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Friday, 21 July 2017

Transfer Talk: Suso and Pizzi


AC Milan said right from the outset that Suso was not available and reports since have said he wants to stay there and sign a new contract. The press of course, have tried to make a big thing of our interest in him and the fact we made a bid that was rejected out of hand.

It is now being reported we have failed in our bid to sign him,  but there was never a chance anyway as you readers know.

O Jogo are not the most reliable. The Portuguese newspaper suggest we have started negotiations for 27-year-old (28 in October) Benfica attacking midfielder Pizzi. His age makes this sound a bit fishy and he only signed a new contract in January so his contract runs until 2022.

is release clause will be at it's highest, his transfer value will be at it's highest, his age is against him, he has no Premier League experience, he doesn't play in a top tier league, there is very little going for the story. We are looking for players towards the end of their contracts (as we do every year) so we can pick up bargains like Alderweireld, mind you everyone else is doing the same.

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