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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Daft Barkley fee only an opening stance


I see today that Everton are being reported as still talking about a daft figure for a player who only has a year left on his contract and is available for free next summer.

Ross Barkley is the man in question and the daft figure quoted is £30 million (€3.99m - AUS$5.91m - US$4.39m), a figure he might be worth if he had three or more years left on his contract instead of just one.

The length of contract certainly plays a part in the cost of a player as we saw with Saido Berahino. WBA were asking silly money for a player who had achieved nothing and although we agreed to pay it, we did so only if he achieved certain targets and as is normal in football, over the term of his contract offer.

They, of course, wanted cash up front so shot themselves in the foot. They were left with a player who didn't want to play for them, who was basically a waste of space for a season and who left for peanuts. Their chairman made a mess of the situation and cost the supporters and the club dear. The money could have been used to help build the club.

Everton are in a similar situation, will their chairman shoot the club in the foot and do a disservice to their fans, we'll wait and see.

At the moment it is all about posturing and trying to force a player to stay who doesn't want to stay. I don't think Barkley would go down the Berahino route though.

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  1. unfortunately for you and spurs Barkley will sign a new contract as he is desperate to stay and it's his agent playing silly games Barkley was also the main player in the new kit launch something he wouldn't of done if he was leaving to sit on your bench

    1. I think you are wrong, I think he wants Champions League football and to progress, he has stagnated at Everton. It's unfortunate for you but you are a stepping stone club at the moment, the same place we were in a few years back so we can sympathise.

  2. i seem to remember bale appearing then disappearing in a kit launch. I'm not saying barkley will leave but the kit launch means absolutely nothing!

  3. Think with only a year left on his contract and not much big club interest in him 20 to 25m is more realistic. We got Wanyama for 12m. To be fair Barkley at Spurs will be good for England. Dier, Barkley and Alli could be Englands Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta.

  4. Ross Barkley would only leave for a bigger club than EFC, which would rule Tottenham out! Makes no sense to leave for a smaller (never win anything) outfit!

    1. Don't talk stupid, look at the league table every season, we are clearly improving

    2. Big deal...still won the square root of....nothing...again!


  6. Replies

  7. Of course RB won’t come to us. We need a player(s) that will take us to the next level (silverware) not another meat pie looking for a salary increase…and anyway why would Poch shut the door in Winksie’s face?

    1. He doesn't play in Winks position! Winks replaces Dembele as a link player, Barkley doesn't play that role, he is more advanced so he'd be challenging for the Dele Alli, Eriksen, Son trio spots. Versatile.

    2. Good job I'm not a football scout...
      He's still a meat pie...wherever he plays.

  8. I see some of the comments, and understand where most are coming from, even the seriously deluded, but I believe we have to remember that so far RB's done little to show that he has a mentality that could withstand playing at the level the rest of the team are at.

    After some criticism he showed some hints of that this last season, I believe. He's certainly not a shoe-in for the first team though. Fitness levels would have to improve and he'd need to show he can handle competing for his place.

    Maybe he can do that. Maybe they just haven't got him well enough motivated at Everton. That's certainly how I read it. Jumping in at high wages with current fitness levels would not be a tenable approach though. Not the way I understand things.

    Given all of that, would I have him? Yes. On balance I think I would. He won't be as cheap as Dele, but he has shown hints of great capabilities. A great deal of 'better than average' which wouldn't be enough, but if he could start showing some real class he could start to open doors in defences like Dele is already showing. It's hard to imagine anyone could duplicate what Dele does, but the possibility of a similar player showing the same intelligence, anticipation and technical skills would be worth a little gamble I believe.

    We've already seen players improve massively under Pochettino. If that were to happen for RB, after an already high starting point, then I think we'd have a winner.

  9. You have the decimal point in the WRONG place when converting £'s to other currencies! Barkley would be a snip at €3.99m, AUS$5.91m, US$4.39m!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.



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