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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Transfer Talk - Bier and Sidibé


Shock horror, the Daily Mail are printing a piece of news that may actually be true about Spurs! I have been reading plenty of rubbish about Spurs putting a £50 million (€57.2m - AUS$84.05m - US$64.05m) price tag on midfielder cum defender Eric Dier, indeed some clown have been suggesting we have actually quoted Manchester United that sum. That is complete bull.

When a player is not for sale, and Eric Dier isn't, then you do not put any price on him. If you do you are saying he is for sale which attracts offers and more speculation. Newspapers make up figures and the Eric Dier one is made up. It is irrelevant what Manchester United would be prepared to pay, not for sale means no price.

People are pushing our interest in 24-year-old (25 in July) Monaco full-back Djibril Sidibé but the French champions don't want to sell. From what I have heard he is someone we hold an interest in but are not serious about, at least at the moment. The French international (he has 10 full international caps scoring 1 goal which was against England in the last international in Paris) right-back is under contract until 2021 and the club see him as one of the experienced players who can help the new arrivals.

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1 comment:

  1. You just know it is part of the now familiar tapping-up process when you see the phrase "prepared to pay". But it isn't tapping-up up, really, of course because it is just "getting your friends in the media to do it for you". And then the whole of the media use this"prepared to pay" price as though it is an accepted price. What a load of bull it is.

    Oh yeah, and THFC won't be selling Dier and especially not to United.


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