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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Spurs only one of 3 teams to increase US Viewing Figures

Only three Premier League clubs have seen their viewing figures rise in the USA from last season, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and West Ham United, the rest have seen their figures drop. Our 3.99% increase may not be massive but it is a step in the right direction ahead of our pre-season trip there in the summer and future NFL games.

Arsenal have seen an 11.27 drop, Manchester City a 4.09% drop, Manchester United a 17.28% drop, Chelsea a 19.04% drop, Everton a 37.18% drop and Southampton a 37.93% drop.

This year our FA Cup semi-final against London rivals Chelsea will be televised live on the over-the-air FOX network on Saturday, April 22, kick-off at 12:15 pm Eastern Time. This ensures that the game can go into as many households as possible.

The team over at Clubline Football have produced an infographic on the Premier League if it were Americanised, a little different than simply tapping into a rich new market.


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