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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Wembley a bigger factor than any signings

Question: What an amazing season you had again. Back to back seasons challenging for the title, but was the final reflection of disappointment?

Mauricio Pochettino
"Of course you are disappointed because you are ambitious and you want to win but I think we need to take the positive things. For the second season we challenged again to try to win the Premier League. And why not next season again? I think we are ready.

"The team is settled, we are excited. It is true that it is another challenge too to make Wembley our home and feel like home and try to change the perception for our fans and for everyone. But I think we are excited and very positive about next season."
Source: Football London

The Wembley factor may be a bigger deal than we expect. Everything is being done to acclimatise the players to the surface with it being reproduced at our training ground, right down to the same type of grass. What we can't replicate is the stadium, is the atmosphere, is the distance the crowd are from the players, is the boost it gives the opposition players playing at Wembley. For some it may be the only time they do so.

That is a bigger factor than our current lack of signings so far this window. We have three weeks left now to retain our main men and you can be sure we will come under pressure from clubs wanting to buy them, yes even this late in the window!

Manchester United and Manchester City are in the process of rebuilding and Chelsea are remodelling in the image of Antonio Conte. As a result you would expect them to be making plenty of signings. 

We don't need, nor have to, match them. We simply follow the strategy that has helped us grow to this point and will continue to help us grow for a bright future.


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