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Friday, 14 July 2017

Alli bid £100m too low and Suso left out of AC Milan squad


If it is true that Barcelona have submitted a crazy £39.64 million (€45m - AUS$66.36m - US$51.3m) bid for Dele Alli, they will have to up the offer by £100 million (€113.54m - AUS$167.39m - US$129.43m).

The most valuable Spurs player in Europe only has Lionel Messi ahead of him according to the CIES Football Observatory is Dele Alli, with a predicted transfer value of £136.63 million (€155.1m - AUS$228.79m - US$176.88m).

When people are left out of pre-season tours it is usually to negotiate a transfer, unless of course there is a genuine injury.

Ross Barkley has been left out of the Everton trip to Tanzania and Tottenham target Suso has been left out of the AC Milan squad for the International Champions Cup in America. With news of a Tottenham bid being turned down and the Italian media once again regenerating their fixation with Erik Lamela, speculation is now rife.

Has Mauricio Pochettino finally given up on the weak minded Argentinian winger, who has only given us one decent season in all the time he has been here. He wanted to go back to Italy almost as soon as he had arrived and there are unconfirmed reports that Spurs have placed him up for sale.

We have been linked with many a winger, but a reported bid and a player subsequently not taking a pre-season trip do tend to give substance to the story. Previously it has been stated that the 23-year-old (24 in November) doesn't want to leave and that AC Milan don't want to sell him, that would now not appear to be the case.

However, he has been injured and it may well be that he is simply undergoing treatment as reports suggest that Spurs do not interest him.

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  1. Barcelona for years have valued the likes of Messi and Neymar well above the 200 million mark. If they want a player of Dele Allis calibre, they'll have to go into the same stratospheric price range.

  2. No top player is going to join a club that sells one of it's best players (from the best defence) to a direct rival are they? Levy's promises in recent years:

    To become the best club in Europe X
    To no longer be a selling club X
    To never strengthen our direct rivals X

    The man simply can't be trusted.

    1. Why make such nonsense up unless you are a Gunner's fan?

    2. Is it nonsense or made up? I'm pretty sure I remember reading direct quotes from Levy stating exactly the same as what anonymous has listed...



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