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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Let's buy a striker who has flopped in the PL, brilliant idea!


Some people have some crazy logic and you can find plenty of them on Football Fancast. He is currently a flop in the Premier League, he hasn't proved h can handle it at all. The entire logic it seems on suggesting Spurs should sign a player is that he has pace.

He is cheap they suggest, just assuming Leicester City will be only too happy to take a £6.86 million loss on a player, is quick and has UEFA Champions League experience. The author doesn't have much idea about what improves a side, just buy any old body whether they flop or not if they have pace. Unbelievable.

The 24-year-old (25 in October) Nigerian international Ahmed Musa is the draft suggestion. We want quality to raise the standard of the squad and they suggest buying a Premier League flop who hasn't shown any potential to improve. We have Vincent Janssen struggling so saddle the squad with another striker who can't score, brilliant idea.

Two goals in 21 games, he was only deemed good enough to play 752 minutes and also played in 5 UEFA Champions League games failing to score in any of them.

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