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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Opposition fans have their say on Walker deal



Right, the Spurs transfer window has kicked off with the agreement of a ridiculous £50 million (€56.73m - AUS$83.6m - US$64.6m) fee with Manchester City for 27-year-old (28 next May) England right-back Kyle Walker.

He fell out with Pochttino later in the season and that spells the end for any player. His performances plummeted and the old errors came back into his game, which all rather demonstrates the difference being mentally right makes on performance and why it is so vital we have, mentally, the right players.

It would not surprise me if the Ross Barkley deal was not completed soon and obviously we will step up our efforts to sign a new right-back to help 26-year-old (27 in September) Kieran Trippier.

Some have suggested Daniel Levy should be put in charge of Brexit negotiations, another has suggested  he wants him to sell his house. The general consensus is that the man is a negotiating genius.

£50m for Walker. I'd like Daniel Levy to conduct my divorce negotiations for me If I ever get a girlfriend, marry, and divorce her, that is

I told u Daniel Levy is on another level at negotiating. He just sold a bench warmer for £50m to make him the most expensive RB in world! 😂

 (Cheltenham Town)12 minutes ago
Gotta give it to Daniel Levy getting 50m for Kyle Walker, the bloke is awful at football only rated because he is quick

  14 minutes ago
Daniel Levy is a very good buisnessman, but I didn't know he can make miracles happen.....until now 🤔

Replying to 
Spurs chairman Daniel Levy gets top dollar when they sell a player - think he should be wearing a mask and striped jersey on this one....

Keith Smith @KeithSm49353997 (Arsenal)7 minutes ago
As Arsenal fan obvs I hate Spurs. But got to take hat off to Daniel Levy - what a businessman! £50 million from City for Kyle Walker???

Replying to 
Daniel levy could get 100mil for a used sock

£50m For Kyle Walker Daniel Levy Must Have Drove him to Manchester he's Absolutely Terrible Overrated,Typical English Hype

  (Manchester United)19 minutes ago
Replying to  
Daniel Levy is the master at getting an excessive transfer fee!

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  1. Only in certain headlining making deals, what about all the others that are sold on quietly for a loss? The list is pretty long if you care to go check it out....

    1. No it isn't, I'm afraid you have it arse about face, a couple of losses while most make a profit and then there are the host of academy players we get top prices for like Carroll and Mason.

  2. Nonsense. Before you open your big north and south why not do some research and go look at the long list Levy has lost millions on in the last few seasons - google Spurs sales if you don't know how to, everyone ranging from Soldado down to Paulinho, and Chiriches to Sigurddson. Not to mention the Dembele disaster last year, and before you spout forth more drivel - no of course he didn't choose Celtic over Spurs!
    The likes of you and this author remind me of Joseph Goebbels in so many ways...

    1. You haven't a clue have you - typical scotoma driven fixation, try letting it go and becoming a supporter of the club, instead of just a fan.

      We only pay a fee for Dembele for each year of his contract so the disaster you mention doesn't actually exist thanks to Levy. Modric, bale, berbatov, Carrick, Huddlestonr, Liverlore, Walker, Pritchard, Mason, Chadli, Carroll, Holtby, Stambouli, Townsend, Fryers, naughton, the list of excellent deals goes on and on.

      What you need to remember are add-ons, if not activated these need to be taken off the originally quoted fee and thus deals you think are bad are suddenly not as bad as they seem, plus contract length affecting fee and accounting book depreciation.

      If we deal into the accounting side and understand how a player is processed through the books then that paints a totally different picture so perhaps you might like to do some research into that side of things to understand the overall picture better.

  3. In all cases, we did not pay the full fee upfront if I am not wrong... so I don't think we actually lost any if not much money selling those players yo mentioned...



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