so let's hope Paul Mitchell is taking it on board.

P.S. If you have never watched The Damned United, dig it out on the Internet and have a watch. The story of Brian Clough's 44 day stint as manager of Leeds United Football Club takes place in 1974.

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10 passes to get to the half way line

10:23 pm
A semi-final and a poor performance from too many players and the team as a whole. We passes the ball 10 times and made it to the halfway line, devoid of ideas.

Sheffield United put everyone behind the ball and sat, we hadn't a clue what to do, Townsend spent the evening running up blind alleys, I'm not sure Adebayor was even on the field, Stambouli put in another sub standard performance, he is increasingly looking like he doesn't have enough quality, Davies demonstrated why Danny Rose is first choice.

It looked like a game Sheffield United were motivated for and Spurs though they were better so could win without doing much. Once again we spent half the time rolling the ball to each other instead of fizzing it to each other. No creativity, no shots on target, just one header from a centre-back and a penalty, nowhere near good enough.

Soldado did more in a short space of time than Ade, Kane's bull in a china shop was negated by a packed line in front of the defence and Eriksen had nobody to pass to. It was back to the WBA performance where a lack of decent movement meant we had nobody to pass to.

The fact that Jan Vertonghen was Man of the Match says it all.

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VIDEO: Spurs League Cup Run

8:30 pm
Tottenham Hotspur take on Sheffield United at White Hart Lane tomorrow when we will be looking to take a substantial lead to Bramall Lane, the 32,702 capacity home of our visitors.

VIDEO: Spurs League Cup Run

Sheffield United used to be in the old First Division and spent a season in the Premier League. They were semi-finalists in the FA Cup last season and reached the semi-final of that and the League Cup in 2003. They have won the FA Cup 4 times and the League once but now play in League One.

Managed by Nigel Clough, son of arguably the best manager to grace the game in this country, Brian Clough, they count Vinnie Jones, Dean Saunders, Stuart McCall, Michael Brown, Phil Jagielka, Kyle Walker, Kyle Naughton and the talented Tony Currie among their former players.

The video below shows our progress thus far in the League Cup, or Capital One Cup as we are supposed to call it, to date with games against Nottingham Forest, Brighton & Hove Albion, culminating in the last round against Newcastle United.

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